How many times can I use Apple Pay in a row?

Apple Pay allows you to make easy and secure contactless payments using supported Apple devices. When setting up Apple Pay, you authenticate with Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode. This verifies your identity and authorizes payments from your linked credit or debit cards. But how many times can you use Apple Pay to make consecutive payments without re-authenticating?

How many times can I use Apple Pay in a row?

How Apple Pay Works

To understand the limits of consecutive Apple Pay transactions, it helps to know how Apple Pay works. When you add a credit or debit card to Apple Pay, the actual card numbers are not stored on your device or Apple servers. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned and encrypted.

When you make an Apple Pay purchase, your device communicates wirelessly with the point-of-sale terminal using NFC technology. Your Device Account Number, along with a transaction-specific dynamic security code, are used to process the payment. Merchants do not see your actual card details.

Limits of Consecutive Apple Pay Transactions

Apple has not specified an exact limit for the number of consecutive Apple Pay transactions. In practice, you should be able to make numerous payments in a row before needing to re-authenticate.

The number of repeat transactions supported can vary based on the transaction amount and merchant policies. Making small transactions of just a few dollars each tend to allow a higher volume of repeats compared to large purchases.

After a certain undefined threshold, Apple Pay will prompt you to re-authenticate using Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. This enhances security when making multiple payments in rapid succession.

Tips for Maximizing Repeated Apple Pay Use

Here are some tips to get the most out of Apple Pay when making consecutive transactions:

  • Keep your authentication method ready – Be ready to use Face ID, Touch ID, or enter your passcode when prompted after a certain number of repeat Apple Pay transactions. This will allow you to re-authenticate quickly and seamlessly continue making payments.
  • Make smaller purchases – Smaller transaction amounts tend to allow for more repeats before requiring re-authentication. When possible, try dividing large purchases into smaller amounts to maximize consecutive usage.
  • Use the same card or device – Remaining with the same credit/debit card and iPhone or Apple Watch device will help extend the number of repeat transactions available. Switching cards or devices may trigger re-authentication sooner.
  • Pay attention to alerts – Look out for vibrations or sounds notifying you that a re-authentication is imminently required. Promptly authenticate to avoid any failed transactions.
  • Keep your watch on – When paying from Apple Watch, keep your watch actively on your wrist throughout the transactions to maximize the repeats. Removing the watch can shorten the number of consecutive uses.

Reasons for Re-Authentication

In addition to exceeding the undefined limit for consecutive transactions, there are some other scenarios that will force Apple Pay to prompt for re-authentication:

  • Making a very large purchase significantly above your normal transaction history on the card
  • Accumulating more than $150 in Apple Pay transactions from a single card within 24 hours
  • Having not used the card with Apple Pay for an extended time period
  • After restarting your iPhone or Apple Watch
  • After not being connected to the internet for an extended time
  • Adding a new card to Apple Pay
  • Updating iOS software on your device

Re-authenticating periodically for these reasons enhances the security protections of Apple Pay. It helps verify your identity and prevent potential fraudulent use of your cards.

Maximizing Apple Pay Security

To keep your Apple Pay usage and linked payment cards ultra-secure:

  • Use a strong device passcode that only you know
  • Avoid disabling Touch ID or Face ID if configured
  • Immediately report lost or stolen Apple devices linked to Apple Pay
  • Review Apple Pay transaction history and statements regularly for any discrepancies
  • Consider utilizing a credit card with EMV chip technology for enhanced security
  • Only make Apple Pay purchases on secure networks you trust
  • Use unique and complex passcode for any online merchant accounts

Apple Pay Convenience with Security

Apple Pay provides the convenience of quick contactless payments while still ensuring your information stays private and secure. Re-authenticating periodically strikes a good balance between ease-of-use and protection.

Understanding the general flow of repeated transactions can allow you to maximize your Apple Pay experience. With some foresight and preparation, you can make numerous consecutive payments smoothly and securely.

