Does Food City Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases using supported Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. It provides a secure and convenient way to pay by holding your device near a contactless reader at checkout. But does the grocery chain Food City accept Apple Pay?

Does Food City Take Apple Pay?

Does Food City Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Food City grocery stores do accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. Customers can use Apple Pay on their iPhone, Apple Watch, or other supported Apple device to pay for their purchases at Food City by holding their device near the contactless payment reader at checkout.

Food City integrated Apple Pay into their stores in 2018, allowing customers to ditch their physical wallets and pay with their Apple devices instead. When you have Apple Pay set up, checking out is as easy as double-clicking the side button and holding the device near the payment terminal.

So if you’re a Food City shopper with an iPhone or Apple Watch, you can leave your cards at home and pay with Apple Pay instead for a fast, easy, and secure checkout experience. It’s accepted at all Food City locations with contactless payment terminals at the registers.

How to Set Up and Use Apple Pay at Food City

Using Apple Pay at Food City checkout is simple if you already have it set up. Here are the basic steps:

  • Set up Apple Pay – To use Apple Pay, you first need to add eligible credit or debit cards to your Apple Wallet app on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Follow the prompts to scan your card details or enter them manually.
  • Validate your card – Your bank will verify your card details to ensure security. Once validated, the card is ready for payments via Apple Pay.
  • Hold your device near the payment terminal – To pay at Food City, look for the contactless payment or Apple Pay symbol at checkout. When prompted for payment, double-click the side button on your iPhone X or newer (or hold your Apple Watch screen near the reader). Hold the device near the terminal until you see a checkmark for confirmation.
  • Verify with Face ID or passcode – On iPhones with Face ID, look at your phone to authorize the payment. On older iPhones, enter your passcode. The payment is then complete!

It’s so quick and easy to checkout with Apple Pay at Food City. You don’t even need to have the app open or wallet in your hand. As long as your compatible Apple device is charged, you can use Apple Pay to get in and out of Food City fast.

Apple Pay Security at Food City

Apple Pay provides enhanced security and keeps your credit or debit card details private. Here are some of the key security benefits when using Apple Pay at Food City:

  • Encrypted card details – Your actual card numbers are not shared with the store. Instead, a unique digital device account number is used to represent your device.
  • Tokenization – Your card details are tokenized, meaning your real card number is replaced with a unique token to process the payment. This way your card number is never shared.
  • Dynamic security code – A dynamic, one-time-use security code is generated with each transaction instead of your CVV. This prevents fraud.
  • Secure Element – Payment details are stored in a dedicated chip with encryption. Your details stay safe even if your phone is lost or stolen.
  • Face ID/Touch ID/Passcodes – Apple Pay payments must be authorized with Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode for an extra layer of security at checkout.

So when you use Apple Pay at Food City, you can feel confident that your card details and payment info are safe. Contactless payments like Apple Pay are actually more secure than using your physical credit or debit card!

Apple Pay Convenience at Food City

Besides enhanced security, Apple Pay also provides a convenient contactless payment experience at Food City. Some convenience benefits include:

  • Faster checkout – With Apple Pay there’s no need to pull out your wallet, swipe or insert a card, or sign a receipt. Checking out is as simple as scanning with your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • Works with Apple accessories – You can double click your AirPods case or hold your Apple Watch near the terminal to pay effortlessly.
  • Keeps your cards private – Apple Pay doesn’t reveal your real card details or card numbers to the cashier or other shoppers in line.
  • Easy payment tracking – All your Apple Pay purchases appear in your Wallet app so you can view payment history conveniently.
  • Hands-free payments – If you’re pushing a cart or holding bags, Apple Pay allows hands-free transactions by using your Apple Watch.
  • No card required – You can leave your physical wallet behind and pay with just your iPhone or Apple Watch at Food City.

The contactless nature of Apple Pay makes checking out seamlessly at Food City. It’s designed to be a simple, private, and speedy payment solution.

