Does Aldi Take Apple Pay?

Aldi is a popular German discount supermarket chain with over 11,000 stores worldwide. As consumers move towards contactless payments, a common question is: Does Aldi take Apple Pay?

Does Aldi Take Apple Pay?


What is Apple Pay and How Does it Work?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make contactless payments in stores, apps, and websites using supported Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches.

To use Apple Pay, you must:

  • Have a supported Apple device with Touch ID, Face ID, or passcode enabled
  • Add eligible credit, debit cards, or prepaid cards to the Wallet app
  • Verify card information
  • Hold your device near a contactless reader at checkout

Your actual card numbers are not shared or stored on device. Instead, a unique device account number is assigned and encrypted for transactions.

Does Aldi Accept Contactless Payments like Apple Pay?

Yes, Aldi does accept contactless payments through Apple Pay as well as other mobile wallets like Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

You can use Apple Pay on iPhone, iPad, Macs and Apple Watch models to pay conveniently in Aldi stores where contactless payments are enabled.

What Kind of Contactless Technology does Aldi Use?

Most Aldi stores have contactless payment terminals equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This allows contactless transactions through tap-and-go payment services like Apple Pay.

To check if a specific Aldi store accepts Apple Pay, look for the contactless symbol or NFC reader when you checkout. You can then hold your iPhone or Apple watch near the reader to pay for your total bill.

Does Apple Pay Work With Self Checkout at Aldi?

Yes, Aldi self checkout also accepts Apple Pay as a form of contactless payment.

When you use the Scan, Bag, Go terminals at Aldi, you can easily hover your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad near the NFC reader on finalizing payment to checkout with Apple Pay.

What Devices Does Aldi Accept for Apple Pay?

The following Apple devices work with Apple Pay at Aldi if you have added eligible cards:

  • iPhone – iPhone X or later with iOS 16 or above
  • Apple Watch – Apple Watch Series 6 or SE and above with watchOS 9 or above
  • iPad – iPad with Touch ID or Face ID
  • Macs – Macs with Touch ID to make payments through Safari

To use Apple Pay, your device must have Touch ID, Face ID or passcode enabled with compatible cards added. Aldi does not accept Apple Pay on open box or display Apple devices sold in stores.

Does Aldi Accept Apple Pay Internationally?

Yes, Aldi stores in the US, UK, Australia, and other countries have contactless payment systems in place allowing Apple Pay usage.

However, availability and store acceptance can differ between specific locations based on regional support, technology and contactless adoption. Customers are advised to check before shopping at international Aldi stores.

What Can You Pay For With Apple Pay at Aldi?

Apple Pay can be used to pay for all purchases at Aldi via phone or wearables including:

  • Grocery items – Fruits, vegetables, packaged foods, frozen items, meat, dairy etc.
  • General merchandise – Home goods, kitchenware, garden supplies, household essentials.
  • In-store purchases and services – Hot food counters, coffee, pharmacy items, wine & beer (for legal age)

Basically any product available at Aldi checkout lanes that accept card payments can be purchased via Apple Pay contactless transactions.

Are There Any Minimum Transaction Limits for Apple Pay at Aldi?

Most Aldi stores do not impose any minimum transaction limits to use Apple Pay for payments. Single low value or even very small amount purchases can be made conveniently through Apple Pay tap and go process subject to store policy.

Does Aldi Provide Any Apple Pay Specific Promotions or Discounts?

Currently, Aldi does not offer any additional discounts or exclusive Apple Pay promotions for using mobile wallet payments over physical credit/debit cards.

Standard Aldi weekly deals and discounts apply to all customers uniformly regardless of using Apple Pay or other contactless options over physical card swipes to pay.

Is Apple Pay Safer Than Card Payments at Aldi?

Yes, Apple Pay provides additional security benefits over physical credit and debit cards:

  • Device account numbers ensure actual card details are not shared during transactions
  • Secure Element in supported devices encrypt sensitive data through end-to-end transactions
  • Biometric authentication mechanisms like Touch ID or Face ID must be cleared before payment is deducted
  • Payments can be suspended or cards removed remotely in case of device theft or loss via Find My app features

Additionally, all transactions made via Apple Pay must be authorized on device by users for each payment through biometrics or passcodes enhancing security.

