Does Academy Take Apple Pay?

Academy Sports + Outdoors, commonly known as Academy, is one of the largest sports and outdoors retailers in the United States. With over 260 stores across 16 states, Academy offers a wide selection of sports, outdoor recreation, hunting, fishing and camping equipment and gear.

Does Academy Take Apple Pay?

One of the most frequently asked questions by Academy shoppers is: does Academy take Apple Pay? Below we answer this question and provide additional details about Academy’s payment options.

Accepted Payment Methods at Academy Stores

Academy accepts most major credit cards at all its store locations, including:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Academy also accepts debit card payments backed by a PIN or signature, and store gift cards.

So does Academy take Apple Pay? Yes, as of 2018, Academy announced support for contactless payments through digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. This allows customers with supported iOS, Android and Samsung devices to tap and pay at contactless terminals across Academy stores.

To use Apple Pay at Academy, simply hold your iPhone, Apple Watch or supported iPad near the contactless reader during checkout. Authentication is handled securely via Touch ID, Face ID or by entering your passcode on the device. The payment is then processed using your linked credit/debit cards.

Tips for Using Digital Wallets at Academy

Here are some additional tips for using Apple Pay and other digital wallets when shopping at Academy:

  • Ensure NFC is enabled – Check that NFC (Near Field Communication) is enabled on your device to permit contactless payments. This is generally enabled by default.
  • Add cards to your digital wallet – Save time at checkout by adding your credit/debit cards to Apple Pay or other digital wallets in advance. Multiple cards can be stored for easy access.
  • Keep your OS & apps updated – Apply the latest iOS/Android OS and app updates so that all security patches are current and wallets function optimally.
  • Charge your device battery – Check that your device has adequate battery charge before heading to an Academy store. Contactless payment may not work if device power is too low.
  • Understand card limits – Card issuers and financial institutions may impose per-transaction or other limits on contactless payments for security. These vary by issuer.
  • Carry a backup payment – In case of issues with digital wallet payment, have another payment card or method available just in case.

Benefits of Paying with Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods like Google Pay at Academy offers several benefits for customers:

Convenience – Quickly access your payment cards and pay by simply holding your device near the contactless reader. No need to carry all your cards separately or dig them out of your wallet.

Speed – Contactless payments are generally faster than inserting/swiping a card or paying cash. This helps speed up the checkout process.

Security – Apple Pay transactions leverage tokenization and biometric authentication for enhanced security of your card details. No need to share card numbers while paying in-store.

Rewards & Points – When using a credit or debit card with your digital wallet, you still earn applicable rewards points, cash back, miles, etc. just as you normally would.

Easy Order Tracking – Digital wallet payments appear on your linked card statements, allowing you to conveniently track Academy purchases.

So if you haven’t already – go ahead and add your cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay. Then you can pay with your phone or watch next time you visit Academy Sports + Outdoor and enjoy a faster, more secure checkout experience.

Academy Store Pickup

Beyond in-store payments, Academy also offers customers the Buy Online, Pick Up In Store option when making purchases on This allows customers to buy products online first, and then pick up their order at a local Academy store.

At checkout on the website, simply select the store location you’d like to pick the items up from. You’ll receive an email and/or text notification when your order is ready. Then just head to your chosen store, proceed to the designated order pickup desk and show your order confirmation. An Academy employee will then bring out your purchased items.

This is a very convenient option to avoid shipping costs, or get items the same day. And when picking up in-store, you can of course pay for your online order using Apple Pay or any other accepted payment methods. Academy also offers curbside pickup where an employee brings your order right out to your car in the parking lot.

Academy Return Policy for Apple Pay Purchases

Wondering about the return policy when paying with digital wallets and contactless payments? Not to worry – Academy’s standard return policy applies equally whether you originally paid with Apple Pay, Google Pay or a physical payment card in-store.

