Does Bath & Body Works Take Apple Pay?

Bath & Body Works is a popular retailer known for its fragranced soaps, body care products, home fragrances and more. With Apple Pay gaining widespread adoption, many shoppers wonder if they can use this convenient mobile payment method at Bath & Body Works stores.

Does Bath & Body Works Take Apple Pay?

The short answer is yes, Bath & Body Works does accept Apple Pay in their stores for qualifying purchases. Customers can use Apple Pay on their iPhone or Apple Watch to checkout quickly and securely at Bath & Body Works retail locations.

How to Use Apple Pay at Bath & Body Works

Using Apple Pay at Bath & Body Works is easy and convenient. Simply follow these steps during your checkout process:

1. Add Items to Your Cart and Proceed to Check Out

As usual, shop around the store and add whatever items you want to purchase to your cart. When you’re done selecting products, head to the checkout line to pay for your items.

2. Let the Cashier Know You Want to Pay with Apple Pay

When the cashier provides you with the total amount owed, let them know you’d like to pay using Apple Pay. They’ll prepare the point-of-sale system to accept mobile payment.

3. Hold Your iPhone or Apple Watch Near the Payment Terminal

The cashier will let you know when to place your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless payment reader. The terminal may have a symbol indicating Apple Pay acceptance.

4. Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode

Use Face ID, Touch ID, or enter your passcode on your iPhone or Apple Watch to complete the Apple Pay transaction. This helps ensure security.

5. View Receipt and Enjoy Your Products!

Once Apple Pay has been approved and accepted, you’ll receive a receipt via email. You can now take your Bath & Body Works goodies and be on your way!

What Purchases Qualify for Apple Pay at Bath & Body Works?

Apple Pay can be used to purchase most products sold at Bath & Body Works retail stores. This includes items like:

  • Body care products – lotions, creams, mists
  • Hand soaps and sanitizers
  • Home fragrances – candles, room sprays, wallflowers
  • Gift sets and bath items

Purchases made online at do not currently qualify for Apple Pay. You’ll need to use a credit/debit card, gift card or other accepted online payment method for web orders.

Transaction Limits

There is typically a $50 transaction limit when using Apple Pay at Bath & Body Works, according to user reports. This means you may need an alternate form of payment if your total exceeds $50.

Can I Use Apple Pay at a Bath & Body Works Outlet Store?

Yes, Apple Pay is also accepted at Bath & Body Works outlet locations. The same process applies – simply let the cashier know you want to checkout with Apple Pay and follow the transaction steps when prompted.

Any qualifying items purchased at outlet stores can be paid for using Apple Pay, up to the $50 maximum transaction amount limit in place.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at Bath & Body Works

Here are some pointers to help make your Apple Pay experience seamless when shopping at Bath & Body Works:

  • Charge your phone beforehand – Ensure your iPhone or Apple Watch has sufficient battery life to last through checkout. Keep it on and unlocked as you approach the cashier.
  • Add credit/debit cards beforehand – Save time by adding your payment cards to your Apple Pay wallet prior to shopping. This allows for faster checkout.
  • Know your limits – Be aware of the $50 Apple Pay transaction limit amount. If your purchase exceeds this threshold, have another payment card ready.
  • Check for stickers/logos – Look for Apple Pay or contactless payment acceptance stickers around the checkout terminal for reassurance that mobile payments are accepted.
  • Ask about rewards – Inquire with the cashier whether your Bath & Body Works rewards number and coupons can have their discounts applied during an Apple Pay purchase.

Using Apple Pay at Bath & Body Works makes paying for your attractive-scented products fast and convenient. Follow the steps outlined when you’re ready to check out using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple Pay Security Measures

Security and privacy is a top priority for Apple Pay transactions. When you use Apple Pay at Bath & Body Works, security measures are in place to keep your data safe, including:

  • Encrypted payment information – Your actual credit/debit card numbers are never shared with the store. Instead, a unique Device Account Number encryption protects cards added to the wallet.
  • Dynamic security code – A one-time-use dynamic security code is generated with each Apple Pay transaction instead of having your CVV number vulnerable.
  • Secure Element chip – Payment details are stored on a certified Secure Element chip. This keeps your data isolated and protected.
  • Biometric authentication – The requirement to authenticate Apple Pay purchases with Face ID or Touch ID verification provides another layer of security.

So when you checkout with Apple Pay at Bath and Body Works, you can feel confident that your payment information remains private and secure.

Bath & Body Works Apple Pay Support and Issues

Bath & Body Works has widely rolled out support for accepting Apple Pay in stores across the United States. Most locations have contactless checkout capabilities active.

Occasional users have reported issues getting Apple Pay to work properly at some store locations. Typical reasons include:

  • Outdated point-of-sale payment terminals – Some locations may have older systems that aren’t updated to accept Apple Pay taps. These stores will eventually get new hardware.
  • Staff unaware of Apple Pay process – Employees at newly enabled locations may need to get accustomed to the steps for processing Apple Pay transactions.
  • Intermittent technical issues – As with any technology, sporadic bugs or hardware failures could temporarily prevent Apple Pay from working properly.

If Apple Pay won’t process your payment, politely ask the staff about contactless support availability. You may need to try another card or payment method if issues can’t be resolved.

As more locations gain NFC terminals and employee training improves, Apple Pay acceptance issues should diminish for a seamless Bath & Body Works checkout experience.

Apple Pay Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Apple Pay on sale items at Bath & Body Works?
Yes, you can absolutely use Apple Pay for items that are on sale or marked down at Bath and Body Works. Any qualifying purchases are eligible for Apple Pay.