Apple Pay Requirements and Limitations

To use Apple Pay at Food City, you need a compatible Apple device set up with Apple Pay:

Compatible Devices:

  • iPhone 8 or newer
  • Apple Watch Series 3 or newer
  • iPad 8th generation or newer
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini


  • iOS 16 or newer
  • WatchOS 9 or newer
  • Wallet app with added credit/debit card
  • Apple Pay available in your country


  • Older iPhones like the iPhone 5 may not support Apple Pay
  • Must be an eligible credit or debit card – some card issuers may not participate
  • Apple Pay may be restricted in some countries or regions
  • Contactless terminal required – older Food City terminals may not accept contactless payments

As long as you have a supported Apple device and iOS/WatchOS version, you should be able to set up Apple Pay and use it to make quick, secure payments at Food City grocery stores nationwide. Contact your bank to ensure they participate in Apple Pay if you have any trouble adding your cards.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at Food City

Here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of your Apple Pay experience when shopping at Food City:

  • Set up Apple Pay in advance in your Wallet app so your cards are ready at checkout.
  • Scan your groceries with the Food City app and pay with Apple Pay for a completely contactless shopping trip.
  • Double click your AirPods case or Apple Watch side button to easily call up your default card.
  • Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the terminal until you feel a vibration and see the checkmark for confirmation.
  • For security, use Face ID on newer iPhones or enter your passcode at checkout when prompted.
  • Add loyalty cards to your Wallet app to scan them automatically during Apple Pay transactions.
  • Check your payment history in Wallet so you can view Apple Pay transactions and spending.
  • Low battery? Connect your iPhone‌ to a portable battery pack in your cart and you can still use Apple Pay even when your battery is low.
  • Having trouble? Make sure you have an eligible card added, that Apple Pay is enabled for the card by your bank, and that the terminal has the contactless payment symbol.

Apple Pay vs Other Payment Methods at Food City

How does Apple Pay compare to paying with plastic cards or other payment apps like Google Pay at Food City? Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons:

Apple Pay

  • Pros: Extremely fast checkout, enhanced security, encrypted card details, works on iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch, easy ID verification with Face ID/Touch ID.
  • Cons: Limited to Apple devices only, not all cards or countries supported.

Plastic Credit/Debit Cards

  • Pros: Accepted everywhere, no device required.
  • Cons: Slower checkout, have to pull card out of wallet, security risks of card skimming/theft.

Google Pay

  • Pros: Works on Android devices, similar ease of use and speed.
  • Cons: Limited to Android only, doesn’t integrate with Apple devices.

While plastic cards have wider acceptance, mobile wallet apps like Apple Pay provide faster, more secure contactless checkout through tokenized payments and encryption. So Apple Pay stands out from the pack when paying at modern terminals like those rolled out at Food City grocery stores.

Food City Partnership With Apple Pay

Food City grocery stores first partnered with Apple Pay in 2018 to bring contactless payments to their shoppers. They recognized the need to modernize checkout and moved to support mobile tap-to-pay services like Apple Pay across their store footprint.

The grocery chain rolled out contactless payment terminals chain-wide to power the new Apple Pay integration. This allows iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch owners to ditch the plastic and pay from their devices in stores.

Food City also integrated their Food City pharmacy counters and gas stations into the Apple Pay acceptance. So customers can pay for any Food City goods and services using their Apple devices for convenient checkout.

The Apple Pay and Food City partnership empowers customers to pay how they want, backed by a fast, secure, and state-of-the-art payment experience. Together they provide shoppers an easy path to contactless payments and peace of mind knowing their card details stay protected.


In summary, Food City does accept Apple Pay across all locations, including at registers, self checkout, pharmacy counters, and gas stations. It provides customers with a fast, easy, and highly secure way to pay with their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or other Apple device.

To use it in store, simply add your cards to the Wallet app, validate them with your bank, and then hold your Apple device near the contactless reader when prompted for payment. Apple Pay encrypts your card details and uses tokenization to keep your data safe.

