Does Applebee’s Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases using eligible Apple devices like iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads or Macs. As one of the largest casual dining chains in America with over 1,800 locations nationwide, many customers wonder if they can use Apple Pay at Applebee’s.

This article will provide an in-depth look at Applebee’s payment options, including whether or not Applebee’s accepts Apple Pay. We’ll cover key details like compatibility, how to set up and use Apple Pay at Applebee’s, tips for customers, and compare it to other payment types accepted.

Does Applebee's Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Applebee’s does accept Apple Pay as a payment method at all company-owned locations in the United States. This allows customers with eligible Apple devices to quickly and securely pay their bill using Apple Pay.

To use it, simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal when prompted for payment. There is no need to open apps, swipe cards or carry cash. Authentication takes place via Face ID, Touch ID or passcode, making payments fast yet highly secure.

Apple Pay is just one of several contactless payment types accepted at Applebee’s nationwide, along with options like Google Pay and contactless credit cards. So customers have choices on how to pay quickly and safely.

How To Set Up and Use Apple Pay at Applebee’s

Using Apple Pay at Applebee’s restaurants is easy once you have it set up properly on your Apple device. Follow these steps for a smooth payment experience:

Set Up Apple Pay

To use Apple Pay, first ensure your Apple device supports it and you have added an eligible credit, debit or prepaid card. On iPhones with Face ID, double click the side button then authenticate with Face ID or passcode. On other models, rest finger on Home button.

Order Food and Beverages as Usual

Browse the Applebee’s menu and order your food and drinks like normal, whether dining in or taking out. When the bill comes, let your server know you would like to pay with Apple Pay.

Hold Apple Device to Reader When Prompted

When prompted for payment, simply hold your iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple Pay device near the contactless reader. A subtle vibration and beep will confirm the transaction went through successfully.

And that’s it! Within seconds you have securely paid with Apple Pay. A receipt will be emailed to the address associated with your Apple Pay account.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at Applebee’s

Keep the following Apple Pay tips in mind for smooth sailing when paying at Applebee’s:

  • Make sure your iPhone has sufficient battery charge before paying with Apple Pay. Have a backup payment ready if needed.
  • Add multiple supported credit cards to Apple Pay in case one card has declined transactions for any reason.
  • See the latest bill amount on your device screen before tapping to pay, so you know exactly what is being charged.
  • If multi-tasking on your phone as you pay, pause any music/videos playing so the NFC signal isn’t obstructed.
  • Have your Apple Watch ready to pay as backup if you primarily rely on iPhone for Apple Pay.

How Apple Pay Compares to Other Applebee’s Payment Types

Apple Pay provides certain advantages over some other payment types accepted at Applebee’s:

Apple Pay

  • Fast, contactless transactions with iPhone/Apple Watch
  • More secure with authentication requirements
  • Payment via eligible debit/credit cards

Google Pay

  • Contactless payments for Android devices
  • Similar speed and security to Apple Pay
  • Syncs with mobile bank accounts

Contactless Credit Cards

  • Embedded NFC chip enables tap payments
  • Issues arise if card is lost/stolen
  • Still secure with EMV chip technology

Traditional Credit Cards

  • Physical card needs to be presented
  • Chips read at terminal, signature required
  • Less secure than contactless payments

So while Apple Pay is not the only payment method available, it does offer superior speed, convenience and security for iOS users. Applebee’s acceptance of Apple Pay provides more choice to customers in how they pay.

Key Takeaway: Apple Pay Provides Fast, Secure Convenience for Customers

The key takeaway around Applebee’s Apple Pay acceptance is:

Applebee’s accepts Apple Pay nationwide, allowing customers with supported Apple devices like iPhones and Apple Watches to pay in just seconds with Face ID/Touch ID authentication and payment via stored debit/credit cards. This makes payments faster yet also highly secure.

For Apple users, Apple Pay takes the friction out of payments at Applebee’s. Transactions are noticeably smoother compared to swiping physical cards, with authentication happening seamlessly in the background.