2. Do I need to have the Bath & Body Works app to use Apple Pay in stores?
No, downloading the Bath & Body Works app is not necessary to check out with Apple Pay. You’ll simply need an iPhone or Apple Watch with mobile wallet set up.

3. Can I store or apply my Bath & Body Works rewards to Apple Pay?
At this time rewards memberships and coupons cannot be directly added to or stored within Apple Pay. Let the cashier know about any rewards to apply discounts before processing payment.

4. Is there a reward or discount for using Apple Pay instead of my physical card?
Bath and Body Works does not currently offer any additional percents off or rewards simply for choosing to check out via Apple Pay instead of using a regular credit card or other payment method.

5. Does Apple Pay work with Bath & Body Works gift cards?
You cannot currently add or pay with Bath and Body Works gift cards using Apple Pay. Gift cards must still be presented physically or have their numbers entered manually during checkout.

6. Can I use Apple Pay when shopping online at
Unfortunately Apple Pay is still not enabled for the Bath and Body Works website. Only credit/debit cards or gift cards can be used for online orders. Apple Pay only works in-store.

7. Do I need to take my physical credit card out if I’m paying with Apple Pay?
Nope! One of the perks of Apple Pay is not having to take out your physical wallet or cards. Your phone or smartwatch has your digital card ready to tap and pay.

8. Is Apple Pay safer to use than carrying my actual wallet or cards?
Yes, Apple Pay comes with built-in security measures like encrypted card information and dynamic security codes to keep your payment details safe when making purchases.

9. Does Bath & Body Works accept other contactless payments like Google Pay or Samsung Pay?
Currently only Apple Pay is confirmed to be accepted for contactless payments at Bath and Body Works retail stores. Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or other digital wallets may not work properly.

10. Can I add and use more than one credit/debit card for Apple Pay purchases?
Absolutely. Add multiple bank cards to your Apple Pay wallet so you can conveniently choose any eligible card on-file to seamlessly check out at Bath and Body Works.

11. Do I need to open or unlock my iPhone for Apple Pay to work in stores?
Yes, you’ll need to have your iPhone screen awake and unlocked when tapping to pay at checkout terminals – otherwise Face ID/Touch ID won’t trigger to authorize payments.

12. Is there a way to get Apple Pay receipts from Bath & Body Works purchases emailed?
You should automatically receive email receipts for Apple Pay transactions at Bath and Body Works. Check your spam folder if they don’t appear in your main email inbox from the retailer.

13. Will Bath & Body Works alerts show up on my phone after an Apple Pay transaction?
Using Apple Pay should not trigger any alerts or messages to be sent to your iPhone directly from the Bath and Body Works app or website after checkout.

14. Can unauthorized charges be disputed if someone else uses Apple Pay on my devices?
Yes, any unauthorized Apple Pay charges made on a lost or stolen iPhone/Watch can be reported to your bank or card provider. The transactions can then be disputed just like other purchases.

15. Do I need to take any special steps to enable Apple Pay on my device before checking out?
As long as you have added valid credit/debit cards to your supported Apple device’s wallet, no other special setup is needed ahead of time to use Apple Pay at Bath & Body Works.

16. What should I do if Apple Pay won’t work or the transaction won’t go through?
If you’re having issues getting Apple Pay to work at checkout, first check for terminal errors or expired cards in your wallet. If problems persist, try an alternate form of payment or visit another store location.

17. How can I tell ahead of time if a Bath & Body Works store accepts Apple Pay?
You can call the store location ahead of your visit or look around the checkouts and payment terminals for Apple Pay/contactless payment sticker decals before getting in line to see if mobile wallet support is active.

18. Is there a way to use Apple Pay without needing to authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID?
To keep Apple Pay secure, biometric authentication is required so there is no setting to skip that protection step and pay without some form of verification when tap-to-pay.

19. Do I need to have a certain type of iPhone model to use Apple Pay at Bath & Body Works?
As long as you have an iPhone 6 model or newer running iOS 8.1 or later software, it will support accessing and using Apple Pay on your device to check out at Bath and Body Works stores.

20. Can minors and teens set up and use Apple Pay at Bath & Body Works?
Teens over age 13 can use Apple Cash on a parent/guardian’s account to checkout via Apple Pay. Otherwise you typically must be 18+ and provide your own bank card funding source added to Apple Pay.

Key Takeaway

  • Bath & Body Works accepts Apple Pay on qualifying products at retail store locations
  • Setup wallet on iPhone/Apple Watch beforehand and authenticate payment with Face/Touch ID when checking out
  • Most body care, soap, candle, and gift purchases are eligible for Apple Pay up to $50 limit
  • Apple Pay transactions feature enhanced security protections like encryption and dynamic codes
  • Issues using Apple Pay may occur at some stores if terminals aren’t updated or staff needs Apple Pay training

Knowing that you can use secure, convenient Apple Pay for your Bath & Body Works run makes grabbing those attractive-looking home scents and body care items even more enjoyable.


In conclusion, Bath and Body Works does accept Apple Pay as a checkout payment method at their retail stores across the United States. Customers can pay for qualifying purchases up to $50 using Apple Pay and an iPhone or Apple Watch authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode.

Apple Pay delivers enhanced security protections and convenience for shoppers. Bath and Body Works Apple Pay support continues to roll out to more store locations over time, making it easier to quickly pay for candles, body care items, hand soaps, and more. As more stores get contactless terminals and employee training, Apple Pay will provide shoppers with a seamless mobile checkout experience.


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