Does Chevron Take Apple Pay?

Chevron may accept contactless payments like Apple Pay at many of its gas stations across the U.S. However, availability can vary by location. Keep reading to learn more about using Apple Pay at Chevron gas stations.

Determining Apple Pay Availability at Chevron

The easiest way to check if a specific Chevron station accepts Apple Pay is to simply ask the cashier or look for contactless payment decals near the checkout area. You can also check if a station has “pay inside” capabilities.

Does Chevron Take Apple Pay?

Some tips for finding out Apple Pay availability:

  • Chevron Mobile App – The Chevron app may indicate if a station takes contactless payments like Apple Pay. This can help you locate compatible stations.
  • Contactless Decals – Look around the checkout area for decals indicating accepted contactless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.
  • Pay Inside Terminals – If a Chevron station has pay inside terminals that accept chip cards, there is an increased chance it takes Apple Pay as well.

In general, newer Chevron gas stations and those in metropolitan areas are more likely to accept Apple Pay. But it’s always best to call ahead or check when you arrive to confirm compatibility.

Using Apple Pay at Chevron

Using Apple Pay at Chevron is quick and convenient once you know a location accepts it.

Follow these steps:

  1. Unlock Your iPhone – Make sure your iPhone is unlocked and the screen is on. You will need to authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode.
  2. Hold Near Terminal – Hold the back of your iPhone within an inch or two of the contactless reader terminal.
  3. Complete Authentication – Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode. Or double click the side button if your iPhone has this capability.
  4. Accept Prompts – Accept any prompts about using Apple Pay. The payment should process immediately once authenticated.
  5. Verify Receipt – Check your receipt to guarantee the Apple Pay transaction processed accurately.

Apple Pay is designed to be incredibly fast and simple for contactless payments at merchants like Chevron. With just a quick tap, you can pay and get on your way.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at Gas Stations

Here are some additional pointers for using mobile payments when fueling at Chevron or other gas stations:

  • Have Apple Pay set up and your default card selected before starting the pumping process.
  • See attendants for assistance at full service stations or if you encounter any problems using contactless payments.
  • Ensure your vehicle and payment method are compatible with the pump terminal technology.
  • Pay attention to any prompts on the pump display regarding mobile payment steps.

Advantages of Paying with Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay delivers meaningful benefits that make it a good choice for paying at places like Chevron gas stations.


No more fumbling for your wallet at the pump. Just grab your iPhone and pay in seconds.

Quick Checkout Process

Checking out with Apple Pay can be up to twice as fast compared to other payment methods.


Apple Pay utilizes device authentication methods like Face ID and Touch ID to keep payment details secure. It also uses tokenized numbers so your actual card details are never shared.

Earn Rewards

When you pay using credit or debit cards connected to Apple Pay, you still earn applicable rewards points, fuel discounts, or other loyalty incentives.

Overall, Apple Pay makes completing transactions seamless. Once you learn Chevron accepts Apple Pay at a given location, you’ll likely want to take advantage of the speed, convenience, and security benefits it offers as your default payment method moving forward.

Buying Chevron Gift Cards with Apple Pay

Another way to utilize Apple Pay at Chevron beyond direct payment for fuel is to purchase Chevron or Texaco gift cards using Apple Pay online.

You can then redeem the gift cards for fuel at Chevron stations across the United States. Some advantages to buying Chevron gift cards with Apple Pay include:

  • Quick, seamless checkout process online.
  • Ability to earn credit card rewards on gift card purchase.
  • Prepay for fuel at discounted cash rates.
  • Opportunity to buy fuel if you’ll be visiting a station that doesn’t accept direct contactless payments.

So before your next trip, consider securing a Chevron gift card using Apple Pay. Just make sure the station you plan to visit accepts gift cards.

Loyalty Programs and Coupons

Signing up for Chevron’s loyalty rewards program called ExtraMile can help you earn fuel discounts when paying with Apple Pay. You can also potentially qualify for additional mobile payment offers.

The ExtraMile program is free to join. You earn one point for nearly every dollar spent at Chevron and Texaco stations when paying with ExtraMile registered cards. Your earned points can then be redeemed for fuel discounts on future fills ups.

Sometimes Chevron issues special coupons, such as a 10-cent off offer for trying Apple Pay. Combining ExtraMile rewards with other redeemed offers allows you to maximize your savings at the pump. So be sure to ask about any applicable Apple Pay or mobile payment promotions when filling up at Chevron gas stations.

