Does Staples Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases in stores, in apps, and online using supported Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. As one of the largest office supply retailers, many customers wonder if Staples takes Apple Pay.

Does Staples Take Apple Pay?

Staples has been gradually expanding the mobile and digital payment options they accept. Currently, customers can use the following in Staples stores:

  • Apple Pay: Available at most locations in the Staples iOS app or via contactless payment terminals
  • Google Pay: Accepted via the Staples Android app or contactless payment terminals
  • Samsung Pay: Can be used via contactless terminals
  • Staples Gift Cards and Credit Accounts: Both digital and physical gift cards and credit accounts are accepted

Staples also offers options like PayPal, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers for online orders at

Using Apple Pay at Staples Stores

Using Apple Pay at Staples brick-and-mortar stores is simple. The process works similarly to tapping a contactless credit or debit card:

  1. Add your Staples rewards account and compatible payment cards to the Wallet app on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. This includes major credit and debit card brands like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
  2. When checking out at a Staples store, hold your device near the contactless payment reader. An Apple Pay or contactless payment symbol will be displayed.
  3. Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or by entering your passcode on the Apple device. No signature is required for purchases under $100 in the United States.
  4. A checkmark on the payment terminal and haptic feedback on Apple devices indicates a successful payment.

For store locations, opening hours or if you encounter problems using Apple Pay at checkout, calling your local store in advance may help avoid inconvenience.

Availability at Specific Store Locations

Based on user reports, most but not all Staples stores in the United States currently accept Apple Pay. Contactless payment methods like Apple Pay were already available at 1,500 Staples stores as of July 2020.

If issues arise making purchases at specific store locations, Staples suggests calling that store in advance to double check their Apple Pay capabilities. Payment terminals may need to be updated to enable contactless payments, so Apple Pay acceptance could occasionally differ across store locations.

Using the Staples App with Apple Pay

In addition to in-store Apple Pay, Staples has also integrated it into their iOS app and Android app. This allows online purchases and services like Staples Print & Marketing Services to be paid via Apple Pay too.

To set up the Staples mobile app:

  1. Download the Staples app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Sign up for a free Staples account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Add a payment method via Apple Pay by going into your account payment settings.
  4. The option to use Apple Pay will then appear at checkout in the app.

Using the app provides easy access to Staples Rewards, store stock information, order tracking, and special deals in addition to mobile checkout with Apple Pay.

Key Takeaways

  • Staples allows Apple Pay for in-store, contactless payment at most but not all current US store locations
  • Look for an Apple Pay or contactless payment symbol at checkout to pay directly from an iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad
  • Staples also supports Google Pay and Samsung Pay mobile payments in stores
  • The Staples iOS and Android app integrate with Apple Pay for an enhanced mobile experience
  • Users should add compatible Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, or Discover credit or debit cards to the Wallet or Settings app
  • Contacting specific stores about Apple Pay availability or payment terminal issues is recommended if problems arise


As one of the biggest office supply chains, Staples accepts Apple Pay at most stores to accommodate iPhone and iPad owners. Contactless checkout via Apple Pay generally works the same in stores as tapping a credit or debit card. While not every location may have all payment terminals upgraded, Staples is gradually expanding Apple Pay and other mobile wallet acceptance. Combined with iOS and Android apps that integrate rewards accounts and Apple Pay, Staples provides a range of mobile-friendly payment options.


  1. Does Staples take Apple Pay for online orders?
    No, Apple Pay is not directly listed as a payment method for You can use Apple Pay for purchases inside the Staples mobile app.

  2. What about Staples Canada and Apple Pay?
    Yes, Staples stores across Canada accept Apple Pay using the contactless payment method detailed above.

  3. Do I need to unlock my iPhone to use Apple Pay at Staples?
    Your iPhone will need to be unlocked for initial Apple Pay setup if you have not already added cards. At checkout, Apple Pay can be accessed on a locked device by double tapping the side/Home button then holding near the payment terminal.

