Does Dave & Busters Take Apple Pay?

Dave & Buster’s is a popular chain of entertainment and dining venues that offers arcade games, sports viewing, and casual American fare. With locations across the United States, Dave & Busters attracts families, groups of friends, couples on dates, and hosts corporate events and private parties.

Does Dave & Busters Take Apple Pay?

Payment Methods at Dave & Busters

Dave & Buster’s accepts most major credit cards at all of its locations, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. They also accept D&B gift cards and game cards as payment.

In terms of mobile payment methods, Dave & Busters does take Apple Pay as a form of payment at most locations. Customers with an iPhone or Apple Watch can hold their device near the credit card reader to pay with Apple Pay.

Here is an overview of payment options available at Dave & Busters:

  • Apple Pay: Accepted at most locations when paying with an iPhone or Apple Watch
  • Visa: Widely accepted credit card network
  • Mastercard: Widely accepted credit card network
  • American Express: Accepted at most locations
  • Discover: Accepted at most locations
  • D&B Gift Cards: Accepted at all locations
  • D&B Game Cards: Used to load credits for gameplay

By accepting Apple Pay and other major payment methods, Dave & Busters provides flexible, secure payment options for its customers. Customers can pay conveniently from their mobile devices using Apple Pay.

Using Apple Pay at Dave & Busters

Using Apple Pay at Dave & Busters to pay for your meal, games, or event is a fast and convenient checkout option if you have an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Here is how to use Apple Pay at Dave & Busters:

  1. Add your credit or debit cards to the Wallet app
    • Open the Wallet app and tap the “+” to add your cards
  2. Check for the contactless payment symbol at checkout
    • Look for the Apple Pay, contactless payment logo at the point of sale
  3. Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the reader
    • For iPhones with Face ID, double click the side button and hold the device near the reader
    • With Touch ID iPhones, hold your finger on the Home button and hold the iPhone near the reader
  4. Complete the payment with Face or Touch ID
    • Authorize the payment biometrically when prompted

Once the payment processes, which only takes a few seconds, you will see a checkmark on your iPhone screen confirming payment. You also receive a receipt via email if one is available from the merchant.

Purchasing an e-gift card? You can easily add it to Apple Pay [EGIFT CARDS to the wallet steps].

Using Apple Pay is reliable, fast, and secure for making transactions at Dave & Busters.

Tips for Using Apple Pay Successfully

To ensure you have the best experience using Apple Pay at Dave & Busters, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure you have the latest iPhone model or an Apple Watch to use Apple Pay
  • Confirm the location accepts Apple Pay before visiting
  • Have Touch ID or Face ID set up properly to authorize payments
  • Check for enough funds or credit availability on your selected Apple Pay card before attempting payment
  • Enable transaction notifications for your cards in the Wallet app to monitor Apple Pay purchases
  • Know the standard NFC contactless transaction limits for your card in case different tender is required

Following these tips will help your Apple Pay transactions go smoothly when paying at Dave & Busters. Reach out to your participating bank or card issuer if you have any account-specific questions on Apple Pay functionality.

Apple Pay Benefits for Customers

Using Apple Pay offers some nice advantages for customers shopping and dining at Dave & Busters locations:


  • Faster checkout process – no need to dig out your physical wallet
  • Hassle-free payment on iPhone and Apple Watch models


  • Your card details are never shared directly with the merchant
  • Unique encrypted transaction code sent via Apple Pay each time
  • Protected by Face or Touch ID on your device

Prize Redemption

  • Easily redeem D&B prize tickets directly via Apple Pay
  • Tickets are immediately converted to digital D&B credits
  • Credits can be used the same day towards rewards and reloadable game cards

Earnings and Rewards

  • Customers continue earning any rewards points or miles from participating issuers
  • Apple Pay facilitates rewards redemption through D&B Winners Circle program

Leveraging Apple Pay at as many merchants as possible allows you to maximize the convenience, security, and rewards potential available. Dave & Busters’ Apple Pay acceptance checks all those boxes for its customers.

Loyalty Programs and Apple Pay

Dave & Buster’s offers its loyalty members the ability to store loyalty cards directly in Apple Wallet for use with Apple Pay transactions.

Key loyalty program benefits include:

  • 5 points earned for every $1 spent at D&B
  • 500 points earns $10 in game play coupons
  • Exclusive member food and game coupons
  • Entry into member sweepstakes
  • Mobile app to check points and redeem rewards

Storing your D&B loyalty card into Apple Wallet links it automatically when making Apple Pay purchases in the store. This allows you to accrue points towards rewards each time you pay at the point of sale using Apple Pay.

To add your D&B rewards card:

  1. Open the Wallet app
  2. Tap the “+” to add a card
  3. Choose “Store Cards” then locate “Dave & Buster’s”
  4. Enter your rewards account details and card information

Once successfully loaded, your Dave & Busters loyalty card will automatically apply available rewards discounts and enable points earnings when you check out at terminals with Apple Pay.

Combining the loyalty program with Apple Pay allows customers a fast way to earn rewards to redeem for gameplay and other perks on future visits to any Dave & Busters location.

