Does Harris Teeter Take Apple Pay?

Harris Teeter is a popular grocery store chain in the southeastern United States. With over 250 stores across seven states, Harris Teeter aims to provide quality products and excellent customer service to shoppers. One common question that Harris Teeter customers ask is: Does Harris Teeter take Apple Pay?

Does Harris Teeter Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases in stores using their iPhone or Apple Watch instead of presenting a physical credit or debit card. This convenient, secure payment method is accepted at many major retail chains. Read on to find out everything you need to know about using Apple Pay at Harris Teeter stores.

How Apple Pay Works at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter does accept Apple Pay in all locations, both at checkout lanes and self checkout kiosks. To pay with your iPhone, simply hold your device near the payment terminal screen and authorize the purchase using Face ID, Touch ID, or by entering your passcode. A subtle vibration and beep will confirm when the payment is complete. Purchases made via Apple Pay also receive the same rewards and discounts as credit or debit cards. Customers enrolled in VIC, Harris Teeter’s loyalty program, can easily apply rewards to Apple Pay purchases too.

In addition to iPhones, customers can pay using an Apple Watch at Harris Teeter by double clicking the side button and holding the watch near the payment scanner. Apple Pay works with credit and debit cards from all major institutions. Most rewards programs and store loyalty cards also sync easily to your Apple Wallet.

Benefits of Paying With Your iPhone

Using Apple Pay to check out at Harris Teeter offers shoppers several notable benefits. The tap-to-pay system offers improved security, convenience, and faster checkout times relative to using traditional cards.

Unlike chip-based cards which use static data, Apple Pay utilizes a unique, ephemeral token each time you make a purchase. This ensures your credit or debit card details stay private and secure throughout the entire transaction process. Checking out is also straightforward with no card swiping required—just scan your face or finger and pay. For repeat purchases under $100, you may not even need secondary biometrics or passcode authorization. This allows for faster lines with shorter wait times.

Your transaction history, payment information, and special offers all save directly to your iPhone or Apple Watch as well. You can easily manage rewards points and access your card statements directly in the Wallet app too. Overall, Apple Pay helps streamline the entire shopping experience for Harris Teeter customers. It takes care of the payments so you can focus on picking out quality ingredients for your next meal.

Setting Up Apple Pay

Activating Apple Pay is quick and straightforward. You will need:

  • An iPhone 6 or later model, or an Apple Watch paired to an iPhone 5s or later
  • The latest operating system (iOS 12.1 or later or WatchOS 4.0 and above)
  • An eligible Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit/debit card
  • Cellular connectivity or WiFi to complete activation

On your device, open the Wallet app and select “Add Card”. You can then choose to scan your card, enter details manually, or connect your bank account directly if supported. Follow any additional verification steps required by your bank or payment network.

Once setup completes, you can use Apple Pay at Harris Teeter and anywhere else contactless payments are accepted. Add multiple cards to switch seamlessly between personal and business accounts. You can remove or edit any stored cards at anytime in Settings.

Paying With Your Apple Watch

Thanks to the convenience of Apple Pay, you can also check out at Harris Teeter just by glancing at your wrist! Any Apple Watch that supports Apple Pay—including all Series 1 watches or newer—allows you to leave your physical cards at home.

To checkout on your Apple Watch, simply double click the side button then hold the display screen up to the payment terminal. For purchases over $100, enter your iPhone passcode for verification when prompted. It’s quick, easy, and your personal data stays private through each payment.

In addition to payments, you can also apply your Harris Teeter VIC rewards to purchases right from your Apple Watch. Earn points toward future discounts or free items each time you checkout with Apple Pay.

Between digital payments and automated rewards, Apple Pay takes grocery shopping to the next level in both convenience and security.