Some key points about Academy’s return policy:

  • Most unopened items can be returned within 90 days of purchase when accompanied by the original receipt. This applies to items purchased in-store or online.
  • Opened items generally can be returned within 90 days as long as merchandise is in new condition with original packaging. Some restrictions apply for certain products or brands, so check with an Academy employee if uncertain.
  • When returning an item paid for via Apple Pay or other digital wallet, Academy can easily lookup the purchase by date on your linked payment card, process the return and refund the amount accordingly to that card. No need to have the physical card on you.
  • For items bought on for in-store pickup, returns must happen at the Academy store selected for pickup when placing the order online.

So buy with confidence when using Apple Pay at Academy – the payment method will not impact Academy’s standard return or exchange policies for purchases. Contact Academy’s friendly customer service team with any other questions.

Can You Use Academy Store Credit with Apple Pay

Yes, customers wishing to redeem Academy store credit, gift cards or rewards certificates when paying via Apple Pay can certainly do so. Here is how it works:

When checking out, first hold your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad near the contactless payment terminal to start the Apple Pay authentication process as usual.

Next, inform the cashier that you’d like to apply your store credit. They can access and apply the available store credit balance to your transaction. If the store credit does not fully cover the transaction, you can then use Apple Pay to pay the remaining purchase balance from your linked payment cards.

The key thing is that at the payment terminal, the transaction must still be completed and settled using a payment card via Apple Pay, even if store credit is first applied. Academy’s POS system requires this in order to finalize the transaction with a payment processor.

So with a few simple extra steps, customers can freely combine the use of Academy gift cards, loyalty rewards and other store credits together with contactless payments like Apple Pay for a seamless checkout experience.

Get an Academy Credit Card

Academy also offers a branded credit card – the Academy Credit Card issued in partnership with Capital One.

The Academy Credit Card provides regular Academy shoppers with several benefits and rewards, including:

  • 5% off purchases at Academy stores and
  • Low variable APR on purchases
  • No annual fee
  • Special financing offers on purchases

If you shop frequently at Academy, the store credit card is worth considering to maximize savings on all your sports and outdoors purchases. And of course when checking out, you can use the credit card via Apple Pay or Google Pay at Academy stores for extra convenience.

Contact your nearest Academy store for more details about the Academy Credit Card program eligibility and application process tailored to your profile. You can also apply for pre-approval online at the Academy Credit Card website.


To answer the key question covered in this article – yes, Academy Sports + Outdoors accepts Apple Pay in all its store locations. Simply use your supported iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad device to tap and pay securely using your stored payment cards when checking out.

So leave your physical wallet in the car or at home, and leverage the speed + convenience of contactless payments together with available rewards, store credits and discounts for the optimal checkout experience at Academy stores nationwide.

Check to find a store near you and enjoy the game-changing utility of paying with Apple Pay for all your sports and outdoor adventure shopping needs. Have fun out there!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does every Academy store take Apple Pay?
A1: Yes, all Academy Sports + Outdoor retail stores have contactless payment terminals enabling Apple Pay support nationwide.

Q2: What Apple devices can I use for Apple Pay at Academy?
A2: You can pay via Apple Pay at Academy using supported iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad devices. On iPhone, Apple Pay works on the iPhone X or later models running iOS 16+

Q3: Is Apple Pay more secure than paying with my physical card?
A3: Yes, contactless payments like Apple Pay rely on device authentication via biometrics and tokenization for more secure processing, compared to directly using your card.

Q4: Can I still collect and redeem loyalty rewards when using Apple Pay at Academy?
A4: Yes absolutely! Apple Pay works seamlessly with Academy’s rewards program – earning and redeeming points works the same when paying via digital wallets instead of your physical cards at checkout.

Q5: What if my Apple Pay transaction doesn’t work at an Academy store?
A5: If issues arise with processing an Apple Pay transaction, kindly request the cashier to try troubleshooting or connecting the reader device again. You can also pay using another payment card or cash. And do provide feedback to the store management to address any lingering problems.

