Does Cava Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make payments using supported Apple devices like iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads. It utilizes near-field communication (NFC) technology to securely complete transactions. Many popular restaurants and stores now accept Apple Pay as a contactless payment method. In this article, we will explore if the fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant chain Cava takes Apple Pay.

Does Cava Take Apple Pay?

Cava is a rapidly growing Mediterranean culinary brand with over 80 locations across the United States. The fast-casual restaurant is best known for its customizable Mediterranean bowls, salads, pitas and sides like hummus, falafel and spicy lamb meatballs. Cava also offers catering services for events and group orders.

The first Cava restaurant opened in Rockville, Maryland in 2006. Since then, the brand has expanded to major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Washington D.C. Cava is especially popular with millennial and Gen Z consumers looking for healthy, customizable and affordable dining options.

Does Cava Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Cava does accept Apple Pay as a payment method at all of its current restaurant locations. Customers can use Apple Pay on their iPhone, Apple Watch or other supported Apple device to quickly and securely pay for their order at a Cava.

Apple Pay is very convenient for Cava customers as it does not require having your physical credit or debit card with you. You can simply hold your iPhone near the contactless reader at checkout and authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID or by entering your passcode. It’s the fastest way to pay at Cava besides cash.

How to Use Apple Pay at Cava

Using Apple Pay at Cava is easy and only takes a few seconds once setup. Follow these steps for a seamless payment experience:

  1. Add your credit or debit cards to the Wallet app on your Apple device. You can add multiple cards.
  2. When checking out at Cava, look for the Apple Pay or contactless payment symbol on the payment terminal.
  3. On your iPhone or Apple Watch, double click the side button. On your iPad, click the Apple Pay button in the app.
  4. Use Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone/iPad or double click the side button on your Apple Watch.
  5. Hold your Apple device near the contactless reader until you see the Apple Pay animation and hear a beep.
  6. You’re all done! Payment is now completed using Apple Pay.

Make sure your device has power and internet connection for the transaction to go through. The whole process takes less than 10 seconds once you get used to it.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay

There are many benefits to using Apple Pay over physical cards or cash:

  • Convenience – Leave your wallet at home and pay quickly with just your Apple device. No need to carry multiple cards or exact cash.
  • Speed – Checkout is almost instant compared to swiping or inserting a card. Just tap and go.
  • Security – Your card details are never shared with the merchant. Each transaction uses a unique one-time code.
  • Rewards – You still get all your existing credit card points, airline miles, and cash back rewards when using Apple Pay.
  • Accessibility – It’s easy to use Apple Pay for those with disabilities or dexterity challenges. Just scan your face or fingerprint.

As you can see, Apple Pay provides Cava customers with the fastest and most secure checkout experience. It takes tap-to-pay to the next level.

Checking If a Cava Location Accepts Apple Pay

The vast majority of Cava locations accept Apple Pay nationwide. However, it’s always a good idea to confirm before visiting a Cava restaurant that the specific location has contactless payment enabled.

Here are some tips on how to check:

  • Call ahead – Contact the Cava location directly and ask if they accept Apple Pay or contactless payments. This is the most direct way.
  • Check online – Many Cava locations list Apple Pay as a payment option on their website or on delivery app menus. Look for the Apple Pay logo.
  • Look for contactless symbol – If you visit the Cava, look for the universal contactless payment symbol at the register. This indicates Apple Pay is accepted.
  • Ask at counter – Don’t hesitate to ask the Cava cashier or manager if you are unsure. They will be happy to confirm if Apple Pay is enabled.
  • Try it – As a last resort, attempt to pay with your iPhone. If it doesn’t work, you can still fall back to another payment method.

If a specific Cava is not equipped to accept Apple Pay, contactless credit cards would be the next best option for tap-to-pay. But the vast majority of locations do take Apple Pay based on reports from customers.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at Cava

In rare instances, you may run into issues using Apple Pay at a Cava restaurant. Here is some troubleshooting advice if this occurs:

  • Make sure Apple Pay is set up – Confirm you have added a supported credit/debit card and that Apple Pay is enabled in your Wallet app settings.
  • Update your software – Run any available updates for your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad operating systems. Older software can cause Apple Pay problems.
  • Check for power and connectivity – Your Apple device needs sufficient charge and internet connection via wifi or cellular data to process transactions.
  • Restart your device – Turn your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad completely off and back on again. Then retry Apple Pay. This can resolve temporary glitches.
  • Remove case from iPhone – Thick phone cases, especially those with metal parts, can interfere with Apple Pay signals. Try removing your case before paying.
  • Call your card issuer – Make sure your bank allows Apple Pay transactions. There may be fraud blocks or restrictions on contactless payments for your specific card.
  • Try another card – It could also just be your individual card malfunctioning. Attempt Apple Pay with a different card added to your Wallet to isolate the issue.
  • Ask Cava staff for help – The employees at Cava locations are quite knowledgeable. Explain the issue you’re facing and they may be able to resolve it or get their payment systems back online.

