Does Best Buy Take Apple Pay?

Best Buy does accept Apple Pay in all its US stores. As long as you have an iPhone, Apple Watch, or other supported Apple device set up for Apple Pay, you can use it to make quick, secure, and private payments in Best Buy retail locations across the country.

Does Best Buy Take Apple Pay?How Apple Pay Works at Best Buy

To use Apple Pay at Best Buy, simply hold your compatible Apple device near the store’s contactless payment terminal while checking out. A gentle vibration and beep will confirm your payment has been approved using Apple Pay.

Some key things to know about using Apple Pay at Best Buy:

  • Compatible Devices – iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac can all be set up to use Apple Pay. As long as your device has a secure element to store payment information, you can add credit/debit cards and pay quickly.
  • In-App Payments – You can also use Apple Pay as a payment method within the Best Buy app to complete purchases online and have orders shipped or available for in-store pickup.
  • Added Security – Each transaction uses a unique, one-time dynamic security code, so your card details stay safe. You’ll also still earn rewards and benefits just like using the physical card.
  • Wallet and Settings – Add cards to the Wallet app, confirm security prompts, and Apple Pay is ready to use. Manage payment methods and more in the Wallet & Apple Pay screen in Settings.

As long as your current version of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, or macOS is compatible with Apple Pay, you’ll have no issues using it to check out at Best Buy. It’s an easy, secure contactless payment method accepted in all stores.

Why Shop Best Buy with Apple Pay

There are a few key reasons why Apple Pay is a great payment method specifically when shopping at Best Buy:

Quick Checkout

By using Apple Pay and contactless payments, you skip having to take out your physical wallet, dig for a credit or debit card, or bother with signatures or PIN codes. Just scan and go when checking out at Best Buy. This makes the process faster, whether you’re shopping in-store or via Best Buy’s app.

Reward Programs

When you add your rewards credit cards to Apple Pay, all benefits, points, miles, and cash back offers still apply to purchases made via Apple Pay. So you earn extra perks on top of the convenience of contactless checkout through Best Buy.

Enhanced Security

Every Apple Pay transaction uses a unique dynamic security code exchanged between your device and the payment terminal. So instead of your vulnerable payment card details being at risk in transit, one-time codes are used. No card number, contact info, or verification data is stored on your device or Apple servers either.

Private Record of Purchases

Your card numbers, receipts, locations, and more don’t get stored in Apple Pay or by your device. Payment history also isn’t shared or sold. You can always view Apple Pay transactions right in your regular credit/debit account statements if needed. But otherwise, purchases remain private.

For quick, secure, and effective payments – plus robust rewards earning – Apple Pay is perfectly suited for all your Best Buy runs to get new tech and electronics. It’s widely supported and simple to set up if you own eligible Apple devices.

Setting Up Apple Pay

If you want to know how to set up Apple Pay properly on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac before checking out at Best Buy, follow these steps:

On iPhone

  1. Launch Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay
  2. Tap “+ Add” or “Add Credit or Debit Card”
  3. Scan card using camera or enter details manually
  4. Follow prompts to verify your identity and confirm card
  5. Agree to Terms and Conditions

Once successfully added, your credit/debit card will appear as an Apple Pay payment method option whenever supported. Repeat to add more eligible cards to Apple Pay.

On Apple Watch

  1. Ensure Apple Watch is compatible and paired to iPhone
  2. On iPhone, launch Watch app > Wallet & Apple Pay
  3. Tap “Add” under My Cards on iPhone
  4. Use iPhone camera to scan card or enter details
  5. Follow prompts and agree to Terms and Conditions

Cards you add through iPhone will then sync automatically over to Apple Watch as well.

On iPad

  1. Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay
  2. Tap “Add Credit or Debit Card”
  3. Use camera to scan card info or enter manually
  4. Provide any additional details like billing address
  5. Accept Terms & Conditions

Any cards added to iPad will be available on Apple Pay across all other logged-in devices too.

Now Apple Pay will be all ready to scan and pay when you check out at Best Buy – it’s the fastest and most secure payment method around.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at Best Buy

If it’s your first time paying with an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook at Best Buy, keep these Apple Pay tips in mind:

  • Double Click – Bring your device near the payment terminal then double click the side button. This will call up your default card.
  • Hold Near Reader – There’s no need to tap. Just hold your device within an inch or so of the contactless reader.
  • Listen for Sounds – A subtle haptic vibration and beep sound means your encrypted payment data has transmitted successfully.
  • Show Card Details – Be prepared to show your physical debit/credit card if asked to verify identity randomly.
  • Link Multiple Cards – Load primary, secondary, reward cards, etc – Apple Pay will default to the correct one when shopping at Best Buy.
  • See Receipts in Wallet – Your contactless purchase receipts will all generate automatically right in the Wallet app too.

It doesn’t get much easier than that for iOS users. Apple Pay makes Best Buy runs smooth, rewarding, and hassle-free every time thanks to fast transactions right from your everyday devices.

Apple Pay Purchases and Support Details

To wrap things up, here are a few last bits of good-to-know information regarding Apple Pay support when shopping Best Buy:

  • In-Store Pickup – Apple Pay can be used for billing on items bought online for in-store pickup orders at Best Buy.
  • Returns and Exchanges – Normal return and exchange policies apply on Apple Pay purchases at Best Buy. No receipt is needed as transaction records generate in Wallet.
  • Gift Cards – Apple Pay can also be used to purchase Best Buy gift cards from the retailer. Great for easy self or last-minute holiday gifting.
  • Contactless Cards Too – Best Buy readers accept contactless debit/credit cards and mobile wallets beyond just Apple Pay.
  • Nationwide Support – As of 2022, 100% of Best Buy locations now take Apple Pay and contactless payments at checkout.