Q6: How does splitting payments between Apple Pay and store credit work?
A6: Inform the cashier upfront, they can apply your store credit first to partially pay, with Apple Pay then used on the same transaction to pay the remaining balance for a split payment.

Q7: Do I need to carry my physical cards anymore when shopping at Academy?
A7: If you have fully configured Apple Pay with your payment cards, you no longer need to carry those physical cards – your devices enable contactless payments for speed, convenience and security. However, do carry an alternative payment method as backup just in case.

Q8: Which cards should I add to Apple Pay for Academy purchases?
A8: Add any credit or debit cards you currently use for Academy purchases to Apple Pay – Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover. This allows seamless checkout versus using those physical cards directly. And consider applying for the Academy Credit Card for maximum savings.

Q9: Can I store multiple cards on Apple Pay and select which to use at Academy checkouts?
A9: Yes, you can store multiple payment cards on devices like Apple Watch and choose which one to use for payment at Academy stores during transaction authentication. Quick and convenient!

Q10: How do I check Apple Pay linked card transaction records after Academy store visits?
A10: Apple Pay transactions will appear on monthly card statements from your bank/issuer like regular purchases. You can also view latest transactions made using the Wallet app, for convenience in tracking and managing all your Apple Pay spending.

Q11: What should I do if I lose the Apple Watch or iPhone used to pay at an Academy visit?
A11: Immediately report the device as lost or stolen to your mobile carrier and disable device tracking. Also use Find My app to lock device functionality. For extra safety, consider removing payment cards stored on the device via your online account.

Q12: Can I use loyalty or club member offers together with Apple Pay when shopping at Academy?
A12: Yes you can, as Academy confirms that loyalty benefits and promotional discounts apply equally, whether customers pay by physical payment card or mobile payment wallet like Apple Pay. Sweet!

Q13: How old do I need to be to use Apple Pay for shopping at Academy Sporting Goods?
A13: There is typically no age restriction imposed by Academy for using contactless payments like Apple Pay in-store. However, payment cards issued to teens may have limitations or require parental approval based on provider policies.

Q14: Can receipts from my Apple Pay transactions at Academy stores be accessed digitally?
A14: Yes, depending on your card issuer, digital receipts from Apple Pay transactions may be available via the issuing bank’s app or website transaction history. You can also access monthly records on your statement for tracking.

Q15: Will I still earn miles or points on my frequent flyer card when using it via Apple Pay at Academy?
A15: Absolutely. When using your frequent flyer / travel reward cards stored on Apple Pay at Academy Stores, you continue earning miles, points or other loyalty benefits exactly as you normally do when directly using the physical card.

Q16: Is contactless payment more hygienic than using cash at Academy stores?
A16: Yes, tapping to pay via Apple Pay eliminates the need to handle cash and exchange payment cards manually during checkout at Academy stores. This provides a cleaner, more hygienic transaction for the modern world we live in.

Q17: Can I use Apple Pay at gas stations located at Academy stores?
A17: Yes, Academy fuel stations also accept contactless payments like Apple Pay at the pump for added speed and convenience while filling up your tank before or after shopping!

Q18: Does Apple Pay work at Academy Sports Outdoors concession stands?
A18: At this time, concession stands within Academy stores only accept physical card or cash payments. So Apple Pay won’t work at these locations currently, but may be enabled in future based on changing consumer payment preferences.

Q19: Are there any dead spots in-store at Academy where Apple Pay struggles to work?
A19: Academy has thoroughly implemented contactless terminals chainwide. But do look for any notices indicating when you are entering a dead spot temporarily prohibiting mobile wallet functionality as you shop and approach checkout lanes. These are being phased out with ongoing enhancements.

Q20: How do I check minimum software requirements to enable Apple Pay at Academy Sports?
A20: Apple Pay requires iPhone models 6 and newer running iOS 16+, Apple Watch Series 1+. Refer to Apple’s support page to confirm your devices work and have the latest OS versions for secure payments.


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