Does Cinemark Take Apple Pay?

Cinemark is one of the largest movie theater chains in the United States. With over 330 theaters across the country, Cinemark offers moviegoers a variety of films to choose from. As mobile payment methods like Apple Pay continue to grow in popularity, many consumers wonder if Cinemark theaters accept Apple Pay.

Does Cinemark Take Apple Pay?

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service developed by Apple Inc. It allows users to make payments in person, in iOS apps, and on the web using supported Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches.

To use Apple Pay, consumers add eligible credit, debit, or store cards to their mobile Apple Wallet. Through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, users can then pay at contactless payment terminals by simply holding their device near the reader. This helps enable fast, secure, and private payments without needing to hand over a physical card.

Does Cinemark Accept Apple Pay In Their Theaters?

Yes, Cinemark theaters do accept Apple Pay as a payment method for in-person transactions at theater box offices and concession stands. This allows Cinemark customers to utilize the convenience of contactless payments when purchasing movie tickets and refreshments.

Cinemark began accepting Apple Pay and other contactless payment options like Google Pay and Samsung Pay in 2019. The move reflected growing consumer demand for fast, simple mobile payments using platforms many customers already had set up on their smart devices.

By accepting Apple Pay, Cinemark also joined other major movie chains like AMC and Regal Cinemas in allowing patrons to pay from their iPhones. So Apple device owners now have a consistent contactless payment experience across top theater brands throughout the United States.

How to Use Apple Pay at Cinemark Locations

Using Apple Pay at Cinemark theaters and concession counters is quick and straightforward:

  • Open Your iPhone’s Wallet App – Wake your iPhone screen or open the Wallet app manually to activate Apple Pay
  • Hold Near the Contactless Reader – Place your iPhone close to the contactless payment terminal at checkout
  • Verify with Face ID or Touch ID – Use Face ID facial recognition or Touch ID fingerprint to verify it’s you
  • View Payment Confirmation – You will feel a vibration, hear a beep, and see a checkmark onscreen confirming Apple Pay payment
  • Receive Paper Receipt – You will still receive a paper receipt of purchase even though no physical card was used

So in just seconds, movie fans can securely pay for tickets, refreshments, and more using Apple Pay’s contactless NFC transaction technology now available at Cinemark theaters nationwide.

Cinemark Locations Compatible with Apple Pay

Since its broad rollout to Cinemark cinemas in 2019, Apple Pay can be used at essentially every company-owned Cinemark location in the U.S. today. This includes flagships like:

  • Cinemark Century 16 Deer Park in Deer Park, TX
  • Cinemark 18 and XD in Dallas, TX
  • Cinemark Egyptian 24 and XD in Hanover, MD
  • Cinemark 24 and XD Manhattan in New York, NY
  • Cinemark Playa Vista and XD LA in Los Angeles, CA

Only a very small number of franchise or international Cinemark theaters may not offer contactless payments like Apple Pay yet. But overall most major Cinemark multiplexes across the U.S. should allow mobile wallet payment systems.

You can always call your nearest Cinemark ahead to confirm Apple Pay availability if unsure. But Apple device users should generally expect a consistent experience tapping to purchase movie tickets now accepted chainwide.

Apple Pay Benefits for Cinemark Customers

Using Apple Pay provides several benefits compared to cash or physical cards that can enhance the payment experience at Cinemark:


  • Fast Transactions – Apple Pay is designed for speed with quick checkout requiring only Face/Touch ID confirmation
  • Payment on iPhone – No need to carry actual credit cards or cash to the movies
  • Contactless Tapping – Simple tap-and-go payment avoids slow swiping or dipping of cards


  • Tokenized Transactions – Actual card details are never shared with merchant
  • Dynamic Security Code – Unique one-time-use code protects against fraud
  • Biometric Authentication – Face/Touch ID verification adds extra layer of security


  • Anonymous Purchasing – Payments don’t require giving personal info like phone number or address
  • Purchase History – Apple doesn’t track what you buy with privacy at the core of the platform

So moviegoers can feel confident knowing Apple Pay offers fast, safe, private purchasing now available across Cinemark’s theaters and concession stands nationwide.