Key Takeaways About Apple Pay at Harris Teeter

In summary, keep these essential tips in mind about checking out with iPhone or Apple Watch at Harris Teeter grocery stores:

  • Convenience matters! Apple Pay enables seamless purchasing without the hassle of inserting or swiping physical cards.
  • Buying groceries has never been more secure. Apple Pay utilizes unique transaction tokens so your card details stay private. No numbers for hackers to steal!
  • Speedy checkout is a big time saver. Just a quick wrist raise or phone tap at payment terminals slashes precious minutes spent in line.
  • VIC rewards integrate directly with Wallet. Monitor your points, access coupons, and redeem discounts without carrying plastic club cards.
  • Poor iPhone battery? No problem! Apple Pay can still function in low power mode unlike other apps. But keep a spare physical payment card handy just in case your iPhone shuts down completely.

Ready to give Apple Pay a try for faster, simpler grocery runs? Add your credit/debit cards and discover convenient tapping to pay at Harris Teeter!


Harris Teeter proudly accepts Apple Pay across all store locations and checkout types. Both iPhones and Apple Watches allow shoppers to securely tap-to-pay for groceries without the hassle of physical cards. VIC rewards also integrate directly with Wallet to earn discounts on future trips.

Give Apple Pay a shot next time you shop Harris Teeter. Paying with just your device means speedy checkout, enhanced security, seamless rewards integration, and wallet/purse-free convenience each grocery run!

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Pay at Harris Teeter

  1. Can I use Apple Pay at Harris Teeter self checkout?
    Yes, you can use Apple Pay at both self checkout kiosks and assisted checkout lanes at Harris Teeter. Simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless payment scanner to complete your purchase.
  2. Do I need to carry my physical rewards card if I have VIC in Apple Wallet?
    No. You can add your VIC card directly to Apple Wallet and earn/redeem rewards via Apple Pay without needing your plastic membership card.
  3. What if my Apple Pay payment doesn’t go through successfully?
    In the rare event an Apple Pay transaction fails or needs to be canceled, the cashier can assist you with using an alternate form of payment, such as re-trying with Apple Pay or inserting a physical credit/debit card instead.
  4. Can I store multiple credit cards on my iPhone for use at Harris Teeter?
    Yes! Apple Wallet supports storing unlimited credit and debit cards. You can conveniently switch between personal, business, family member cards, etc. right from your Wallet app when paying in store.
  5. Do I need to open or unlock my iPhone when using Apple Pay in store?
    You do not need to open your iPhone’s lock screen or individual apps to use Apple Pay in stores. Simply wake your locked iPhone or activate your Apple Watch screen to hold near the payment scanner for a seamless experience.
  6. Is Apple Pay worth setting up just for grocery store trips?
    Absolutely! Paying via Apple Pay means quicker checkout, enhanced security since your actual card number stays hidden, easy access to rewards accounts, and leaving your physical wallet safely at home. It only takes moments to set up yet offers huge shopping and payment convenience.
  7. Can I cancel a purchase after scanning with Apple Pay if needed?
    Yes, cashiers at Harris Teeter can cancel an Apple Pay transaction at anytime before fully processing payment. This allows you to modify your cart items, apply new discounts or coupons, switch payment methods, and re-scan your iPhone or Apple Watch afterwards.
  8. Does Apple Pay work from within my pocket or bag at Harris Teeter?
    Unfortunately Apple Pay only activates when your iPhone screen wakes or by raising your wrist with Apple Watch. For security, you need to present your visual device confirmation to the payment scanner similar to tapping a physical credit card. Carry your iPhone or watch your wrist easily accessible when shopping to enable Apple Pay.
  9. Can I store digital Harris Teeter coupons in Apple Wallet too?
    At this time, Harris Teeter does not offer integration for storing paper coupons directly within Apple Wallet. However you can still easily apply any printable or app coupons to your Apple Pay purchases with cashier assistance at checkout.
  10. Do I need to sign a payment receipt when I checkout with Apple Pay?
    Signatures are not required for any Apple Pay transactions, regardless of total purchase amount. Your contactless iPhone or Apple Watch payment acts similar to tapping a credit card in stores, automatically approving via biometrics or passcode instead of signatures.
  11. What should I do if my iPhone with Apple Pay gets lost or stolen?
    Immediately suspend Apple Pay functionality online and contact your bank to deactivate any cards connected to your Apple Wallet for security. Enable Lost Mode via Find My app as well to lock your device. You can then safely add replacement cards to Apple Pay once you acquire a new iPhone.

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