Does CVS Take Apple Pay?

CVS Pharmacy accepts Apple Pay as a payment method in stores, allowing customers with supported iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac devices to pay using Apple’s mobile wallet system. This guide covers everything you need to know about using Apple Pay at CVS, including how to set it up and what devices are compatible.

Does CVS Take Apple Pay?
Setting Up Apple Pay at CVS


Using Apple Pay at CVS checkout is straightforward once it’s enabled in your iPhone settings or Apple Watch app. Here are the basic steps to get started with Apple Pay at CVS:

Add Cards to Wallet App

First, ensure the Wallet app is installed on your compatible iPhone or iPad. Open the app and tap the “+” to add your debit or credit card. You’ll need to authenticate with your bank and follow the prompts.

Enable Contactless Payments

Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay on your device and toggle on the switch next to Apple Pay to enable contactless payments. You may need to create or validate a compatible card as your default payment method.

Add and Checkout With Apple Watch

To use an Apple Watch for Apple Pay at CVS, open the Watch app paired to your iPhone. Go to Wallet & Apple Pay, then follow the instructions to add cards and enable payments. Wear your watch to pay by double-clicking the side button and holding near the contactless reader.

Once Apple Pay is all set up, you can checkout with ease using your supported iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch at any CVS Pharmacy location. The cashier will prompt when to hold your device near the payment terminal for contactless checkout.

Compatible Devices for Apple Pay at CVS

To use Apple Pay at CVS checkout, you need a supported Apple device with its Wallet and payment features enabled including:

  • iPhone – iPhone 6 or newer running the latest iOS. This includes iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, XR/XS, X, 8, 7, 6s, and SE models.
  • Apple Watch – Apple Watch Series 6, SE, 5, 4, 3 paired with iPhone. Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 also work at CVS with an iPhone 6 or later.
  • iPad – iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and later have Apple Pay support. Also iPad 5th generation and above running latest iPadOS.
  • Mac – Recent Mac laptops and desktops with Touch ID or iPhone/Apple Watch connectivity can use Apple Pay on supported websites. Retail checkout is only available on Apple Watch and mobile devices currently.

As long as your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch meets the model requirements and has the latest OS version with Wallet set up properly, you’ll be able to use Apple Pay when shopping at CVS Pharmacy.

Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay at CVS

There are some great benefits to tapping your iPhone, Apple Watch or other device to pay with Apple Pay rather than using a physical credit, debit or CVS card:

  • Convenient – Apple Pay is very quick and convenient for purchases at CVS. Simply hold near terminal instead of digging through your wallet or purse.
  • Secure – Your card details are never shared directly during transactions. Apple Pay uses unique encrypted transaction codes for privacy.
  • Rewards – You still get all your usual CVS card coupons, ExtraCare deals and savings when paying via Apple Pay.
  • Checkout – The cashier will prompt you when to hold your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad to the contactless reader for seamless checkout.
  • Tracking – Review Apple Pay payments made at CVS via the Wallet app transaction history for personal finance management.

Overall Apple Pay delivers speed, privacy, security and convenience with the same deals and savings as your regular CVS store payment cards.

How To Pay with Apple Pay at CVS

Paying with Apple Pay at CVS Pharmacy could not be simpler. Just look out for the contactless payment symbol or Apple Pay logo at checkout terminals. Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Add items to your basket and proceed to a checkout counter when ready to pay. (Staff can assist with using the self-checkout if required).
  2. When prompted by the cashier, hold your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad to the contactless reader section of the payment terminal.
  3. Authenticate payment using Face ID on iPhone X or later models, Touch ID fingerprint or passcode on older devices or double click the side button on Apple Watch.
  4. Wait for the confirmation beep, haptic feedback on Apple Watch and visual confirmation on screen that your payment was successful!

And that’s all there is to paying with Apple Pay at CVS! It’s incredibly fast, private and easy for picking up snacks, photo prints, medications and anything else you purchase at their convenient pharmacy stores.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at CVS

In most cases Apple Pay will work seamlessly when paying in CVS. But if you encounter any problems getting it to work, try the following:

  • Make sure your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch has power and internet connectivity. Reboot the device or reconnect as required.
  • Confirm Apple Pay is properly set up in your Wallet app settings with at least one valid supported card added and activated.
  • If you have an iPhone paired to Apple Watch, ensure WatchOS Wallet access is still enabled under Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. Re-pair if issues persist.
  • Try holding your device closer or adjusting orientation on the CVS checkout terminal reader. Look for illumination or beeping which indicates it is attempting to read.
  • Ask the CVS checkout staff member for assistance or switch checkout lanes/terminals in case an issue is localized.
  • Check for alerts on device or app notifications which may indicate specific problems such as unsupported model, connectivity failure or account validation issues and address accordingly.

