Does del taco take Apple Pay?

Del Taco, the popular Mexican-American fast food chain, offers convenient payment options for customers. This includes accepting contactless payments through digital wallets like Apple Pay.

Does del taco take Apple Pay?

How Apple Pay works at Del Taco

Apple Pay is a mobile payment solution that allows you to use your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or MacBook to pay at contactless terminals with a single touch. Here is an overview of how Apple Pay works at Del Taco:

  • Compatible devices – You can use Apple Pay on any iPhone (6 or newer models), Apple Watch, iPad or MacBook that has Touch ID or Face ID enabled. This includes newer models only.
  • Easy checkout – When you are ready to pay at checkout, simply hold your compatible Apple device close to the contactless terminal to complete payment. There is no need to open an app or present your debit/credit card.
  • Secure payments – Each transaction is authenticated securely using Face ID, Touch ID or by double clicking the side button and glancing at your Apple Watch. Your card details are never shared with the retailer or store.
  • Digital receipts – Your receipt is available instantly in the Wallet app. You will also receive verified email receipts as confirmation of payment.

So in summary, accepting Apple Pay is just contactless payments using an iPhone, Apple smartwatch or other Apple device instead of tapping a credit or debit card. Del Taco has enabled this to provide faster checkout and enhanced security for payments.

Which Del Taco locations accept Apple Pay?

Most company owned and operated Del Taco locations now accept contactless payments through Apple Pay and other mobile wallets. However, acceptance can vary at some franchised locations.

Here are some quick ways to check if your nearest Del Taco restaurant accepts Apple Pay:

  • Del Taco app – Open the Del Taco app and select your location. Scroll down on the location page to see listed payment types including Apple Pay.
  • Ask restaurant staff – Check at the counter or drive-thru if that specific Del Taco accepts Apple Pay before ordering. Staff will be able to confirm accepted payment types.
  • Contactless terminal – Look for the universal contactless symbol at checkout terminals. This indicates digital wallet acceptance. Not all locations have the labeled symbols.

You can then pay instantly with your Apple device when placing your order. It’s also useful to have a secondary payment card ready in case that specific store’s contactless payment system is temporarily unavailable.

Step-by-step guide to using Apple Pay at Del Taco

Paying with your iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple device at Del Taco is very quick and convenient. Follow these 6 simple steps when you visit:

  1. Order food items

Place your order for tacos, burritos and other menu items either in-store or at the drive-thru. Order and pay individually or with a group.

  1. Inform cashier

When you are ready to pay, let the cashier know you will be using Apple Pay. This ensures they activate the NFC reader.

  1. Select card

On your device, select your preferred card loaded into the Wallet app to use with Apple Pay.

  1. Hold near terminal

Look for the contactless symbol on the payment terminal and hold your unlocked device within an inch of reader. Do not tap or open any apps.

  1. Authenticate payment

Authenticate using Face ID on your phone/watch, Touch ID or by double-clicking your Apple Watch side button when prompted.

  1. Collect order

Your order receipt will be instantly added to the Wallet app. You can then pick up your order when ready. No signature is needed for card payments under $25.

And that’s all there is to it! In 6 quick steps you can pay safely and conveniently using your Apple device at Del Taco.

Advantages of using Apple Pay at Del Taco

Using your Apple phone, smartwatch or other device to make payments has some nice benefits compared to swiping a physical card:

  • Easy and fast – With Apple Pay there is no more fumbling for your wallet. Pay quickly with a single touch or glance at your device. Perfect for speedy Del Taco pickups.
  • Secure payments – Each transaction is securely authorized using biometrics like face or fingerprint matching. Your card details are not stored on your device or shared with the retailer.
  • Privacy focused – When you use a credit or debit card, your card number and identity are visible. With Apple Pay, your personal details are not shared further enhancing privacy.
  • Track spending – View all your recent Apple Pay transactions neatly organized in the Wallet app. Monitor Del Taco visits and spending right from your device.

So if you have an eligible iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple device, try the fast and secure experience that is Apple Pay. Enjoy maximum convenience next time you order at Del Taco.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay issues at Del Taco

Apple Pay transactions are usually very smooth. But in case you face any problems getting it to work at Del Taco, here is some troubleshooting guidance:

  • Update your software – Make sure your Apple device has the latest OS version installed. Also check if your Wallet app needs any updates from the App Store.
  • Enable NFC Access Control – Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay and ensure Express Transit Card is on. This helps with NFC scanning.
  • Card registration issues – Your card needs to be successfully registered under the Wallet app with latest details. Re-add it or call your bank for assistance.
  • Unavailable at location – Some Del Taco franchises may not have activated contactless payments yet. Try a different nearby branch or alternative payment method.
  • Hardware issues – Clean the NFC scanner area on your Apple device. Also clean the card reader on the terminal. Faulty scanners can affect readings.
  • Still not working? – In rare cases, you may need to entirely reset the NFC chip which handles contactless payments. Schedule this via the Apple support app or by booking a Genius Bar appointment.

