Does Bojangles Take Apple Pay?

Bojangles’ is a popular fast food chicken restaurant chain founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1977. With over 750 locations across the Southeastern United States, many customers wonder if you can use Apple Pay at Bojangles’.Does Bojangles Take Apple Pay?Can You Use Apple Pay at Bojangles’?

Yes, as of 2022, Bojangles’ does accept Apple Pay as a payment method at most locations. Apple Pay allows you to use your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac to make no-contact payments in stores that accept contactless payments.

To use Apple Pay at Bojangles’ simply:

  • Open the Wallet app on your Apple device
  • Select your credit/debit card you want to pay with
  • Hold your unlocked device near the payment terminal
  • Use Face ID, Touch ID or double click the side button to authenticate

Once authorized, your payment is securely transmitted using encryption technology. You’ll get a gentle tap and visual confirmation indicating your payment has been received. It’s that quick and easy!

When Did Bojangles’ Start Accepting Apple Pay?

Bojangles’ started accepting Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods like Google Pay and Samsung Pay in 2022. The transition was part of an overall shift towards fast, convenient payment options. All newly built Bojangles’ locations have payment terminals enabled to accept mobile wallet payments. Many older locations have also upgraded terminals to allow contactless payments.

What Types of Transactions Support Apple Pay at Bojangles’?

You can use Apple Pay at Bojangles for in-store purchases at the counter or drive-thru. This includes buying items off the full Bojangles’ menu from fried chicken meals to sides and drinks. You can also use services like Apple Pay for:

  • Catering orders – Large Bojangles’ orders for events and gatherings
  • Online orders – Ordering Bojangles’ food online for pickup or delivery where available
  • Gift cards – Purchasing Bojangles’ gift cards to give as gifts

The only transactions that don’t support Apple Pay are those not handled directly by Bojangles’, such as donations to charitable causes.

What Payment Cards Accept Apple Pay?

To use Apple Pay, you need an eligible payment card stored in your Apple Wallet. Most major credit and debit card providers accept Apple Pay including:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Interac

Before adding your card, check with your card issuer to confirm whether they support Apple Pay. For debit cards and prepaid cards, the issuing bank decides if they work with Apple Pay, not the payment network.

You can add supported cards by opening the Wallet app and tapping the “+” icon. Simply enter your card details manually or use your phone’s camera to scan your card.

How Secure Is Using Apple Pay at Bojangles’?

Using Apple Pay to purchase your Bojangles’ fried chicken and fixings is extremely secure. Every Apple Pay transaction uses a unique one-time dynamic security code so your payment details stay protected.

Your actual credit or debit card numbers are never shared with the store, meaning your sensitive financial information stays safe from potential hacking risks. Bojangles’ payment systems also adhere to the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) for securely accepting contactless payments.

Additionally, all Apple Pay transactions require biometric authentication through Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode before they are approved. This prevents unauthorized payments being made from lost or stolen devices.

What Are the Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay?

There are many advantages to paying with Apple Pay over physical payment cards:


  • Fast no-contact payments
  • No need to carry cash or cards
  • Easy payment tracking in Wallet app


  • Unique encrypted transaction code
  • No card number shared with store
  • Biometric authentication required

Rewards & Perks

  • Card rewards programs still apply
  • Potential exclusive Apple Pay offers


  • Tap to Pay option for vision-impaired users
  • No need to sign messy receipts

As more customers seek faster, safer ways to pay, Apple Pay is growing in popularity for in-person transactions. Paying with your iPhone at the Bojangles’ register offers the latest payment experience.

Will Bojangles’ Alert Staff If You’re Using Apple Pay?

No special alert or notification for Bojangles’ employees occurs when a customer pays with Apple Pay. The payment process at their end works the same as accepting any other contactless card transaction.

Some key indicators staff may notice you are using Apple Pay include:

  • You tap your iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple device on the payment terminal instead of inserting or swiping a card
  • A subtle vibration pulse upon successful payment

Otherwise, staff process an Apple Pay payment just like normal without seeing you enter a PIN or handle your card. This makes paying with Apple Pay both seamless and more secure.

Can You Pay With Apple Pay in Bojangles’ Apps or Online?

In addition to in-store Apple Pay, Bojangles’ also offers Apple Pay as a payment option when ordering food online or in their app where available.

When checking out your web or mobile order, look for the Apple Pay logo letting you easily pay by authenticating with Face ID/Touch ID without having to enter credit card details manually.

This brings the same enhanced security, speed and convenience benefits to your Bojangles’ ecommerce purchases. Tap, glance and go!

