Does Golden Corral Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a convenient, secure and private way to pay in stores, apps and on the web. With Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac, users can make easy and secure purchases in seconds. 

Does Golden Corral Take Apple Pay?

Golden Corral is a popular buffet-style restaurant chain with locations across the United States. They offer an endless all-you-can-eat buffet with a variety of American classics like fried chicken, pot roast, mashed potatoes, and more. With nearly 500 locations, Golden Corral is one of the largest restaurant chains in the country.

Apple Pay is Apple’s mobile payment and digital wallet service. It allows users to make payments in stores, apps and on supported websites using compatible iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac devices. To use Apple Pay, users simply hold their device near a contactless reader with their finger on the Touch ID. The payment is then securely completed using NFC technology and encrypted payment information stored on the device.

Does Golden Corral Take Apple Pay In Stores?

Yes, most Golden Corral locations do accept Apple Pay for in-store payments. The restaurant chain started accepting Apple Pay back in 2015 across many of its corporate owned and franchised locations.

When checking out after dining at Golden Corral, look for the Apple Pay or contactless payment logo at the point of sale terminal. Simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader to complete your payment securely with Apple Pay.

However, some independently owned and operated Golden Corral franchises may not accept Apple Pay yet. It’s a good idea to check with your local Golden Corral location in advance to confirm if they take Apple Pay. You can also ask your server when paying your bill if Apple Pay is accepted at that restaurant.

How to Pay With Apple Pay at Golden Corral

Paying with Apple Pay at Golden Corral is very quick and easy:

  • When you’re ready to pay, let your server know you would like to pay with Apple Pay. Or if you are paying at the register, inform the cashier.
  • If that Golden Corral location accepts Apple Pay, the cashier will let you know you can go ahead and pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • On your iPhone, simply double-click the side button and authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode if prompted. Hold your iPhone near the contactless reader.
  • On Apple Watch, double-click the side button. Hold your Apple Watch face near the contactless reader.
  • A subtle vibration and beep will confirm when your payment has been completed successfully using Apple Pay.
  • For purchases over $25, you may still need to provide your signature depending on the store’s policies.

That’s it! With just a couple quick taps, you can pay with Apple Pay at participating Golden Corral locations and be on your way.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Golden Corral

Paying with Apple Pay at Golden Corral provides several benefits:

  • It’s incredibly fast and convenient – No need to pull out your physical wallet or swipe a card. Apple Pay takes seconds.
  • It’s secure – Your actual credit or debit card details are never shared with the store. Each transaction uses a unique tokenized ID.
  • It’s private – Your credit card number isn’t visible or stored on your device. Apple Pay doesn’t track or store any transaction history.
  • Works with most major cards – Apple Pay is compatible with a vast majority of debit and credit cards from top banks and issuers.
  • Easy to set up – Adding credit/debit cards to Apple Pay only takes a few taps in your iPhone or Watch wallet app.

So paying with Apple Pay at Golden Corral allows for easy, secure and fast checkout after enjoying their signature endless buffet.

Tipping With Apple Pay

You can add a tip when paying your Golden Corral bill with Apple Pay. Here are steps:

  • When prompted for payment after dining, tap to add a tip percentage before authorizing your Apple Pay transaction.
  • You can select a default tip amount or enter a custom tip percentage on the keypad.
  • The tip amount will be included with the total Apple Pay payment.
  • An itemized receipt will show the base bill amount and added tip.

Tipping with Apple Pay provides the same benefits – it’s fast, private, and secure. No need to deal with cash tips.

Using Apple Pay at Golden Corral With iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad

Customers can pay at Golden Corral using Apple Pay on multiple devices:

  • iPhone – Models iPhone 6 and newer have Apple Pay. Simply double press the side button and hold near reader.
  • Apple Watch – All models of Apple Watch support Apple Pay from your wrist. Double press the side button to pay.
  • iPad – iPad models with Touch ID or Face ID can use Apple Pay in apps and websites. Not for in-store POS though.
  • Mac – Select Mac models with Touch ID can use Apple Pay in apps and online. Not in stores.

So Apple Pay provides flexibility to pay from your preferred Apple device. Just look for the Apple Pay marks when checking out at Golden Corral.

Checking Apple Pay Balance at Golden Corral

To check your Apple Pay card balance after paying at Golden Corral:

  • On your iPhone, open the Wallet app and select your Apple Pay card.
  • On Apple Watch, swipe up for Apple Pay cards. Select your card.
  • On iPad, check Wallet app or Apple Pay displays in apps/websites.
  • You’ll see the last 4 digits of the device account number used to pay at Golden Corral.
  • To see full transaction details and balance, contact your bank or card issuer directly.