With simple troubleshooting, you should be able to get Apple Pay transactions smoothly functioning again when ordering your favorites at Del Taco.

Paying with other mobile wallets at Del Taco

In addition to Apple Pay, Del Taco also accepts the following common mobile payment wallets:

  • Google Pay – Use your Android phone or Google Wear OS smartwatch to scan and pay in seconds. Add eligible cards in the Google Pay app.
  • Samsung Pay – Available on newer Samsung Galaxy smartphones and smart watches. Has the added ability to mimic credit card swipes for wider acceptance.
  • Fitbit Pay – If you have a supported Fitbit device, add credit/debit cards to the wallet app and conveniently pay on your wrist.

Look for the universal contactless symbol at self-order kiosks, drive-thru windows and checkout counters when using any mobile wallet. The same convenience and security benefits apply as you get with Apple Pay.

So with mobile payment adoption growing all the time, Del Taco remains committed to accepting the latest contactless technology for faster and more convenient guest transactions. They join other chains like Starbucks, Walgreens and McDonald’s in accepting Apple Pay and alternate digital wallets.

Loyalty cards and rewards with Apple Pay

The Del Taco Del Yeah! Rewards program allows members to earn points and redeem rewards on future purchases. Luckily, storing and using your rewards card is also super simple with Apple Pay:

  1. Save loyalty card

In the Wallet app on your iPhone, tap the “+” and select “Loyalty Card”. Search for “Del Taco”, add your Del Yeah! membership details and card balance will sync.

  1. Pay and collect rewards

When paying at Del Taco with Apple Pay, your loyalty balance and earned rewards will automatically update after purchase completes without needing to scan a separate barcode. It all happens in the background.

  1. Manage and redeem rewards

Open up the Del Taco loyalty card saved in your Wallet to check updated offers, point balance and redeem rewards on next purchase. Quick and convenient!

Apple Pay integration makes the already generous Del Yeah! rewards program even more user friendly. Signing up is free allowing you to start earning points on tacos, drinks and favorite menu items to redeem later on.

Tips for using Apple Pay successfully at Del Taco

Here are some handy tips worth keeping in mind to ensure you have the best experience using Apple Pay at Del Taco restaurants:

  • Activate Express Transit mode for faster checkout without requiring Face ID or passcode entry each time. Great for quick Del Taco purchases.
  • Add your Del Yeah! rewards card into the Wallet app to automatically collect and redeem points completely cashier-free.
  • Register multiple cards in Wallet for backup if your primary card is declined or Apple Pay temporarily unavailable.
  • Always update your compatible Apple device to the latest OS version to receive vital security patches and contactless payment fixes.
  • Receive purchase receipts conveniently in your Wallet app history instantly after successful transactions.

So those are some ways to boost convenience with Apple Pay for all your Del Taco trips. Contactless payments are the future allowing faster ordering both in-store or at the drive-thru.

Key Takeaway

The key points to remember are:

  • Del Taco accepts Apple Pay at most company owned and participating franchise locations so you can pay quickly and securely using your iPhone, Apple Watch and other Apple devices.
  • Enable contactless payments by holding your unlocked Apple device close to payment terminals when instructed to pay. Transactions take seconds and are highly secure.
  • Apple Pay also works with the Del Yeah! loyalty program allowing you to accrue and automatically redeem rewards completely card-free.

So if you own compatible Apple hardware, leverage Apple Pay at checkout during your next Del Taco visit for maximum speed and convenience across all your restaurant spending. It will quickly become your preferred contactless payment method for everyday purchases.


In conclusion, Del Taco serves up classic Mexican food favorites like tacos, burritos and quesadillas with great speed. Paying with your iPhone or Apple smartwatch using Apple Pay matches that quick pace allowing instant checkout. So whether dining in-restaurant or using the drive-thru, Apple device owners should take advantage of contactless convenience. Transactions are highly secure requiring fingerprint or face authorization while card data stays protected through tokenization. Plus your Del Yeah! rewards integrate directly with Wallet further optimizing loyalty points earnings for free food and drink. So tap and go for faster meal times next time you visit Del Taco using Apple Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Is Apple Pay free to use at Del Taco?
A1: Yes, there are no extra fees when using your credit or debit card via Apple Pay for purchases at Del Taco. Transaction fees are the same as when physically presenting that card for payment.

Q2: Can I use a Del Taco gift card with Apple Pay?
A2: Unfortunately Apple Pay does not directly support using gift cards as payment method. But you can quickly scan or reload your Del Taco physical or digital gift card first, then pay any remaining balance using Apple Pay.

Q3: Do I need to unlock my iPhone to use Apple Pay at Del Taco?
A3: For security reasons, you need to authenticate using Face ID, Touch ID or passcode when first authorizing each Apple Pay transaction. After that initial authorization, Express Transit mode allows tap to pay without constant re-authentication which is super convenient.

Q4: Does the cashier at Del Taco need to touch my iPhone when using Apple Pay?
A4: No. Apple Pay transactions are fully self-service. Simply hold your unlocked device close to the NFC terminal when prompted to pay and confirm using Face/Touch ID without handing your device over. This further enhances security and hygiene.

