Does Panera Take Apple Pay?

Yes, as of 2022, Panera Bread accepts Apple Pay at all company-owned locations in the United States. This allows customers to easily pay for their meals using their iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook that has Apple Pay set up.

Some key things to know about using Apple Pay at Panera Bread:Does Panera Take Apple Pay?

  • Works at self-service kiosks as well as regular registers
  • Can use with Apple Card for additional cashback rewards
  • Apple Pay transactions are secure and private
  • Easy identity verification with Face ID or Touch ID
  • No need to carry cards or cash into the cafe

So if you’re a Panera Bread fan with an iPhone or Apple device, you can leave your wallet behind and pay for that You Pick Two or bakery item with just your smart device. It’s a very quick and convenient way to pay on-the-go.

Where Can You Use Apple Pay in Panera?

All company-owned Panera Bread locations accept Apple Pay payments in the United States, including:

  • In-cafe registers – When ordering and paying directly at the register, you can use Apple Pay. Just look for the Apple Pay or contactless payment logo at checkout.
  • Self-service kiosks – Panera’s touchscreen kiosks used for ordering food also accept Apple Pay as a payment method.
  • Panera mobile app – When ordering food or Rapid Pick-Up ahead through Panera’s iOS app, Apple Pay works as an in-app payment.
  • Delivery orders – For Panera delivery orders placed online or in the app, Apple Pay is accepted.
  • Rapid Pick-Up – Panera’s system for ordering ahead and picking up food in-cafe also takes Apple Pay.

Franchise locations should also accept Apple Pay, but you may want to check with your specific cafe first before assuming this payment type is available if ordering ahead.

Devices That Work With Apple Pay at Panera

As long as you have a device with Apple Pay set up, you can use it to pay at Panera Bread locations. Compatible devices include:

  • iPhone (iPhone 6 or newer models)
  • Apple Watch
  • iPad (iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro with Touch ID

Your device will need to be running at least iOS 8.1 or watchOS 1.0 and have Touch ID, Face ID, or double-click enabled for Apple Pay. You’ll also want to make sure you have a credit, debit, or prepaid card added to your Apple Pay Wallet.

Once configured, just hold your unlocked device near the payment terminal and complete the transaction as prompted either by scanning your face or fingerprint. It’s very quick and convenient for loyal Panera patrons!

Using Apple Pay Rewards at Panera

If you use the Apple Card issued by Goldman Sachs as your form of payment via Apple Pay at Panera Bread, you can earn 3% Daily Cash rewards back. This gives you extra incentive to pay with this method.

You may also have reward certificates for MyPanera rewards program applied when using Apple Pay. However, note that Panera rewards cannot be earned solely from Apple Pay purchases – you need to scan the QR code from the MyPanera app before paying to get credit within their loyalty program.

Tips for Using Apple Pay Successfully at Panera

To ensure Apple Pay works properly when paying at Panera Bread, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure your phone has battery life and there’s an internet/cellular connection to process the transaction.
  • Turn on both NFC and Express Transit Cards in your Settings app.
  • Update to the latest iOS software for optimal performance.
  • Know your Apple ID password or have Touch ID/Face ID enabled so payment processes seamlessly.
  • Add a default card to Wallet to save time when paying.
  • Open the Wallet app on your phone as you approach checkout.
  • Hold your device an inch or less away from the payment terminal when completing the transaction.

Apple Pay FAQs at Panera Bread

Still have some questions about using Apple Pay at Panera? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is Apple Pay safe to use at Panera?

Yes, Apple Pay provides enhanced security and does not share your actual credit or debit card information with merchants. Instead, it uses a unique digital token to represent your device, so your details stay private.

What if Apple Pay is not working at my Panera location?

If you run into any issues using Apple Pay at the self-order kiosk or register, ask an employee for assistance. Make sure NFC is enabled in your device settings. Occasionally, there may be tech issues with the cafe’s NFC reader that staff can quickly resolve.

Can I add a Panera gift card to Apple Pay?

At this time, Panera Bread does not allow adding physical or digital gift cards into the Apple Pay wallet for payment. You’ll need to scan or redeem these separately before using Apple Pay for any remaining balance.

Does Apple Pay work in the Panera drive thru?

It depends on the specific drive-thru. Some locations have Apple Pay enabled at the drive-thru window while others may not. Check with the cafe directly or just have an alternate payment method ready in case Apple Pay is not supported in the drive-thru lane yet.

Can I use Apple Pay with Rapid Pick-Up orders?

Yes, Panera’s Rapid Pick-Up service does allow you to pay with Apple Pay when you select this option. It provides the ultimate speedy experience – order ahead in the app and breeze through the dedicated pick-up line!

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at Panera

While Apple Pay typically works seamlessly for customers at Panera Bread, errors can occasionally occur that block usage and payment processing. Here is some troubleshooting guidance if you encounter issues:

  • Update your iOS device – Make sure your iPhone or iPad has the latest OS version downloaded which may resolve software bugs interfering with Apple Pay transactions.
  • Check NFC settings – Confirm that NFC and Express Transit options are enabled in Settings which allows tap-to-pay services.
  • Open Wallet app – When you approach checkout, open your Wallet app and select your card so it’s ready to scan. Keep your phone unlocked as well.
  • Insufficient funds – You may need to check your linked bank account or card balance and add more funds before the transaction can process from Apple Pay.
  • Try another card – Occasionally, certain credit or debit cards added to Apple Pay may not work properly. Try using a different card linked to Wallet instead.
  • Staff assistance – Politely ask staff members for help troubleshooting or processing the transaction through other means if you suspect an issue with Panera’s NFC reader interfering with Apple Pay payments.