  4. Can I store or reload Staples gift cards on Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately adding funds directly to a Staples gift card via Apple Pay is not possible. Physical or digital gift cards must be used through the Staples app instead.

  5. Is Apple Pay at Staples only for iOS or does it support Android too?
    Staples takes both Apple Pay from iOS devices and Google Pay from Android at most locations. Samsung Pay is also accepted from supported Samsung devices via contactless terminals.

  6. Do I still collect and use Staples Rewards points if paying with Apple Pay in stores?
    Yes! Apple Pay does not impact earning or using any Staples Rewards points, coupons or offers. Make sure your Staples account is linked before checkout.

  7. Why might Apple Pay not work at my Staples store visit?
    If issues arise using Apple Pay at Staples, it could be related to unsupported payment terminals, employee errors processing contactless payments, account issues or expired cards. Calling the store ahead may help troubleshoot.

  8. Is Apple Pay at Staples stores considered more secure than paying directly with my physical credit or debit card?
    Apple Pay is generally considered safer than directly using your card since your actual card details are not shared when tapping to pay only a unique transaction code. Apple’s biometric authentication is also more secure.

  9. What should I do if I’m wrongly charged extra fees at Staples when using Apple Pay?
    Contact Staples customer support right away if any fees seem incorrect compared to the store receipt or listed prices when using Apple Pay. They will review and refund any erroneous charges.

  10. Can I add and use Staples branded credit cards via Apple Pay?
    Yes, if you have a Staples personal or business credit account through Synchrony Bank these cards are compatible with Apple Pay. Add it to your device Wallet to make contactless payments.

  11. Does Apple Pay work for Staples Print & Marketing Services purchases?
    If accessing Print Services at Staples retail stores, you should still be able to use Apple Pay for orders and payment in most locations depending on terminal support. Apple Pay via the mobile app could serve as an alternative. Online orders require other payment methods.

  12. Can teachers and students use Apple Pay at Staples with school accounts or lists?
    Unfortunately Apple Pay is not set up to link directly with teacher school accounts and lists at Staples stores. School purchase orders, checks or alternate payment means would still be required at this time.

  13. What Apple Watch models work with Apple Pay at Staples contactless terminals?
    All Apple Watch models beginning with Series 1 support the ability to make Apple Pay transactions directly on the watch itself without needing your iPhone nearby at Staples stores.

  14. What should I do if my Staples Rewards points don’t appear to apply to an Apple Pay purchase?
    If your rewards member pricing or points are not calculating correctly on an Apple Pay transaction, contact Staples customer service with your receipt and they can investigate and adjust the points earnings accordingly.

  15. Why is my digital Staples gift card not appearing as a payment option with Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately Apple Pay does not directly synchronize with any stored Staples physical or digital gift card balances. These will need to be applied through your Staples account separately from Apple Pay transactions.

  16. How old do I need to be to use Apple Pay by myself at Staples?
    There are no age restrictions on using Apple Pay by itself for purchases at Staples. However any contract, credit card or financing agreements adheres to standard age requirements.

  17. Does PayPal support Apple Pay at Staples for contactless checkout?
    Integrating PayPal balance or cards via Apple Pay is not directly available at Staples retail stores. The native PayPal app lets you check out with QR codes which is different than contactless terminals.

  18. Why does Apple Pay work on my iPhone but not my Apple Watch at Staples?
    Ensure your Apple Watch has been recently paired to your iPhone. Try powering both devices off and on again if needed to reestablish connectivity before attempting payments. Check for watchOS updates as well.

  19. Can I scan Staples related QR codes or use Staples Coupon codes when checking out via Apple Pay in store?
    Yes, any applicable coupon codes, QR codes and savings can be manually applied or scanned first by the cashier before tapping to pay the balance due with Apple Pay. Apple Pay acts as your payment method only.

  20. Does Apple Pay qualify for 5% cash back with the Staples More Account credit card?
    Yes, any purchases made via contactless Apple Pay with your Staples More Account from Synchrony will still qualify toward 5% cash back rewards on Staples purchases on that card.

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