Is Apple Pay accepted at Walmart?

Walmart does not currently accept Apple Pay in its stores. When checking out at Walmart, you will need to pay with cash, credit/debit card, Walmart gift card, or through an electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card. Walmart does not have the contactless payment terminals necessary to accept mobile wallet services like Apple Pay.

Is Apple Pay accepted at Walmart?

This article provides an overview of Walmart’s payment options, details on why Apple Pay is not accepted at Walmart, and some alternative mobile payment suggestions for shopping at Walmart. We aim to provide accurate, up-to-date payment information to help you have an efficient transaction experience when shopping at Walmart.

Overview of Payment Options at Walmart

Walmart accepts the following payment methods in its stores:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
  • Debit cards/ATM cards
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards for government assistance programs
  • Walmart Credit Cards and Walmart MoneyCards (issued by GreenDot)

Walmart does not currently accept third-party mobile wallet payment services like:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Mobile payments through third-party apps

Without NFC contactless payment terminals, Walmart cashiers can only accept chip cards or swipe transactions. Mobile wallets utilize device proximity sensors and tokenized payments instead of directly using your credit/debit card number for transactions.

Why Apple Pay Isn’t Accepted at Walmart

Walmart has not adopted near-field communication (NFC) contactless payment systems so far across its stores. Contactless payments allow customers to pay by tapping a smartphone or wearable device at compatible payment terminals, without inserting or swiping a credit/debit card.

Apple Pay launched in 2014 and is the most popular proximity mobile payment system in the US. However, widespread contactless card payment adoption did not pick up steam in the US until recent years.

Major competing retailers like Target and Best Buy began introducing contactless terminals in 2018 to keep up with mobile payment trend.

But as the world’s largest company by revenue, Walmart has seemingly lagged behind and has yet to roll out NFC systems. For such a vast chain with nearly 5,000 store locations, major changes in point-of-sale infrastructure require extensive coordination.

Additionally, proprietary Walmart Pay was introduced in 2016 before contactless payment adoption took off stateside. So there may have been less incentive thus far for Walmart to push contactless capabilities that would support third-party services over its own system.

Best Payment Methods to Use at Walmart

Since Apple Pay is not an option for in-store Walmart shopping currently, what are the best alternative payment methods?

  1. Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely accepted and the most secure option when shopping in-store. Go with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover cards to earn rewards points and benefits.

  1. Debit Cards/ATM Cards

Debit cards deduct funds directly from your connected bank account. Choose debit if you want to strictly pay only the exact amount owed.

  1. Walmart Gift Cards

If you have Walmart gift cards, you can redeem the balance towards purchases rather than actual funds. Buy gift cards ahead or purchase new ones in-store.

  1. Walmart App

The Walmart app for iOS and Android lets you manage Walmart Pay to pay directly from your mobile device. You can link a credit/debit card or Walmart gift card and scan QR codes to complete in-person transactions.

  1. Cash

Cash is always accepted if you want to pay the traditional way or happened to hit the ATM beforehand.

The Future: Will Apple Pay Come to Walmart?

There have not been definitive announcements stating if or when Apple Pay could eventually roll out across Walmart locations in the future.

Considering Walmart’s slow path to adopting NFC technology so far combined with its continued Walmart Pay promotion over going contactless, Apple Pay may not arrive at Walmart anytime soon.

However, as more major retailers establish contactless infrastructure and mobile proximity payments keep increasing in usage, Walmart may eventually follow suit for convenience and to meet evolving consumer expectations. But the chain is likely not in any rush.

For the millions of Apple device owners who frequent Walmart, the wait continues for Apple Pay access during Walmart store runs. Eventually adding contactless could provide speed, security, and flexibility over Walmart’s custom mobile payment solution alone.

Stay tuned for any new updates from Walmart officially confirming future acceptance of mobile wallet services like Apple Pay for in-person transactions.

Key Takeaways: Apple Pay and Paying at Walmart

  • Walmart currently does not accept Apple Pay or contactless payments from mobile wallets.
  • You can pay at Walmart with: Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, EBT Cards.
  • Walmart uses traditional payment terminals without NFC contactless technology required for Apple Pay.
  • Walmart Pay offers mobile checkout through the Walmart app linked to your chosen payment method.
  • Contactless payment adoption has lagged at Walmart locations compared to key retail rivals.
  • Apple Pay and other mobile wallets may arrive eventually, but no definitive ETA given Walmart’s approach.


With no contactless infrastructure for mobile tap-and-go payment services in place yet, Apple device owners cannot use Apple Pay for Walmart checkout. Stick to standard payment methods like credit cards and debit cards when shopping in-store for now.