With a few simple troubleshooting steps, you should be able to get Apple Pay working again at Cava. It’s one of the most convenient ways to pay for your Mediterranean feast.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at Cava

Here are some useful tips for getting the most out of your Apple Pay experience when dining at Cava:

  • Add your Cava rewards card or account to Apple Wallet for easy scanning at checkout.
  • Double click the side button as you approach the counter to pay. Your device will be ready by the time you checkout.
  • For extra security, require a passcode or double click to use Apple Pay each time. Enable this in Settings.
  • Save your favorite Cava order in Apple Pay as a preset. Next time, just select it and pay.
  • Low battery? Carry a portable charging pack when you go to Cava. Keep your phone powered up.
  • Having issues? Politely ask the staff to try the payment terminal again or on another device.
  • Use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch or iPad if you have multiple Apple devices. Mix it up.
  • Only carry the cards you actually use regularly in your Apple Wallet to avoid selection issues.
  • Double check your payment receipts in the Wallet app to ensure accuracy.

With these Apple Pay tips and tricks, you’ll get fast and seamless transactions when grabbing Mediterranean food on-the-go at Cava. It makes the checkout process extremely quick and convenient.


In conclusion, Cava Mediterranean restaurants widely accept Apple Pay as a convenient contactless payment method. Customers can quickly tap and pay with their iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad at all locations nationwide. Apple Pay provides speed, security and convenience for Cava fans on-the-go. With a few simple setup steps, you’ll be checking out in seconds. So leave your physical wallet behind and leverage the power of Apple Pay for seamless dining and takeout experiences at Cava!


Q: Can I add multiple credit/debit cards to Apple Pay and choose which to use at Cava?
A: Yes, you can add multiple cards to Apple Pay and then choose the specific card to use when checking out at Cava, either by default card or by tapping to select.

Q: Does Cava allow split payments with Apple Pay, using multiple cards?
A: Unfortunately split payments are not possible using Apple Pay. You can only charge one card per transaction.

Q: Can I store and use gift cards or Cava rewards cards on Apple Pay?
A: At this time, gift cards and stored value cards cannot be added directly to Apple Pay. Physical cards still need to be presented.

Q: Is Apple Pay integrated into the Cava app for ordering ahead?
A: No, Apple Pay can only be used for in-person contactless payments at Cava. It does not integrate with the Cava ordering app.

Q: Can I use Apple Pay at Cava with my physical rewards card to get points?
A: Yes, you can still present your rewards card for scanning and get points, then pay contactlessly with Apple Pay.

Q: Does Apple Pay work for Cava catering orders or only individual orders?
A: Apple Pay can be used for any in-person Cava transaction, including large catering orders at select locations that support it.

Q: Can I add a credit card to Apple Pay without the physical card, like a digital only card?
A: Unfortunately Apple Pay requires either the physical card to be added via the camera or the card details manually entered.

Q: Is there a purchase limit when using Apple Pay at Cava?
A: There is no inherent limit to Apple Pay. Purchase limits are set by your bank/card issuer, the same as physical card limits.

Q: Is Apple Pay only for iPhones or can Android phones use it at Cava too?
A: Apple Pay is exclusive to Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. It does not work on Android phones.

Q: Do I need to unlock or jailbreak my iPhone to be able to use Apple Pay at Cava?
A: Not at all. Apple Pay works seamlessly on any stock iPhone model without any special hacking or modification required.

Q: Can minors use Apple Pay at Cava with a family account?
A: Yes, as long as parents approve the child’s Apple Pay card setup. Parental controls allow restrictions as needed.

Q: Are my Cava purchases private if I use Apple Pay instead of a credit card?
A: Yes, Apple Pay does not share your name, card number or other personal info when making transactions. Purchases remain private.

Q: Can I set a favorite Cava order shortcut with Apple Pay to quickly checkout?
A: Unfortunately saving an entire food order is not possible, but you can add your Cava rewards card to Wallet for easy access.

Q: Does Cava accept Apple Pay internationally or only in the US?
A: Currently, Cava only accepts Apple Pay at their US restaurant locations. International locations do not have this capability yet.

Q: Can I use Apple Pay if my iPhone is in low power mode?
A: Yes, Apple Pay will still work normally even when your iPhone is in low power mode without any issues.

Q: If my iPhone is charging, can I still pay with Apple Pay at Cava?
A: Absolutely. You can use Apple Pay whether your iPhone is plugged into a charger or not. The process is the same.

Q: Is Apple Pay disabled if my iPhone is in airplane mode at Cava?
A: Unfortunately Apple Pay will not work if your device is in airplane mode, as it relies on internet connectivity to process transactions.

Q: Do I need to have the Cava app installed to use Apple Pay in-store?
A: No, the Cava app is not required. As long as you have Apple Pay set up, you can pay in-person without the app.


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