Does Sally’s Take Apple Pay?

Sally Beauty Supply, commonly known as just Sally’s, is a popular retailer specializing in professional beauty products. With over 3,000 brick-and-mortar stores across the United States, Sally’s is a convenient place for both professionals and regular consumers to shop for high-quality hair, nail, and skin care products.

Does Sally's Take Apple Pay?

As mobile payment methods like Apple Pay continue to grow in popularity, more customers are asking if you can use Apple Pay at Sally’s stores. So does Sally’s take Apple Pay? The short answer is yes, Sally’s does accept Apple Pay as a payment method in their stores.

How Apple Pay Works at Sally’s

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows you to pay in stores using your iPhone or Apple Watch. Here is a quick overview of how to use Apple Pay at Sally’s:

  • You must have an iPhone 6 or newer model, or an Apple Watch to use Apple Pay. Older iPhones are not compatible.
  • To set up, simply add your credit or debit cards to your Apple Wallet app. Your actual card numbers are not shared with the store.
  • At checkout, hold your compatible iPhone or Apple Watch near the store’s contactless reader. An Apple Pay symbol is displayed to indicate when the payment reader is ready to accept Apple Pay.
  • Use Face ID, Touch ID, or double-click the side button to authenticate with your fingerprint or face. You will see a checkmark on the screen confirming the payment went through using Apple Pay.
  • A receipt is sent to your email and you will also receive a notification on your iPhone confirming the amount paid.

It’s a quick, secure, and convenient way to pay at Sally’s without needing to pull out your physical wallet or cards. Apple Pay can be used directly with your linked bank account, credit card, and popular digital wallets.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay at Sally’s

There are several nice advantages to using Apple Pay over other payment methods at Sally’s:

  • It’s very fast and convenient – Checking out takes seconds. Simply hold up your iPhone to the reader rather than fishing for your wallet.
  • Added security benefits – Your actual credit card number is never shared or stored. Each transaction uses a unique security code.
  • Receipts are digital – Sally’s Apple Pay receipts are automatically saved. You can easily access them at any time in your email or Wallet app.
  • Rewards and cash back – Apple Pay purchases continue to earn customers any rewards or cash back just like using the physical credit/debit card.
  • Accessibility features – The larger reader interface and options like haptic feedback make paying with Apple devices easier for some.

For frequent Sally Beauty shoppers, enabling Apple Pay can really maximize convenience and speed at checkout. Even occasional shoppers will benefit from not having to carry their entire wallet into the store.

What Payment Methods Does Sally’s Accept?

In addition to Apple Pay using an iPhone and Apple Watch, Sally’s accepts the following payment methods in all stores nationwide:

  • Visa – One of the largest payment networks. Most major banks issue Visa debit and credit cards.
  • Mastercard – Accepted at Sally’s. Mastercard has a similar acceptance footprint to Visa in the US.
  • Discover – Discover cards and major competing cards with the Discover logo on front can be used.
  • American Express – AmEx credit cards are accepted by Sally’s in their stores. Both personal and small business cards.
  • JCB – Japanese credit company cards with the JCB logo are also taken. This includes brands like UnionPay.
  • Cash – United States paper currency, dollars, and coins are accepted by Sally’s for in-person payments.
  • Gift cards & store credit – Purchasing and redeeming Sally’s branded gift cards or store credit is welcome.

Sally’s aims to accept most major credit cards from top US issuers and networks. Debit cards, cash, gift cards, and their credit cards are also welcomed payment options. Apple Pay is just the newest, most advanced option.

Using Apple Pay at Sally’s Self Checkout

Many Sally Beauty locations now have self checkout stations available. These allow customers to ring up purchases themselves and accept payment. Apple Pay can still be used seamlessly at Sally’s self checkout.

Here is the process for checking out with Apple Pay at a Sally’s self checkout kiosk:

  1. Scan each item’s bar code under the barcode reader at the station
  2. Place items on the counter in the designated area
  3. Select payment option on the PIN pad screen
  4. Hover iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless symbol to connect
  5. Authorize with Face/Touch ID when prompted
  6. Accept or decline email receipt
  7. Take items and leave when prompted by the station

It’s essentially the same few easy steps as going through a cashier. authorize You must scan each item yourself but otherwise Apple Pay speeds up the payment the same.

Some key things that help the process go smoothly include:

  • Waiting for each item to register fully before adding the next into the scanning area
  • Not bagging items until the station indicates successful payment processing is complete
  • Keeping your iPhone or Apple Watch ready to hold to the reader when payment prompt comes up

You might run into an issue if scanning goes too quickly between items or bags are moved prematurely. But overall being familiar with the self checkout steps makes Apple Pay a great contactless payment choice over cash or cards directly at Sally’s DIY station.

Apple Pay Purchases Are Secure

Security and privacy are always top concerns when adding a new payment method. Rest assured Apple Pay offers best-in-class security and encryption. Your actual payment card details are never exposed or transmitted. Instead, a unique encrypted transaction code is created each time you pay.