Can You Use Apple Pay in Cinemark Movie Apps?

At this time, Cinemark’s mobile apps on iPhone and Android devices do not integrate Apple Pay functionality directly. So you cannot use Apple Pay to buy movie tickets or make purchases through a Cinemark app itself.

However, Cinemark’s apps do allow:

  • Browsing showtimes and current film options
  • Viewing theater amenities like Luxury Lounger reclining seats
  • Purchasing concession deals and redemption codes
  • Storing digital loyalty cards and value tickets

You simply complete the actual payment at the theater’s payment terminal using Apple Pay on your iPhone instead of through the app. So while Apple Pay isn’t embedded into Cinemark’s iOS and Android apps yet, it is fully available in-person.

Does Cinemark Accept Other Mobile Payments?

Along with Apple Pay and newer iPhones, Cinemark also accepts: Google Pay, Samsung Pay, contactless credit cards, and contactless debit cards at checkout.

Google Pay and Samsung Pay work similarly to Apple Pay, allowing NFC mobile wallet transactions from supported Android phones and Samsung devices. Contactless chip cards also utilize NFC technology with integrated radio transmitters for tap-based payments.

So all major contactless payment platforms – from phones to tap-enabled physical cards – can complete transactions using the same terminals now installed across Cinemark theaters companywide.

Just look for the universal contactless symbol at box office queues or concession counters:

That symbol indicates the payment terminal accepts any contactless credit card or digital wallet for quick, convenient checkout using platforms like Apple Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is Apple Pay totally private and anonymous for movie purchases?
    Yes. Cinemark receives no personal information or purchase details beyond confirming the payment amount from Apple.
  1. Can I store and use Cinemark gift cards in Apple Pay?
    At this time, Cinemark gift cards cannot be added directly to Apple Pay. You’ll need to carry and scan physical gift cards separately.
  1. Will my credit card rewards programs still apply when using Apple Pay?
    Yes. Apple Pay does not affect your existing banking or card rewards benefits in any way.
  1. What if my iPhone battery dies – can I still buy tickets without Apple Pay?
    Of course. Cinemark still accepts traditional payment methods if your phone loses charge unexpectedly before going to the movies.
  1. Is Apple Pay safer to pay with than using my physical wallet at the theater?
    Absolutely. Apple Pay offers best-in-class security. Payments are tokenized with dynamic security codes making fraud exponentially less likely than with normal credit cards.
  1. Can I store multiple credit and debit cards in Apple Pay to use at Cinemark?
    Yes! Apple Pay allows storing up to 12 cards simultaneously. At checkout, simply choose your preferred payment card before placing your iPhone near the reader.
  1. Does Apple Pay work with student or senior discounts at the box office?
    Yes. Any applicable discounts like student pricing will still apply as usual when checking out with Apple Pay.
  1. How do I add a new debit or credit card to use with Apple Pay at Cinemark?
    Open the Wallet app, tap the “+” icon in the upper-right and follow the step-by-step instructions to add a bank-supported payment card.
  1. Is there an Apple Pay purchase limit for concession items or movie tickets?
    No. Cinemark does not impose any hard limit or cap specific to Apple Pay transactions. Standard card-level limits still apply at checkout but won’t impact most purchases.
  1. Can I store my Cinemark Connections loyalty rewards card on my iPhone?
    Unfortunately the Cinemark Connections card is not eligible for direct Apple Pay integration at this time. You’ll need to have the physical card scanned separately.
  1. Will my friend be able to pay for my tickets if I lend them my iPhone at the box office?
    Yes. Apple Pay will charge whatever credit/debit card you used most recently by default when someone else pays with your device and authenticates with Face/Touch ID.
  1. How old does my iPhone need to be in order to use Apple Pay at Cinemark?
    Your iPhone will need an A7 chip (released 2013) or newer running iOS 10.0+ to enable Apple Pay functionality used for contactless payments.
  1. Can I see my Apple Pay payment history specifically for Cinemark purchases only?
    Unfortunately Apple Wallet does not currently break down transactions on a merchant-level basis for privacy reasons. Your full Apple Pay history will be visible, however.
  1. Will I earn 2X points or extra rewards by paying with Apple Pay instead of my physical credit card?
    Bonus rewards are generally offered by card issuers directly – not specific merchants like Cinemark. Check your credit card terms or call their customer service for specific Apple Pay rewards details.
  1. Which iPhone models support using Apple Pay at Cinemark movie theaters?
    Any iPhone 6 or newer will work at Cinemark box offices and concession counters thanks to integrated NFC chips inside those devices.
  1. Do I need to unlock my iPhone every time I pay at Cinemark using Apple Pay?
    Fortunately, no. After initial Apple Pay setup, an unlocked iPhone will only require a quick Face ID or Touch ID confirmation with your finger at checkout for security – super fast and convenient!
  1. Is Apple Pay accepted at every single Cinemark location or only select upgraded theaters?
    Today nearly all company-owned Cinemark locations have contactless terminals that accept Apple Pay nationally across snacks bars, box offices, and more. Only a tiny fraction of outdated franchises may not yet offer this.
  1. Will my Apple Watch work using Apple Pay instead of iPhone at the theater entrance and snack bar?
    Yes! Apple Watch models with Apple Pay support can also tap right from your wrist to speed through Cinemark ticket queues and food/drink lines without needing your phone handy at all.
  1. Do I need to open the Apple Pay app first or just hold near the terminal for a few seconds?
    Apple Pay will trigger automatically by holding your unlocked iPhone near the contactless reader for a moment – no need to pre-open apps beforehand. Super fast & easy!
  1. Does Apple Pay work at IMAX, 3D or other premium screens and theaters at Cinemark complexes?
    Absolutely. Apple Pay convenience is available across all auditoriums no matter the format. Paying for IMAX add-ons or upgraded seating like D-BOX is no problem at all using Apple devices.

