Does Doordash Take Apple Pay?

Doordash is a popular food delivery service that lets users order meals from local restaurants and have them delivered. Many Doordash users wonder if they can pay for their orders directly through Apple Pay instead of entering credit card details for each order. This article provides key information on Apple Pay compatibility and tips for using mobile payment methods on Doordash.

Does Doordash Take Apple Pay?

Key Takeaways:

  • Doordash has integrated with Apple Pay, allowing iOS users to easily checkout with Touch ID or Face ID
  • Adding an Apple Pay payment method to your Doordash account takes just a few taps in the app
  • Apple Pay can provide added convenience and security versus entering full credit card details each order
  • Make sure your shipping address matches between Doordash and Apple Pay to avoid issues at checkout

How Apple Pay Works with Doordash

Doordash added Apple Pay functionality in 2020, allowing iOS users to add a payment method via Apple Pay to their account.

To use Apple Pay on Doordash:

  • Open the Doordash mobile app on an iPhone or iPad
  • Tap the account icon in the upper-right corner
  • Select “Payment Methods”
  • Tap “Add” and select “Apple Pay”
  • Follow prompts to authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID

Once Apple Pay is enabled, checking out is streamlined versus entering full card details manually:

  • Begin an order as normal by adding items to your cart
  • Proceed to checkout and select Apple Pay
  • Verify identity with Touch ID or Face ID
  • Review order and submit with one more confirmation via Apple Pay

Doordash also saves all your payment details, address, and order history securely using your Apple ID, improving convenience for future orders.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay with Doordash

Integrating Apple Pay with Doordash offers several notable benefits, including:

Convenience: Checking out is faster by tapping a fingerprint rather than typing full credit card details every order. Past order history also auto-populates at checkout after adding Apple Pay once.

Security: Apple Pay transactions authorize payments using biometric authentication like Touch ID or Face ID. This is more secure than entering full sensitive card numbers into each app manually. All details are stored securely via encryption with your device-specific Apple ID.

Rewards: When adding an eligible credit or debit card to Apple Pay, users can still accumulate rewards points, cash back, etc. normally earned on their card. Using Apple Pay does not impact any existing card rewards programs or benefits.

As long as your card issuer supports Apple Pay, you can add eligible cards and enjoy the same perks.

Accessibility: Apple Pay works seamlessly across iPhone, iPad, Mac devices using the same Apple ID systemwide. This makes managing payments easy through multiple iOS/Mac devices. Anyone using an Apple Watch can also checkout directly from their wrist for added convenience.

Over 77% of iPhone users have set up Apple Pay accounts as of 2022, making it a ubiquitous payment method among iOS users.

Tips for Using Apple Pay Successfully on Doordash

To avoid issues at checkout, keep a few tips in mind when setting up and using Apple Pay for Doordash orders:

  • Make sure your shipping address in both Doordash and Apple Pay matches. If addresses conflict during the transaction, it may fail and require troubleshooting.
  • Double check card issuer support before adding a payment method to Apple Pay and linking to Doordash. Popular issuers like Citi, Chase, AMEX, etc. generally support Apple Pay.
  • If you have issues or an order fails, you may need to remove and re-add the card to your Doordash account’s payment methods and/or Apple Pay Wallet. This refreshes details to resolve any mismatches.
  • When authorizing with Touch ID/Face ID, use the same finger/face added during initial Apple Pay setup whenever possible. Using an unrecognized fingerprint can sometimes lead to failed transactions.
  • If your credit/debit card itself is lost/stolen, remember to suspend or remove it from Apple Pay and Doordash immediately to avoid fraudulent charges.

Following these troubleshooting tips will help everything flow smoothly from checkout to doorstep when using Apple Pay. Doordash ordering requires entering addresses and biometrics anyway, so Apple Pay allows completing transactions securely without the headache of payment data entry on mobile.


