Does BWW Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases using eligible Apple devices like iPhones, Apple Watches, and more. As Apple Pay rises in popularity amongst consumers for its ease of use and security features, more restaurants and stores now accept this form of contactless payment. 

Does BWW Take Apple Pay?

Customers can use Apple Pay on their iPhone or Apple Watch to pay at the register in BWW locations. For online orders, Apple Pay is also available as a payment option during checkout on both the desktop and mobile experience. This allows BWW guests to pay conveniently without needing their physical credit or debit cards.

How Apple Pay Works at Buffalo Wild Wings

Using Apple Pay at BWW, whether dining in or ordering takeout/delivery, is very simple. Just follow these basic steps:

  • When it’s time to pay, let your server or cashier know you’d like to use Apple Pay. Or select Apple Pay as your payment method if ordering online.
  • If paying in-person, hold your unlocked iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal.
  • For iPhone users, authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. Apple Watch users will need to double-click the side button.
  • That’s it! Your default card will be charged and payment confirmed instantly.

Apple Pay transactions leverage a device-specific number along with a dynamic security code so your actual card details are never shared with the merchant. This makes each payment super secure and private.

What Devices Work With Apple Pay at BWW

Virtually all modern Apple devices are compatible with Apple Pay and can be used to make payments at Buffalo Wild Wings:

  • iPhone: iPhone 6 or newer models
  • Apple Watch: Apple Watch Series 1 and newer, paired to an iPhone 6 or later
  • iPad: iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation or newer), iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 or newer all work with Apple Pay in apps but cannot be used to tap to pay in stores
  • Mac: Select Mac models with Touch ID support Apple Pay for online purchases but not in-store

As long as your Apple gadget has been set up for Apple Pay by adding a supported credit, debit, or prepaid card, you’ll be able to use it to complete purchases at BWW.

Ordering Online With Apple Pay

In addition to paying in-restaurant, BWW also accepts Apple Pay when ordering food for pickup, delivery, or catering online through their website and mobile apps.

The great news is you don’t need any BWW accounts, rewards memberships or downloads to use Apple Pay online. Simply begin the checkout process as a guest, select Apple Pay as the payment method, authenticate with Face/Touch ID on your iPhone or double click of the Apple Watch side button, and review your order details.

In just a few taps, your transaction will be complete using your Apple Pay default card. The order and payment confirmation will also be sent to your Apple Wallet for easy access later.

The Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Buffalo Wild Wings

Using Apple Pay to pay at BWW comes with several nice perks:

  • It’s fast – Apple Pay is crazy quick, especially when paying in-person. No need to pull out your wallet, swipe or insert your card, or sign receipts. Just hold your device near the payment terminal for a second and you’re done. Talk about speedy service!
  • Added security – Each Apple Pay transaction uses a unique, dynamic security code so your card details stay safe and private. Your actual card numbers are never shared with the merchant.
  • Convenience – You don’t need to be a rewards member or have BWW apps installed to use Apple Pay in-store or online. Checking out is a breeze whether dining in, getting takeout, or ordering delivery.
  • Easy to manage – All your Apple Pay receipts are stored securely in your Apple Wallet for quick review later. You can check pending transactions, amounts, order details, locations, and more there at any time.
  • It’s contactless – In the age of social distancing, contactless payments help customers and employees stay separated for safety. Apple Pay facilitates this in a secure, user-friendly way.

So if speed, security, convenience, organization, and contactless environment sound appealing to you, be sure to take advantage of Apple Pay when visiting Buffalo Wild Wings next time!

Supported Payment Networks With Apple Pay at BWW

In order for your credit or debit card to work with Apple Pay, it must be issued by a participating bank on a supported payment network. Fortunately, BWW accepts all the major networks. This includes:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

As long as your card falls under one of those brands and was issued by an Apple Pay partner bank, you should be able to add it to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, etc and use it to make quick, secure contactless payments at Buffalo Wild Wings locations nationwide.

Adding Your Card to Apple Pay

Don’t have your card loaded into your Apple Wallet for use with Apple Pay just yet? Not to worry – it only takes a few minutes to set up. Just open the Wallet app and do the following:

  1. Tap the “+” icon to add a new card.
  2. Select your bank or payment network.
  3. Use your device camera to scan your card or enter the details manually.
  4. Verify with your bank or payment network (usually via texted code or security question).
  5. Accept the terms and you’re all set!

Now your verified payment card will appear in your Apple Wallet, ready to use with Apple Pay. Tap to pay at millions of stores nationwide that accept contactless payments, including Buffalo Wild Wings!

Does BWW Accept Other Mobile Payments Like Google or Samsung Pay?

In addition to Apple Pay, Buffalo Wild Wings also accepts:

  • Google Pay – Android device users can store their cards on Google Pay in the Google Wallet app to tap and pay at BWW with many modern Android smartphones, watches, and more.
  • Samsung Pay – Devices from Samsung can also use their proprietary Samsung Pay system to make in-person payments using magnetic secure transmission (MST) technology at BWW.

So Android users don’t have to miss out on the contactless payment fun. Be sure to set up Google Pay or Samsung Pay on your mobile device to pay swiftly and securely at your neighborhood BWW location.