So feel free to pay with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or MacBook Pro anywhere you shop countrywide at Best Buy. It’s the easiest way to get your favorite gear while earning rewards and benefits along the way too.

Key Takeaway

The key points to remember are:

  • Best Buy accepts Apple Pay nationwide in all stores
  • Simply hold your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook Pro to the contactless terminal when checking out
  • Transactions are quick, secure, private, and supported via the Best Buy app too
  • Set up eligible cards in Wallet app and double click then hold near reader when paying
  • All rewards, points, cash back, and purchase protections still apply with Apple Pay
  • Great for faster checkout with bonus rewards earnings on your new tech

Using Apple Pay at Best Buy keeps shopping simple. So load it up on your device today if you want one of the most convenient payment methods for your next electronics splurge.


In summary, Best Buy readily accepts Apple Pay as a contactless payment method in all stores across the US. It works with iPhone models, Apple Watch series, supported iPad and Mac devices using the Wallet app to store card details securely. Setup is quick and Apple Pay enables speedy tapping to pay at checkout. Purchases remain private while still earning all the same shopping rewards and card member benefits. For the latest electronics, tech, and appliances – paying with Apple Pay at Best Buy offers customers the perfect pairing of convenient, protected purchasing power. Give it a try next time you are upgrading gadgets or furnishings for your smart home ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does Apple Pay work at Best Buy Canada or only in the US?
    Currently, Best Buy only accepts Apple Pay for contactless payments at all of its retail stores in the United States. Support has not expanded to Best Buy shops in Canada or Mexico as of yet.

  2. What Apple devices can I use to pay with Apple Pay at Best Buy?
    The latest models of iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and newer MacBooks or iMacs with Touch ID can all be used for Apple Pay. As long as your device runs iOS or MacOS with Wallet compatibility you are good to go.

  3. Do I earn and redeem My Best Buy points when using Apple Pay?
    Yes absolutely. Any credit cards or accounts you have linked to your My Best Buy rewards membership will still accrue points per dollar spent when using Apple Pay. Redeem points the same as usual too.

  4. Is Apple Pay safer to pay with than my physical credit card at Best Buy?
    Without a doubt – yes. Apple Pay transactions use unique one-use security codes each time for your protection. Your actual payment card numbers and information never get shared with the merchant.

  5. What if my Apple Pay payment doesn’t work when I try to use it at the Best Buy checkout?
    If a contactless Apple Pay transaction doesn’t successfully go through for some reason, try holding your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad a bit closer to the payment reader. Also double check your Wallet balance is sufficient. Otherwise, another form of payment is needed if it continues to be declined.

  6. Can I add Best Buy gift cards to the Wallet app and use them via Apple Pay in stores?
    At this time, Apple Pay can only transmit actual debit/credit payment cards for use at Best Buy. You cannot store or redeem Best Buy gift card balances directly via Apple Pay. Physical or e-gift cards must be scanned separately when checking out instead.

  7. Is Apple Pay the only contactless payment method accepted for mobile checkout at Best Buy locations?
    No, Best Buy also accepts other tap-to-pay mobile wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay nationwide at its checkout counters. Any contactless credit/debit card also works, not just Apple Pay. But Apple Pay is broadly used and a major convenient choice.

  8. What should I do if my cards on Apple Pay aren’t working when I try to pay at Best Buy for some reason?
    First, ensure card hasn’t expired and no payment issues exist if trying at multiple stores. Check can still tap-to-pay elsewhere. If problems persist, delete the card from your Wallet and re-add it. Contact bank if needed to verify funds access. You can also call Apple support for troubleshooting help.

  9. When I pay with Apple Pay at Best Buy, do I still get emailed receipts for my records and returns if needed?
    Absolutely. Digital purchase receipt delivery functions the same with Apple Pay as normal card payments. Except your contactless transactions will also always register in your Wallet app automatically for easy access too.

  10. How do I check old Apple Pay transaction records or get receipts from a past Best Buy shopping trip?
    Open your Wallet app and tap on your Apple Pay cards. You’ll see your various transaction histories listed by date in reverse chronological order. Tap any purchase for the full detailed receipt. Best Buy receipts also deliver to your emailed inboxes and account profiles per usual.

  11. Can I set up an Apple Pay payment plan for large Best Buy purchases over time instead of all at once?
    Yes you can. When checking out high-ticket items, request to apply for a Best Buy Credit Card offer. If approved, you can then use your new line of credit via Apple Pay for purchases now and make installment payments over 6, 12, 18 or 24 months.

  12. What should I do if my iPhone breaks and I don’t have my new one yet to keep using Apple Pay at Best Buy?
    You can easily call 1-800-MY-APPLE or visit an Apple Store to have your Wallet data quickly migrated over temporarily to a loaner/replacement iPhone. Also set up Apple Pay on any iPad, Mac, or secondary device in your possession for the meantime while getting issues fixed.

  13. Is there a purchase limit or spending cap per transaction when using Apple Pay to shop Best Buy?
    There are no set single transaction maximum limits enacted by Best Buy specifically. But some issuer banks attached to your Apple Pay debit/credit card may define daily/monthly volume caps. Check with your provider or card terms & conditions to confirm specifics. Most allow tens of thousands per purchase.

  14. Does Best Buy charge any fees or penalties for checking out with Apple Pay instead of normal credit or debit cards?
    Absolutely not. Apple Pay is simply an alternative contactless payment method. Best Buy cannot charge extra fees or penalize shoppers in any way for choosing to pay via Apple Pay over another tender option. It’s a standard accepted mobile wallet nationwide in stores.

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