Does Apple Cash Charge a Fee?

Apple Cash is a digital payment service by Apple that allows you to send, receive, and store money. It integrates with Apple Pay and iMessage, making it easy to transfer money between family and friends.

A common question people have is whether Apple Cash charges any fees to use its payment services. With many Venmo and PayPal alternatives out there, understanding Apple Cash’s fee structure is important.

This in-depth guide will explain if Apple Cash charges fees, how much they are, what types of transactions have no fees, and tips to use Apple Cash affordably.

Does Apple Cash Charge a Fee?

Does Apple Cash Charge Fees?

The short answer is yes, Apple Cash does charge fees in certain scenarios. However, there are some transactions where no Apple Cash fees apply.

Here is an overview of when you may encounter fees with Apple Cash:

  • Instant transfers to bank account: 1% fee (minimum $0.25, maximum $10)
  • Instant card withdrawals: Additional 1.5% fee
  • Debit card deposits: 3% fee charged by card issuer
  • sending funds internationally: Up to 3% fee

So in summary, any “instant” or expedited options tend to have fees. Basic bank transfers and regular peer-to-peer payments have no Apple Cash fees.

Next, let’s look at the key transactions in more detail.

Sending Money to Friends

The great news is there are no fees for sending funds to family or friends via Apple Cash. You can transfer money instantly via iMessage or SMS at no cost.

Apple Cash has no fees when:

  • You send money to a saved contact
  • You receive money from others into your Apple Cash balance
  • You pay your contacts using your Apple Cash balance

This makes Apple Cash ideal for quickly splitting bills, paying someone back, or sending gifts to loved ones. Peer-to-peer transactions are completely free.

Cash Out to Bank Account

Withdrawing your Apple Cash balance to your bank account is free under normal delivery times.

For example, a standard bank transfer can take 1-3 business days for the funds to appear in your account. This process has no fees deducted by Apple.

However, if you require instant access to the funds via Instant Transfer, a 1% fee applies (minimum $0.25, maximum $10).

So if you can wait 1-3 days, withdraw for free. Use Instant Transfer if you immediately need the money.

Cash Out to Debit Card

Another way to cash out is to your debit card via Instant Transfer. This also incurs a 1% fee from Apple Cash.

Plus, your debit card issuer will charge an additional 1.5% fee for instant transfers to debit cards.

So the total cost can be over 3% in fees. Standard bank transfers are cheaper. But card cash outs are quicker if you need immediate access.

Depositing Money

Adding money to your Apple Cash balance using a debit card, debit card number or prepaid card all incur a 3% fee charged by your card issuer.

Apple does not charge fees for deposits. But your bank will charge for the instant card transactions.

To avoid deposit fees, you can receive money into Apple Cash from others, or do a free bank transfer from your account to top up instead.

International Transactions

For any international Apple Cash payments or withdrawals, additional foreign transaction fees up to 3% may apply.

The exact fee will depend on the countries involved and currency exchange rates.

To minimize international fees, avoid urgent transfers and use standard delivery times where possible when sending funds abroad. Or deposit directly to recipient’s local bank account.

Card Withdrawal Limits

Note that card withdrawals from Apple Cash have weekly and transaction limits:

  • $1,000 per transaction
  • $2,000 per 7 days

So you may need to transfer larger amounts to your bank account instead. Account transfers have higher limits.

Tips to Avoid Fees

Here are some tips to minimize or avoid Apple Cash fees:

  • Use standard 1-3 day delivery for bank transfers
  • Pay friends and family directly from your Apple Cash balance
  • Receive money into Apple Cash instead of depositing
  • Get friends to repay you via Apple Cash instead of bank transfer
  • Withdraw larger amounts to bank account to avoid card limits
  • Avoid instant transfers unless urgently needed

Apple Cash Security

Apple Cash keeps your money and transactions safe using encryption and Face ID or Touch ID authentication.

