Can I put my Apple Card on my wife’s phone?

The Apple Card is a popular credit card for iPhone users. A common question for married couples is whether they can add the Apple Card to both phones, even if the card is under only one spouse’s name.

Can I put my Apple Card on my wife's phone?

Adding an Apple Card to Your Spouse’s iPhone

Fortunately, you can add your Apple Card to your spouse’s iPhone, even if the card is only in your name. Here is how it works:

Steps to Add Your Apple Card to Your Spouse’s iPhone

  1. Make sure you and your spouse both have iPhones with iOS 12.4 or later. Both iPhones also need to be signed into iCloud with your Apple IDs.
  2. On your iPhone, open the Wallet app and select your Apple Card.
  3. Tap the (i) icon in the top-right and scroll down and tap Add Family Member.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to add your spouse using their phone number or Apple ID.

Once the request is approved, the Apple Card will be added to your spouse’s iPhone Wallet app automatically.

Benefits of Adding Your Spouse

There are a few benefits to adding your spouse to your Apple Card:

  • They can use Apple Pay with the shared card when making purchases.
  • They can see statements and payment information in the Wallet app.
  • It allows couples to easily track shared expenses.

Adding your spouse does not make them an authorized user from a credit perspective. You remain fully responsible for the account.

Removing Your Spouse From Your Apple Card

If you need to remove your spouse’s access to your Apple Card down the road, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and select your Apple Card.
  2. Tap the (i) icon and select your spouse under Family Members.
  3. Tap Remove to revoke their access.

This will instantly remove the ability for your spouse to view or use this Apple Card.

Important Security Notes

When making a purchase using Apple Pay and Face ID or Touch ID, your spouse would still need to use their own biometrics. You should feel comfortable sharing your card with your spouse.

However, if you revoke access later, remember to delete their biometrics from your phone too. This prevents them from continuing to use the card on your phone.

Key Takeaways

  • You can add your personal Apple Card to your spouse’s iPhone to enable Apple Pay and shared tracking.
  • Only the primary cardholder is financially responsible for balances and payments.
  • Make sure to remove your spouse if you ever revoke access to prevent continued access on your phone.


Adding your Apple Card to your spouse’s iPhone is easy to set up. It enables couples to combine digital wallets and manage shared expenses. However, appropriate security precautions should be taken if you later revoke access. Overall, it provides great convenience and financial transparency for married couples with joint finances.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I add my Apple Card to my husband’s Android phone?
    No, the Apple Card can only be added to iPhone devices running iOS 12.4 or later. It does not work on Android devices.
  2. Is my spouse responsible for paying off my Apple Card balance?
    No, when you add your spouse as a family member, they are not financially responsible for the account in any way. The primary cardholder remains exclusively responsible for paying the balance and any interest charges.
  3. What transactions can my spouse see on the shared Apple Card?
    Your spouse will have complete visibility into the Apple Card transaction history and statements when added as a family member. They can see information on every purchase, payment, and credit on the card.
  4. Can my wife remove me as the primary account holder?
    No, only you as the primary cardholder have the ability remove other people as family members. Your spouse cannot remove you or change the account details.
  5. What if I don’t have an iPhone?
    Both spouses need an iPhone running at least iOS 12.4 to be able to utilize card sharing via the Wallet app and Apple Pay. If you don’t have an eligible iPhone, it won’t be possible to add your spouse.
  6. Can my spouse see my Apple Card number?
    No, they cannot see the full credit card number for security reasons. Your spouse can only use the shared virtual card for purchases via Apple Pay. The card number is not visible to family members.
  7. What if we get divorced later on?
    If you divorce in the future, be sure to immediately remove your spouse as a family member on your Apple Card. This revokes their access and ability to view statements or continue using the card for purchases.
  8. Can we both earn daily cash back rewards?
    Yes! When making purchases with Apple Pay, you and your spouse can both contribute to earning daily cash back rewards. This is a nice benefit for couples trying to maximize rewards.
  9. Is adding my wife like an authorized user?
    No. Unlike a traditional credit card authorized user, your spouse has no credit access here. You remain exclusively responsible for the account and credit line. It simply enables Apple Pay access and shared spending tracking.
  10. What if my spouse makes an unauthorized purchase?
    Since you remain financially responsible for all activity, unauthorized transactions by your spouse would still need to be paid by you. To prevent issues, delete your spouse as a user and secure your devices.
  11. Does my spouse need to approve being added?
    Yes, before the Apple Card is added to your spouse’s iPhone, they must approve the request generated when you add them as a family member. If they decline access, the card will not be added.
  12. Can I manage my wife’s Apple Card spending limits?
    No, with this type of shared access you do not have spending controls over your spouse’s usage. The primary cardholder manages the account details and liability exclusively.
  13. What are the eligibility requirements?
    Both spouses must have an iPhone with iOS 12.4+ and be signed into iCloud. The primary cardholder needs an open Apple Card account in good standing. As long as those criteria are met, sharing is possible.
  14. What if my spouse loses their iPhone?
    If your spouse’s iPhone is lost or stolen, use Find My on to put it in Lost Mode immediately. You should also remove them as a family member on your Apple Card by opening the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  15. Can my girlfriend also have access if we live together?
    The family sharing option is currently only designed for spouses. Legally married couples are eligible, but unfortunately unmarried partners cannot be added at this time.

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