Getting stuck? You can also contact Apple Pay support online or speak to a CVS manager to determine why Apple Pay might not be working properly at that specific store. They will be best placed to troubleshoot or escalate any persistent terminal or payment issues.

Key Takeaway: Seamless Apple Pay Transactions at CVS

  • Compatible Devices – Use your iPhone, Apple Watch, newer iPad or Mac laptop/desktop at CVS with Apple Pay activated
  • Setup Wallet – Add debit/credit cards, enable Apple Pay feature for contactless payments
  • Transact – Simply hold Apple device near payment terminals when prompted by CVS cashier
  • Troubleshoot – Toggle airplane mode, reboot device or contact support teams if issues arise

So in summary, yes, CVS proudly accepts Apple Pay on all compatible models of iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch devices thanks to easy contactless terminal integration across store locations!


With CVS accepting Apple Pay nationwide across thousands of pharmacy store locations, iPhone and Apple Watch users have a secure and convenient way to checkout.

Simply adding your cards to the Wallet app, enabling Apple Pay settings and tapping your device when prompted seamlessly handles the payment transaction. You still get all the usual CVS deals and rewards too when using Apple Pay instead of plastic cards.

This guide covers everything required to start using Apple Pay successfully at CVS checkouts. So tap to pay for your next CVS purchase and avoid the hassles of physical wallets, cards or cash!

FAQs: Apple Pay at CVS

  1. Does CVS take Apple Pay in store?
    Yes, CVS supports and accepts Apple Pay using iPhones, Apple Watch devices or newer iPad models in all store locations across the US.
  2. Can I use Apple Pay at CVS pharmacy?
    CVS Pharmacy checkout counters fully support Apple Pay contactless transactions from compatible iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch devices.
  3. Does CVS have Apple Pay?
    As an Apple Pay partner, all CVS stores allow customers to pay with Apple Pay from iPhone and Apple Watch with supported payment cards added in Wallet.
  4. How do I set up Apple Pay for CVS?
    Using the latest iPhone model, add your cards to Apple Wallet app, enable Apple Pay feature, then simply hold near terminal when prompted to pay at CVS stores.
  5. What phones work with Apple Pay at CVS?
    All newer iPhone models from iPhone 6 through current iPhone 14 range support the ability to checkout with Apple Pay at CVS pharmacy stores nationwide.
  6. Does CVS take Apple Pay 2022?
    Yes, CVS continues accepting Apple Pay in 2022 and 2023 for in store checkouts from iPhone, Apple Watch and supported iPad devices with contactless payments.
  7. Is Apple Pay working at CVS?
    CVS has Apple Pay fully enabled across all pharmacy store locations and checkout terminals nationwide, so customers with supported devices can pay using Apple Pay.
  8. Why is my Apple Pay not working at CVS?
    Occasionally connectivity, expired cards, account issues or device compatibility problems may stop Apple Pay working correctly at CVS. Follow the troubleshooting guide to resolve.
  9. Can I use Apple Pay with my Extra Care card?
    Yes! Customers can still earn and apply all usual Extra Care rewards, coupons and savings when checking out using Apple Pay wallet instead of their physical rewards card.
  10. Does Apple Pay work at CVS Minute Clinic?
    Minute Clinics at select CVS pharmacy stores also accept Apple Pay now using compatible latest iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch devices for quick contactless payments.
  11. What do I do if Apple Pay is not working at CVS self checkout?
    Notify store assistant if you have trouble using Apple Pay on the self checkout terminals. They can confirm if payments are fully enabled or assist switching terminals if required.
  12. Why does my Apple Watch say not supported at CVS?
    Older Apple Watch models may not work for Apple Pay at CVS. Series 1 or later are generally supported alongside at least iPhone 6 and above. Check your paired iPhone also meets minimum specs.
  13. Can I add my CVS card to Apple Pay?
    The CVS Extra Care card cannot be directly added to Apple Wallet app. But all coupons and rewards associated with your account will still apply when using Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch for payments.
  14. Do I still get Extra Bucks with Apple Pay CVS?
    Yes, paying with Apple Pay instead of your physical Extra Care card will have no impact on reward points or Extra Bucks printing and redemptions during qualifying purchases at CVS Pharmacy.
  15. Is Apple Pay down at CVS?
    If Apple Pay seems unavailable or not working in your CVS location, check for system alerts or contact support. Occasional technical issues may temporarily impact contactless payments.
  16. Why does CVS Apple Pay say card not supported?
    You may need to add an alternative supported debit or credit card to Apple Pay in iPhone Settings or Watch app if errors mention your usual payment card cannot be used to pay at CVS checkouts.
  17. Can you use Apple Pay at CVS pharmacy drive thru?
    Unfortunately Apple Pay tap-and-go payments only work at CVS store checkout terminals right now. The drive thru payments involve different processes which currently do not facilitate contactless.

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