Tips for Using Apple Pay Successfully at Bojangles’

Follow these tips for smoothly paying with Apple Pay when buying your Cajun Filet Biscuits and other menu favorites at Bojangles’:

  • Before you order, check for the contactless payment logo on terminals
  • Have your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad ready before it’s time to pay
  • For watch payments, double check your wrist detection setting
  • Hold your device within 1-2 inches of terminal until feeling a subtle tap
  • Leave device near terminal briefly until seeing visual confirmation
  • Know your total bill amount in case confirmation is unclear
  • Have another payment ready as backup if needed

With a few preventative measures, you can avoid hiccups when using Apple Pay to seamlessly purchase meals on-the-go.

Can You Still Collect Rewards Points and Coupons When Using Apple Pay?

Yes, paying with Apple Pay does not affect your ability to collect Bojangles’ rewards points or apply coupons for future use. Your transaction works the same with Apple Pay regarding:

  • Earning Bojangles’ Loyalty Points towards free food items
  • Redeeming Rewards Card coupons for savings
  • Taking advantage of any limited-time offers and promos

To ensure points are properly awarded to your account, sign up for a Bojangles’ Rewards Card if you haven’t already and provide your phone number at checkout after scanning. Then pay seamlessly while still racking up rewards!

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at Bojangles’

Despite its reliability, you may occasionally run into problems getting Apple Pay to work at Bojangles’ such as:

  • Unsuccessful tap with error message
  • Payment taking longer than expected
  • Terminal issues preventing Apple Pay

Firstly, check possible solutions like:

  • Ensuring your iPhone has sufficient battery
  • Confirming your card allows contactless payments
  • Trying another nearby payment terminal

If problems persist, inform staff and pay with another method while Apple Pay services are reviewed to avoid holding up lines. Always have a backup payment ready just in case.

For further help, contact your credit card issuer or Apple Support regarding Apple Pay functionality concerns. Bojangles’ staff may have limited ability to troubleshoot customer device payment issues.

The Future of Contactless Payments at Bojangles’

Contactless payments like Apple Pay have seen widespread adoption since 2020. Industry experts expect the popularity of tap-and-go mobile payments to continue rising over the coming years.

Bojangles’ acceptance of Apple Pay in 2022 marks the start of further digital payment expansion to improve speed and accessibility. Based on other restaurant chains, customers can likely expect:

  • Rollout of new NFC-enabled terminals across all stores
  • Integration of Apple Pay into Bojangles’ own mobile apps
  • Potential for alternate services like Apple Cash or Tap to Pay
  • Exclusive Apple Pay discounts and bonuses to drive usage

As more customers seek innovation in payments technology, look for Apple Pay and other contactless services to become the new normal at Bojangles’ for modern convenience. Paying for biscuits just got a whole lot easier thanks to mobile wallet functionality.

Key Takeaways on Bojangles’ Apple Pay Acceptance

  • Bojangles’ started accepting Apple Pay in 2022 across most locations
  • Customers can pay using iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac with eligible cards
  • Apple Pay allows fast, secure contactless payment without sharing card details
  • Transactions require Fingerprint/Face ID matching for enhanced security
  • Customers earn same rewards points and coupons when using Apple Pay
  • Look for more contactless payment expansion at Bojangles’ in future

Paying with Apple devices aligns with Bojangles’ goal of blending iconic Southern comfort food with efficient modern service. Apple Pay improves customer convenience while strict security protocols keep financial data protected. For delicious fried chicken served up at the speed of tap, Bojangles’ says Apple Pay is one innovation that’s always in season.


Bojangles’ acceptance of Apple Pay enables customers to ditch physical wallets and pay for meals using iPhone, Apple Watch and other devices. Secure encryption keeps sensitive card details safe while accelerating checkout speeds with a simple tap.

As mobile payments gain popularity, look for further Apple Pay expansion across ordering channels as Bojangles’ strives to blend its heritage with customer-focused technology. Apple device owners can rejoice knowing Apple Pay has made enjoying scratch-made biscuits and crispy Chicken Supremes even more irresistible.

So next time hunger strikes for supreme comfort food with supreme convenience, just tap your iPhone at Bojangles’ and let Apple Pay handle the rest while you enjoy Southern flavors at their finest.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bojangles’ Apple Pay

  1. Does Bojangles take Apple Pay in their app?
    Yes, Bojangles offers Apple Pay as a contactless payment option when ordering ahead in their iOS and Android apps. Customers can select Apple Pay at checkout then authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID on their device.

