Does Canes Take Apple Pay?

Accepting Mobile Payments with Apple Pay at Raising Cane’s

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is a popular fast food restaurant chain focused on serving high quality chicken fingers and signature sides like crinkle-cut fries, coleslaw, Texas toast, and Cane’s sauce. With over 600 locations across the United States, Raising Cane’s has developed a cult-like following for its limited but exceptionally delicious menu offerings.

Does Canes Take Apple Pay?
One common question Raising Cane’s customers ask is whether you can use Apple Pay and other mobile payment apps to purchase your meal. As consumer reliance on cash decreases and mobile payments become more mainstream, the ability to accept mobile wallet apps like Apple Pay is an important consideration for restaurant chains assessing their technology capabilities and customer convenience.

This article will explore whether Raising Cane’s takes Apple Pay and other mobile payments, considerations around implementing mobile payments, and tips for customers on using Apple Pay to order Cane’s chicken fingers.

Does Raising Cane’s Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, most corporate-owned Raising Cane’s locations accept Apple Pay as a payment method when ordering in-restaurant or for takeout. Customers can hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal to pay with Apple Pay and Apple Card.

However, it is important to note that some franchised Cane’s locations may not accept Apple Pay yet. The technology capabilities can vary for franchised restaurants. If Apple Pay acceptance is important to you, check with your local Raising Cane’s restaurant in advance or look for the Apple Pay logo displayed at the counter or drive-thru.

What Other Mobile Payments Do Cane’s Locations Accept?

In addition to Apple Pay, many Cane’s locations also accept:

  • Google Pay on Android phones
  • Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy phones
  • Contactless credit and debit cards

The availability of these mobile payment options can also vary by location, so verify in advance with your restaurant if you wish to use a specific mobile payment app. Apple Pay is the most widely adopted because it works on both iPhones and Apple Watch devices.

Ordering Cane’s Using Apple Pay In-Restaurant

Ordering your Cane’s meal is easy and convenient with Apple Pay. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Browse the menu boards and decide what you want to order
  2. Tell the cashier you will be paying with Apple Pay
  3. Scan the QR code on the payment terminal screen (if displayed)
  4. Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader
  5. Complete authentication on your device via Touch ID or Face ID
  6. Wait for approval then remove your device

That’s it! You’ll receive both a paper receipt from the restaurant as well as a digital receipt on your iPhone wallet app for easy expense tracking. Enjoy those tasty chicken fingers paid conveniently via Apple Pay!

Using Apple Pay for Curbside or Drive-Thru Orders

You can also use Apple Pay seamlessly when ordering ahead for curbside pickup via the Cane’s mobile app or website. When selecting a payment method during checkout, simply choose Apple Pay and authenticate with Touch ID/Face ID on your device.

Then upon arrival at the Cane’s restaurant, check in for curbside and provide the Apple Pay QR code displayed on your phone to the employee for payment. The QR code will populate automatically after you select Apple Pay during the order checkout process.

For drive-thru orders, you can also use Apple Pay by scanning your phone’s QR code at the drive-thru window or by holding your iPhone close to the contactless payment reader and authenticating with Face/Touch ID when prompted.

Using Apple Pay for orders ahead of time via Cane’s online ordering can be even faster than ordering in-person!

Is Apple Pay Secure for Paying at Cane’s?

Yes, Apple Pay provides enhanced security and privacy protection for payments made at Raising Cane’s. When you pay with Apple Pay, the actual credit or debit card numbers are not shared with the restaurant.

Instead, a unique single-use token is generated securely on your device for that specific transaction. Your transaction is also subject to authorization and authentication via Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode before the payment can be approved.

This added layer of encryption and identity verification helps reduce risks associated with traditional credit cards. Only you can authorize payments from your Apple Pay wallet, providing peace of mind when paying anywhere with Apple Pay including Raising Cane’s restaurants.

Setting Up Apple Pay to Order Cane’s

To set up Apple Pay, simply:

  1. Go to your iPhone Wallet app
  2. Tap the “+” icon
  3. Follow prompts to add a credit/debit card
  4. Use Touch ID/Face ID to verify your identity
  5. Review terms and conditions
  6. Wait for bank confirmation of the added payment card

Once activated, your default card in Apple Pay will automatically appear when you hold your iPhone near a payment terminal at Cane’s. For Apple Watch, double click the side button then hold the display screen face-up to pay at restaurants like Cane’s.

Redeeming Cane’s Coupons Using Apple Pay

When using Apple Pay for your Cane’s purchase, simply mention any physical coupon codes during ordering and the restaurant cashier can apply the appropriate discount(s) and adjust the total payment amount accordingly before you pay the order balance with Apple Pay.

Unfortunately at this time you cannot load Cane’s coupons or gift cards directly into your Apple Pay Wallet. However, the restaurant system fully integrates with applying promo codes even when using mobile payments instead of traditional plastic cards.

Key Takeaways on Using Apple Pay at Raising Cane’s

  • Apple Pay is accepted at most corporate-owned Raising Cane’s locations
  • Franchised restaurants may vary so check first if Apple Pay acceptance is important
  • Making in-restaurant, curbside, and drive-thru orders is easy with Apple Pay
  • Apple Pay provides enhanced security, encryption, and privacy over traditional cards
  • Discount codes and coupons can be applied at checkout before paying the order balance via Apple Pay

So in summary – yes, you can absolutely use Apple Pay when buying those famous Cane’s chicken fingers! Paying with your iPhone or Apple Watch is secure, convenient, and simple at locations that offer contactless payments.


As mobile payments like Apple Pay continue to gain adoption, restaurants like Raising Cane’s are increasingly offering tap-to-pay options to meet shifting customer preferences. Although availability may still vary between corporate and franchised locations, customers can take advantage of the speed, security, and ease of paying with a compatible iPhone, Android phone, smartwatch or contactless card at participating Cane’s restaurants.

Check with your local restaurant in advance if being able to use Apple Pay or other mobile wallet apps is essential to your purchase experience. And leverage online ordering for fastest checkout when dining in or for takeout. Raising Cane’s prides itself on providing high quality meals with genuine hospitality, and accepting mobile payments is part of elevating convenience for Cane’s customers.

Now get out there and grab some finger lickin’ Cane’s chicken fingers – paid seamlessly using secure payment technologies like Apple Pay!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What type of restaurants typically accept Apple Pay?
A: Most major fast food and quick service restaurants like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Panera Bread, and Shake Shack accept Apple Pay. Casual dining and fast casual restaurants also increasingly accept mobile payments, though options will vary per individual franchise location capabilities.

Q: Can I add Raising Cane’s gift cards to my Apple Pay?
A: Unfortunately Raising Cane’s gift cards cannot be loaded directly into your Apple Pay Wallet at this time. However, you can still pay for a remaining balance using Apple Pay after first applying a Cane’s physical or digital gift card during the transaction.

Q: Is Apple Pay safer to use than paying with my physical debit or credit card?
A: Yes, Apple Pay offers enhanced security because your actual card numbers are never shared with merchants. Instead, a unique encrypted token is created with each transaction which merchants can never tie back to your card or device.

Q: What do I do if my local Raising Cane’s claims they don’t take Apple Pay?
A: First, kindly ask if the restaurant has contactless payment capabilities enabled on their terminals. If they do not currently accept Apple Pay, you can provide feedback encouraging them to adopt mobile wallet acceptance to improve checkout experiences for loyal Cane’s customers.

Q: Can I add the same credit card to both Apple Pay and Google Pay?
A: Yes, adding one card across multiple mobile wallets is not an issue.

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