Does Dollar Tree Take Apple Pay?

Dollar Tree is one of the most popular dollar store chains in the United States. With over 15,800 stores across North America, it offers tremendous value on everyday items across a variety of categories. As consumer preferences for digital and mobile payments continue to accelerate, shoppers consistently inquire “Does Dollar Tree Take Apple Pay?”

Does Dollar Tree Take Apple Pay?




Understanding Apple Pay and NFC Technology

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make payments in stores using supported iPhone and Apple Watch devices. It uses a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) to securely communicate payment information when held near a compatible payment terminal.

For Apple Pay to work in stores, both the user’s device and the store’s payment terminals must support NFC technology. Additionally, the store must actively accept and enable Apple Pay as a payment method in their checkout process. Without compatible hardware and explicit acceptance from the merchant, Apple Pay cannot be used in store.

Does Dollar Tree Take Apple Pay In Stores?

No, as of December 2023, Dollar Tree retail stores do not accept Apple Pay for in-person payments. Only traditional payment methods of cash, credit cards, debit cards, EBT, and gift cards are enabled as checkout options.

While Dollar Tree payment terminals may technically support NFC contactless payments, Apple Pay and other mobile wallet services are not configured on their systems. Without directly enabling Apple Pay across their technology infrastructure and updating their checkout processes, customers cannot use it to pay in stores.

This holds true whether shopping at standalone Dollar Tree locations or combo stores with Dollar Tree and Family Dollar brands under the same roof. Neither retail chain currently takes Apple Pay despite contactless payment adoption accelerating globally.

Alternative Digital Payment Options

While Apple Pay is not accepted, Dollar Tree shoppers still have some digital payment options including:

  • Credit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit cards with chip or contactless may be used
  • Debit Cards – Debit cards with chip or contactless may also be used
  • Gift Cards – Physical and digital Dollar Tree gift cards are accepted
  • EBT Payments – Electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards are accepted

These open up conveniences like earning credit card rewards and tapping contactless cards for faster checkout. However, the speed, ease, and security of true mobile payments via Apple Pay is not supported.

Dollar Tree’s Stance on Accepting Apple Pay

Dollar Tree has not made any official announcements indicating that Apple Pay or other mobile wallets will be accepted in the future.

As a value retailer catering price-conscious shoppers, they may have concerns about:

  • Processing costs – Apple charges 0.15% on transactions which impacts margins
  • Infrastructure costs – Upgrades would be needed to enable contactless payments
  • Security – Contactless payments may enable increased fraud risk

For these reasons, many discount merchants choose not to accept mobile payments, instead focusing on traditional checkout. Unless shopper demand for Apple Pay increases significantly, Dollar Tree will likely retain their current policy.

Shopping with Apple Pay for Dollar Tree Delivery

For customers seeking the speed and convenience of Apple Pay for Dollar Tree purchases, the best option is shopping online for delivery or pickup.

Both the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar websites have a modern checkout process accepting major credit cards. This means Apple Pay can be selected as the payment method when checking out online orders.

While delivery fees apply based on order total, this opens up Apple Pay as a contactless payment choice for Dollar Tree shoppers. The online shopping cart is simply an easier point to implement mobile wallet acceptance.

Key Takeaways: Does Dollar Tree Take Apple Pay?

  • In stores – No, Dollar Tree does not currently accept Apple Pay in standalone or combo stores
  • Alternatives – Traditional payment cards and gift cards still accepted
  • Online orders – Apple Pay can be used when ordering online for delivery/pickup
  • Future acceptance – Dollar Tree has not announced plans to start accepting contactless payments

Shoppers wanting the speed and ease of Apple Pay will need to order online or choose another retailer. With Apple Pay adoption rising over time, Dollar Tree may eventually revisit their payment systems.


Dollar Tree does not currently accept Apple Pay or contactless payments in any brick-and-mortar locations. The lack of NFC technology across payment terminals, combined with no indication from the retailer about accepting mobile wallets leaves Apple Pay unavailable as an in-store checkout option.