  2. Do all Bojangles locations accept Apple Pay?
    As of 2022 most company-owned Bojangles stores accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and other contactless payments, with ongoing expansion across franchised locations. Check for contactless payment decals at ordering counters.

  3. Can I use Apple Pay at Bojangles drive-thrus?
    Yes, you can use Apple Pay to purchase food and drinks via the drive-thru at Bojangles by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch on the reader when you place your order.

  4. Does Apple Pay work at Bojangles kiosks?
    If a Bojangles location has self-order kiosks, they should support tapping your iPhone to pay using Apple Pay based on locations accepting contactless payments.

  5. Do I earn Bojangles Rewards points with Apple Pay purchases?
    Paying with Apple Pay does not affect earning Bojangles Rewards points as long as you provide a phone number linked to your rewards account at checkout to credit points.

  6. Is Apple Pay safer to use than my physical credit card?
    Yes, every Apple Pay transaction generates a unique dynamic security code that protects your actual payment card details. The payment token expires immediately so your number stays safe if your device is lost or stolen.

  7. What if my Bojangles payment terminal isn’t contactless enabled?
    If issues arise with contactless functionality, staff can process Apple Pay payments manually by having you provide the last 4 digits of your Device Account Number available in Apple Wallet settings along with your name.

  8. Why do some payments fail when using Apple Pay at Bojangles?
    Common reasons for failed Apple Pay transactions include poor NFC signal, incompatible card, terminal errors, authentication problems or insufficient funds. Try an alternate payment method if issues persist.

  9. Does my cellular Apple Watch need to be on the same carrier as my iPhone to use Apple Pay at Bojangles?
    No, you only need to have your Apple Watch paired to your iPhone during setup. As long as both devices remain connected via Bluetooth, your watch can make payments even on a different carrier than your phone.

  10. Can minors use Apple Pay at Bojangles?
    Typically Apple Pay requires you to be 18+ to add a personal bank card. Those 13-17 can however use Apple Cash with parental approval as a payment method which supports Apple Pay. Otherwise, a guardian must approve and handle payments.

  11. Is there a maximum spend limit when using Apple Pay at Bojangles?
    There is no universal limit imposed specifically on Apple Pay purchases. However your bank or payment card provider may enforce daily spend caps on contactless transactions for fraud protection which can impact Apple purchases.

  12. Do I need to open the Bojangles app or have it running to use Apple Pay in their stores?
    No, Apple Pay works directly via your device’s NFC capabilities and secure element. You only need to launch your Wallet app then hold your unlocked device near the payment terminal rather than opening the Bojangles app.

  13. What details do Bojangles employees see when I pay with Apple Pay?
    Bojangles staff only see a payment successfully completed and the last 4 digits of your Device Account Number. They do not see your name, actual card details or any other personal info when processing an Apple Pay transaction.

  14. Can I add multiple cards to use with Apple Pay when paying at Bojangles?
    Yes you can store up to 12 credit/debit cards in Apple Wallet and easily switch between them when tapping to pay. Open your Wallet app and tap your card to change if wanting to use an alternate method of payment at Bojangles.

  15. Do I need to carry my physical debit/credit card with me when paying via Apple Pay at Bojangles? No, one of the
    conveniences of Apple Pay is not having to carry physical cards. As long as your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad has sufficient charge, you can leave cards safely at home and just pay by tapping your device.

  16. Is Apple Pay available when ordering Bojangles food delivery through third party services?
    Apple Pay availability for online orders and delivery depends whether third-party services like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grub Hub directly integrate Apple Pay support into their apps and checkout flows, which varies by provider.

  17. Can I use student ID or transit cards added to Apple Wallet to pay at Bojangles?
    No. Apple Pay currently only supports payment via credit, debit, prepaid and certain gift cards as well as Apple Cash. Student IDs, transit cards and other non-payment passes in Apple Wallet cannot be used for tap-and-go purchases.

  18. Do I need to authenticate with Face ID every single time I pay at Bojangles using Apple Pay?
    You only need to fully authenticate via Face ID, Touch ID or passcode occasionally for additional security. For quick repeat transactions under certain dollar amounts you may just need to double click the side button without biometric matching.

  19. Is Apple Pay safe to use considering increasing contactless payment fraud incidents?
    Yes, Apple Pay offers enhanced security over physical cards, hence its rising popularity. Unique encrypted tokens prevent actual card details being accessed while biometrics tie payments explicitly to you, making fraud much rarer than other payment types.

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