Key Takeaway

Yes, Cinemark theaters now accept Apple Pay iPhone transactions nationwide across ticketing kiosks, concession stands, and in-theater purchases. By accepting Apple Pay along with Google Pay, Samsung Pay and contactless cards, Cinemark offers all major contactless payment options for faster, more convenient checkout. Customers benefiting from Apple Pay transactions specifically enjoy speedy checkout requiring just Face ID/Touch ID confirmation, dynamic security superior to plastic cards, and enhanced user privacy. And Apple Pay works consistently across essentially every company-owned Cinemark location in the US today with widespread NFC terminal upgrades over the past few years. So Apple users no longer need to carry cash or physical payment cards to securely pay for movie tickets, snacks, drinks, and more thanks to mobile wallet integration at America’s favorite theater chain!


As contactless payment platforms become more ubiquitous worldwide, Cinemark has invested to support major mobile wallets and tap-enabled cards across its ticketing and concessions. Companywide Apple Pay rollout delivers faster, more private purchasing using iPhones and supported Apple devices conveniently stored in millions of customer pockets and purses already.

While Cinemark’s apps don’t yet enable in-app Apple Pay, the tap-and-go functionality at theater box offices provides that same simplicity directly. And all transactions offer the flagship security and privacy that are hallmarks of Apple Pay since launching in 2014.

So movie fans can now streamline trips to see films on the big screen, bypassing physical wallets for the simplicity of iPhone tap-to-pay. Apple users need only recall Face ID or Touch ID when prompted at terminals to enable movie night convenience literally right in hand.

With customer experiences evolving across industries like entertainment, Cinemark’s contactless payment integration allows patrons to enjoy innovations like Apple Pay on their next theater visit today.


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