Does Legoland Take Apple Pay

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Yes, Legoland Accepts Apple Pay. Legoland Will Be the First Theme Park to Accept Apple Pay. Legoland is the first theme park in Denmark to accept Apple Pay as a form of payment for tickets and merchandise. 

In addition, the park has partnered with a Danish company, Teller, specializing in digital payments and marketing services.

Apple Pay is becoming more popular among consumers due to its convenience and security features.

Legoland To Open the World’s First Retail Store With Apple Pay Support

The new store will be the world’s first to accept Apple Pay and located in Shanghai, China.

This move is not only a way for LegoLand to introduce its latest products but also to open up its retail stores for more customers.

Other Modes of payment at Legoland

LEGOLAND Florida accepts American Express, Discover Card, VISA, and MasterCard for park admission, merchandise, and restaurant purchases. They do not accept personal checks or traveler’s checks for these purposes.

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