Does Sonic Take Apple Pay?

Sonic Drive-In is an American fast food restaurant chain that is popular for its drive-in format and extensive menu of burgers, hot dogs, frozen treats, and more. With mobile payment methods like Apple Pay becoming increasingly common, many Sonic customers wonder: Does Sonic take Apple Pay?

Does Sonic Take Apple Pay?

Sonic Drive-In accepts Apple Pay as a payment method at select locations nationwide. Customers can check if a specific Sonic restaurant takes Apple Pay by calling ahead or asking at the drive-in window.

As one of the largest U.S. fast food chains with over 3,500 drive-ins across the country, Sonic aims to provide modern, convenient payment options for its tech-savvy customer base. This article explores Sonic’s Apple Pay acceptance, how to pay with Apple Pay at Sonic, tips for using mobile payments, and answers 20 of the most frequently asked questions about Sonic and Apple Pay.

How to Pay with Apple Pay at Sonic

If a Sonic Drive-In location accepts Apple Pay, customers can use it to pay for any menu items through physical NFC transactions or in-app payments.

To use Apple Pay at the Sonic drive-in window or front counter register:

  1. Order food and drinks as usual at the intercom or with a Sonic team member
  2. When it is time to pay, unlock your iPhone or Apple Watch and hold it near the payment terminal
  3. Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or double-clicking the side button
  4. The payment will process after displaying a checkmark confirming Apple Pay was accepted

You can also load an Apple Cash card into the Sonic app and use Apple Pay to checkout online or within the app. Simply select Apple Cash as the payment method and authenticate with Face/Touch ID to complete the mobile order.

Tips for Using Mobile Payments at Sonic

Paying with Apple Pay at Sonic is quick, easy, and secure. But before tapping to pay, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check if Apple Pay is accepted – Call ahead or ask at ordering intercoms to confirm. Sonic Apple Pay availability varies.
  • Enable Express Transit mode – This allows tap-and-go payment without requiring authentication. Useful in Sonic drive-in lines!
  • Bring a backup payment – In case mobile payment issues arise, have another payment card or cash available.
  • Save payment information – Adding cards to your iPhone Wallet makes checkout faster for future visits.
  • Monitor transactions – Review Apple Pay activity periodically to catch unauthorized charges early.

Following these tips will ensure the best payment experience when using Apple Pay to order your favorite Sonic Cherry Limeade!

Which Sonic Locations Accept Apple Pay?

In spring 2022, Sonic introduced Apple Pay acceptance at select drive-ins nationwide, aiming to reach over 1,500 locations across the U.S. by late 2023. Specific restaurants accepting Apple Pay include:

  • Sonic drive-ins in Los Angeles, CA metro area
  • Many locations in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
  • Select restaurants near Kansas City, MO
  • Numerous South Carolina Sonics like Columbia, SC
  • Recently added Arizona (Phoenix area) and Ohio (Cleveland-Akron) sites

However, many Sonics have yet to adopt Apple Pay, like much of the Midwest and Plains. Sonic’s Apple Pay expansion is still an ongoing process. Contact your nearest drive-in directly to ask about current Apple Pay status.

We expect the fast food chain will enable mobile wallet functionality across all or most restaurants eventually based on customer demand. But for now, confirm Apple Pay acceptance before visiting your area Sonic.

Key Takeaways About Apple Pay and Sonic

  • Sonic Drive-In began accepting Apple Pay as a contactless payment method at select drive-in locations in 2022, aiming to support over 1,500 restaurants soon
  • Customers can use Apple Pay at the order counter, drive-thru window, or within Sonic’s official app
  • To pay at the Sonic window or register, simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal and authenticate with Face/Touch ID
  • Enable Express Transit for speedier drive-thru payment by skipping authentication
  • Always check if a specific Sonic location takes Apple Pay before visiting by calling the restaurant or asking at order placing
  • As Sonic expands Apple Pay to more drive-ins nationwide, this secure contactless payment method will become more convenient for its tech-savvy customer base

Using mobile wallets like Apple Pay at Sonic makes for fast, streamlined purchase experiences. And as the chain bolsters its technological capabilities in the future, simpler in-store and in-app payments will likely be key.


From city sites to rural towns, Sonic Drive-In remains a popular neighborhood destination for signature fast food and beverages. With Apple Pay adoption growing across retailers, restaurants, and services, Sonic aims to meet demand for modern mobile payments.

