Does Tesco Take Apple Pay

Tesco is a prominent British company that has been around for over 100 years. They are the third-largest retailer in the world – just behind Wal-Mart and Costco.

As a major retailer, we serve customers affordable and quality foods every day. We want to help people find easy lifestyles that support their well-being.

Tesco was founded in the UK and has expanded globally over the past decade with operations in 11 other countries. The company pulled out of America in 2013 but, as of 2018, is seeing continued growth elsewhere. Tesco has always tried to stay ahead of the game. They started with groceries, and now, they sell a variety of products, including books, clothes, and electronics. Tesco changed in the 1990s to attract a broader range of customers with both low-cost and more expensive brands. Tesco Value (launched 1993) was their cheaper brand, while Tesco Finest was their more expensive range.

Does Tesco Take Apple Pay

Tesco accepts Apple Pay and all other contactless payment methods. You can spend the digital currency in Tesco stores, including Extra, Express, and Superstores. The platform is also accepted at Tesco fuel stations.

Apple Pay is accepted at every Tesco petrol station, so it should work when you set off.

Paying at the pump is convenient and time-efficient, as you can avoid the wait by inputting your card number when filling up. Furthermore, you don’t need to stop pumping to pay for your gas.

There have been a lot of improvements in contactless card technology over the past few years. As Tesco states, they’re working on introducing NFC (Near Field Communication) technology at their petrol stations, which could make payments quicker and more convenient.

Unfortunately, not all pumps accept Apple Pay, but there is a way to pay with it even when your car doesn’t have a compatible reader. It would help if you filled up using the traditional method and headed over to the payment kiosk. They accept Apple Pay for transactions up to £45!

There are many different ways to pay for your purchases at Tesco. For example, you can pay for your food and drink by:

Tesco accepts almost all payment methods in-store and fewer across their online operations, making it much easier for customers to pay.


  • Cash
  • Contactless credit and debit cards
  • Digital wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Tesco Pay+
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery
  • Gift Voucher


  • Tesco Bank Cards
  • Visa and MasterCard
  • American Express

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