Does eBay Take Apple Pay?

Using Apple Pay on eBay can make purchasing fast and secure. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about using Apple Pay on eBay.

Does eBay Take Apple Pay?

What is Apple Pay and How Does it Work?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service from Apple that allows users to make purchases in stores, apps, and websites. It works by digitizing credit and debit cards and using near field communication (NFC) to communicate with payment terminals.

To use Apple Pay, simply hold your iPhone near a contactless reader with your finger on the Touch ID. Your default card will be charged and no sensitive financial information is shared. Apple Pay is accepted in all major stores like Target, Walmart and Best Buy.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay:

  • Fast, convenient checkout without needing your physical card
  • Secure encrypted transactions and fingerprint authentication
  • Gives rewards points same as using a physical rewards credit card
  • Can view latest transactions easily in Wallet app

Does eBay Take Apple Pay in 2023?

eBay does not directly accept Apple Pay yet. So you cannot use Apple Pay to checkout when buying items on eBay currently.

However, eBay is likely to add Apple Pay support in the future as they transition towards a modern payment system with new features.

How to Checkout on eBay Using Apple Pay

While eBay does not take Apple Pay directly, you still have options to use Apple Pay when buying on eBay through third-party services and eBay’s localized apps:

1. Shop Through eBay App or eBay Local Site

eBay manages localized sites for some countries that have their own native apps which accept Apple Pay:

  • eBay Canada app accepts Apple Pay for Canadian customers
  • eBay Australia iOS app supports Apple Pay payments
  • The German eBay Kleinanzeigen app takes Apple Pay

So if you live in one of those counties, download the local eBay app and add Apple Pay as payment option.

2. Use Apple Pay with PayPal at Checkout

eBay fully integrates PayPal which allows Apple Pay support on iPhone/iPad apps.

To use PayPal’s Apple Pay option on eBay:

  1. Add items to cart on eBay as normal
  2. Proceed to checkout and choose PayPal as your payment option
  3. On the PayPal login, choose Apple Pay
  4. Verify using Touch ID/Face ID to complete your purchase

This allows Apple Pay convenience while still getting eBay buyer protection for your order.

When Will eBay Add Direct Apple Pay Integration?

eBay has announced plans to allow Apple Pay in the main eBay checkout flow soon. The option is already in testing and expected to roll out later in 2023.

Bringing Apple Pay support offers several benefits for eBay buyers:

  • Faster mobile checkout increasing conversion rate
  • Attract millennial demographic who prefer mobile payments
  • Compete with other ecommerce sites supporting Apple Pay

Integrating Apply Pay into eBay’s checkout aligns with their tech modernization efforts under new CEO Jamie Iannone. So Apple users can expect the ability to use Apple Pay on eBay directly in the near future.

Setting Up Apple Pay: Link Cards and Set Default

To prepare for eBay’s upcoming Apple Pay option, take a minute to add your cards and set up your preferences:

Open The Wallet App and Tap +

  • Tap the “+” icon to add your Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover card
  • Scan card or add manually by entering details

Follow Prompts to Connect Card

  • Your bank will verify your identity
  • Agree to use card’s terms and Apple Pay terms

Select Default Card

  • Pick which card you want charged by default when using Apple Pay
  • Click card icon in top corner of Wallet to set your default

Now your Apple Pay is all set up for fast and secure online purchases wherever contactless payments are allowed.

Which eBay Sites Accept Apple Pay? Full List

Here is the current list of eBay sites and apps confirmed to accept Apple Pay in 2023:

  • eBay Canada App – Apple Pay works for Canadian buyers
  • eBay Australia App – Apple Pay payments for Australian shoppers
  • eBay Kleinanzeigen App – eBay’s German classifieds app takes Apple Pay

Additionally, Apple Pay can be used with PayPal on any eBay global site during checkout.

As eBay rolls out Apple Pay to their platform in 2023, more localized sites will begin supporting it.

Apple Pay vs Other Payment Methods on eBay

Here’s how Apple Pay compares to other ways to pay for your eBay purchases:

Payment Type Checkout Time Security Rewards Compatible
Apple Pay Very Fast High via biometrics and encryption Yes, earns credit card points/miles
PayPal Fast High with encryption and fraud protection Yes, can earn cash back and rewards
Credit/Debit Card Fast Secure field validation checks Yes, earns any card rewards/points
eBay Gift Card Fast Safe, cannot be used fraudulently Not eligible for credit card rewards

As you can see, Apple Pay offers the fastest and most secure checkout experience while still earning your credit card rewards.

Setting Up Apple Pay as eBay Seller

For eBay sellers who want to accept Apple Pay in your eBay store:

Unfortunately eBay does not yet offer sellers the ability to accept Apple Pay for physical in-person transactions. This option is expected down the line as eBay modernizes its backend systems.

The upcoming 2023 addition of Apple Pay will only apply to buyers checking out online via eBay for now.

As an eBay seller, you can integrate your store with third-party POS systems like Square or Shopify to accept Apple Pay for offline transactions today. But native Apple Pay acceptance for eBay sellers is still to come.

Apple Pay Fraud Protection on eBay Purchases

A concern when paying online is the potential for fraud or unauthorized transactions. The good news is Apple Pay offers multiple layers of protection against fraud:

  • Secure Device Account Number instead of actual card number
  • One-time unique dynamic security code
  • Biometric authentication required via Touch ID/Face ID
  • All transactions fully encrypted
  • Ability to halt payments via Find My iPhone if device is lost

So Apple Pay offers security advantages over entering your actual card details. And eBay covers you with their Money Back Guarantee against any unauthorized Apple Pay transactions.

