What credit score do you need for an Apple Card?

The Apple Card has become popular for its unique features like no fees, daily cash back, and innovative privacy features. However, like any other credit card, approval for the Apple Card depends on your credit score. So what credit score do you need to qualify for the Apple Card?

This article will discuss the minimum credit score you need, factors that affect your approval odds, steps to improve your score, and alternative cards if you don’t qualify. With some preparation, you can set yourself up for Apple Card approval.

What credit score do you need for an Apple Card?

What is the Minimum Credit Score for an Apple Card?

According to Apple, the minimum credit score to qualify for an Apple Card is a FICO score of 660 or higher. This FICO score is considered fair credit, so even applicants with less-than-ideal credit still have a chance.

That said, a higher credit score above 700 gives you the best approval odds. A very good or exceptional FICO score shows lenders you reliably manage debt and make payments on time. Meeting the minimum 660 threshold doesn’t guarantee approval, but the higher your score, the better your chances.

What Credit Score Factors Determine Apple Card Approval

The FICO scoring model examines five main factors from your credit reports to calculate your credit score:

1. Payment History

  • Tracks your repayment patterns, like on-time payments or missed payments
  • High impact on score
  • Apple wants to see responsibly managed accounts

2. Credit Utilization

  • Percentage of total credit you’re using across accounts
  • Keep utilization low for higher score
  • Maxing out cards hurts score

3. Credit History Length

  • Measures how long you’ve had credit accounts
  • Longer history better for score
  • New credit can lower score temporarily

4. Credit Mix

  • Types of credit accounts – credit cards, loans, mortgage etc.
  • Mix of account types ideal
  • Relying solely on credit cards risks score drop

5. New Credit Applications

  • Applying for multiple new accounts in a short period can lower score
  • Space applications out over time
  • Too many hard inquiries suggest credit hunger

Paying attention to these areas and maintaining a high credit score improves your Apple Card approval chances. Let’s look at ways to boost your score.

Tips to Improve Your Credit Score for an Apple Card

If your credit score falls below 660, take steps to boost it before applying:

  • Pay bills on time – Set up autopay to avoid missed payments that hurt your score.
  • Lower credit utilization – Keep balances low compared to limits. Below 30% is good.
  • Pay down balances – Paying down revolving debt like credit cards can quickly help.
  • Check for errors on credit reports – Dispute any inaccuracies dragging your score down.
  • Limit new credit applications – Too many new accounts can lower your score temporarily.
  • Consider being an authorized user – Being added to a partner or parent’s account responsibly can help.
  • Monitor your score – Check your score monthly so you can address issues.

With diligence and time, you can improve your credit score and chances of Apple Card approval.

Alternative Cards If You Don’t Qualify for an Apple Card

The Apple Card has great features, but don’t worry if your credit score needs more work. Consider these alternative cards in the meantime:

  • Secured credit cards – Require a security deposit that becomes your credit limit. Build credit responsibly.
  • Student credit cards – Designed for those new to credit, with lower limits and educational resources.
  • Prepaid debit cards – Not credit cards, but let you build payment history that can help credit scores.
  • Retail store cards – Store-specific cards tend to have lower credit requirements for approval. Manage carefully.
  • Credit builder loans – A loan paid back over time that reports payments to boost your credit score.
  • Become an authorized user – Ask a family member with good credit to add you to a card responsibly.

With time and responsible habits, you can build your credit with these stepping stone options to become eligible for an Apple Card.

Key Takeaways

  • The minimum FICO credit score needed for Apple Card approval is 660, though higher scores improve your odds.
  • Payment history, credit utilization, history length, credit mix, and new credit applications are key factors determining your score.
  • Boost your credit score by paying bills on time, lowering balances, fixing errors, limiting inquiries, and responsibly becoming an authorized user.
  • Alternative credit builder options are available if you don’t initially qualify, like secured cards and credit builder loans.
  • Building your score takes diligence and patience, but you can earn approval for premium rewards cards like Apple Card.


The Apple Card has innovative features that appeal to many consumers, but approval depends heavily on your credit score. While a FICO score of at least 660 is recommended for fair approval odds, exceeding 700 gives you the best chance. Improving factors like payment history, avoiding high balances, and limiting credit inquiries will help your case. With time and responsible habits, the Apple Card can become reachable even if your current score falls short. Consider alternative stepping stone cards for now, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying Apple Card rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Apple do a hard credit check for the Apple Card?
Yes, Apple conducts a hard credit inquiry when you apply for the Apple Card. Hard inquiries can temporarily lower your credit score.

2. How long does an Apple Card application take?
Apple Card applications are typically processed in just minutes, with an instant decision on whether you are approved or denied based on your credit profile.

3. If I’m declined for an Apple Card, when can I reapply?
If declined, you can reapply for an Apple Card after just 30 days. You should take this time to improve your credit score before submitting a new application.

4. Does being declined for the Apple Card hurt my credit?
Being declined will not directly hurt your credit score. The hard inquiry from applying can cause a small temporary drop. The decline itself does not impact your ability to get other credit cards.

5. Can I have more than one Apple Card?
No, you are currently limited to having just one Apple Card at a time. You cannot open multiple Apple Card accounts under the same Social Security number.

6. Can I pay my Apple Card bill in cash?
No, the Apple Card does not accept cash payments. You must make payments electronically via a linked bank account or Apple Cash balance transfer.

7. Does the Apple Card report to all three credit bureaus?
Yes, Goldman Sachs reports your Apple Card payment history and credit limit to Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

8. How long after approval can I start using my Apple Card?
As soon as you are approved, you can immediately begin using your Apple Card via Apple Pay before even receiving the physical titanium card.

9. Is there a fee to have the Apple Card?
No, there is no annual fee, foreign transaction fee, or late payment fee associated with the Apple Card. It is completely free.

10. Can I choose my credit limit on the Apple Card?
No, Apple and Goldman Sachs determine the credit limit assigned based on your creditworthiness. The minimum credit limit is $250.

11. Does the Apple Card offer 0% APR promotions?
The Apple Card does not offer an intro 0% APR period. The regular variable APR is 10.99% to 21.99% based on your creditworthiness.

12. Can I product change my current credit card to an Apple Card?
No, the Apple Card cannot be product changed from any existing credit card accounts. You must apply for a new Apple Card.

13. Can I pay my Apple Card bill at an Apple Store?
No, Apple Stores cannot accept Apple Card payments. You must pay your bill through your iPhone, the website, or via phone.

14. What should I do if my Apple Card is lost or stolen?
If your Apple Card is lost or stolen, you should report it immediately through the Apple Card app or by contacting customer service.

15. Does the Apple Card offer a sign-up bonus?
No, the Apple Card does not currently offer any sign-up bonus or promotional rewards for new applicants.

16. Can I dispute a charge on my Apple Card?
Yes, you can dispute incorrect, fraudulent, or unauthorized charges on your Apple Card by contacting customer service through the app or website.

17. How do I check my Apple Card credit limit?
You can check your Apple Card credit limit at any time in the Wallet app on your iPhone. Simply open your Apple Card and scroll down to see the limit.

18. Can the Apple Card be used internationally?
Yes, you can use the Apple Card internationally anywhere that accepts Mastercard. Standard foreign transaction fees apply.

19. How old do you have to be to get an Apple Card?
You must be at least 18 years old to apply for an Apple Card in your own name.

20. Can I add an authorized user to my Apple Card?
Not initially, but Apple has announced plans to add the ability to add authorized users to your Apple Card account in the future.

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