Reviewing your balance will help you stay on top of funds after using Apple Pay at Golden Corral for your dining expense.

Using Apple Pay at Golden Corral When Traveling or Abroad

Apple Pay works seamlessly when traveling domestically or internationally:

  • Domestically, Apple Pay can be used at any Golden Corral location in the United States that accepts contactless payments.
  • For international locations, check ahead to see if that country and Golden Corral supports Apple Pay.
  • Make sure to notify your bank/card issuer that you are traveling to prevent declines when the same card is used in new locations.
  • Apple Pay converts currency automatically based on your card banks foreign transaction fees and rates.

So with just your iPhone or Apple Watch, Apple Pay provides an easy and secure way to pay at Golden Corral restaurants no matter where you are traveling worldwide.

Loyalty Cards and Apple Pay at Golden Corral

The Golden Corral loyalty program is the Golden Corral EClub. You can store your EClub loyalty card to Apple Pay and have it applied automatically when paying at Golden Corral. Here’s how:

  • Open the Wallet app and tap the “+” to add a card.
  • Scroll down and select “Store Cards and Passes”
  • Search for “Golden Corral” and add your EClub card number.
  • Your EClub information will now show in Apple Pay to be used at checkout.

Saving your Golden Corral rewards card to Apple Pay provides added convenience – one less card to carry and fumble out of your wallet when paying!

Using Apple Pay Within Golden Corral’s App

The Golden Corral app for iPhone and Android includes Apple Pay integration for quick mobile payments:

  • When selecting food for takeout or catering within the app, proceed to checkout.
  • At checkout, select Apple Pay as the payment method if displayed as an option.
  • Authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone to complete the Apple Pay purchase.
  • Your food order will be paid for easily without entering credit card details.

So the Golden Corral app itself also supports Apple Pay for total convenience when ordering food on the go.

Is Apple Pay at Golden Corral Secure?

Yes, Apple Pay provides best-in-class security when used to make purchases at Golden Corral:

  • Apple Pay uses device-specific encrypted transaction information so your actual card details are never shared with the store.
  • Each transaction is authorized with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode providing multi-layered authentication security.
  • Your card details are not stored on your device or on Apple servers – data is only kept securely by your bank/card issuer and tokenized.
  • Buying with Apple Pay at Golden Corral doesn’t store any transaction history or user data. It’s completely private.
  • If your iPhone or Apple Watch is lost or stolen, you can use Find My to quickly suspend or remove cards from your device.

So you can feel totally confident using Apple Pay to pay at Golden Corral – it provides robust encryption, anonymity, and anti-fraud protections.

Apple Pay Compatible Cards for Golden Corral

Virtually any credit or debit card can be used with Apple Pay. The vast majority of major banks and card issuers support Apple Pay. Here are some of the most popular options compatible at Golden Corral:

  • Chase Visa credit cards and debit cards
  • Citi Mastercard and Visa credit cards
  • Wells Fargo debit cards and credit cards
  • Capital One credit cards and bank accounts
  • U.S. Bank Visa credit and Visa debit cards
  • American Express credit cards
  • Discover credit cards
  • Nationwide prepaid debit cards
  • USAA bank debit cards and credit cards

Check your iPhone Wallet app or your card issuer’s app to easily add your current debit/credit cards to Apple Pay for purchases at Golden Corral.

Setting Up Apple Pay the First Time

Setting up Apple Pay is super quick and only takes a few minutes to start using at Golden Corral:

On iPhone:

  • Open the Wallet app
  • Tap the “+” to add a card
  • Use your device camera to scan your physical card details or enter manually
  • Follow issuer prompts to authenticate your identity and confirm card
  • Your card will start working immediately with Apple Pay

On Apple Watch:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone
  • Go to Wallet & Apple Pay section
  • Follow the steps to add your cards
  • Double click your Apple Watch side button at checkout

On iPad:

  • Tap Wallet app or Apple Pay buttons within apps
  • Follow the prompts to add your first card
  • Use Touch ID or Face ID when prompted at checkout

You can add multiple debit and credit cards and change your default card anytime. It’s the fastest way to pay at Golden Corral!

Apple Pay Availability at Other Restaurant Chains Like Golden Corral

In addition to Golden Corral, Apple Pay is available at most other major restaurant chains nationwide. Some examples include:

  • McDonald’s
  • Subway
  • Starbucks
  • Dunkin’
  • Chipotle
  • Pizza Hut
  • Panera Bread
  • KFC
  • Burger King
  • Taco Bell

Most large restaurant chains have adopted Apple Pay acceptance along with new payment terminals. But it’s still a good idea to check with your local restaurants if they accept contactless payments.