Tips for Using Apple Pay Successfully on eBay

To ensure the smoothest experience paying with Apple Pay on eBay:

  • Update to the latest iOS/iPadOS software for compatibility
  • Set your preferred card as the default payment card in Apple Pay
  • Ensure your shipping address matches between eBay and Apple Pay
  • Add an alternate payment method as backup if Apple Pay fails
  • Use strong passwords/biometrics so others cannot access your devices
  • Review transactions regularly and report suspicious charges promptly

Following these best practices will help avoid any headaches when using Apple Pay for your eBay purchases.

Key Takeaways on eBay Apple Pay Integration

The key points to remember regarding Apple Pay support on eBay currently:

  • eBay is expected to add Apple Pay support directly in 2023 – Coming later this year for mobile users
  • PayPal on eBay lets you use Apple Pay now – For fast, secure checkout with iPhone/iPad
  • Localized eBay apps may already offer Apple Pay – Canada, Australia and Germany apps accept it
  • Sellers cannot accept Apple Pay payments yet – Upcoming down the line as eBay modernizes systems
  • Apple Pay offers added security protections – Encryption, bioauthentication help prevent fraud

So Apple Pay is coming soon to eBay for an easier and more secure checkout experience.


eBay does not directly accept Apple Pay yet, but support is on the way in 2023 as they overhaul their payment systems. For now, iPhone and iPad users can utilize Apple Pay through PayPal at checkout on eBay globally. And in some countries, eBay’s localized apps allow Apple Pay for further convenience.

When the ability to use Apple Pay on eBay launches, customers can expect faster, more secure checkout that still earns credit card rewards. While there are some limitations currently, Apple Pay will be fully usable for eBay buyers soon offering the latest mobile payment convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I use Apple Pay on eBay right now?
    No, eBay does not directly take Apply Pay yet. It is coming in 2023.

  2. Does eBay accept Apple Pay through PayPal?
    Yes, using PayPal at eBay checkout allows you to select Apple Pay and authenticate with Touch ID/Face ID.

  3. Is Apple Pay safer than entering card details on eBay?
    Yes, Apple Pay has enhanced encryption and biometric authentication like Touch ID or Face ID for added security.

  4. Will I still earn credit card rewards/points when paying with Apple Pay?
    Yes, Apple Pay charges your designated default card so you receive the same rewards and benefits.

  5. What if my Apple Pay payment fails when buying something on eBay?
    You can select another payment option like PayPal or a Visa/Mastercard to complete your eBay purchase if Apple Pay is temporarily unavailable.

  6. Can I sue Apple Pay in eBay apps for other countries right now?
    Yes, some eBay country-specific apps like eBay Canada and eBay Australia currently accept Apple Pay for transactions.

  7. How does Apple Pay protect my card details when shopping on eBay?
    Apple Pay utilizes a unique dynamic Device Account Number rather than your actual credit card number keeping details more secure.

  8. Will sellers be able to accept Apple Pay for in-person sales?
    Not yet, but eBay is likely to integrate this down the line allowing sellers to take Apple Pay using card readers for offline transactions.

  9. How do I set up Apple Pay to work with eBay?
    Open the Wallet app, tap “+” icon, follow prompts to add your Visa, Mastercard or other card, then set your default card which will be used for eBay Apple Pay transactions.

  10. Which eBay websites will be getting Apple Pay support?
    The global site along with most country-specific eBay domains are expected to add Apple Pay functionality when the capability launches.

  11. Can I use Apple Pay on eBay from an Apple Watch or only iPhone/iPad?
    Yes, once available you will be able to use Apple Pay on eBay from an Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad or MacBook supporting Apple Pay for mobile checkout.

  12. Will eBay Apple Pay allow me to accumulate and use eBay Bucks?
    Yes, eBay Bucks and other rewards earnings will still accumulate when you use Apple Pay the same as other payment methods.

  13. Can under 18s pay with Apple Pay on eBay?
    Yes, while a credit card holder must be 18+, teens 13+ can use a debit card or gift card funded account to create Apple Pay transactions on eBay.

  14. What should I do if my eBay Apple Pay transaction is fraudulent?
    Contact eBay customer support to report unauthorized transactions made using Apple Pay. You are covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee Policy against fraud.

  15. Does Apple Pay support eBay Guest Checkout instead of a full account?
    Likely yes, Apple Pay will eventually work for guest checkout allowing you to quickly pay without needing an eBay or PayPal account.

  16. Where can I see the latest updates on eBay’s Apple Pay integration progress?
    You can check eBay’s Seller Updates page for posts on Apple Pay support rolls outs in real time.

  17. Which iPhone models support using Apple Pay on eBay?
    eBay Apple Pay will work on iPhone models 6 and later running iOS 10.1 or higher once fully implemented.

  18. Will charity listings and donations be eligible for Apple Pay on eBay?
    Yes, Apple Pay can be used seamlessly for eBay Giving Works listings to quickly make tax deductible charity contributions.

  19. Is jailbroken iPhone prohibited from using Apple Pay on eBay?
    Likely yes – Apple Pay requires secure hardware so may not validate purchases made from jailbroken devices.

  20. What should I do if my cart empties right when completing eBay Apple Pay order?
    Contact eBay support if you encounter technical issues with Apple Pay implementation. Backup payment methods also help ensure successful checkout.

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