Mobile proximity payments provide quick checkout convenience, but currently you can only manage payment through Walmart’s official app and linked payment sources. Walmart may slowly warm up to contactless payments over time – but those waiting for Apple Pay will need to continue monitoring for any updates directly from Walmart on future acceptance.

Frequently Asked Questions on Apple Pay and Walmart

  1. Does Walmart take Apple Pay or Google Pay?
    No, Walmart does not currently accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or any third-party proximity mobile payment platforms in-store. Walmart lacks NFC contactless terminals.
  1. Can I use a mobile wallet at Walmart?
    You cannot use popular mobile wallets like Apple Pay at Walmart. But the Walmart app supports Walmart Pay to checkout using your stored cards or gift card balance by scanning a QR code.
  1. Why can’t I use Apple Pay at Walmart?
    Apple Pay requires payment terminals with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Walmart registers do not have contactless NFC hardware built-in to support mobile tap-and-go payments.
  1. Does Walmart take Apple Pay in 2022?
    No, Apple Pay is still not accepted at any Walmart locations as of 2022. Walmart has yet to adopt NFC contactless payments.
  1. Will Walmart ever take Apple Pay?
    There is no official confirmation if or when every Walmart store may begin accepting Apple Pay. As contactless payments gain wider adoption, Walmart may eventually onboard, but they have priorities promoting current Walmart Pay.
  1. What is the best payment method to use at Walmart?
    Top payment options for Walmart include credit cards, debit cards, Walmart gift cards, cash, and Walmart Pay mobile payments through the app. Use whichever method aligns best for your financial needs and situation.
  1. Is it better to use credit or debit at Walmart?
    Credit cards are the most secure and flexible option with benefits like rewards points or cash back. Debit cards directly withdraw money from your bank account as funds clear. Debit cards lack some protections that credit cards provide.
  1. Can I use PayPal at Walmart?
    PayPal is not directly accepted, but if you have a debit card connected to your PayPal account, you can use that physical debit card to pay normally at Walmart.
  1. Does Walmart accept Apple Pay or Samsung Pay?
    No, Walmart does not take any third-party mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. You cannot use proxity payments unless Walmart launches contactless terminals.
  1. Why can I use my phone’s wallet at other stores but not at Walmart?
    Stores like Target and Best Buy have payment hardware with near-field communication (NFC) technology to facilitate tap-and-go mobile payments. Walmart registers currently lack this contactless payment infrastructure.
  1. Can you use a mobile wallet or Apple Pay for Walmart grocery pickup orders?
    No, you cannot directly link mobile wallets for Walmart Grocery Pickup payments. You would need to use a standard card or other payment method supported in the app.
  1. Does Sam’s Club take Apple Pay (or Google Pay, Samsung Pay)?
    Yes, Sam’s Club – owned by Walmart Inc. – does accept Apple Pay and other third-party mobile wallet services for members checking out in-club and at fuel stations.
  1. Does Walmart+ membership include Apple Pay access?
    No, a paying Walmart+ member still cannot use Apple Pay in Walmart stores currently, even with an active membership. Contactless support is not unlocked as a member perk.
  1. How does Walmart Pay work with Apple device/iPhone?
    Walmart Pay works natively within the iOS and Android Walmart app to support mobile payments. You would add cards or gift balances and scan QR codes after scanning items.
  1. Why doesn’t Walmart use Apple Pay?
    Walmart maintains its own closed payment environment with proprietary Walmart Pay instead of paying third-party transaction fees. And they have not pursued contactless payment terminals.
  1. Will Walmart ever support Apple Pay so I can use my iPhone?
    It remains unclear if or when every Walmart location may eventually get contactless upgrades to support Apple Pay iPhone transactions. No definite Apple Pay acceptance ETA was shared by Walmart publicly.
  1. Where can I use Apple Pay if not Walmart?
    Popular stores accepting Apple Pay now include Target, Starbucks, Best Buy, CVS, 7-Eleven, ALDI, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Costco, and many more major chains.
  1. What stores accept Apple Pay?
    The list of stores and services accepting Apple Pay globally is extensive. Most major chains accept Apple Pay in the United States including Amazon, Instacart, Panera, Nike, Macy’s and more.
  1. Can I use Apple Pay for Walmart Grocery Delivery?
    No, Apple Pay is not available for checking out Walmart Grocery Delivery orders. You would need to save eligible payment sources like credit cards to your account wallet to pay at checkout.
  1. Will Apple Pay work at Walmart self-checkout?
    As it stands currently, no – Apple Pay will not be enabled at Walmart self-checkout registers either. Standard NFC contactless payment support would be required across all checkout experiences.

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