Here are some key security benefits when choosing Apple Pay at Sally’s:

  • Device Account Numbers replace cards – These random unique Device Account Numbers keep cards protected
  • One-time unique dynamic security codes – A new code secures each transaction so data stays safe
  • Payment tokens add encryption – Tokens allow payments without passing real card or account details
  • Secure Element chip keeps data safe – Dedicated chip with encrypted data for processing secure payments
  • Biometric authentication enabled – Face ID or Touch ID verification required helps prevent fraud

You also continue enjoying the regular security, fraud protection, rewards, and insurance provided by the bank or card issuer itself. Apple Pay is simply handling the actual payment transaction securely.

So shoppers can feel safe and reassured selecting Apple Pay over chip, swipe, or even contactless credit cards alone due to enhanced security measures. Giving customers both convenience and privacy continues earning Apple Pay more retail acceptance.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at Sally’s

While Apple Pay at Sally’s should work seamlessly most purchases, occasional technical issues can come up temporarily blocking payment. Here are some tips for troubleshooting common problems:

  • Update your iOS device – Make sure latest OS is installed for maximum Apple Pay compatibility
  • Re-add credit card – Delete old card from Apple Wallet and freshly re-add it to refresh data
  • Activate contactless card – Check bank settings to enable contactless transactions globally
  • Use a different device – Try paying with a second compatible iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad if possible
  • Call bank support – Contact your card issuer to make sure no holds or blocks exist on account
  • Try another payment method – As a backup you can use another mobile wallet, physical card or cash

In many cases, simply restarting both the iPhone and Sally’s payment terminal can quickly resolve temporary connection issues. Ensuring you have the latest Apple Wallet pass with updated card details helps minimize problems.

And if Apple Pay errors persist over multiple attempts, falling back on another payment method lets you complete the purchase immediately while troubleshooting the root cause. Sally’s support staff will also happily assist to process payments while Apple Pay problems are addressed with card issuers.

Sally’s Return Policy with Apple Pay

As a retailer focused specifically on beauty supplies, Sally’s offers a robust return policy on the products they sell to maintain satisfaction. This allows customers to bring back opened or damaged products past the usual return deadlines offered at most stores.

The same flexible Sally’s Beauty return policy applies whether a purchase was originally made via Apple Pay or standard payment card:

  • 60 day returns – Full refunds allowed up to 60 days past original purchase date
  • Returns OK without receipt – Sally’s system can lookup past purchases with ID to process returns
  • Packages must be sealed – Products can only be returned unopened/unused with original packaging

Apple Pay is simply handling the payment transaction. Purchases made via Apple Pay continue being covered by all the regular Sally’s guarantees, insurance, etc.

Refunds get credited automatically back to the original card used via Apple Pay, minus any gift card amounts. So the payment method itself does not impact the return experience or Sally’s standard policies which remain highly customer friendly.

Get Support for Apple Pay Issues

Between Apple’s own help resources and Sally’s customer service, you have full support resolving any Apple Pay difficulties before, during, or after checkout:

  • Apple Support – For iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Apple Pay issues, contact Apple Support directly via chat or phone.
  • Sally’s Customer Service – The Sally’s support site offers phone, email, and chat for store purchase help.
  • Sally’s Stores – Visit any retail location for in-person support troubleshooting Apple Pay issues on purchases. Store associates can contact corporate teams assisting with payments if needed.
  • Card Issuer Support – Your bank or credit card provider may also be able to address activation, transaction disputes, or modification requirements from their end.

With various support channels available, customers can get Apple Pay errors fully diagnosed to restore mobile purchases at Sally’s. Support staff have access to necessary transaction records, reader maintenance, and troubleshooting tips tailored to the exact error encountered.

Key Takeaways on Sally’s Apple Pay Acceptance

The key points to remember regarding Apple Pay enabled payments at Sally’s stores nationwide include:

  • All corporate-owned Sally’s locations now accept Apple Pay at checkout
  • Customers can use recent model iPhones, Apple Watches, newer iPads, and Macs with Touch ID for Apple Pay
  • Setup simply requires adding eligible credit/debit cards to the Apple Wallet app
  • Hovering near the contactless reader terminal triggers the encrypted Apple Pay payment
  • Sally’s return policies and rewards programs apply equally to Apple Pay purchases
  • Both Sally’s and Apple offer full customer service support for troubleshooting issues

So for existing Sally Beauty shoppers with Apple devices, enabling Apple Pay provides a seamless, highly secure, and convenient checkout experience. For new customers as well, Apple Pay makes visiting Sally’s locations a quick and hassle-free retail destination for beauty supplies without fumbling through your purse or wallet.

With over 3,000 locations throughout the country, Sally’s Apple Pay acceptance helps millions easily access professional quality products locally for hair, makeup, nails, skin care, and more using the latest payment technologies.

Try out Apple Pay yourself on your next visit and see just how simple running into Sally’s for last-minute needs can be!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does every Sally’s location have Apple Pay?
    Yes, Sally’s has rolled out Apple Pay payment capability to all current corporate stores nationwide. Franchise locations are also expected to adopt Apple Pay over time as reader hardware gets updated.