So leave your physical wallet behind and take advantage of the speed and security of Apple Pay when shopping at Food City. Their partnership with Apple provides cutting-edge contactless payments and convenience to all customers.


  1. What types of Apple devices can I use for Apple Pay at Food City?
    You can use recent iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch models to pay with Apple Pay at Food City. See the compatibility requirements above.

  2. Do I need to open or wake my device before tapping to pay?
    No. On iPhones with Face ID, it will automatically prompt you to verify with Face ID without needing to tap your screen first.

  3. Can I store my Food City loyalty card in my Apple Wallet?
    Yes, add your Food City loyalty card to Apple Wallet to apply rewards automatically when you pay with Apple Pay.

  4. How do I add more cards to Apple Pay for use at Food City?
    Open the Wallet app, tap the “+” icon, and follow the prompts to add another credit/debit card for payments.

  5. How can I see my Apple Pay transactions from Food City in my Wallet app?
    Your Wallet app lists recent transactions so you can conveniently view your Apple Pay spending at Food City.

  6. Do Food City gas stations accept Apple Pay at the pump?
    Yes, you can pay for your gas at Food City gas stations using Apple Pay at compatible pumps. Look for the Apple Pay logo.

  7. Can I use Apple Pay for Western Union or money order purchases at Food City customer service?
    Unfortunately these services do not currently accept Apple Pay, so you’ll need to use another payment method for money orders, etc.

  8. How old do I need to be to use Apple Pay by myself at Food City?
    There are no age limits for using Apple Pay. As long as you have your own compatible device set up, anyone can use Apple Pay at Food City.

  9. What should I do if Apple Pay won’t work at Food City checkout?
    Make sure you have a supported card added to your Wallet, that Apple Pay is enabled by your bank, and that the terminal supports contactless payments.

  10. Do I need to provide a signature when paying with Apple Pay at Food City?
    No, Apple Pay does not require a signature. You simply hold your device to the reader to authorize payment with Face/Touch ID or passcode.

  11. Is Apple Pay only for debit and credit purchases?
    Can I use Apple Pay for cash back or check cashing at Food City? Unfortunately Apple Pay can only be used for debit/credit transactions right now. You’ll need to use cash, physical check or another method for cash back, check cashing, etc.

  12. Can I store multiple credit cards on my iPhone and choose which to pay with at Food City?
    Yes, add multiple cards to your Wallet and then select your preferred payment card on your device when checking out at Food City.

  13. Do I need to have my physical credit/debit card with me to use Apple Pay at Food City?
    Nope! As long as the card is successfully added to your Apple Wallet, you do not need to carry the physical card to use Apple Pay.

  14. Is it better to use Apple Pay or swipe my debit card for rewards points when shopping at Food City?
    Check with your bank – some offer additional points or rewards when you pay with mobile wallets like Apple Pay. Using it may increase your rewards earnings!

  15. Can I use a mobile coupon or digital coupon when paying with Apple Pay at Food City?
    Yes! Load coupons to your Food City account. They’ll be automatically applied when you pay with Apple Pay.

  16. Does Apple Pay work at Food City pharmacies and gas stations too?
    Yes, Apple Pay can be used at checkout counters throughout Food City stores including pharmacies, gas stations and more.

  17. Do I need to have an internet connection to use Apple Pay in Food City stores?
    Apple Pay will work without internet connectivity in offline mode. However, an internet connection is recommended whenever possible.

  18. Is Apple Pay safer than using a credit card at Food City?
    Yes, Apple Pay is more secure given its encrypted card details and dynamic security codes that change with each transaction.

  19. Can I use Apple Pay at Food City if my iPhone is dead or out of battery?
    Unfortunately Apple Pay requires power, so you’ll need battery or a power bank to use it if your iPhone is dead.

  20. Does Apple Pay work for Food City Delivery orders or when using the Food City To Go curbside pickup service?
    At this time, Apple Pay is only accepted for in-store transactions. Use another card to pay ahead for delivery/pickup orders.


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