Does Fairway Take Apple Pay

Our humble beginnings as a tiny corner fruit & veggie stand on the Upper West Side of Manhattan is still at the heart of our business. Since opening our doors in the 1930s, when we started bringing our customer’s excellent values, wide varieties, and the freshest foods.

In 1954, founders Nathan Glickberg and his son Leo partnered with the business to provide a fuller selection of grocery staples. With the help of Leo’s wife, the store was named Fairway- after her father’s former company. The name has been considered “lucky” ever since. I’m proud of the new store on Broadway and W. 74th because it’s where dad, Charlie & combined our efforts to build the flagship store that we have today.

Leo passed the torch to his son in 1974, and from then on, he’s been running the shop. When Leo took over, it was just a tiny store with sawdust-covered wooden floors, racks propped up with milk crates. Nowadays, though, the store has reached potential and is thriving but may not always be able if you haven’t visited one of our stores yet, you owe it to yourself to come and have a look. We offer great deals on produce and fantastic fresh-baked goods like doughnuts, cupcakes, pies & other delicious treats!

Fairway offered a new and different food experience that the neighborhood embraced. Our customers traveled from all over to shop with us, and the idea of expansion was born. Fairway first became popular because the partners brought in specialty food imports. They also began hiring a crew of hardworking people that would one day be department heads. Fairway Market is an everyday grocery store that started in Jamaica, Queens, in 1933 and now has a flagship store on Broadway. Rumors have circulated that they are expanding to downtown Manhattan, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Still, it’s interesting to see what people are saying about the store online since they’ve offered up a wide variety of food items.

 These days it’s hard to imagine the slender stores we once had. We have a few stores across Manhattan and Pelham Manor that offer the historical character of our first store – High-quality new foods every day; we have a wide range of unique selections at the convenience of our customers. They can easily buy from us since we maintain excellent relationships with small vendors and farmers for our exclusive new products.

Does Fairway Take Apple Pay

Yes, Fairway does accept Apple Pay. Also, they accept multiple forms of payment like cash, cards, etc.

What is Fairway’s Role in the Process?

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How to Buy at Fairway With Your Apple Pay

The Fairway app is available for both Apple and Android devices. The app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, allows customers to scan the barcodes of products in the store to find out what they cost at other stores nearby.

The app also allows customers to purchase items by scanning barcodes with their camera or typing in the product name. It can also be used to find out where specific items are located within the store.

There are many advantages to using this app over traditional methods of shopping. One advantage is that you can have an entire cart full of groceries and then check out without standing in a line at a checkout counter.

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