Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a convenient, secure way to make purchases using your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. As mobile payments grow increasingly popular, more merchants are accepting Apple Pay. So, can you use Apple Pay at Taco Bell?

Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay?


How Apple Pay Works

Apple Pay allows you to store your debit and credit cards digitally on your Apple devices. Instead of swiping a physical card, Apple Pay uses contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and tokenization to make secure payments.

To use it, simply hold your unlocked Apple device near a compatible payment terminal with your finger on the Touch ID. A subtle vibration and beep will confirm the payment went through.

Does Taco Bell Accept Apple Pay In-Store?

Yes, most corporate-owned Taco Bell locations accept Apple Pay for in-store orders and payments placed at the register or self-ordering kiosk if there is a contactless payment symbol displayed.

However, franchise locations are independently owned. Acceptance of Apple Pay can vary depending on whether the merchant services provider or point-of-sale system is compatible.

To find out if a specific Taco Bell near you accepts Apple Pay, check their payment methods or contact the restaurant directly before visiting. The staff should be able to confirm if they take Apple Pay or other contactless payments.

Using Apple Pay In The Taco Bell App

The Taco Bell app’s Mobile Ordering feature allows you to order ahead for quick pickup or drivethru without waiting in line. Though you cannot directly use Apple Pay in the Taco Bell app, you can securely link a debit or credit card stored in your Apple Wallet.

To do so:

  1. Open the Taco Bell app Settings
  2. Tap “Payment Methods”
  3. Select “Add Payment Method”
  4. Choose and verify your card

Once saved, this card can then be used for future mobile orders. While not as fast as Apple Pay, linking an Apple Pay card still avoids having to manually enter your payment details each order.

Getting Taco Bell Delivery With Apple Pay

You cannot directly use Apple Pay when ordering Taco Bell Delivery powered by Grubhub or Uber Eats. However, most third-party delivery services let you save an Apple Pay card to your account wallet for streamlined checkout on future orders.

Grubhub also has an Apple Pay integration planned soon, which would allow direct Apple Pay use when ordering Taco Bell delivery through their platform.

Apple Pay Rewards and Offers

Using a rewards credit card with Apple Pay is a great way to earn extra points or cashback when picking up a Crunchwrap Supreme. Make sure to add your rewards card to the Wallet app for easy scanning or contactless use at Taco Bell.

Taco Bell and Apple Pay do not directly have any special offers tied together at this time. However, select banks or payment processors sometimes provide Apple Pay-specific discounts, bonuses, or perks. For example, some cards offer an increased cashback rate for a limited period for transactions made via Apple Pay.

Taco Bell Payment FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about making purchases at Taco Bell:

Does Apple Pay work on all Apple devices?

Apple Pay works on iPhones, Apple Watches, newer model iPads (2018 or later) with iOS 12.2+, and recent Macs. Older model iPhones, iPads or Macs may not be compatible.

What types of cards or payments can I add to Apple Pay?

Debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, and rewards cards from major card networks like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover are supported.

Is Apple Pay safe to use?

Yes. Every Apple Pay transaction generates a dynamic security code so your actual card details are never shared with the merchant. Purchases are also covered by Zero Liability fraud protection.

What if my local Taco Bell is a franchise that doesn’t take Apple Pay?

You can still use a traditional physical payment card or gift card as a backup if needed. Or try ordering ahead in the app and linking your Apple Pay details to save time waiting.

Does Taco Bell accept other mobile payments like Google Pay or Samsung Pay?

Acceptance for other mobile wallets like Google Pay or Samsung Pay varies by location similar to Apple Pay. Check with your local restaurant or confirm their payment acceptance policy online whenever possible.

Can I add Taco Bell gift cards to the Apple Wallet app?

At this time, Taco Bell gift cards cannot be added directly to your Apple Wallet. Physical or digital gift cards have to be presented separately for scanning during payment.

Key Takeaways: Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay

  • Most company-owned Taco Bell locations accept Apple Pay in-store where contactless symbol is displayed
  • Payment acceptance may vary at franchise locations
  • While you can’t use Apple Pay directly in the Taco Bell app, stored cards are accepted
  • Delivery through Grub Hub or UberEats does not currently offer Apple Pay
  • Using rewards cards with Apple Pay earns points and perks on Taco Bell purchases
  • Contactless payments like Apple Pay are secure, quick ways to pay at checkout


Apple Pay provides a speedy checkout experience compared to cash or physical cards. Support continues to grow with more major chains like Taco Bell rolling out compatibility across locations.

Checking ahead that your local restaurant accepts mobile tap-to-pay services ensures you can get in and out with ease when craving your go-to burrito bowl. As adoption expands, look for Apple Pay to become available directly within more merchant apps and third-party delivery platforms too.