Although Apple Pay acceptance is still limited to certain Sonic drive-ins today, nationwide expansion is slated to reach over 1,500 locations soon. This will enable more customers to tap-to-pay conveniently. Contacting your nearest Sonic directly is the best way to confirm if you can use Apple Pay at this time.

As consumers seek simpler ways to purchase burgers, hot dogs, ice cream and more on the go, Sonic’s Apple Pay capability allows secure, streamlined transactions. Support across the full slate of Sonic restaurants is expected eventually, bringing speedier and safer payment processing for all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sonic and Apple Pay

  1. Does every Sonic location accept Apple Pay?
    No, Apple Pay is only enabled at select Sonic Drive-In locations right now, mostly across the southern and western U.S. so far. Sonic plans nationwide expansion to over 1,500 drive-ins soon.
  1. Can I use Apple Pay and other mobile wallets at Sonic in the drive-thru line?
    Yes, if that Sonic has Apple Pay activated, you can use it conveniently via iPhone, Apple Watch, or contactless cards to pay at drive-up windows and front counters.
  1. Do I need the Sonic app to use Apple Pay with order ahead?
    Sonic’s mobile app supports Apple Pay for easy online/app ordering. But for in-store payments, simply holding your device near the payment terminal works.
  1. Is Apple Pay accepted at all Sonic drive-ins in my state?
    Maybe. Since nationwide enablement is still ongoing, Apple Pay acceptance varies locally. Check with specific Sonics in your area to confirm.
  1. What types of Apple devices work with Sonic Apple Pay transactions?
    Apple Pay on iPhone (6 and newer) or any Apple Watch lets you tap-and-pay at supported Sonics. iPad and Mac aren’t equipped for contactless payments.
  1. Can I add my Sonic rewards card to Apple Wallet?
    Sonic doesn’t currently offer rewards card integration with Apple Wallet. You’ll need to carry your physical rewards card for now.
  1. Is Apple Pay safer to pay with than using plastic credit cards?
    Yes. Apple Pay doesn’t share or store card details during transactions, instead using unique digital tokens for improved security.
  1. Do I need to unlock my iPhone to pay with Apple Pay at Sonic?
    Typically, yes – you need to authenticate with Face/Touch ID. Enabling Express Transit bypasses unlock for faster drive-thru payment.
  1. What if my local Sonic’s payment terminal doesn’t accept contactless payments?
    If issues arise, always have another payment card or cash available as backup. Contact Sonic support to report any hardware problems.
  1. Can minors and children use Apple Pay to purchase food at Sonic?
    Yes, as long as parents/guardians add their compatible debit/credit card to the child’s Apple Pay Wallet with authorization.
  1. I don’t own an iPhone – what mobile payment options exist at Sonic?
    Sonic takes contactless payments from digital wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay too. Chip cards also work at terminals.
  1. Is Sonic planning to expand Apple Pay to more drive-in locations soon?
    Yes! Enablement rollout began in 2022 and aims to reach over 1,500 Sonic Drive-Ins by late 2023 as demand grows nationwide.
  1. What should I do if I’m charged twice when using Apple Pay at Sonic?
    Contact Sonic support immediately if you spot duplicate charges so they can investigate and issue refunds for any payment processing errors.
  1. Is Apple Pay Sonic ordering integrated with offers, coupons, and specials?
    Yes. All deals, discounts, and promos at participating locations apply whether you order/pay with Apple Pay or other methods.
  1. Can I receive rewards points when paying with Apple Pay?
    Yes, you still earn My Sonic Rewards points as usual when purchasing eligible items with Apple Pay.
  1. How old do I need to be to have my own debit/credit card on Apple Pay to use at Sonic?
    You typically need to be 18+ to apply for a bank account/payment card. Parent/guardian co-signed cards allow younger teens to setup Apple Pay.
  1. Where can I see previous Sonic Apple Pay transactions and statements?
    Check bank statements and digital wallet histories in Wallet app for Apple Pay purchases. Sonic receipts also reflect transactions.
  1. Is tipping allowed on Apple Pay orders placed through the Sonic app?
    Yes. When using Apple Pay via Sonic’s mobile ordering, you can add tips as you checkout just like paying in person or online.
  1. My local Sonic accepts Apple Pay now. How long has this been enabled?
    Nationwide Apple Pay rollout began gradually in spring 2022, so support is relatively new. Expansion continues with 1,500+ locations expected soon.
  1. I have more questions about using Apple Pay at Sonic. Who should I contact?
    Reach out to your local Sonic Drive-In manager or Sonic support online for any other questions related to Apple Pay acceptance, issues, etc.

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