How do I stop Apple taking money from my account?

Sometimes you may find unexpected charges from Apple on your credit card or bank account. Here’s how to identify these charges and stop Apple from automatically taking money from your account if you don’t want them to.

How do I stop Apple taking money from my account?

Identify Apple charges on your account

The first step is to check your credit card and bank account statements. Look for any charges from Apple or iTunes. Some common examples include:

  • iTunes or App Store purchases
  • Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, or other subscription fees
  • iCloud storage fees
  • AppleCare+ coverage fees

Apple charges will typically give some indication that they are from Apple, such as including “” or “iTunes” in the transaction description.

If you find any charges you don’t recognize or believe are incorrect, take note of the date, amount, and description. This info will help you identify what the charge was for later.

Check your Apple account history

To further identify what unwanted Apple charges are for, check your purchase history in your Apple account:

For App Store/iTunes purchases:

  1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, open the App Store app.
  2. Tap your profile icon in the top right.
  3. Tap “Purchase history”.
  4. Review your recent purchases.

This will show any apps, music, movies, TV shows, books, or other content purchased through your Apple ID.

For subscriptions:

  1. Go to and login with your Apple ID.
  2. Click “Subscriptions” in the menu.
  3. Check the list of active and expired subscriptions associated with your Apple ID.

This will show any Apple Music, iCloud, Apple One, Apple TV channels, etc. subscriptions.

For AppleCare+:

  1. Go to and enter your Apple ID.
  2. Select the device you want to check coverage for.
  3. Review the coverage details including expiration date.

Matching up dates and amounts can help identify charges for AppleCare+ coverage plans.

Turn off automatic renewals

Once you’ve identified any Apple subscriptions or services you no longer want to pay for, turn off automatic renewals to prevent being charged again:

For App Store subscriptions:

  1. On your iPhone/iPad, open the App Store.
  2. Tap your profile, then Subscriptions.
  3. Tap the subscription you want to modify.
  4. Turn off auto-renew.

For other Apple subscriptions:

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Click Subscriptions.
  3. Select the subscription and turn off auto-renew.

For AppleCare+:

Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically cancel AppleCare+ coverage. You will need to contact Apple Support to request cancellation and a refund of any unwanted plan renewals.

Contact Apple Support

If you are unable to identify unwanted Apple charges or turn off subscriptions yourself, contact Apple Support:

When contacting Apple Support, provide:

  • Your Apple ID email/password used for purchases.
  • Details about the charge(s) – date, amount, description, etc.
  • What troubleshooting you’ve tried already.

Save any emails or case numbers provided by Apple Support for reference.

Remove payment methods

In addition to turning off existing subscriptions, you should remove any saved payment methods from your Apple account to prevent new charges, if you have not already done so:

  1. Go to and login manage your Apple ID.
  2. Under Payment & Shipping, click Saved Cards.
  3. Remove any credit/debit cards or other payment methods.

You can add a new payment method again in the future when making an Apple purchase you authorize.

Review bank/card statements

Keep an eye on your monthly credit card and bank account statements for any further unwanted Apple charges. Report any unauthorized charges you spot to your bank/card provider immediately to dispute them and potentially receive a refund.

Many banks allow disputing charges online or through their mobile app. You may need to provide information like date, amount, and description of the unwanted charge.

Key takeaways

  • Check your purchase history to identify unknown Apple charges
  • Turn off auto-renewal on Apple subscriptions you no longer want
  • Contact Apple Support for help with unknown charges or refunds
  • Remove saved payment methods from your Apple account
  • Monitor statements and report unauthorized Apple transactions

By taking these steps, you can gain control over Apple charges and ensure they only take money when you explicitly approve a purchase or subscription.


Discovering unwanted purchases and subscription fees from Apple can be annoying. Hopefully this guide has equipped you to identify these mysterious transactions by carefully checking your Apple account history and bank statements. Making use of Apple’s account management tools, contacting customer service, and monitoring your payments will help you stop Apple from automatically deducting money from your accounts without permission in the future.


What are some common Apple charges I should look out for?

Some common Apple charges to check statements for include App Store/iTunes purchases, Apple Music/iCloud subscriptions, AppleCare+ fees, and other Apple services.

Can I get a refund for an unauthorized Apple charge?

If you find charges you did not approve, contact Apple Support to request a refund. Provide details like date, amount, and description. Refunds are generally provided for unused products/services.

How can I prevent Apple from charging me annually for AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ auto-renews annually. To prevent being charged for renewal, contact Apple Support to cancel your coverage plan.

What should I do if I was charged for an Apple subscription I already canceled?

If Apple has charged you for a subscription you previously canceled, contact Apple Support to explain the situation and request a refund of any improper charges.

What information does Apple need to help me identify unknown charges?

To investigate unknown Apple charges, Apple will need your Apple ID email/password, date/amount/description of charges, and details of troubleshooting you’ve tried.

How do I remove my credit card from my Apple ID payment methods?

You can manage saved payment methods at Go to Account Settings > Payment & Shipping and delete any cards/accounts you don’t want associated.

Is there a time limit to dispute an unauthorized Apple charge with my bank?

Time limits to dispute vary by bank, but typically range from 60-120 days. Dispute any unauthorized Apple transactions ASAP to increase odds of a successful refund.

Can I request a refund for an Apple Music subscription I didn’t use?

Apple will typically provide a refund for an unused Apple Music subscription within the first month. Contact Apple Support to request.

What should I do if my Apple account was hacked?

If your Apple account shows charges you didn’t make, change your password immediately. Contact Apple Support to investigate unauthorized purchases and remove any payment methods not added by you.

What are receipt emails from Apple and should I be concerned about them?

Receipt emails from Apple confirm your Apple ID was used to make a purchase or start a subscription. Review them to identify unauthorized transactions.

How can I prevent my child from making in-app purchases without my permission?

On an iPhone or iPad, activate Ask to Buy under Screen Time settings. This requires a parent’s approval for all purchases.

What should I do if my lost iPhone keeps charging me even though I disabled it?

Contact Apple immediately to suspend your Apple ID so it cannot be used for purchases. Also call your wireless provider to suspend your mobile plan.

How will I know if my stolen iPad is still using my Apple account?

Check your Apple purchase history and look for any apps or subscriptions you didn’t obtain yourself. Also, enable Two-Factor Authentication for added security.

Can I get a refund for an Apple Music family plan I’m no longer using?

Contact Apple Support. Refund availability may depend on when you canceled and how much of the current period has elapsed. Partial refunds are sometimes provided.

I canceled Apple TV+ but still see charges. What should I do?

If you canceled but continued to be billed, contact Apple Support. Verify no one else accessed your account and reactivated the subscription without consent.

If I unlink my PayPal account from Apple, can they still charge me?

No, removing your PayPal account from your Apple ID payment methods will prevent Apple from charging it again in the future.

How do I know if an app I downloaded from the App Store is safe and legitimate?

Check reviews, publisher info, and if it offers in-app purchases carefully. Only download from recognized developers and publishers.

Can I get a refund for an accidental in-app purchase my child made?

Contact Apple Support to explain the accidental nature of the purchase. They’ll likely issue a one-time courtesy refund, especially with a valid parental control setup.


I hope this comprehensive article has provided the guidance needed to take control of Apple charges and feel confident no unwanted transactions will be taken from your accounts going forward. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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