You should have a strong and unique password for your Apple ID account for added security. Also enable two-factor authentication if available.

Review your transaction history regularly and report any suspicious or fraudulent activity immediately.


In summary, Apple Cash does charge fees in certain situations:

  • Instant bank transfers or card withdrawals incur 1% or more fees
  • Deposits via debit card have a 3% third-party fee
  • International transactions may have additional fees

However, for standard peer-to-peer payments, no Apple Cash fees apply.

By avoiding instant transfers where possible, making domestic payments between friends, and receiving funds into your account, you can use Apple Cash affordably and avoid fees.


  1. Does it cost money to send Apple Cash?
    No, there are no fees to send money to family and friends via Apple Cash. It is free to send and receive funds using your Apple Cash balance.
  2. What is the fee for withdrawing money from Apple Cash?
    Standard 1-3 day bank transfers are free. Instant bank transfers cost a 1% fee (min $0.25, max $10). Instant debit card withdrawals incur a 1% + 1.5% fee from Apple and your issuer.
  3. Is there a fee to put money on Apple Cash?
    Yes, deposits to Apple Cash via debit card incur a 3% fee from your card provider. You can avoid fees by receiving money from others or doing a bank transfer.
  4. Do I get charged when paying with Apple Cash?
    No, there are no fees when paying contacts directly via your Apple Cash balance for personal transactions.
  5. Can I use Apple Cash internationally?
    Yes, but international transactions may incur additional fees up to 3% depending on location and currency exchanges.
  6. Is Apple Cash safer than Venmo or PayPal?
    Apple Cash has bank-grade encryption and Apple’s high security standards, making it very safe and secure. Users should still enable passwords and two-factor authentication for added protection.
  7. Do transactions happen instantly with Apple Cash?
    Transfers between Apple Cash users are immediate. Standard bank transfers take 1-3 business days. Instant transfers incur a 1% fee but are immediate.
  8. Is Apple Cash integrated with Apple Pay?
    Yes, you can use funds in your Apple Cash balance to make purchases via Apple Pay in stores, apps and online.
  9. Can I cancel an Apple Cash transaction?
    Unfortunately no, all Apple Cash payments and transfers are final and cannot be canceled once processed.
  10. What is the weekly limit for Apple Cash withdrawals?
    You can withdraw a maximum of $2,000 from your Apple Cash balance to a debit card per 7 day period. Larger amounts can be sent to your bank.
  11. Can I dispute an Apple Cash transaction?
    Yes, you can dispute incorrect or unauthorized transactions by contacting Apple support and your linked bank within 60 days of the issue.
  12. Does Apple Cash work on Android or Windows devices?
    No, Apple Cash is designed to work between Apple devices and services including iMessage, iOS and Apple Pay.
  13. Are there any transaction limits for Apple Cash?
    Yes, peer-to-peer payments are limited to $10,000 per transaction and $20,000 per 7 days by default. Limits can be adjusted by contacting support.
  14. Can I receive money on Apple Cash without a bank account?
    No, you need to link a debit card or bank account to receive funds into your Apple Cash balance. Prepaid cards cannot be used.
  15. Is Apple Cash free to sign up for?
    Yes, there are no fees to sign up for Apple Cash. It is a free service to send, receive and store money. Applicable fees only apply for certain withdrawals or deposits.
  16. How old do you have to be to use Apple Cash?
    You must be 18 years or older to use Apple Cash. For 13-17 year olds, a parent or guardian can help set up a supervised account.
  17. Can I tip people on Apple Cash?
    Yes! You can send Apple Cash payments to friends, family, service workers and anyone else as a tip or gift at no cost to you.


Apple Cash provides a free and convenient way to send money between friends and family. While certain expedited withdrawals, deposits and international transactions may incur fees, standard peer-to-peer payments have no fees. By understanding when Apple Cash charges fees and how to avoid them, you can use this useful service affordably.


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