However, for online orders placed directly through Buffalo Wild Wings, Apple Pay is still the only branded mobile wallet currently accepted. But BWW may expand support to Google and Samsung online payments in the future.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at Buffalo Wild Wings

Having issues using Apple Pay at the BWW online checkout or in-restaurant payment terminal? Here is some troubleshooting advice:

  • Make sure your device is compatible – Check the full list above of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch models that work.
  • Verify cellular or WiFi connection – Your device needs an internet connection to process transactions.
  • Confirm your card is added properly – Ensure your card is active in Apple Wallet with correct details. Give your bank/card issuer a call if you’re unsure.
  • Reboot device – Power your device completely off then back on again and retry.
  • Still not working? – Ask your server or the manager on duty for assistance with Apple Pay issues in-store. Or contact BWW Customer Service if problems ordering online.

With a few quick checks, you should have Apple Pay successfully working at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants nationwide or on their websites/apps in no time. Paying securely has never been easier.

Loyalty Programs and Apple Pay at BWW

BWW offers a loyalty program called Blazin’ Rewards to frequent guests. As you dine and make purchases at Buffalo Wild Wings, you earn points towards free food and other rewards.

The great news is that you can pay with Apple Pay when earning and redeeming these loyalty points! Any food, drink, or merchandise you buy in-store or online using Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch etc will still count towards your Blazin’ Rewards progress.

Be sure to connect your Blazin’ Rewards membership to the BWW mobile apps too. That way the whole process is automated and seamless each visit – accrue points, get special offers, apply points to orders, and pay quickly with Apple Pay all right from your mobile device!


  1. Can I use Apple Pay at the self-serve kiosks at BWW?
    Yes, if the BWW location has self-order kiosks, these accept Apple Pay as a payment option. Simply select Apple Pay on the screen and hold your iPhone or Apple Watch to the contactless reader.
  2. Do I have to show my ID when using Apple Pay at Buffalo Wild Wings?
    You may need to show ID for some Apple Pay purchases over a certain dollar amount as proof of card ownership, similar to using a physical credit card.
  3. Can I use Apple Pay on multiple visits to BWW without having to re-authenticate?
    Yes, Apple Pay allows repeat transactions within 60 seconds without re-authenticating. So you can pay for multiple orders/rounds without having to re-scan.
  4. Is it better to use Apple Pay or the BWW mobile app to pay?
    Apple Pay is likely quicker and more convenient compared to opening the BWW app, selecting payment, and scanning a barcode. Both work though.
  5. Do Buffalo Wild Wings employees know how to process an Apple Pay transaction?
    Most BWW staff will be familiar with processing Apple Pay. But occasionally you may have to provide brief guidance the first time an employee encounters it.
  6. Why would my Apple Pay transaction be declined at BWW?
    Make sure you have sufficient funds. Other reasons can include expired card details, internet/cellular issues, or the wrong card selected. Try again or use another.
  7. Can I add multiple credit/debit cards to Apple Pay and change them at BWW?
    Yes, you can have multiple cards stored in Apple Pay and switch between them when paying. Just select a different card in Wallet before scanning.
  8. Is Apple Pay subject to the same foreign transaction fees as my physical card at BWW?
    Yes, any applicable foreign transaction fee from your bank for currency conversion still applies when paying with Apple Pay internationally.
  9. Can I dispute an Apple Pay charge from Buffalo Wild Wings if fraudulent?
    Yes, the standard dispute process for fraudulent charges applies to Apple Pay. Contact your card issuer to report and dispute it.
  10. Do I need to tip the waiter separately if I pay with Apple Pay at BWW?
    Yes, Apple Pay only pays the bill amount. Make sure to leave a cash tip for wait staff. Some locations may allow adding tip to Apple Pay total.
  11. Will my BWW rewards points apply if I pay with Apple Pay?
    Yes, paying with a linked Blazin’ Rewards card in Apple Pay will still earn you loyalty points when scanning at checkout, the same as the physical card.
  12. Is Apple Pay eligible for the half-price traditional wing Tuesdays deal at BWW?
    Yes, the half-price wing promotion on Tuesdays can be combined with using Apple Pay. No exclusions against using mobile payment.
  13. Can I use Apple Pay at BWW if my phone battery is low?
    As long as your iPhone has sufficient charge to power on and authenticate, you can use Apple Pay. But keep battery level in mind when relying on mobile payment.
  14. Does the BWW app need to be installed to use Apple Pay in their restaurants?
    No, the BWW app is not required. As long as you have a supported Apple device with Apple Pay configured, you can pay at checkout.
  15. How old does my iPhone need to be to work with Apple Pay at Buffalo Wild Wings?
    Your iPhone needs to be an iPhone 6, iPhone SE (1st gen) or newer model. Original iPhone SE and newer devices all support Apple Pay.
  16. Can I use a mobile card reader to accept Apple Pay payments from friends at BWW?
    No, unfortunately you cannot accept Apple Pay payments into a third-party card reader app or device due to tokenization limitations.
  17. Is Apple Pay safer to use than plastic cards in case my BWW bill is compromised?
    Yes, Apple Pay is more secure given it doesn’t expose your actual card number or details that could be stolen/skimmed.
  18. What happens if I lose my Apple Watch after using it to pay at Buffalo Wild Wings?
    You can deactivate Apple Pay for that Apple Watch by signing into your iCloud account. And you can still use Apple Pay on other devices.
  19. Can I use Apple Pay at BWW if my phone is in Airplane mode?
    No, you need an active internet/cellular connection for Apple Pay to process transactions. Airplane mode disables this connectivity.
  20. Why do some BWW locations accept Apple Pay while others don’t?
    It depends when card reader hardware was last updated. Newer terminals tend to support contactless payments like Apple Pay. Locations update periodically.

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