FAQs About Apple Pay and Chevron

  1. Does every Chevron gas station accept Apple Pay?
    No, availability varies by location. Contactless payment acceptance depends on the station’s pump technology and retail systems. Newer stations in metropolitan areas are most likely to take Apple Pay.

  2. Can I use Apple Pay at Chevron for fuel and in-store purchases?
    In most cases, yes. If a Chevron station accepts Apple Pay at the pump, the indoor checkout terminals will also typically support Apple Pay. Exceptions include some state laws limiting contactless transactions for lottery tickets or other restricted items.

  3. Do Chevron membership cards work with Apple Pay?
    Yes, you can register your Chevron Extra Mile rewards card to your Apple Pay Wallet. Earn points on purchases made with Apple Pay the same as your physical rewards card.

  4. Is Apple Pay more secure than inserting my card to pay at Chevron?
    Apple Pay offers enhanced security versus physically swiping your card. Each transaction uses a unique token number and must be authenticated with Face/Touch ID or your passcode on your device.

  5. How do I add the Chevron app to my Apple Pay Wallet?
    Open the Chevron app > Tap Wallet icon > Tap + next to Wallet > Follow prompts to add your Chevron app card into Apple Pay.

  6. Can teenagers use Apple Pay at Chevron if parents set it up?
    Typically yes if the primary cardholder grants authorization and provides any required authentication to validate transactions.

  7. Does Apple Pay incur any fees when used to pay at Chevron?
    Apple Pay does not charge any fees directly. If your bank or credit card provider charges for contactless transactions, it may impose fees.

  8. Can I store multiple credit cards on my iPhone for Chevron Apple Pay?
    Yes, you can store up to 12 cards in Wallet and conveniently switch between them when paying. Useful for earning rewards!

  9. Do I earn my credit card rewards points when using Apple Pay at Chevron?
    Yes! Apple Pay does not affect your ability to continuing earning applicable credit card rewards, points, cash back, etc.

  10. Is Chevron bringing more gas stations on board with accepting Apple Pay?
    s stations remodel and upgrade, most are including contactless payment systems like Apple Pay. Chevron is expanding capabilities across its network. Check their app for updated listings.

  11. Does Apple Pay work on Chevron gas station kiosks?
    If the interactive payment kiosks have contactless enabled readers, then yes, Apple Pay should be accepted. But not all kiosks support contactless yet.

  12. Can I use Apple Pay discounts/offers and Extra Mile rewards simultaneously on one transaction?
    Absolutely. Stack Chevron rewards with any other redeemed offers, coupons or Apple Pay discounts for maximum savings.

  13. Does the type of vehicle I drive impact my ability to use Apple Pay at Chevron?
    No, make/model does not matter. Only whether the gas pump terminal has activated contactless payment ability paired with your phone’s payment capabilities.

  14. How old does my iPhone need to be to work with Apple Pay at Chevron?
    Apple Pay requires an iPhone 6 model or newer. Older models through the iPhone 5s generation are not compatible.

  15. Do I need to open apps or have internet access to use Apple Pay at Chevron?
    No. As long as your cards are already loaded in Apple Pay, no app launch or internet required. Offline transactions are supported.

  16. Can anyone wipe or steal my Chevron Apple Pay details from my locked iPhone?
    No. Apple Pay details are securely encrypted in your device’s dedicated chip. No one can access that data externally.

  17. Will future Chevron gas station upgrades include Apple Pay terminals?
    As EMV compliant equipment is installed, most stations will activate contactless payments like Apple Pay by default alongside chip card capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Check for contactless decals or ask attendants to confirm Apple Pay acceptance at Chevron’s gas stations. Availability varies.
  • Newer metropolitan locations offer greatest chance Apple Pay is enabled at the pumps and in-store.
  • Paying with Apple Pay at Chevron provides speed, security, earnable rewards, and other conveniences that enhance customer experience.
  • Consider buying Chevron gift cards using Apple Pay for guaranteed prepayment discounts when fueling up at applicable stations.
  • Leverage Chevron’s Extra Mile program paired with Apple Pay to maximize fuel savings from earned loyalty rewards and redeemed mobile offers where available.


In summary, Apple Pay acceptance continues expanding across Chevron’s vast service station network as locations remodel pump systems and indoor terminals. Seeking out the Chevron gas stations guaranteeing Apple Pay support allows you to take advantage of the significant conveniences, speeds, and security that contactless payments offer. Combining Apple Pay with Chevron’s Extra Mile rewards unlocks even greater savings opportunities. So use the tips provided to maximize the benefits when paying for your fuel using Apple Pay at participating Chevron gas stations.

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