Does Ross Take Apple Pay?

Ross is a popular off-price retailer that offers significant discounts on brand name apparel, accessories, footwear, home goods and more for the family and home. With hundreds of locations across dozens of states, Ross aims to make designer brands affordable. This article provides valuable information about Ross’ payment options, specifically addressing the question “Does Ross Take Apple Pay?” so customers know what to expect when shopping.

Does Ross Take Apple Pay?

Payment Options at Ross

Ross accepts various common payment methods to accommodate different customers’ needs and preferences:

  • Credit Cards – Ross takes Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards both in-store and online. This includes tap-to-pay contactless credit cards.
  • Ross Gift Cards – Purchased Ross gift cards can be used the same as cash at any Ross Dress for Less or dd’s DISCOUNTS store nationwide or online.
  • Cash – United States paper currency is accepted at all Ross locations.
  • Checks – Personal checks are accepted in Ross stores with valid identification. Business checks and third-party checks are not accepted.
  • Apple Pay – As of December 2022, Ross does not take Apple Pay for in-person payments in stores. However, Ross online orders can use Apple Pay at checkout.

So in summary, while Ross takes major credit cards, cash, Ross gift cards and checks in stores, Apple Pay is currently only available for online purchases. Ross may expand Apple Pay to stores in the future based on customer demand.

How Apple Pay Works

For background, Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases in stores, apps and websites using eligible Apple devices. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • Supported devices include iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. A user adds eligible credit/debit cards to the Wallet app.
  • The saved cards can then be used to checkout with Apple Pay. Users confirm payments on their device with Touch ID, Face ID or passcode.
  • Apple Pay uses device encryption and tokenization for security, meaning merchants don’t see actual card numbers.

So Apple Pay aims to provide an easy, secure and private checkout experience for Apple users. As adoption grows, more major retailers are accepting Apple Pay in-store and online.

Using Apple Pay for Online Orders at Ross

While Apple Pay isn’t available in Ross stores yet, it can be used conveniently for online purchases:

  • When checking out on Ross’ website, look for the Apple Pay payment option.
  • Click the Apple Pay button and confirm the Ross order amount.
  • Your eligible Apple device will prompt you to authorize with Face ID, Touch ID or device passcode.
  • After authorizing with Apple Pay, the Ross order payment is securely processed using tokenization and encryption technology.

So Apple users can enjoy quick checkout and enhanced security buying Ross products online via Apple Pay. This taps into the growing preference for mobile payments and contactless checkout.

Future Possibility of In-Store Apple Pay at Ross

As consumer demand increases for Apple Pay and other contactless payments, Ross may eventually adopt Apple Pay in its retail stores. However, Ross has not announced plans to accept Apple Pay or other mobile wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay for in-person payments.

A few factors that can influence stores introducing new payment technology:

  • Equipment Costs – Upgrading point-of-sale systems to enable contactless payments requires significant upfront investment.
  • Transaction Fees – Mobile wallet transactions may process at higher rates compared to traditional payments.
  • Security – Contactless payments introduce additional data privacy considerations which businesses must address.

For now, Ross customers can enjoy using Apple Pay when shopping online, but not in physical stores. As dialogue continues around modernizing payments infrastructure in retail, this situation may change pending further evaluation by Ross business leadership.

Tips for Shopping at Ross

As customers wonder “Does Ross take Apple Pay?”, it’s helpful to keep some shopping tips in mind for a smooth experience:

  • Have Backup Payment – Since Apple Pay is only available for Ross online orders currently, in-store shoppers should carry a credit card, cash or check as a backup payment method.
  • Download App for Coupons – Use the Ross mobile app on iPhone and Android to access exclusive offers and printable coupons before shopping in-store.
  • Sign Up for Email List – Register your email address with Ross to receive promotional discounts and sale alerts right to your inbox.
  • Check Return Policy – Review Ross’ return policy closely before purchasing items. While returns are accepted within 60 days in most cases, some products have shorter time limits.

Key Takeaways

  • As of late 2022, Ross does not yet take Apple Pay for in-person store payments but it can be used for online orders.
  • While Ross takes other common payment types like credit cards and cash, mobile pay options like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay are not yet enabled in Ross stores.
  • Ross may introduce Apple Pay and contactless payments in retail locations in the future based on growing consumer demand for checkout efficiency and security.
  • For now, Ross customers can tap into the ease and security of Apple Pay when shopping online from their iPhone, iPad or Mac.


