Why did Apple take $5 dollars from me?

Apple sometimes charges small amounts to verify payment methods or confirm subscriptions. Here are the main reasons Apple may have charged $5 and what you can do.

Why did Apple take $5 dollars from me?

Meta description: Apple often charges small verification amounts to confirm payment details. Learn why Apple took $5 from your account, including verifying new cards and managing subscriptions.

Verifying payment methods

Apple charges a small authorization amount when you:

  • Add a new payment method like a credit/debit card or PayPal
  • Edit an existing payment method
  • Restore purchases or subscriptions tied to an old payment method

This $5 verification charge ensures your payment details are valid before paying for Apple services. It is immediately refunded back to your account once validated.

Managing subscriptions

Apple may charge $5 when:

  • An Apple Music, iCloud, AppleOne, or other subscription is accidentally cancelled then resubscribed
  • You upgrade from a free trial to a paid monthly plan
  • There are issues automatically charging your card on file for an existing subscription

The $5 is essentially a temporary hold to confirm the card and/or service change. As long as you recognize the charge, it will disappear in 1-7 days.

Other possibilities

Less common reasons for a small $5 Apple transaction:

  • Downloading paid apps, music, books and other iTunes Store content
  • Making an in-app purchase (IAP) in a game or app
  • Accidentally tapping paid features when not signed into your Apple ID properly
  • Minor account mix-ups if you share payment methods with family members

What to do if Apple charged you $5

If Apple took $5 from your account unexpectedly, don’t panic. Here are some steps to get more details:

  1. Check your payment history in App Store settings on your iPhone, iPad or computer. This shows your last 90 days of Apple purchases. Look for the $5 charge and details like date, description and associated email address.
  2. Review subscription statuses for all Apple paid services like Apple Music and iCloud storage upgrades. Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Subscriptions on iOS or Account Settings > Subscriptions on a Mac.
  3. Contact Apple Support online through live chat or by phone. Provide any transaction details and inquire about why the $5 was needed. Most of the time it’s just an authorization rather than an actual charge.
  4. If after contacting Apple Support you determine the charge was incorrect or accidental, request a refund. Provide specific details on the error and Apple will reverse the charge.
  5. Update your payment method with Apple if an old credit card on your account was the source of issues. Remove any outdated or invalid cards to avoid problems.

Preventing incorrect Apple charges

While many small Apple transactions are temporary holds, errors do occasionally happen. Use these tips to avoid incorrect charges:

  • Beware in-app purchases: Set up parental controls if kids use your devices. Approve purchases with Face ID.
  • Manage subscriptions carefully: Mark renewal dates and cancel early if needed.
  • Pay attention to payment prompts: Read carefully to avoid accidental purchases.
  • Keep payment info current: Delete old cards that may have updated details in case auto-renewal fails.
  • Review account activity routinely: Scan statements and Apple purchase history so you can address problems quickly.

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Do ✔️ Carefully manage subscriptions and in-app purchases
Do ✔️ Use Face ID approval for extra security
Do ✔️ Frequently review account activity and payment history
Don’t ❌ Store outdated payment methods as default options
Don’t ❌ Approve purchases blindly without reviewing details

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Key takeaways

  • Small $5 Apple charges often verify payment information for new cards, restored purchases or subscription changes
  • Check your purchase history and subscription status first to identify the potential source
  • Contact Apple Support for help determining the exact reason if you can’t find details
  • Request refunds promptly for truly accidental or incorrect transactions
  • Update expired debit/credit card details to minimise authorization charge needs

Reviewing account activity regularly and managing subscriptions carefully can help avoid unexpected Apple charges. But even verification transactions typically disappear within days, so mysterious $5 charges shouldn’t remain mysteries for long!