In summary, Doordash does accept Apple Pay as a convenient contactless payment method for iOS users. Setup only takes moments in the Doordash app for iPhone/iPad and links to your existing Wallet. This allows swiftly checking out via Touch ID/Face ID biometrics and applying rewards from eligible credit/debit cards automatically. As long as your card issuers and shipping details sync properly, Apple Pay on Doordash allows fast, simple orders with added security protections compared to manual payment entry each time.


  1. Does Doordash take Apple Pay for Android users?
    No, unfortunately Doordash only accepts Apple Pay for iOS devices including iPhones and iPads at this time. Android devices cannot add Apple Pay cards or checkout via this method currently. 
  2. What cards accept Apple Pay and Doordash?
    Most major issuing banks and card providers now support Apple Pay, including big names like Citi, Capital One, American Express, Discover Card, Wells Fargo, Chase, HSBC, and many more. As long as they provide Apple Pay integration, they work. 
  3. Can I get order refunds via Apple Pay on Doordash?
    Yes, Doordash refunds can be processed back to the original Apple Pay payment method within the app if needed. This includes refunding orders to an Apple Pay card if something is incorrect, canceled, etc. 
  4. Is Apple Pay with Doordash available outside the US?
    At launch, Doordash and Apple Pay worked exclusively in the United States market. Rollout to additional countries may occur in the future pending localization and legal compliance factors in those markets. 
  5. Can I earn credit card rewards points using Apple Pay on Doordash orders?
    Yes, any rewards points, mileage bonuses, cash back, or other card incentives you normally earn placing regular Doordash orders will also apply when paying via Apple Pay. 
  6. Will using Apple Pay impact my Doordash service fees or order pricing in any way?
    No. Doordash confirms that service fees, delivery costs, menu prices, and all other standard costs associated with an order remain unchanged whether checking out via Apple Pay or another payment method. 
  7. Is Apple Pay available on both iPhone and iPad devices for Doordash?
    Yes, adding Apple Pay payment methods works on iPhones running recent iOS versions, iPad tablets, or even ordering via iPad/iPhone apps on a Mac using the same Apple ID signed into your Doordash account. 
  8. Can I remove a saved Apple Pay card from Doordash if I change payment methods?
    Absolutely. You can edit Payment Methods within the Doordash app at any time to remove, update, or add new cards linked via your Apple Wallet and ID. 
  9. Will I still earn credit card rewards if I pay with Apple Pay?
    In most cases, yes. As long as the card issuer supports Apple Pay, any rewards points or percentage-based cash back, etc. will generally still be applied on your statement. Be sure to check with your card provider directly regarding rewards policies with Apple Pay and mobile wallets. 
  10. Is Doordash Apple Pay functionality available via the iPad app?
    Yes. Users can add Apple Pay and checkout with Touch ID/Face ID directly in the Doordash app for iPad, via iPhone app on iPad, or in web browsers signed into a Doordash account with the same Apple ID. 
  11. If my physical credit card gets lost/stolen, how does this impact Apple Pay on Doordash?
    It’s important to immediately suspend or remove the card from both your Apple Pay Wallet and Doordash account payment methods. File any fraud claims with card issuers as usual in identity theft cases. Monitor statements and change account passwords as a safety precaution from further unauthorized access attempts. 
  12. Can teenagers or secondary users utilize Apple Cash or Apple Pay via Family Sharing for Doordash orders?
    Potentially, depending on account restrictions. The organizer would need to enable Apple Cash for minor family members via Family Sharing. Once configured though, teens could checkout with those Apple Pay funds when ordering on a shared account. 
  13. I’m getting an error at checkout when using my Apple Pay card. What should I do?
    Start by ensuring your shipping address matches perfectly between Doordash and the card details in Apple Pay first. If they still conflict, remove the card fully then re-add it to both your Apple Wallet and the Doordash payment methods menu. Retry checkout once it syncs freshly.

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