With security top of mind, contactless payments reduces hassles, speeds up service, and makes transactions more hygienic – key benefits all around.

So next time Taco Bell is calling your name, Apple device owners have the option for fast, straightforward payments with Apple Pay. Just don’t forget to grab some Fire sauce on the way out!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Apple Pay?
    Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that lets you make secure, contactless payments on supported Apple devices like iPhones, Apple Watches, or Macs.
  2. Can you pay with Apple Pay in the Taco Bell app?
    Currently there is no option to directly use Apple Pay within the Taco Bell app for mobile ordering. However you can save an Apple Pay supported card to your account for automatic payments on pickup orders.
  3. Does Taco Bell accept Apple Pay for delivery or catering orders?
    Taco Bell’s official delivery partners like Grub Hub and Uber Eats do not directly support Apple Pay at this time. Catering orders would have to be paid using a different payment method.
  4. How do I pay with Apple Pay at a Taco Bell drive thru?
    After placing your order at the drive thru, hold your unlocked iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless payment reader when you pull up to the payment window. Your default card will activate and complete the transaction.
  5. Do all Taco Bell locations have to accept Apple Pay?
    Acceptance can vary at franchised locations – contact your nearest restaurant directly to confirm what mobile or contactless payment services they support.
  6. Will my personal information or card details be shared when using Apple Pay at Taco Bell?
    No – each Apple Pay transaction generates a unique code so your financial data stays protected and your identity private.
  7. Does Taco Bell accept other mobile payment methods like Google Pay or Samsung Pay?
    Similar to Apple Pay support, acceptance of alternate mobile payments depends on the point of sale systems at each restaurant. Check with your local Taco Bell what options are available.
  8. What should I do if Apple Pay is declined at Taco Bell checkout?
    First confirm you have an active payment method properly setup in your Apple Wallet with available funds. If it continues getting declined, you may need to use an alternate form of payment or contact your bank for issues with the card.
  9. Where can I see previous Taco Bell receipts or transactions made with Apple Pay?
    Open the Wallet app and tap your card – scroll down to view Apple Pay transaction history including recent purchases at Taco Bell.
  10. How do I add my rewards credit card to Apple Pay to earn points at Taco Bell?
    Simply open the Wallet app, tap the “+” and follow prompts to add your existing credit or debit card. If eligible, your card rewards program will automatically link once successfully added.
  11. Is Apple Pay worth using compared to cash or plastic card?
    Apple Pay is widely regarded as the most secure and private way to pay when supported. It is also extremely fast and convenient compared to fumbling for your wallet and swiping or inserting a card manually.
  12. What iPhone models work with Apple Pay at Taco Bell?
    Any iPhone 6 or newer supports Apple Pay. On older models without built-in NFC you can also pay using an Apple Watch and the Wallet app if paired to your iPhone.
  13. Does the money still come out of my bank account when using Apple Pay?
    Yes the funding source works the same. Apple Pay facilitates the payment but the money gets withdrawn from whatever bank account or credit card is used in your Wallet to generate the virtual payment token.
  14. Is Apple Pay cheaper than using plastic cards or cash?
    Apple Pay generally won’t save you money directly. However select credit cards may offer increased rewards or cashback specifically for Apple Pay transactions as a promo. So you may save money indirectly over time.
  15. What do I do if I lose the iPhone I use for Taco Bell Apple Pay purchases?
    You can remove payment cards from your lost iPhone securely by signing into iCloud on another device and removing via the Wallet & Apple Pay settings. Or contact your bank to deactivate your physical debit/credit card until replaced.
  16. Can someone steal money by scanning my iPhone at Taco Bell?
    No – you have to authenticate every Apple Pay transaction with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode so it’s not possible for funds to be stolen if someone gets hold of your phone briefly.
  17. Do I have to unlock my phone each time I pay at Taco Bell using Apple Pay? 
    Yes – unlike plastic contactless cards, Apple Pay requires you authenticate by scanning biometrics or entering your passcode manually before each transaction.
  18. Does Apple Pay work if my iPhone battery dies while at Taco Bell? 
    Your iPhone needs sufficient charge (at least 5%) for Apple Pay functionality to work. Keep your device charged or have a backup payment card in case battery runs too low while out.
  19. Can I get cashback or split payments when using Apple Pay for my Taco Bell purchase?
    No – Apple Pay transactions must process the exact amount of the total check. If you need cashback or multiple payments you’ll need to use another payment method.
  20. Is Apple Pay safe to use at most major chains and restaurants like Taco Bell? 
    Yes – Apple Pay meets the highest security standards so your information stays protected. Major chains also use secure payment systems making Apple transactions safe.

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