Does Aldi’s Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay allows you to use your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or MacBook to make contactless payments in stores. Many major retailers accept Apple Pay, but what about Aldi?

Does Aldi's Take Apple Pay?

The short answer is no, Aldi does not currently accept Apple Pay in their US stores. Aldi has not yet implemented contactless payments or mobile wallets for checkout. You’ll need to pay with cash, debit card, EBT card, or other traditional payment methods when shopping at Aldi.

Why Doesn’t Aldi Take Apple Pay Yet?

There are a few potential reasons why Aldi may not take Apple Pay:

  • Cost of technology – Upgrading checkout terminals to enable contactless payments does require some upfront investment. As a discount grocer focused on keeping costs low, Aldi may have been slow to take on these new payment tech costs so far across its 2000 US stores.
  • Security – Contactless payments open up new potential vulnerabilities that Aldi may still be evaluating. With increasing rates of cyber attacks and online fraud, retailers tend to be very cautious in introducing new third party payment integrations.
  • Limited consumer demand – Since budget-focused shoppers have historically relied on cash, debit, EBT and other low/no-fee payment types, Aldi may not have experienced enough requests for Apple Pay to prompt adoption yet.

What Payment Methods Does Aldi Accept?

Though you can’t pay with Apple Pay at Aldi just yet, the German-born grocer does accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash – Cash in small denominations, as Aldi has no bills over $20 policy
  • ATM debit cards – Most PIN-enabled debit/ATM cards with Visa, Mastercard, or other logos are accepted
  • Credit cards – All major credit cards from providers like Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Transactions over $25 only.
  • EBT / SNAP – EBT food stamp debit cards for government assistance programs
  • WIC Vouchers – Paper vouchers from Women, Infant and Children nutrition assistance
  • Gift Cards – Aldi’s carries third-party gift cards and its own store gift cards for loyalty rewards members.
  • Checks – Paper checks are accepted, but require a valid in-state driver license for security.

So even without Apple Pay activated yet, there are still several easy ways to pay when shopping the Aldi aisles.

Will Aldi Accept Apple Pay in the Future?

Contactless payment adoption has steadily risen in recent years. A 2021 study found that 58% of US POS transactions are now tapping to pay.

As consumers increasingly expect and prefer mobile checkout options, Aldi will likely introduce Apple Pay support eventually. However, Aldi has made no official announcements regarding future acceptance of Apple Pay or other contactless payments.

Signs Point Towards Future Adoption

While customers cannot yet add the Aldi app to their Apple Wallet, there are good signs Aldi is modernizing for mobile integration:

  • Aldi Accepts EBT Online – In 2021, Aldi began allowing SNAP EBT cards for online grocery orders and curbside pickup. This shows a digital expansion for payment capabilities.
  • New Store Concepts – Aldi is piloting checkout-free stores, which rely heavily on mobile app integration, indicating a tech infrastructure ramp-up.
  • Industry Trends – Most top retailers like Walmart, Kroger and others now accept Apple Pay and contactless payments due to rising consumer demand.

So although Apple Pay is not activated at Aldi currently, they appear to be gradually adapting more digital features and mobile payment infrastructure. Adding support for Apple Pay and contactless could very well come in the next 1-3 years.

The Customer Experience Impact

Enabling Apple Pay can significantly improve the shopper experience. Key benefits like speed, convenience and touch-free payment during COVID all give Aldi more incentive to meet customer expectations.

As millennials and Gen Z consumers conduct a growing share of grocery spending in coming years, not supporting mobile payment options may turn off potential Aldi shoppers seeking frictionless checkout.

So although Aldi tends to move cautiously before adopting new technology, Apple Pay and contactless payments should arrive in due time – especially as younger demographics rely increasingly on phone-based transactions over cash or cards.

How Do I Pay at Aldi Checkout Without Apple Pay For Now?

Until mobile contactless payments arrive at Aldi, checkout will continue working much like it always has. Here are some tips for smooth payments when Apple Pay isn’t an option:

1. Prepare Cash or Card Before Shopping

Since Aldi stores have smaller footprints, checkout lines move quickly. Avoid fumbling through your wallet or pockets by getting your payment card or cash ready before unloading your cart.

2. Expect to Bag Your Own Items

To speed things along, cashiers won’t bag your items – so come prepared with reusable shopping bags or expect to bag purchases yourself after paying.

3. Know the Debit/Credit Minimums

By policy, Aldi requires debit/credit card purchases to total $25 or more. Anything under $25 needs to be cash or check. Plan totals ahead of time to have proper payment ready.

4. Double Check Your Receipt

Cashiers move lightning quick, so check your receipt before leaving to confirm pricing accuracy and prevent surprises at the bank/credit card statement later.