Apple Pay provides a seamless dining experience across top restaurant brands for fast, easy payments.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Do I need an Apple device to use Apple Pay at Golden Corral?
    Yes, you need an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac in order to use Apple Pay. It is not available on Android or Windows devices.
  1. How do I know if my local Golden Corral takes Apple Pay?
    Check for Apple Pay or contactless payment branding when you pay your bill, or ask your server if they accept Apple Pay. You can also call your nearest Golden Corral location ahead of time to ask.
  1. Can I use Apple Pay at any Golden Corral location?
    Most corporate-owned Golden Corral locations accept Apple Pay. However some franchised locations may not, so check with your local restaurant.
  1. Do I need to unlock my iPhone to use Apple Pay at Golden Corral?
    No, you can double click the side button to bring up your default card and hold near the reader without unlocking your device first.
  1. Do I need to have WiFi or cellular service to use Apple Pay at Golden Corral?
    No, Apple Pay works offline without an internet connection or cellular service. The NFC transaction is processed directly between your device and the payment terminal.
  1. Is my card or payment information stored directly on my device with Apple Pay?
    No, actual card numbers and details are not stored on your device or Apple servers. That information stays safely with your bank/issuer. Apple Pay uses device-specific tokenized data for transactions.
  1. Is Apple Pay more secure than using my physical credit card?
    Yes, Apple Pay is widely considered more secure than physical cards. It uses encryption, one-time unique codes, and biometric authentication for each transaction. Your card details also never get shared with the store.
  1. What do I do if I lose my iPhone that has Apple Pay cards?
    You can use Find My app to immediately suspend or remove any Apple Pay cards from your lost or stolen device. Or contact your bank to deactivate the physical card.
  1. Can I add a Golden Corral gift card to Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately Apple Pay does not support adding retailer gift cards at this time. You would need to present the physical or digital Golden Corral gift card when paying.
  1. How old do I need to be to use Apple Pay at Golden Corral by myself?
    There are no age limits for using Apple Pay. As long you have a valid debit or credit card loaded in Apple Pay that you are authorized to use, you can pay at Golden Corral.
  1. Can I get rewards or points from Golden Corral’s loyalty program when using Apple Pay?
    Yes, you can add your Golden Corral EClub loyalty card to Apple Pay and still earn points towards rewards when using Apple Pay at checkout.
  1. Will Apple Pay work if my iPhone battery is dead at Golden Corral?
    Unfortunately you cannot use Apple Pay on iPhone if the battery is completely dead. But you could still pay with an Apple Watch that has battery, or a spare credit card.
  1. Do I need to tip when paying with Apple Pay at Golden Corral?
    Yes, it is customary to add a tip when paying your bill with Apple Pay. You can select a tip percentage on the checkout screen before authorizing payment.
  1. Is Apple Pay cheaper or more expensive to use versus a regular card or cash at Golden Corral?
    Apple Pay doesn’t incur any additional fees. Any fees depend on your bank/card. Using a debit card or cash are often the cheapest options.
  1. Can someone else pay for my meal using Apple Pay on their device at Golden Corral?
    Yes, another person can use Apple Pay on their own iPhone or Apple Watch to cover your bill at Golden Corral. Useful if you forget your wallet!
  1. Do I need to sign a receipt when using Apple Pay over a certain amount at Golden Corral?
    It depends on the store policy. Most don’t require signatures for Apple Pay purchases, but some may ask for signatures for purchases $25+ or more.
  1. Is Apple Pay available internationally at Golden Corral restaurants?
    Currently, only U.S. Golden Corral locations accept Apple Pay. International availability may vary. Check with stores in your country to confirm Apple Pay support.
  1. How do I remove a lost credit card from Apple Pay if I can’t access my iPhone?
    You can login to your bank account online and temporarily suspend or remove the lost card. Or call your bank’s 24/7 cardholder service line to deactivate the card immediately.
  1. Is Apple Pay safe to use during the COVID-19 pandemic at Golden Corral?
    Yes, Apple Pay is a completely contactless payment method. It helps avoid touching screens, buttons or exchanging cash for a safer, touch-free payment experience.
  1. What should I do if Apple Pay won’t work when trying to pay at Golden Corral?
    Make sure you have an internet connection and that Apple Pay is set up properly with the right cards. If it still doesn’t work, check with the staff or try paying with another method for now.


In summary, Apple Pay is widely accepted at Golden Corral locations across the United States for a fast, easy and secure payment experience. With iOS devices like iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad, customers can breeze through checkout after enjoying the endless buffet. Apple Pay protects payment information through advanced encryption while remaining extremely convenient and quick for restaurants like Golden Corral. Just look for the contactless or Apple Pay logos at checkout, or ask staff at your local Golden Corral if they accept Apple Pay.

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