So if you have Apple Pay already configured, consider taking advantage of this speedy payment option on your next visit to Applebee’s. It puts convenience at your fingertips!


In conclusion, yes Applebee’s does accept Apple Pay as a seamless payment method in all company-owned US locations. Both iPhone and Apple Watch owners with Apple Pay set up can pay securely in seconds at the contactless terminal.

While Apple Pay is not the only payment type accepted, it compares favorably for Apple customers thanks to tap-and-go speed backed by strong security. Authentication via Face/Touch ID ensures each transaction comes from the rightful owner.

So for your next appetizer craving or lunch break, head to Applebee’s knowing you can pay with just a glance or tap of your Apple device. Apple Pay is all about convenience without compromising security.

Frequently Asked Questions About Applebee’s Apple Pay Acceptance

  1. Does every Applebee’s location take Apple Pay?
    Yes, company-owned Applebee’s restaurants accept Apple Pay at all US locations. Participating franchised locations also accept Apple Pay nationwide. Check with your local restaurant if unsure.

  2. Can I use Apple Pay via iPhone or Apple Watch at Applebee’s?
    Yes, you can use Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch, newer iPads and some Mac devices at Applebee’s by holding it near the contactless terminal.

  3. Is Apple Pay secure for paying at restaurants and stores?
    Yes, Apple Pay is very secure for retail transactions thanks to on-device authentication with Face/Touch ID or passcodes. Each transaction also uses a unique digital token so your actual card details stay protected.

  4. What cards can I use with Apple Pay at Applebee’s?
    You can add eligible Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover debit/credit cards to Apple Pay for use at Applebee’s. Some store cards may also work.

  5. How do I add more cards to Apple Pay if my card is declined?
    Open your Wallet app, tap the “+” icon, then follow prompts to begin adding your new Visa, Mastercard, AmEx or Discover card to Apple Pay.

  6. Can I receive rewards points when using Apple Pay?
    Yes, you still earn all applicable credit card reward points, airline miles etc when using a rewards card via Apple Pay at Applebee’s.

  7. Is Apple Pay cheaper than using my physical credit card?
    No, Apple Pay does not alter the pricing or final amount charged at Applebee’s. It simply provides a more convenient and secure payment method for customers.

  8. Does Applebee’s accept other contactless payments like Google Pay?
    Yes, Applebee’s also accepts contactless payments through Google Pay, Samsung Pay or contactless credit cards with the proper symbol shown.

  9. Do I need to carry my physical wallet if I pay with Apple Pay?
    No. You can leave your physical cards at home and pay seamlessly with just your iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple Pay-supported device.

  10. What do I do if Apple Pay fails to work at Applebee’s checkout?
    If your Apple Pay transaction doesn’t go through, check your device has sufficient charge and that you have an active internet/cell connection. Also try adding your card again or use a backup payment. Inform your server if issues persist.

  11. Is Apple Pay harder to use for senior citizens or disabled customers?
    No, Apple Pay is designed to provide simple, intuitive payments for all users. However, staff can still assist customers who have difficulties following the process.

  12. Can minors or children use Apple Pay at Applebee’s with a parent’s device?
    Yes. As long as Apple Pay is set up properly on that device with the guardian’s card details stored, a minor can make transactions with parental approval.

  13. Do I need to sign or enter a PIN when I pay with Apple Pay?
    No PIN or signature is needed. Simply hold your iPhone/Apple Watch near the reader then authenticate with Face/Touch ID when prompted. This helps speed up the process.

  14. Is it ok to have my iPhone in a case when paying with Apple Pay?
    Yes, Apple Pay works reliably with most phone cases. But very thick or metal cases that block radio signals can disrupt the NFC transmission so test beforehand or remove case when paying.
  15. Do I need to close out of other iPhone apps before paying with Apple Pay?
    No. iOS allows Apple Pay to work smoothly in the background regardless of whichever apps you have open at the time. Just ensure your NFC signal isn’t obstructed.

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