Minor $5 charges from Apple are sometimes frustrating but typically just momentary pauses rather than actual money lost. As Apple’s systems validate payment methods and manage your subscriptions, small temporary authorization holds might occasionally happen. By checking your purchase history, reviewing account activity routinely, and contacting Apple Support if needed, you can get explanations and resolve problems quickly. With attention to detail and some prevention tips, you can keep unexpected Apple charges from happening without good reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did I get a $5 charge from Apple when I don’t use Apple services?
    If you don’t use Apple services, a $5 Apple charge could indicate someone else accessed your payment method tied to an Apple ID. Check for any unusual account activity and update your Apple ID password and payment details just in case.
  2. Does Apple notify you when they charge $5?
    Apple does not directly notify customers about most small authorization charges. You need to routinely review your Apple account purchase history and payment statements from your bank/card issuer to catch these temporary holds.
  3. Why does Apple need a $5 deposit if I’m just downloading a free app?
    Apple doesn’t charge for free apps. If you saw a $5 charge when downloading a free app, someone else may have access to your Apple account and made a purchase without your knowledge. Review your purchase history for details.
  4. I cancelled Apple Music but still got charged $5. Why?
    If you cancel an Apple subscription but see a $5 charge soon after, this is likely related to the cancellation/resubscription process. It’s an authorization to confirm your new payment details that should disappear in a few days.
  5. Can I get the $5 Apple verification charge waived?
    Unfortunately Apple does not waive these necessary payment verification charges. They are standard practice to confirm card details prior to larger subscription charges. As authorizations, they do not actually take money from your account permanently however.
  6. I keep getting charged $5 by Apple every few months. How do I stop this?
    Ongoing small Apple charges likely indicate an issue with your card on file automatically renewing for a subscription. Update your payment method, review all subscriptions, and cancel any you want to discontinue.
  7. Does the $5 Apple charge count toward my Apple spending limit?
    No, a $5 authorization charge does not get applied toward account spending limits with Apple for things like iTunes gifting. It is just a temporary hold to validate your card.
  8. Can my bank dispute the $5 charge from Apple?
    Banks generally cannot dispute temporary authorization charges as they do not technically complete payments. If the pending $5 Apple transaction posts as an actual charge though, you can dispute unauthorized deductions.
  9. I got a new debit card. Will Apple charge it $5?
    Yes, when you add a new payment method like a debit/credit card to your Apple ID, Apple will authorize a small $5 charge to verify it is valid. This hold drops off quickly once confirmed by your bank.
  10. My child made a $5 in-app purchase without permission. Can I get a refund?
    If your child accidentally made an unauthorized in-app purchase, contact Apple Support immediately for a refund. For extra protection, set up parental controls and require Face ID/passwords for purchases.
  11. Someone hacked my Apple account. How do I trace their $5 charges?
    If your Apple ID gets compromised, review your full purchase history for clues about the hacker’s activity. Note transaction dates/times, app names, locations and any new devices added. Share this with Apple when disputing unauthorized charges.
  12. I got a new iPhone. Will transferring my Apple account cause a $5 charge?
    Simply activating a new iPhone with your existing Apple account will not trigger a $5 authorization charge. However if you add a new payment method during device setup you may see a temporary hold.
  13. How soon before the $5 Apple charge disappears from my account?
    It typically takes 1-7 days for a $5 Apple authorization to drop off your account, depending on your bank’s processing times. The charge remains pending until fully cleared.
  14. I’m selling my old iPhone. Can I remove my payment info to avoid Apple charges?
    To avoid potential account access by the next owner, definitely remove your stored payment methods before selling or trading in your device. Also sign out of iCloud and other Apple account services.
  15. Can I get a refund on iTunes music Apple charged me $5 for?
    If you believe the $5 iTunes transaction was accidental or fraudulent, contact Apple Support within 90 days for the best refund chances. Details may be in your Apple purchase history.
  16. I don’t see the $5 Apple charge in my transaction history. Does this mean it was fraudulent?
    If a $5 Apple payment is not showing up in your purchase history, check bank/card statements closely first. Authorization won’t appear in Apple records immediately. Contact Apple if still no record after a week.

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