Just remember to look out for and respond promptly to re-authentication requests. With biometrics or your passcode handy, you’ll be able to keep making secure Apple Pay transactions as long as your linked credit/debit card limits allow.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple Pay allows numerous consecutive transactions but will prompt re-authentication after an undefined limit
  • Smaller purchases tend to allow more repeats than larger amounts
  • Keep your authentication method ready for prompt re-authentication
  • Periodic re-authentication enhances security when making repeated payments
  • Review statements regularly and utilize strong security when using Apple Pay


Apple Pay provides both security and convenience for contactless mobile payments. While Apple has not specified an exact maximum for consecutive transactions before requiring re-authentication, you should be able to make numerous repeat purchases smoothly. Understanding when you may need to re-verify your identity can help maximize your experience. With some preparation and diligence, Apple Pay can be your secure, quick payment method.


Q: Does the number of repeat Apple Pay transactions differ between iPhone and Apple Watch?
A: There is no definitive evidence that iPhone and Apple Watch have different limits for consecutive Apple Pay transactions before requiring re-authentication. The undefined threshold likely depends more on transaction amount and card issuer policies.

Q: Can jailbreaking my iPhone allow unlimited repeated Apple Pay transactions?
A: Jailbreaking violates Apple’s security protocols and is not recommended. While you may be able to bypass re-authentication limits through technical workarounds, this drastically increases your risk of financial fraud or other security breaches.

Q: Why doesn’t Apple let us know the specific limit for Apple Pay repeats?
A: Apple keeps the exact cutoff vague for security reasons. Knowing the precise number of allowed repeats could help potential bad actors exploit the system. Keeping the limit non-specific adds an extra layer of protection.

Q: Do all credit/debit cards allow the same number of consecutive Apple Pay transactions?
A: The allowed number of repeat transactions can vary based on the policies of the issuing bank, card network, and merchant. Transactions may be pre-authorized or authorized in real time, which can affect repeat transaction limits.

Q: Can I make Apple Pay payments offline or without an internet connection?
A: No, an active internet connection is required to make Apple Pay transactions. Being offline will interrupt your ability to make repeat payments and likely trigger re-authentication once connection is restored.

Q: What should I do if Apple Pay will not accept any more repeat transactions?
A: When you reach the limit for consecutive transactions, Apple Pay will request that you re-authenticate using Face/Touch ID or your passcode. After successfully re-authenticating, you should be able to resume making Apple Pay payments normally.

Q: Is there a time limit for making multiple Apple Pay transactions?
A: There is no definitive time period after which repeat Apple Pay transactions will be denied. As long as you re-authenticate when prompted, you should be able to make transactions indefinitely.

Q: Can I use my Apple Watch without my iPhone nearby for Apple Pay?
A: No, you need to keep your iPhone within close proximity and maintain an active connection to use Apple Pay with Apple Watch. Being disconnected from your iPhone will interrupt your ability to make repeat Apple Pay transactions.

Q: Do I need to open or wake my iPhone each time I want to use Apple Pay on my Apple Watch?
A: No, you do not need to actively engage with your iPhone to keep making Apple Pay transactions from your Apple Watch. As long as your watch maintains connection, you can keep making payments without accessing your iPhone.

Q: Can retailers set their own limits for number of consecutive Apple Pay transactions?
A: Yes, merchants have the ability to set policies and limits on repeat contactless transactions like Apple Pay for security purposes. This may further restrict the number of consecutive Apple Pay payments allowed.

Q: Is there a way to see how many Apple Pay transactions I have left before re-auth is required?
A: Unfortunately no, Apple does not provide a counter or indication of how many repeat transactions remain before requiring re-authentication. The number can vary anyway based on purchase amount and other factors.

Q: Do I need to use Apple Pay frequently to keep it activated?
A: No, there is no requirement to transact regularly with Apple Pay. Your cards and Device Account Numbers will remain ready for payments when needed, even if you go extended periods without Apple Pay use.

Q: Can QR code Apple Pay transactions be done repeatedly without re-auth?
A: Yes, you can make numerous consecutive Apple Pay QR code transactions as long as each one is below the maximum amount before requiring re-authentication.

Q: Is there a purchase price limit per transaction when making repeated Apple Pay payments?
A: Yes, Apple Pay sets a per-transaction limit of $10,000. Any single purchase over this amount would require re-authentication, even if under your normal repeat transaction limit.

Q: Do apps like Starbucks remember my authentication to allow more Apple Pay repeats?
A: Possibly. Apps may be able to apply their own logic to extend authentication durations, allowing more consecutive transactions before requiring re-verification.

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