Does IKEA Take Apple Pay?

IKEA, the popular Swedish furniture store, offers various payment options for customers. One common question shoppers have is “does IKEA take Apple Pay?”

Does IKEA Take Apple Pay?

An Overview of Payment Options at IKEA

IKEA aims to provide payment solutions that are convenient and secure. Customers can pay using:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover)
  • Debit cards (PIN-enabled or signature)
  • IKEA gift cards
  • IKEA store credit
  • PayPal (select locations)

However, IKEA does not currently accept Apple Pay across its locations. The option for Apple Pay may only be available at certain IKEA franchises or stores.

Why Doesn’t IKEA Take Apple Pay Everywhere?

IKEA not accepting Apple Pay uniformly can be due to a few reasons:

  • Apple Pay acceptance depends on the capabilities of point-of-sale systems at each franchise. Not all IKEA stores may have POS systems enabled for Apple Pay.
  • There are regional differences in payment options accepted across IKEA locations. Payment tenders can vary based on partnerships and provider availability in each country/state.
  • IKEA is experimenting with Apple Pay in some areas before rolling it out chainwide. Limited pilots allow assessing performance and fine-tuning implementation.

So for shoppers wondering “can I use Apple Pay at IKEA,” the answer depends on your nearest stores’ POS systems. Check with your local IKEA for latest payment options. Global availability may expand based on pilots’ success.

How to Pay at IKEA Using Other Mobile Wallets

Though Apple Pay might not be supported uniformly, IKEA does have some mobile wallet payment options implemented across its stores.

These options allow contactless payment using your mobile device, offering convenience in checking out:

  • Google Pay – The tap-and-pay wallet by Google allows using credit/debit cards stored in your Google Account.
  • Alipay – This mobile app lets you pay with your Alipay digital wallet at IKEA in China and a few other regions.
  • WeChat Pay – IKEA enables WeChat Pay support widely across IKEA China, allowing QR-code based in-app payments.

Check for stickers/posters at your nearest IKEA checkout to confirm if Google Pay, Alipay, or WeChat Pay can be used before payment.

When Will Apple Pay be Available at IKEA?

IKEA has not announced a timeline for rolling out Apple Pay across its stores uniformly. However, in an earning call recently, CEO Jesper Brodyn mentioned:

“…Some franchises are also trialing or implementing new payment solutions like Alipay, Apple Pay…”

This indicates that wider Apple Pay support is likely coming based on results of ongoing pilots. Availability at each location would increase over time depending on technology enhancements.

IKEA is also working on modernizing overall payment infrastructure at stores. So upgrading POS setup opens doors for not just Apple Pay, but also better omnichannel experiences.

As these initiatives shape up, ease of use for customers would improve. This includes options for mobile contactless payments. Shoppers must watch out for Apple Pay indicators to know if it can be used at their IKEA now.

Shopper Convenience with Apple Pay and Other Payments

IKEA establishing Apple Pay and other mobile wallets provides:

  • Faster checkouts – No need to grab your wallet in queues or fumble with cards/cash. Just tap your mobile device instead.
  • Better hygiene – Contactless payments let you avoid touching payment terminals amid health safety concerns.
  • Enhanced security – Your card details don’t need to be stored by retailers. Mobile wallets offer extra encryption and authentication safeguards too.
  • Loyalty integration – Mobile payments allow easy application of any monetary/offer-based rewards programs.

So IKEA leveraging such payment medium benefits customers significantly through speed plus peace of mind.

As EMV-enabled POS systems reach more stores to modernize infrastructure, shoppers can expect Apple Pay to become available for payments soon.

The Bottom Line

Does IKEA take Apple Pay currently? It is not universally adopted yet, but select pilots are under progress. IKEA is also enhancing payment processing abilities across stores. Based on those results, IKEA would roll out Apple Pay support more widely.

For now, customers must check at their nearest location or call the store to ask – “Is Apple Pay accepted at IKEA near me?”

As omnichannel and payment offerings ramp up, IKEA’s shopping experience will become more seamless. That includes easier ways to pay through mobile devices using wallets like Apple Pay. Stay tuned to updates from IKEA on expanding such capabilities.

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Key Takeaways

  • Availability of Apple Pay currently varies across IKEA stores. It depends on the POS systems deployed at each franchise.
  • Wider Apple Pay acceptance is expected in a phased manner based on pilots. IKEA is modernizing all payment infrastructure.
  • Alternate mobile wallets like Google Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay can be used at more IKEA stores already.
  • Apple Pay rollout would bring greater speed, hygiene and security in paying for customers shopping at IKEA.

Conclusion paragraph 

In conclusion, Apple Pay and other mobile contactless payment support at IKEA locations are still evolving. Adoption and infrastructure upgrades happen progressively based on trials. As capabilities improve, customers can anticipate more self-checkout options via their smartphone device wallets. This will significantly enhance payment convenience when shopping for furniture and home goods at IKEA.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I use Apple Pay at IKEA today?
    Apple Pay acceptance varies as per local IKEA stores based on POS systems. Check with your nearest branch if Apple Pay can be used currently.

  2. What mobile payments does IKEA accept?
    Google Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay are accepted more widely vs Apple Pay now across IKEAs globally.

  3. Why is Apple Pay not fully rolled out at IKEA yet?
    Phased pilots allow assessing performance before chainwide deployment at IKEA. Regional partnerships also impact payment options locally.

  4. When will Apple Pay be offered by IKEA near me?
    No confirmed timelines shared yet. But more Apple Pay enablement expected based on technology infrastructure upgrades under progress across IKEAs.

  5. Can I make contactless payment at IKEA using my smartphone?
    Yes, Google Pay is accepted widely. Some stores also take Alipay and WeChat Pay currently. Apple Pay pilots ongoing – availability to increase over time.

  6. Is Apple Pay better than using credit cards at IKEA?
    Apple Pay offers faster checkout with better security, encryption and less need to share card details. Loyalty programs also better integrated.

  7. Will Apple Pay rollout to all IKEA stores?
    IKEA is modernizing all payment systems globally. As capabilities improve, Apple Pay is expected be enabled across 100% of IKEA locations over time.

  8. How does Apple Pay improve the IKEA shopping experience?
    Apart from faster checkout, Apple Pay improves hygiene with no need to touch payment machines or share your card details.

  9. When did IKEA start accepting Apple Pay?
    Limited Apple Pay pilots are still ongoing. No timeline on when first IKEA store enabled it. Updates to be shared once officially communicated by IKEA globally.

  10. Can I store my IKEA Family loyalty card on Apple Pay?
    Integrating IKEA Family card is expected to be an advantage driving Apple Pay rollout across IKEAs. Yet to be fully launched.

  11. Where can I use Apple Pay currently at IKEA if available?
    If enabled at your local IKEA, Apple Pay can be used to make payments at self checkouts, card readers for Scan & Pay, EMV-compliant point-of-sale terminals if any.

  12. How will I know if Apple Pay is accepted at my IKEA store?
    Look for Apple Pay logos on entrance doors, checkout lanes. Or call your IKEA store to enquire if Apple Pay can be used now.

  13. Will IKEA’s app support Apple Pay in future?
    Yes, enabling Apple Pay as a payment option within IKEA’s mobile app would allow wider adoption. This is expected post full rollout by IKEA across stores.

  14. I have an Android phone. What mobile payment can I use at IKEA?
    Google Pay is accepted more widely than Apple Pay for now across many IKEA stores that accept contactless payments via mobile device.

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