Does Big Lots Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases using eligible Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. As Apple Pay continues to gain popularity among consumers for its ease of use and security features, more retailers are adopting it as a payment method in stores. So what about Big Lots?

Does Big Lots Take Apple Pay?

Does Big Lots Take Apple Pay In-Store?

Unfortunately, Big Lots currently does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method in their retail stores across the United States. So if you shop at Big Lots, you cannot use Apple Pay tap-to-pay at checkout and will need to pay with cash, credit/debit card, or gift card instead.

The retailer has not made any announcements regarding plans to add Apple Pay in the future. So for now, Apple Pay is not accepted when shopping in person at any Big Lots locations.

Does Big Lots Take Apple Pay Online?

You also cannot use Apple Pay for purchases made on the Big Lots website or mobile app. They currently only accept standard credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Big Lots credit cards for online orders.

So Apple Pay is not an option for mobile or web purchases from Big Lots either at this time. You will have to enter credit/debit card details manually like other major retailers that have not adopted Apple Pay.

Why Doesn’t Big Lots Take Apple Pay?

There are a few possible reasons why Big Lots does not accept Apple Pay in stores yet:

  • Cost of systems upgrade – Enabling Apple Pay requires retailers to upgrade their payment terminals and systems, which can be expensive, especially for a large chain like Big Lots.
  • Exclusive partnership – Some merchants have exclusive deals with other mobile payment services which may limit Apple Pay adoption.
  • Security concerns – Retailers may have concerns about data security, even though Apple Pay is designed to be very secure through encryption and authentication.
  • Lack of customer demand – Without enough consistent requests from shoppers, some retailers don’t prioritize adding new payment methods like Apple Pay quickly.

However, as more major retailers add Apple Pay to their in-person and online stores, Big Lots may eventually follow suit and enable this convenient payment method as well.

So for now, Big Lots does not accept Apple Pay based on their current payment systems and business priorities. But customers should check back for potential Apple Pay support in the future.

Alternative Payment Methods Accepted at Big Lots

Although you cannot tap and pay with Apple Pay at Big Lots, the retailer does accept the following common payment methods:

  • Cash – Cash payments are accepted for in-person purchases
  • Major credit/debit cards – Big Lots takes Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards
  • Big Lots credit cards – Get a Big Lots branded credit card to save and pay over time
  • PayPal – Online shoppers can checkout with PayPal
  • Big Lots gift cards – Redeem gift cards towards products online or in stores

So Apple Pay may not be an option at this time, but Big Lots does offer convenient alternatives like credit cards, PayPal digital wallet, as well as their own rewards credit card and gift cards.

How Apple Pay Works

Here is a quick overview of how Apple Pay works for easier mobile payments, in case Big Lots adopts it in future:

  • Compatible device – Use a recent iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac connected to supported payment terminal
  • Verify identity – Confirm identity via Face ID, Touch ID, passcode or double click side button
  • Pay – Hold payment device close to reader to complete purchase with Apple Pay
  • Receipt – View Apple Pay payment receipt on device and emailed receipt from retailer

Apple Pay uses device encryption, unique transaction codes, and Touch ID/Face ID verification to help keep payments secure. Transactions are also not stored on devices.

So if Big Lots eventually starts accepting Apple Pay, customers can have confidence in its security and ease of use. But for now, other payment methods will have to suffice for Big Lots shoppers.

Key Takeaway

Big Lots currently does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method in any retail stores or for online orders. Customers can only pay via cash, physical credit/debit cards, Big Lots credit cards, PayPal, or Big Lots gift cards when shopping this discount retailer. There is no official word from Big Lots on future Apple Pay support.


In summary, Apple Pay mobile wallet is not supported by Big Lots stores or website at this time. Without confirmation of retailer payment system upgrades or new partnerships, Big Lots shoppers cannot utilize Apple Pay and must rely on alternative payment types like major credit cards.

Hopefully Big Lots will adopt Apple Pay soon to allow faster and more secure checkout experience for iPhone and Apple Watch users. But unless announced otherwise, Big Lots will continue accepting only traditional payment methods excluding Apple Pay for all transactions.

Check back for updates on potential Apple Pay integration at Big Lots locations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Big Lots and Apple Pay

  1. Does Big Lots take Apple Pay in stores?
    No, Apple Pay is currently not accepted as an in-person payment method at Big Lots retail stores. 
  2. Can I use Apple Pay on the Big Lots website?
    No, the Big Lots ecommerce website does not support Apple Pay for online orders. 
  3. What about the Big Lots app – does it accept Apple Pay?
    No, Apple Pay is also not able to be used within the Big Lots mobile shopping app. 
  4. Why can’t I use Apple Pay at Big Lots?
    Big Lots has not upgraded their payment systems or terminals yet to accept contactless payments through Apple Pay. Lack of clear customer demand or cost concerns may also be factors in the delay. 
  5. What can I use instead to pay at Big Lots?
    You can pay using major credit/debit cards, cash, Big Lots credit cards, PayPal, or Big Lots gift cards when shopping there instead of Apple Pay. 
  6. Is Apple Pay secure for stores to accept?
    Yes, Apple Pay uses encryption and unique transaction codes to keep payment information private and prevent fraud. Retailers do not store any payment or personal data. 
  7. Does Big Lots plan to ever take Apple Pay?
    Big Lots has not announced definitive plans to accept Apple Pay in future. But with wider adoption by other major retailers, they may eventually add Apple Pay support. 
  8. Where else doesn’t take Apple Pay besides Big Lots?
    Some other major retailers still not accepting Apple Pay include Home Depot, Lowe’s, Albertsons, Ace Hardware, and Harris Teeter. Most smaller local stores also do not take it. 
  9. What stores let me pay with Apple Pay now?
    Leading retailers accepting Apple Pay include Walmart, Target, CVS, Best Buy, Macy’s, Publix, Kroger, Safeway, Nike, Nordstrom, Panera Bread, and Whole Foods plus many more. 
  10. Can I use Apple Pay internationally if not at Big Lots in US?
    Yes, Apple Pay is very widely accepted at most major retailers across countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other regions globally. 
  11. How do I set up Apple Pay to use when shopping elsewhere?
    On your compatible iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch device, open the Wallet app, tap “+”, and follow prompts to add your cards for one touch Apple Pay payments. 
  12. Is Apple Pay only for Apple devices or can Android use it too?
    Apple Pay is designed exclusively for recent iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch models. But Android devices have their own similar mobile payment service called Google Pay. 
  13. Where can I find an Apple Pay compatible payment terminal?
    The contactless payment symbol showing signal-like waves or the Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard logos indicate if a payment terminal accepts Apple Pay tap and transactions. 

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