Troubleshooting Tips for Using Apple Pay at Aldi

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you face issues while using Apple Pay at Aldi:

  • Ensure your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch has battery charge > 5% levels
  • Check if cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity is active with internet access
  • Confirm cards added in Apple Pay wallet are eligible with sufficient limits
  • For declined transactions, use alternate card or check with card issuer
  • Try holding device very close, < 1 inch to NFC readers for Apple Pay to activate
  • Gently tap top or screen area with readers instead of back area for better connectivity
  • Disable phone covers/cases temporarily that may interfere with signal
  • Reboot devices and ensure no other app is blocking access to Apple Pay module
  • Update to latest iOS/watches’ versions in case of software bugs with Apple Pay

Key Takeaways

  • Aldi stores accept contactless mobile payments via Apple Pay using iPhones, Apple Watches and iPad range
  • Contactless Symbol or NFC readers at checkout indicates Apple Pay acceptance
  • All merchandise, services and store purchases can be made through Apple Pay
  • Apple Pay provides enhanced security over physical card payments
  • International Aldi locations also support Apple Pay availability depending on country and store infrastructure


In summary, most Aldi stores today provide contactless payment systems that allow consumers to checkout via Apple Pay using recent iPhone, iPads or Apple Watch devices.

Customers can tap-and-go to conveniently pay at self checkout terminals as well as staff-operated POS lanes at domestic and international Aldi store locations. Overall acceptance levels continue to grow globally with increasing contactless adoption.

Check at your nearest stores for contactless logo or NFC readers to see if you can use Apple Pay on your Apple devices while shopping for groceries or other general merchandise available at competitive prices at Aldi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Apple Pay free to use at Aldi?
A: Yes, there are no extra charges or fees to use Apple Pay contactless payments at Aldi checkouts beyond normal transaction costs as per your card issuer terms.

Q: Can I use Apple Pay at Aldi Neighborhood Market stores?
A: Yes, being a format of Aldi locations – Neighborhood Markets also have similar contactless payment acceptance allowing Apple Pay.

Q: Do I need to notify Aldi staff about using Apple Pay?
A: No, simply look for contactless payment logo around checkouts. You can independently scan items, tap device on self checkout readers or hand staff-operated counters without need for any special permissions.

Q: Can I use Apple Cash or Apple Card with Apple Pay at Aldi?
A: While Apple Cash cannot be used directly – the Apple Card (Mastercard issued by Goldman Sachs) when added to Apple Pay wallet can be utilized for payments at Aldi via iPhone/Watch tap-and-go process.

Q: Does Aldi Accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay?
A: Yes, Aldi also accepts other common mobile contactless wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay at locations where NFC readers are available using similar tap-to-pay process as Apple Pay transactions.

Q: Can I use my Apple Watch without iPhone?
A: Yes, latest cellular-enabled Apple Watch models with Family Setup can independently make Apple Pay payments without connected iPhones nearby at Aldi stores.

Q: Is there a limit on number of times I can use Apple Pay at Aldi per day?
A: No, technically there is no defined limit set by Aldi currently on number of Apple Pay transactions allowed per customer in a single day across stores with ability to accept contactless payments via NFC.

Q: Can I store Aldi gift cards on Apple Pay?
A: Unfortunately, you cannot add or use Aldi gift cards directly via the Apple Pay cash wallet at the moment. However physical Aldi gift cards with a magnetic strip can be used with Apple Pay by first adding to supported iPhone wallet apps that enable gift card storage.

Q: Does Apple Pay work at Aldi during power outages?
A: Contactless payments may be available for a short duration depending on back up power supply available for payment systems. But largely Apple Pay would fail as terminals shut off eventually despite having cell or internet connectivity.

Q: Is Apple Pay safer to use compared to Chip/Swipe cards at Aldi?
A: Yes, Apple Pay offers superior security as it generates unique dynamic security codes with each transaction while actual card details are never shared with the merchant systems thereby mitigating risks associated with card data threats.

Q: Can lost/stolen iPhones be used for Fraud at Aldi via Apple Pay?
A: While no system is completely foolproof, multiple layers of device level locks, biometric authentication requirements, and ability to remotely suspend or remove cards via Find My app even after device erasure provide good security against misuse of Apple Pay facility.

Q: Where can I see list of past Apple Pay transactions made at Aldi?
A: All your Apple Pay purchases at Aldi stores will reflected against respective credit/debit card statement entries or available via mobile wallet transaction history of payments processed using stored cards.

Q: Does Apple Pay work offline at Aldi stores?
A: No. Internet connectivity over cellular data or Wi-Fi network is necessary for processing transactions via Apple Pay, without which payments will fail as authorization cannot be obtained from relevant card network and token systems in offline mode.

Q: Can I receive cashback from Apple Pay transactions at Aldi?
A: Unfortunately Cashback facility is not available currently with Apple Pay payments at Aldi as per retail policies even though contactless transaction gets approved successfully for exact purchase amount.

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