With affordability as a key focus, Ross makes popular name brands accessible for many shoppers on a budget. While credit cards remain the most ubiquitous payment type accepted, an increasing emphasis on contactless mobile transactions suggests stores could expand options like Apple Pay over time.

For up-to-date details on payments at Ross, be sure to check their website and sign up for consumer news alerts about new features. Reach out to customer service with any specific questions on retail policies. Most importantly, enjoy the significant savings you can find on your favorite fashion, home and travel goods!

Frequently Asked Questions About Ross and Apple Pay

  1. Does Ross take Apple Pay in stores?
    No, as of late 2022 Ross does not accept Apple Pay for in-person payments in retail locations. You’ll need to pay with credit card, cash or check instead.
  2. Can I use Apple Pay on Ross’ website?
    Yes, Apple Pay is enabled at checkout when shopping Ross online so you can pay conveniently from iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  3. Why doesn’t Ross allow Apple Pay in stores yet?
    Ross has focused on more traditional payment types over newer options like contactless mobile payments. The shift may come later pending customer demand and cost/benefit evaluation.
  4. What Apple devices work with Apple Pay for Ross online orders?
    Any iPhone, iPad or Mac model that supports Apple Pay and has cards set up in the Wallet app can use Apple Pay at Ross’ online checkout.
  5. Is Apple Pay secure for Ross purchases?
    Yes, Apple Pay transactions use secure encryption and tokenized data so your actual credit/debit card details are never shared with the merchant.
  6. Does Ross accept other mobile payments like Google Pay?
    Not at this time – currently Ross only accepts Apple Pay specifically for e-commerce orders, while not supporting any mobile wallets for in-store checkout.
  7. Can I store my Ross gift card on Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately Ross gift cards cannot currently be added to Apple Pay. You’ll need to present the physical gift card or gift card code when shopping at Ross stores.
  8. How long does a Ross Apple Pay transaction take?
    The Apple Pay transaction processes very quickly, often more quickly than inserting/swiping a credit card since no signature is required.
  9. Will Apple Pay impact my chances for Ross returns or exchanges?
    No, Ross will still honor its standard return and exchange policy for online orders paid via Apple Pay within 60 days in most cases.
  10. Who can I contact if I have issues using Apple Pay with Ross online?
    You can contact Ross Customer Service by phone, email or chat on their website for any questions related to Apple Pay or other online order issues.
  11. Why do some stores take Apple Pay but not Ross?
    Every retailer evaluates costs of payment systems differently – while Apple Pay adoption grows, budget constraints likely affect Ross’ timeline to implement in stores.
  12. Is Apple Pay coming soon to Ross stores?
    Ross has not indicated Apple Pay is launching in stores imminently. Check their website for updates or email investor relations for any insight on retail tech expansion plans.
  13. Are my credit card rewards impacted if I use Apple Pay with Ross?
    No, you still earn all standard rewards and benefits by transacting with eligible cards via Apple Pay the same as you typically would for online purchases.
  14. Is Apple Pay easier to use for Ross orders as a senior?
    Yes, Apple Pay can eliminate hassles locating your glasses or cards. Just confirm orders easily via fingerprint or Face ID from iPhone or iPad.
  15. If my card details change, what happens to Ross Apple Pay orders?
    You would simply update the changed card in your iPhone/iPad wallet. Upcoming transactions process using the new details automatically.
  16. Can minors use Apple Pay with parental approval for Ross orders?
    Yes, Apple Pay works seamlessly for teens/kids shopping online at Ross if parental controls allow card usage and online transactions.
  17. I don’t have an iPhone – what’s an alternative to Apple Pay at Ross?
    Consider payment services like PayPal, Shop Pay or Klara for quick online checkout if you don’t own an eligible Apple device for Apple Pay transactions.
  18. Where can I leave feedback requesting Apple Pay at Ross stores?
    You can email Ross leadership via the Contact Us page sharing your interest in stores adopting Apple Pay or other contactless payments for easier checkout.
  19. What rewards can I earn shopping at Ross with Apple Pay online?
    Any standard credit card rewards programs apply when checking out via Apple Pay, though Ross-specific loyalty programs rely on alternate ID at this time.
  20. Is Apple Pay hassle-free if my card is lost/stolen when shopping Ross online?
    Absolutely – if your card is lost, stolen or expires, Apple Pay links get updated automatically once you add the replacement card data to your Apple Wallet.

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