  2. Do I need a credit card to use Apple Pay at Sally’s?
    While the most common method involves adding credit or debit cards to Apple Wallet, you can also link Apple Pay to a bank account directly or use compatible digital wallets for payment sources.

  3. What iPhone models work with Sally’s Apple Pay terminals?
    You’ll need an iPhone 6 or newer. This includes iPhone 6/6s/7 series and newer models up to current iPhone 14 devices. Apple Watches also work.

  4. Why do I need to authenticate with Face ID to pay at Sally’s with my phone?
    The Face ID or Touch ID biometric verification provides an important security step to ensure you authorize all Apple Pay transactions from your devices.

  5. Can I add gift cards or Sally’s store credit to Apple Wallet?
    Physical Sally’s gift cards cannot yet be added directly to Apple Wallet. But their mobile gift cards fully integrate if originally purchased electronically.

  6. Is Apple Pay safer to use than my credit card at Sally’s?
    Yes, Apple Pay offers enhanced security encryption, tokenization, dynamic codes, and biometrics that provide more protection than simply swiping or dipping an old style credit card.

  7. How do I review previous Apple Pay transactions at Sally’s?
    Check purchase receipts in your email inbox as well as accessing complete transaction details within Apple’s built-in Wallet transaction list.

  8. What do I do if Apple Pay fails to work at Sally’s checkout?
    You can ask cashiers to try typical troubleshooting like checking data connections or contacting their payment processor. Switching to another payment method is simplest if issues persist.

  9. Can I receive personalized offers when paying via Apple Pay at Sally’s?
    Currently Sally’s does not tailor special deals based on Apple Pay usage or identity. All customers receive the same regular store promotions and coupon opportunities.

  10. Who pays for Apple Pay transaction fees at Sally’s?
    Sally Beauty absorbs nominal Apple Pay transaction costs like other payment methods. Customers continue enjoying Sally’s published prices without surcharges.

  11. Is Apple Pay contactless payment safer regarding COVID-19 at Sally’s?
    Apple Pay eliminates physically exchanging cards and PIN pads with cashiers, promoting recommended contactless payment and social distancing for essential retailers like Sally’s.

  12. Will my Apple Pay credit card price match qualify at Sally’s stores?
    Yes, Sally’s will honor any legitimate price match offers related to a credit card used via Apple Pay purchases per their standard guarantee policies.

  13. Do I need to show my physical driver license when Apple Pay purchasing restricted products?
    Yes, Sally’s requires age verification on restricted beauty chemicals which may require providing your physical license for proof even when paying via Apple Pay.

  14. Can Apple Pay be used when purchasing Sally’s gift cards for others?
    Yes, Apple Pay can certainly be used to conveniently purchase Sally’s physical or electronic gift cards. The gift card itself does not get added to Apple Wallet for redemption however.

  15. Is Apple Pay at Sally’s only for in-store shopping or online too?
    Yes, checkout also accepts Apple Pay for online orders. So Apple Pay can be used seamlessly across both online ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail stores.

  16. What should I do if my Apple Pay transaction posted but points didn’t apply to my Sally’s rewards account?
    Contact Sally’s Beauty customer support to inquire about properly crediting missing rewards program points related to eligible Apple Pay purchases.

  17. Can I store Sally’s gift cards on iPhone to pay via Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately Apple Wallet does not let you store retailer closed-loop gift cards like physical Sally’s cards to pay with. You would need to carry and scan the QR code from plastic gift card still.

  18. How do I update the card details used with my Apple Pay at Sally’s?
    You can edit or remove existing cards within Apple Wallet at anytime and also add new credit or debit cards that will apply immediately for Apple Pay transactions at Sally’s.

  19. Does Apple Pay work online for Sally’s ship to store orders?
    Yes, when choosing the ship to store pickup option during online checkout, you can still select Apple Pay as the payment method for that ecommerce order at

  20. Can I use Apple Pay at Sally’s salon locations or just retail stores?
    Apple Pay can be utilized at any corporate-owned Sally’s locations, whether the retail storefront, standalone salon locations, or combination stores offering both products and salon services.


With mobile payment adoption growing rapidly, Sally’s embodies the future of omnichannel retail supporting secure contactless transactions both online and in real world stores. Apple Pay acceptance enables Sally’s millions of customers to conveniently checkout in seconds safely using devices already in hand.

For iPhone owners who regularly shop Sally’s clearance racks hunting for deals on beauty products, Apple Pay delivers both privacy and speed at all locations nationwide. Even infrequent Sally’s shoppers benefit from frictionless checkout skipping the legacy routines of removing cards or exact change when making quick impulse purchase runs.

Given Sally’s massive retail footprint with new stores continually opening, Apple Pay convenience lands as a true win-win-win proposition benefiting customers, store operations, and Apple ecosystem stickiness alike. Just remember a compatible Apple device is required, but otherwise start enjoying simplified Apple Pay purchases for all your Sally’s beauty supply needs going forward.


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