Apple Pay and Security

Apple Pay aims to provide enhanced security and privacy over using regular credit and debit cards thanks to sophisticated encryption.

Here is how Apple Pay protects your card details and transactions:

  • Secure Element chip keeps your payment information private
  • One-time unique dynamic security code generated per transaction
  • Payments authenticated securely via Face ID or Touch ID
  • Your actual card numbers are never shared with merchants
  • Contactless transactions up to allowed limits may not need signatures

Additionally, Apple provides option transaction notifications for your linked payment cards. You can choose to receive notified whenever your Apple Pay card is used for a purchase over an amount limit you define.

Enabling these notifications and monitoring transaction history provides improved visibility into exactly when and where your cards were used. This allows users to rapidly identify and report unauthorized charges should they see purchases they did not actually make.

While no payment system can promise 100% fraud prevention, Apple Pay offers advanced security architected directly into the device to minimize customer data exposure to merchants and better detect potential misuse.

Getting Support for Apple Services

If you ever run into an issue using Apple Pay or Wallet services, Apple provides customer support via several convenient channels:

Online Support

  • Self-help guides for Apple Pay, Wallet, and other services
  • Ask questions or search FAQs to troubleshoot basic issues

Chat Support

  • Live chat messaging for real-time assistance
  • Available 24/7 to help diagnose or solve recent issues

Phone Support

  • Call 1-800-APL-CARE to reach an Apple Support advisor
  • Walk through diagnostics or account inquiries over the phone

Additionally, you can make a Genius Bar appointment or visit an Apple authorized service provided for in-person support assistance.

Apple aims to make its services seamless and intuitive to use. But should any questions or troubleshooting needs arise, friendly and knowledgeable support teams are prepared to help resolve issues promptly.

Reach out to your card issuer separately for inquiries regarding statement details, spending limits, eligibility status or payment issues.

Dave & Buster’s Company Background

Founded in 1982, Dave & Buster’s began as a hybrid restaurant/indoor arcade location in Dallas, Texas. Cofounders Dave Corriveau and James “Buster” Corley combined their food industry and entertainment backgrounds to develop a novel hospitality concept.

Their 50,000 square foot entertainment complex offered a full-service American menu plus an adjacent midway-style arcade. This immersive entertainment dining experience was unique at the time but resonated strongly with area families and 20-30 somethings.

Encouraged by enthusiastic customer response, Dave & Buster’s looked to expand nationally. Over the next 15 years they opened additional large format complexes providing casual dining, bars, sports viewing areas, event spaces, and huge arcades.

Key milestones included:

  • 1989 – Opened first out of state location in Houston, Texas
  • 1995 – Dave & Buster’s IPO offered on NASDAQ
  • 2006 – Company acquired by private equity group Wellspring Capital Management
  • 2010 – Oak Hill Capital buys Dave & Buster’s
  • 2014 – Dave & Buster’s traded publicly again on NASDAQ
  • 2020 – Over 130 locations across U.S. and Canada

After 40 years in business, Dave & Buster’s now operates over 150 venues across the U.S. and Canada. Their restaurant/entertainment hybrid concept has proven successful and extremely scalable.

Annual revenues regularly exceed $1.2 billion as Dave & Busters continues expanding nationally. They also modernized operations in recent years, adding mobile apps, tabletop tablets, and contactless payment systems like Apple Pay.

Combining a chef-driven dining menu with countless arcade games has made Dave & Buster’s an iconic hospitality and entertainment brand over four decades. Their Apple Pay acceptance now allows customers a secure, convenient way to pay while enjoying everything these huge entertainment complexes have to offer.

Key Takeaways on Dave & Busters Apple Pay Acceptance

Some key details to remember regarding Does Dave & Busters Take Apple Pay:

  • Apple Pay accepted at most Dave & Buster’s locations nationwide
  • Easy, convenient way to checkout using iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Secured via Face ID or Touch ID authentication
  • Protects card details better than physical cards
  • Can store and use Dave & Buster’s rewards card via Apple Wallet
  • Apple Pay facilitates quicker earn and redemption of loyalty points
  • Support options available if any payment issues occur

Knowing that Dave & Busters takes Apple Pay allows you to have one less thing to worry about when planning your next visit. Just ensure your device is sufficiently charged and that you monitor transaction notifications.

Then it’s game on and seamlessly earning rewards each time you checkout to keep the fun going using Apple Pay!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does every Dave & Busters location accept Apple Pay?
    Most locations do accept Apple Pay at point of sale terminals. However some franchised or older locations may still need hardware upgrades to activate contactless payments. Check with your closest venues to confirm Apple Pay acceptance if needed.

  2. What drinks or menu items can I buy with Apple Pay?
    You can purchase the entire Dave & Busters food and drink menus using Apple Pay including arcade game cards, alcoholic beverages, meals, snacks, sweets, event packages and more.

  3. Are there any purchase limits imposed on Apple Pay Transactions?
    Standard card network limits imposed by your bank or issuer apply just like regular credit/debit card transactions. These generally range between $100-$200 depending on card type and provider. Larger purchases may require alternate payment.

