Does Fry’s Take Apple Pay?

Fry’s Electronics, commonly known as Fry’s, was a big box retailer that operated stores across nine states before closing all locations in 2021. At its peak, Fry’s offered great deals on everything tech and electronics-related, from computers and phones to appliances, making it a popular shopping destination for bargain hunters.

Does Fry's Take Apple Pay?

A common question that many consumers have asked over the years is “Does Fry’s take Apple Pay?” This payment platform allows for quick, secure purchases using supported Apple devices. Understanding Fry’s past and present policies regarding Apple Pay can help shoppers determine if it is an accepted form of payment at Fry’s stores.

Acceptance of Contactless Payments Pre-Closure

Prior to Fry’s closure in 2021, Apple Pay and other contactless payment systems were not widely accepted at Fry’s brick-and-mortar stores. Most in-store purchases required either cash or physical credit/debit cards. Fry’s lagged behind many other major retailers when it came to enabling mobile wallet payments.

There were a few reasons why Fry’s did not readily adopt Apple Pay and similar services:

  • Legacy Systems: Many Fry’s locations utilized older point-of-sale (POS) systems that lacked contactless payment abilities. Upgrading these systems across dozens of stores required major investment.
  • Security Concerns: Contactless payments were still gaining mainstream approval when Fry’s shuttered operations. Fry’s may have been hesitant to enable the technology over data privacy issues.
  • Bargain Shoppers: Value-driven customers were central to Fry’s business model. Mobile payments may have been viewed as superfluous to budget-minded shoppers.

So in general, from Fry’s early beginnings to its final years, Apple Pay and related offerings were not provided in stores. Customers largely relied on traditional payment methods instead.

Current Status Post-Closure

Since all Fry’s Electronics stores stopped operations in 2021, the retailer no longer accepts any form of payment. With locations permanently closed, Fry’s does not currently take Apple Pay or any other payment method.

After nearly 36 years in business, Fry’s shut down due to changes in the retail industry and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remaining inventory and assets were sold off by early 2021. Former customers must now rely on other retailers to meet their tech and electronics needs.

For bargain hunters who formerly frequented Fry’s, finding a suitable alternative may require some research:

  • Nearby discount chains – Retailers like Big Lots or Ollie’s Bargain Outlet sell affordable goods across categories. But selection is often limited, so options may not match Fry’s expansive inventory.
  • Online marketplaces – Websites like eBay and Craigslist enable private sellers and smaller vendors to list discounted electronics. However, buyer protections can be less robust compared to major chains.
  • Refurbished specialists – Retailers like Newegg Marketplace specialize in manufacturer-refurbished tech and electronics offered at reduced costs. However, deals rely on product availability.

Regardless of where former Fry’s shoppers take their business, using Apple Pay is now mainstream at most major retailers. Contactless payments continue gaining traction everywhere from grocery stores to home improvement chains thanks to faster checkout speeds and enhanced security features. So paying with an iPhone or Apple Watch has likely never been easier or more ubiquitous for Fry’s past clientele.

Key Takeaways: Does Fry’s Take Apple Pay?

  • Fry’s Electronics did not accept Apple Pay or contactless payments at its stores prior to all locations closing in 2021.
  • Legacy point-of-sale systems, data privacy concerns, and budget-driven customers contributed to lack of contactless payment support at Fry’s locations historically.
  • With all stores now closed permanently, Fry’s no longer accepts any form of payment, including Apple Pay.
  • Former Fry’s shoppers can now find better Apple Pay acceptance at competing chains and online marketplaces, even on discounted and refurbished items.


In the end, Fry’s Electronics did not take Apple Pay at any point during its 36 years of operations. While contactless payment adoption rose over time, Fry’s lagged behind the trend and relied on traditional checkout methods in its stores. The chain’s closure in 2021 was brought on by both retail changes and the COVID-19 pandemic.

For deal seekers who previously depended on Fry’s one-stop tech and electronics shop, alternatives now abound both locally and online. Better still, most top national retailers finally accept Apple Pay and other contactless wallet systems. So former Fry’s customers can enjoy both bargains and mobile payment conveniences by taking their business elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did Fry’s ever take Apple Pay in its stores?
A: No, Fry’s Electronics locations never accepted Apple Pay or contactless payments during the retailer’s 36 years of business. Stores relied on legacy systems better suited for cash and physical cards.

Q: Now that Fry’s stores are all closed, can I still use Apple Pay to shop there?
A: Since shutting down all retail operations in 2021, Fry’s no longer allows any method of payment, including Apple Pay. Permanent closures ended the chain’s ability to process purchases.

Q: What types of payment did Fry’s accept before going out of business?
A: Fry’s historically accepted cash, physical credit/debit cards, gift cards, and Fry’s credit accounts as payment. Contactless platforms like Apple Pay were not supported at point-of-sale.

Q: Where can I now use Apple Pay to buy discounted electronics and tech items?
A: You can now use Apple Pay at most competing brick-and-mortar retailers and online marketplaces that sell electronics at reduced costs. This includes major chains like Best Buy or eBay.

Q: Why didn’t Fry’s ever adopt Apple Pay as a payment method?
A: Contributing factors included outdated POS systems, data security concerns over contactless payments, and value-driven customers who may have seen mobile payments as unnecessary.

Q: Are there any former Fry’s stores still open that accept Apple Pay?A: No, all Fry’s Electronics stores closed permanently by early 2021. Any remaining assets or inventory were liquidated. There are no remaining store locations still operating.

Q: What ultimately led Fry’s Electronics to shut down all retail operations?
A: Industry changes and the financial strain of the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to Fry’s closure after nearly 36 years. Both external and internal factors made the chain unviable.

Q: Where can I find good bargains now that my local Fry’s store has closed?
A: You can browse deals from competing chains like Big Lots, check used marketplaces like Craigslist, or shop for refurbished items on sites like Newegg Marketplace. Just expect varying policies.

Q: Are there any other electronics retailers that operated like Fry’s still around?
A: Fry’s offered a unique department store concept for tech goods difficult to match precisely. But Micro Center stores share some similarities with expansive product offerings.

Q: Can I use Apple Pay at liquidation sales for closing Fry’s stores?
A: No, even liquidation sales held to sell remaining Fry’s inventory only accepted traditional payment types. Contactless payments were still not enabled.

Q: Why have other retailers started widely accepting Apple Pay while Fry’s did not?
A: Many chains upgraded point-of-sale systems and recognized mobile wallet security protections. They also saw contactless adoption rise among consumers.

Q: Where is the best place now to use Apple Pay for used and refurbished electronics deals?
A: Top online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, and specialty retailers like Newegg Marketplace all now take Apple Pay while offering discounted tech and electronics.

Q: What other forms of contactless payment worked at Fry’s besides Apple Pay?
A: No contactless payments methods were ever enabled at Fry’s stores during the retailer’s entire existence. Only cash and physical cards were accepted.

Q: Are there plans for any Fry’s locations to reopen and start taking Apple Pay in the future?
A: No, Fry’s closures in 2021 were permanent. All store leases ended, so there are unfortunately no plans to revive the defunct chain in any capacity moving forward.

Q: Can I use Apple Pay when shopping at retailers that stock used Fry’s inventory?
A: Yes, if any resellers or liquidators have acquired leftover Fry’s merchandise, you can now use Apple Pay when shopping with them, assuming they support contactless payments.

Q: Is Fry’s going to start selling products online and accept Apple Pay on a web store?
A: No, Fry’s Electronics no longer sells inventory through any channels, either retail stores or online. The company has fully wound down operations with no plans to restart sales.

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