Q5: Can I earn and redeem Del Yeah! rewards when paying via Apple Pay?
A5: Yes absolutely! Add your Del Yeah rewards membership to Apple Wallet, then all your points earnings and redemptions at Del Taco will automatically process when scanning to pay with Apple Pay. No need to present a separate loyalty card.

Q6: Why is my Apple Pay payment not working at Del Taco?
A6: Occasionally you may encounter issues caused by poor internet connections, outdated software or device misconfigurations. Try turning Express Transit mode on, updating your iPhone software, checking card validity and retrying payment. If issues persist, contact Apple Support for troubleshooting assistance.

Q7: Is Apple Pay safer than using my physical credit or debit card at Del Taco?
A7: Absolutely. Every Apple Pay transaction at Del Taco requires biometric authentication via Face or Touch ID for fraud protection. Your card details are never shared with the retailer or stored on your device either during payment. This makes each contactless payment highly secure.

Q8: What happens if I lose my iPhone that has my cards registered for Apple Pay?
A8 :You can easily suspend or remove lost or stolen cards in Wallet via without completely losing access. Additionally, all payments require biometric ID authorization so thieves cannot use your virtual cards fraudulently. You can also view detailed transaction maps in Wallet to identify suspicious purchases and report unauthorized use swiftly.

Q9: Can I pay separately from my family/group order when using Apple Pay at Del Taco?
A9: Certainly. Apple Pay fully supports making payments towards only your portion of the total check amount. When prompted for payment, clearly state you will be paying separately with Apple Pay for just your food items. The cashier will adjust payment terminals accordingly allowing you to tap and pay only what you ordered.

Q10: Does the Del Taco app accept Apple Pay for online orders?
A10: At this time, the Del Taco ordering app does not offer Apple Pay integration. You will need to enter credit/debit card details manually to checkout online orders. However, if picking up instore, you can opt to pay securely using Apple Pay on collection.

Q11: How old does my iPhone need to be to work with Apple Pay at Del Taco?
A11: To use Apple Pay and contactless payments, you need an iPhone 6 or newer running at least iOS 12. Most modern iPhones, Apple Watches and iPads now support tap-and-go Apple Pay functionality, just ensure you have Touch ID, Face ID or passcode enabled.

Q12: Can I scan Del Taco coupons and still pay the remaining balance using Apple Pay?
A12: Yes you can. Apply any physical or digital coupons and promos to your Del Taco order first, then pay the discounted outstanding amount using Apple Pay. Both payment methods can be used together in one transaction.

Q13: Do I need to carry my physical credit/debit card when paying via Apple Pay at Del Taco?
A13: We recommend having a backup physical payment card with you initially just in case you encounter any issues processing Apple Pay. However once Apple Pay transactions are smoothly established, you can leave your wallet behind and pay using only your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Q14: Is tipping possible when utilising Apple Pay at Del Taco?
A14: Absolutely. When presented with the payment prompt, you can select a preset percentage tip amount to add or enter a custom tip if desired. The total charge along with your chosen tip will then be paid instantly from your chosen Apple Pay card.

Q15: Can I receive a text or emailed receipt after paying via Apple Pay at Del Taco?
A15: Yes, emailed receipts can be automatically sent to the address associated with your Apple Pay payment card as confirmation. Open the latest transaction in Wallet and tap the “More” link to view additional receipt options. Set your preference for digital or email receipts.

Q16: Do I need to scan or present any cards when using Apple Pay at the Del Taco drive-thru?
A16: The beauty of contactless payments like Apple Pay is no need to present any physical cards! When you arrive at the drive-thru terminal, simply hold your iPhone near the reader to authenticate and pay. It’s the fastest and most convenient payment experience possible.

Q17: What should I do if my Apple Pay transaction fails at Del Taco and my order payment cannot be processed?
A17: Don’t worry, just relay the payment issue immediately to the cashier and they can quickly cancel the Apple Pay transaction. Then simply try again selecting a different payment card in Wallet or use another payment method available to complete your food order.

Q18: Does Apple Pay work when trying to pay deposits for Del Taco catering orders?
A18: Unfortunately Apple Pay transactions are currently authorized for exact order amounts only when paying in-person. Consult directly with your preferred Del Taco restaurant to check on payment policies if paying deposits for large catering orders using mobile wallets.

Q19: Are my card details and personal information safe when paying via Apple Pay at Del Taco?
A19: Extremely safe. Apple Pay utilizes tokenization technology so your card details are never shared with retailers. One-time dynamic security codes are used with each tap-and-go transaction for maximum security. Your transactions data, actual card numbers and identity all remain completely private.

Q20: What should I do if I am charged twice when using Apple Pay at Del Taco?
A20: Payment errors resulting in accidental double charges are extremely rare with Apple Pay. But if this does occur, contact Del Taco management immediately who can void the unauthorized duplicate charge with proof of your Wallet payment receipt. You can also contact your card provider to reverse invalid duplicate transactions.

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