  4. Can I use Apple Pay with my D&B Players Card?
    Yes! You can store your loyalty membership directly into Apple Wallet and earn points automatically when paying at terminals accepting Apple Pay.

  5. How does Split Tender work for Apple Pay buys?
    If part of your transaction exceeds Apple Pay limits your server can process a split payment. Pay the amount possible via Apple Pay then use another card or tender for the remainder.

  6. Do I still earn airline miles or credit card points when using Apple Pay?
    Yes any rewards programs associated with your linked credit cards still apply rewards per usual to Apple Pay transactions the same as physical card purchases.

  7. How do I report unauthorized Apple Pay charges or get transaction details?
    Check statements and transaction histories via your connected bank, card issuer or Apple Card account. Report any unauthorized charges to your provider immediately. Enabling notifications also helps monitor charges.

  8. Can I add funds to my Power Card with Apple Pay?
    Yes, buying and adding funds via Apple Pay digital barcode redemption to your Power Card is possible. Obtain the reload barcode from Games Associate or Redemption Attendant.

  9. Is there an Apple Pay discount or any other special perks?
    Currently, there are no special discounts solely for using Apple Pay. However, Apple Pay facilitates earning loyalty program rewards points and redemption of any general D&B coupons faster at checkout.

  10. What if my Apple Pay transaction won’t work or processes incorrectly?
    Ensure your device has sufficient charge and that loyalty cards or offers are loaded properly into Apple Wallet. If issues persist, see a Games Associate for assistance or contact participating card support line for transaction support.

  11. Can I use Apple Pay via the Dave & Busters mobile app?
    Not at this time – the current D&B mobile app only allows looking up current offers, accessing rewards accounts andximate wait times. Use Apple Pay conveniently when visiting in-store at point-of-sale terminals.

  12. Is Apple Pay safer than using my physical credit or debit card?
    Apple Pay does offer improved security protections in various ways. Your actual card data is never transmitted and each transaction uses a dynamic secure code. Biometric authentication also helps prevent unauthorized use of stored cards.

  13. What should I do if my iPhone with my D&B card gets lost or stolen?
    Immediately suspend or remove the card from your Apple Wallet remotely. You can wipe passcards stored on lost or stolen devices securely by signing into your iCloud account online. Also contact your bank to freeze corresponding accounts.

  14. Can I use a mobile rewards coupon and Apple Pay together for an order?
    Yes you can! Many D&B mobile app coupons are barcode based so just have your server scan it. The remainder of transaction cost can then be covered conveniently via Apple Pay payment.

  15. How old do you need to be to use Apple Pay at Dave and Busters?
    There are no age restrictions imposed by Dave & Busters specifically regarding using Apple Pay. However appropriate age limits still apply for entry, gaming and any age-restricted product purchases per local laws. Parents can provide consent and pay on behalf of minors using their own Apple Pay.

  16. What types of receipts will I get when using Apple Pay at Dave & Busters?
    You will receive both a digital receipt to your email if provided to the cashier as well as a paper receipt documenting the Apple Pay transaction. These receipts can be used for expense reporting or returns if needed.

  17. Can I store multiple Dave & Busters Power Cards on a single iPhone?
    Yes, the Wallet app allows you to store multiple stores cards, including multiple D&B Power Card loyalty accounts to use rewards from each seamlessly via Apple Pay. Great for families!

  18. What should I do if my Apple Pay transaction gets declined at Dave & Busters?
    Check that you have sufficient funds or credit available on your linked Apple Pay card account. Also confirm your device has internet connectivity to process transactions – enable WiFi or cellular data if offline. If issues continue, contact your card provider for assistance.

  19. How long does an Apple Pay transaction take compared to swiping a credit card?
    Apple Pay transactions process very quickly, generally taking less than 10 seconds total to authenticate via Touch ID/Face ID prompt, transmit encrypted payment token, receive confirmation, and issue receipt. Much faster than physical cards!

  20. Can I add a restricted age Dave & Busters card like for alcoholic beverages to Apple Wallet?
    Yes, both general Power Cards and 19+ age-restricted drink bands can be added to Apple Wallet for use via Apple Pay. Appropriate age and ID verification is still required upon issuing restricted card initially.


Dave & Buster’s wide acceptance of Apple Pay offers customers a faster, more convenient, and secure way to pay across hundreds of entertainment dining complexes nationwide.

Whether purchasing meal packages, gaming credits, or hosting events – Apple Pay facilitates quicker checkout using iPhone and Apple Watch devices. Customers also continue automatically earning loyalty points and credit card rewards when tapping to pay at point-of-sale systems.

For over 40 years, Dave & Buster’s has pushed innovation with its restaurant/arcade hybrid concept. Embracing mobile wallet integration like Apple Pay extends that future-focused mindset for customers. Just look for contactless payment logos when visiting a location near you.

So leave your physical wallet securely stored and enjoy the games even more with Apple Pay! Trying winning enough tickets through gameplay challenges to earn fun personalized prizes all while racking up loyalty rewards points towards your next visit.


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