For dollar store shoppers who prefer paying with their iPhone or Apple Watch, ordering online for delivery or in-store pickup enables Apple Pay, providing a contactless payment solution. As consumer demand increases, Dollar Tree may reevaluate their systems to support Apple Pay and other emerging payment technologies in their stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use Apple Pay at Dollar Tree self checkout?
    No, Apple Pay is not enabled on Dollar Tree self checkout registers either. You can only use cash, physical cards, or gift cards to checkout.
  2. Does Family Dollar take Apple Pay?
    No, like parent company Dollar Tree, Family Dollar does not accept Apple Pay as an in-store payment method at this time.
  3. Can I use Apple Pay on the Dollar Tree app?
    No, the current Dollar Tree shopping app on iOS and Android does not have Apple Pay integrated into the checkout flow. You can save payment cards but have to manually enter details.
  4. Is Apple Pay coming to Dollar Tree in 2023?
    Dollar Tree has not announced any timeline for officially supporting Apple Pay or other contactless payments. Check their website for updates on accepted payment methods.
  5. What stores like Dollar Tree accept Apple Pay?
    Discounters like Dollar General, Five Below, 99 Cents Only, Dollarama in Canada, and Puntland in the UK accept Apple Pay. Dollar Tree is a notable exception among discount retailers.
  6. Why doesn’t Dollar Tree allow Apple Pay?
    High processing fees, infrastructure upgrades required, and increased fraud risks are potential reasons why Dollar Tree does not accept contactless payments like Apple Pay in stores.
  7. Can I use Samsung Pay or Google Pay at Dollar Tree?
    No. Without NFC terminals configured to accept contactless payments, no form of mobile wallet or tap-to-pay service can be used to checkout in Dollar Tree stores.
  8. Is Apple Pay safer than paying with plastic cards?
    Yes, Apple Pay is more secure given unique transaction codes and fingerprint/Face ID authentication. Paying via iPhone or Apple Watch adds additional security benefits beyond inserting or tapping a physical card.
  9. Do I need a credit card to use Apple Pay?
    While credit cards can be added to Apple Pay, you can also use a debit card or prepaid debit card supported on the Apple Pay network. The payment card allows funding Apple Pay transactions.
  10. What is the maximum purchase amount for Apple Pay?
    There is no official limit, however contactless transaction limits can vary between $100-$200 depending on country and region. Purchases exceeding that amount may require dipping the chip instead of contactless.
  11. Can I use Apple Pay internationally?
    Yes, Apple Pay works internationally thanks to NFC compatibility. Acceptance continues improving worldwide, especially in Europe and Asia where mobile payment adoption is high.
  12. Is Apple Pay free to use for customers?
    Yes, Apple Pay is free for customers. Apple charges banks and merchants transaction fees, but there are no costs for consumers to pay via Apple Pay.
  13. Are Apple Pay transactions private and anonymous?
    While each transaction generates a unique code, normal transaction information is still shared with the merchant, bank, and Apple. Statements will show merchant names, protecting privacy outside those parties.
  14. Can I get receipts if I pay with Apple Pay?
    Yes, paper and emailed digital receipts will still be available as confirmation of purchases made via Apple Pay.
  15. Will my Apple Pay transactions appear on my bank/card statement?
    Yes, Apple Pay purchases appear on normal bank and credit card statements. They show as regular transactions, but don’t include full card details for security.
  16. Can I return an item paid for originally with Apple Pay?
    Yes, returns and exchanges work normally as with any payment method. Refunds are sent back to the original Apple Pay linked payment card. No receipt is needed.
  17. Do I earn credit card rewards when paying with Apple Pay?
    Yes. If your card offers rewards points or cashback on spending, those benefits apply to Apple Pay transactions just as normal card purchases.
  18. Can minors use Apple Pay?
    Apple Pay works with Family Setup which allows parents to approve Apple Pay for those under 18 while monitoring spending. Alternatively, buying them an Apple Gift Card provides Apple Pay funds.

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