5. Leave Large Bills at Home

As an anti-theft measure, Aldi cash registers contain less than $100. Bring smaller bills – Aldi won’t accept any over $20.

Key Takeaways

While Apple Pay and contactless payments offer speed + convenience benefits, Aldi does not currently accept mobile wallet checkout. For now, customers must use old-fashioned cash, cards, checks or EBT when shopping the popular discount grocer.

However, digital expansion signs indicate Aldi may adapt Apple Pay and other mobile payment options within the next few years. As younger shoppers migrate transactions to phones rather than physical cards/currency, Aldi will need to modernize checkout methods to attract Gen Z + millennials.

So eventually Apple Pay could arrive, but Aldi moves cautiously on technology shifts. For 2023/2024 at least, be prepared to dip into your wallet rather than phone when cruising the Aldi aisles for deals.


Aldi’s brand is built around simplicity – offering quality products at the lowest possible prices. Their checkout flow reflect this basic ethos for efficiency. However, as shoppers utilize credit cards and mobile payments more frequently, retailers have to adapt to meet customer expectations, even discount chains like Aldi.

Enabling Apple Pay contactless checkout would allow Aldi to offer the speed and convenience that modern shoppers increasingly want. And expanding mobile wallet integrations lays the groundwork for more e-commerce + digital experiences – where more grocery spending keeps shifting every year.

While old-school cash/cards still rule for now, Aldi will eventually come around to Apple Pay, likely within the next 1-3 years. Customers eager to pay from iPhone or Apple Watch may need patience as the longtime German grocer cautiously enters new digital checkout territory in due time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Aldi take Apple Pay or Samsung Pay?
    No, Aldi does not currently accept contactless payments from Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay or any other mobile wallet providers.

  2. What forms of payment does Aldi allow?
    Aldi accepts cash, all major credit/debit cards, SNAP EBT benefits, WIC vouchers, Aldi store gift cards, paper checks, and ACH bank transfer for online orders in select states.

  3. Why doesn’t Aldi allow Apple Pay or mobile payments?
    Potential reasons are cost concerns, security risks, low consumer demand, and cautious adoption of new technology. However, Aldi is modernizing with ecommerce and new store concepts, signaling future checkout upgrades.

  4. When will Aldi add Apple Pay and contactless checkout?
    No definite timeframe, but possibly within 1-3 years as mobile payments achieve mainstream adoption. Competitive pressure from retailers accepting Apple Pay may force Aldi to offer contactless payments eventually.

  5. Does Aldi have a mobile app I can add to Apple Wallet?
    No, Aldi does not have a customer-facing app for Apple Wallet at this time. Limited apps exist but third-party developed without official partnership.

  6. How can I check out fast at Aldi without Apple Pay?
    Tips: Bring small bills under $20, have non-credit payment ready if under $25 total, keep your own bags handy, watch totals closely as cashiers scan very quickly.

  7. Will my credit card tap/contactless feature work at Aldi?
    No, as Aldi checkout terminals are not activated to accept contactless credit cards, Apple Pay or similar mobile payment taps. You must insert or swipe cards with chip/stripe.

  8. Where can I see if a certain Aldi location added Apple Pay?
    As of 2023, no Aldi locations accept contactless payments. Since enabling occurs chainwide gradually, check the Aldi company website periodically for formal announcements of Apple Pay and mobile wallet acceptance.

  9. Why do other grocers take Apple Pay but not Aldi?
    As a discount chain, Aldi has been slower to adapt new technology like contactless payments due to cost concerns. However, Walmart, Kroger and other chains have enabled it due to fierce competition for convenience-focused shoppers.

  10. Will Aldi Accept Apple Pay internationally first?
    Possibly yes – since contactless payment adoption tends to be higher in European/Australian markets, Aldi stores abroad may activate Apple Pay before the US. But no guarantees or known plans yet.

  11. Can I use Apple Pay at Trader Joe’s?
    No – Apple Pay is not accepted at Trader Joe’s locations either. Despite ownership ties between Aldi Nord and Trader Joe’s, the two chains operate checkout separately for now without contactless payments.

  12. What grocers near me take Apple Pay if not Aldi?
    Most competitor chains now accept Apple Pay, including Kroger, Publix, Albertsons, Safeway, Harris Teeter and many more regional grocers. Walmart enabled Apple Pay in 2022 as well at US stores.

  13. Who can I contact to request or give feedback about Apple Pay at Aldi?
    You may call 1-800-ALDI-USA or email customer service through Aldi’s website to politely submit suggestions regarding contactless payment options for future checkout considerations.

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