Following these tips should get Apple Pay working again so you can get back to enjoying your Panera Bread favorites!

Key Takeaways About Panera and Apple Pay

  • Panera Bread accepts Apple Pay at all U.S. company-owned cafes
  • Works at registers, kiosks, in app, for delivery, and Rapid Pick-Up
  • Need iPhone 6 or newer or Apple Watch/iPad/MacBook with Touch ID
  • Transactions are tokenized for security and convenience
  • Can earn 3% Daily Cash back with Apple Card via Apple Pay
  • Troubleshoot issues by updating device, checking settings, asking staff for help
  • Makes ordering and paying easy for Panera Bread fans with Apple devices!


In summary, Panera Bread accepts Apple Pay across the United States at self-service kiosks, registers, in the Panera app, and for delivery or Rapid Pick-Up orders. It works seamlessly with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or MacBook models that have Apple Pay set up with Touch ID, Face ID, or double-click enabled along with iOS 8.1+.

Transactions are quick, convenient, and secure with Apple Pay, using unique tokenization so customer payment information is never shared with merchants like Panera. And you can potentially earn additional rewards by using your Apple Card with Apple Pay when grabbing food or coffee from Panera.

So for Apple device owners who also love Panera’s sandwiches, soups, salad and sweets, paying with just your smart gadget via Apple Pay is certainly possible across their U.S. locations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Panera and Apple Pay:

1. What models of iPad work with Apple Pay at Panera?
The iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and newer all support Apple Pay if running at least iOS 8.1. Just tap to pay at checkout after ordering.

2. Can I store a Panera gift card on Apple Pay?
Unfortunately adding Panera gift cards to the Apple Pay Wallet is not possible. You’ll need to apply gift card codes separately before using Apple Pay for the remainder.

3. What card brands are compatible with Apple Pay at Panera?
Major credit card brands like Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover debit/credit cards work with Apple Pay at Panera as do most bank-issued cards.

4. What is the maximum transaction amount for Apple Pay at Panera?
There is no official maximum purchase limit enforced. However, contactless transactions over $200 may require additional identity confirmation before approval.

5. Do Panera cafes in Canada also take Apple Pay?
While many Canada locations have self-serve kiosks that accept Apple Pay, it is less common at front registers. Check with each cafe directly for specifics on Apple Pay.

6. Can I store a Panera gift card on Apple Pay?
Unfortunately you cannot currently add or redeem Panera gift cards using just Apple Pay. They need to be applied to your MyPanera profile separately first before paying any remainder due with Apple Pay.

7. How do I view previous Panera transactions made with Apple Pay?
Check bank statements or mobile banking app notifications for Panera purchases made with a particular debit/credit card. Names should reference Apple for Apple Pay orders.

8. Is Apple Pay contactless payment safer than using plastic cards at Panera?
Yes, Apple Pay does not share your actual account number so it offers an extra layer of security and anonymity versus paying directly with a physical credit or debit card.

9. How do I pay for Panera catering orders with Apple Pay?
When placing a catering order for Panera delivery/pickup, choose Apple Pay at checkout if offered. Make sure your Wallet account balance can cover the full order or it may be declined.

10. Can I use a Panera reward offer and Apple Pay together for payment?
You cannot directly combine a rewards certificate and Apple Pay in one Panera transaction at this time. Make sure to add reward to your MyPanera account before using Apple Pay.

11. Does Apple Pay work for Rapid Pick-Up orders from Panera?
Yes, when using Rapid Pick-Up ordering you can select Apple Pay at checkout from the Panera app and then simply scan your device to pick up the food order you placed ahead of time.

12. What if my Apple Pay payment won’t process at a self-serve Panera kiosk?
If Apple Pay is not working at a Panera self-order kiosk for any reason, try again a few minutes later or use an alternate supported payment method instead like chip card to complete your order.

13. Can I use Apple Pay via the Panera app or website?
Yes, both the iOS app and Panera website allow selecting Apple Pay during checkout when placing delivery or pick-up orders for payment.

14. Is Apple Pay available at every Panera location?
Almost all company-owned cafes accept Apple Pay now, but some franchised locations may not so check first if paying with a newer smart device like Apple Watch.

15. Do I earn MyPanera loyalty rewards when paying with Apple Pay?
Unfortunately just using Apple Pay does not earn rewards. Make sure to scan your MyPanera QR code before paying with Apple Pay to get credit for purchases towards free rewards.

16. Can I use Apple Pay for Panera catering orders?
Yes, when placing a catering order online or through the app you can select Apple Pay at checkout provided your Wallet account balance can fully cover the order amount.

17. Will my Panera order history show purchases made via Apple Pay?
Past Apple Pay orders should appear in your Panera account order history just like any other payment method. Names may reference Apple/Apple Pay as the payment type used.

18. Is Apple Pay available at Panera Bread Canada locations?
Currently Apple Pay acceptance is limited in Canada, with roll out focused on self-order kiosks first. Check with your specific cafe on Apple Pay at front registers or for orders ahead.

19. Do I need to have the Panera app to use Apple Pay in their cafes?
No, the app is not required. As long as you have Apple Pay set up on your compatible iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad, you can tap to pay at registers without the Panera app installed.

20. Can I use Apple Pay via Siri voice commands to pay for my Panera order?
There is no confirmation Siri requests for Apple Pay payments are supported at this time when ordering in person. You’ll need to tap your device directly instead.


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