Does Marco’s Take Apple Pay

Our founder, Pat Giammarco’s vision wasn’t just to serve pizza – it was to serve quality pizza and have people keep coming back for more. It worked! What started as one store in Toledo, Ohio, turned into over 1,000 stores across 34 states with locations throughout the US. In addition, we have many locations for takeout, delivery, and dine-in.

Does Marco’s Take Apple Pay

Yes, Marcos’s does accept Apple Pay, but not in all stores. When Apple Pay was first introduced, there was a lot of criticism about the security and privacy features. However, in the past couple of years, Apple has made some improvements. For example, they have made it so that the number on your card is not stored on your phone. This means that if someone gets access to your phone, they will not be able to make any purchases without your card number.

The company also introduced new features meant to help you make online purchases. For example, they now have a feature called “one touch,” which allows you to authorize an online purchase by tapping once on the home button or fingerprint scanner on your phone.

How to Check if Marco’s Is Accepting Apple Pay at Your Local Store

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system that allows users to pay for items at retailers with their iPhones. Apple Pay is accepted by many retailers, including Marco’s Pizza.

Call the store and ask to find out if your local Marco’s Pizza location accepts Apple Pay. If they don’t accept it, you can also use Marco’s card to pay for your order or cash to make your purchase!

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