Does Dominos Take Apple Pay?

Dominos is one of the most popular pizza chains in the country. Their convenient online ordering and delivery options make getting a hot pizza on the go easy. As mobile payment options like Apple Pay gain popularity, more customers wonder if you can use Apple Pay at Dominos.

Does Dominos Take Apple Pay?

Can You Use Apple Pay at Dominos?

Yes, Dominos does accept Apple Pay as a contactless payment method for online orders and in-store purchases. They began accepting Apple Pay and other mobile wallet payment methods in 2019 across the majority of their stores.

Customers can add their credit or debit cards to the Wallet app on their iPhone or Apple Watch. Then they can hold their device near the contactless payment terminal to quickly and securely pay using Apple Pay. It’s an easy way to checkout without needing your physical card or cash on hand.

Ordering Online with Apple Pay

When placing a delivery or carryout order on the Dominos website or mobile app, customers with an iPhone or iPad can select Apple Pay at checkout.

The Wallet app will open automatically allowing you to authenticate your purchase using Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode. Once verified, your order will be placed using the card you have stored in Apple Pay.

In-Store Purchases with Apple Pay

All Dominos locations have been updated to accept contactless payments through Apple Pay and other services. To pay in-store, simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal after you place your order.

You don’t need to open your device or launch an app. An alert will appear on your iPhone or Apple Watch for you to authorize with Face ID, Touch ID, or by entering your passcode. It’s the fastest way to checkout while picking up your pizza.

Setting Up Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay at Dominos, whether for delivery orders or in-store purchases, requires some quick setup:

  • You’ll need an iPhone 6 or newer running at least iOS 8.1 or an Apple Watch paired to an iPhone 5 or newer.
  • Add eligible credit and debit cards to your Wallet app. Debit cards and prepaid cards must be issued by a payment network like Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
  • Validate the cards follow the prompts in the Wallet app. Your bank will verify your identity.
  • Review your settings like default card, shipping address, contact info, and more in the Wallet app.
  • You’re all set! Now you can use Apple Pay seamlessly whenever you order Dominos.

Apple Pay transactions are secure, fast, and convenient. With touch or face authentication built right into your devices, you don’t need to worry about carrying physical cards or cash to pay at Dominos.

Benefits of Paying with Apple Pay

Paying with a mobile wallet like Apple Pay offers many benefits:

  • It’s incredibly secure thanks to tokenization and Apple’s strict privacy rules. Your payment details are never shared directly with the merchant.
  • Very fast checkout compared to fumbling through your wallet for a card or counting cash. Just tap and go!
  • Works online and in stores. Apple Pay works for both delivery orders and carryout without needing different payment methods.
  • Simpler budget tracking. All purchases made with Apple Pay are neatly recorded in the Wallet app. You can also view them in your bank statement.
  • Accessibility features like Voiceover allow blind or low vision users to privately complete purchases.

Apple Pay makes everything from ordering your favorite pizza for delivery to grabbing a quick slice on your lunch break easier. Dominos acceptance of Apple Pay opens faster, more secure payment options for all of its hungry customers!

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at Dominos

Despite being simple to set up and use, you may occasionally encounter issues using Apple Pay to pay at Dominos such as:

  • Incorrectly configured card – Double check your card details in the Wallet app to confirm it is setup properly for Apple Pay transactions.
  • Expired card – If your card in Apple Pay has expired, update it with your new expiration date and security code.
  • Insufficient funds – You’ll need to add funds or use a different card if the card in your Wallet app has insufficient funds.
  • Device issues – Ensure your iOS device is running the latest OS version and that Apple Pay is enabled under Settings. Troubleshoot any hardware issues with Touch ID/Face ID sensors.
  • Poor internet connection – For online orders, a strong WiFi or LTE data connection is required to complete Apple Pay transactions.
  • Payment terminal issues – If paying in-store, let the cashier know if an error occurs so they can troubleshoot problems like network connectivity or rebooting the payment terminal.

In most cases, errors with Apple Pay purchases can be quickly resolved by double checking account balances, updating expired payment info, and ensuring stable internet connections on your device. Don’t hesitate to ask Dominos support staff for assistance troubleshooting any persistent issues you encounter.

Tips for Using Apple Pay Successfully at Dominos

Follow these tips when using Apple Pay for seamless payments at Dominos:

  • Add cards ahead of time – Configure Apple Pay with your preferred cards before trying to use it under pressure in store or while finalizing a delivery order.
  • Fully charge your device – Paying with Apple Pay depends on battery life, especially for older iPhones with aging batteries. Keep devices charged so you’re not caught off guard.
  • Know your limits – Apple Pay transactions have certain spending limits unless verified with your PIN. Understand the limits to avoid payment failures for larger orders.
  • Designate a default card – Pick your most used card for Dominos orders as the default in Apple Pay settings for faster checkout every time.
  • Take advantage of notifications – When possible, confirm Apple Pay transactions from your paired Apple Watch to keep personal iPhone info private in social settings.
  • Ask for support if needed – Don’t hesitate to request help from Dominos cashiers if you encounter any errors when attempting to pay with Apple Pay.

With a bit of preparation, you can breeze through Apple Pay transactions when paying for pizzas, wings, and other menu items at Dominos. It becomes as easy as tapping and enjoying delicious food delivery with just a few clicks or taps!

The Future of Contactless Payments at Dominos

Contactless payments like Apple Pay have seen widespread adoption by large chains and small shops alike. Dominos accepting these new digital payment types was inevitable given the changing pace of technology and commerce.

In the future, we expect Dominos to expand acceptance of additional contactless payment options like Android Pay or Samsung Pay. Support for wearable devices beyond just the Apple Watch will likely increase over time as well.

Integrations with smart speakers may even allow vocal confirmation of Apple Pay purchases placed through channels like Dominos’ Alexa skill. Voice-activated commerce and payments are still emerging technologies but have tremendous promise for convenience and accessibility.

No matter what innovations come next for payments at Dominos, customers can expect Apple Pay support to continue excelling at providing speed, security, and simplicity with every order. Contactless payments are transforming rituals around meals and snacks for hurried customers seeking pizza on the go.

Key Takeaways About Apple Pay at Dominos

  • Dominos began accepting Apple Pay both online and in-store since 2019 for a fast, simple checkout experience.
  • Customers can easily setup Apple Pay in the Wallet app by adding supported debit or credit cards and validating with their bank.
  • Benefits include enhanced security, faster transactions, order tracking, accessibility for disabled users, and simplicity across online and offline payments.
  • Keep devices charged, know spending limits, designate a default card, and request staff support if any payment issues occur when attempting to use Apple Pay.
  • As contactless payments gain adoption, expect support for additional mobile wallets, wearables, smart speakers and other emerging technologies to allow vocal transactions.


The ability to use Apple Pay for orders and purchases at Dominos makes enjoying your favorite pizza and menu items even more seamless. With just a quick tap or glance at your iPhone or Apple Watch, you can authorize payments without the hassle of physical cards or cash.

As the popularity of mobile payments grows globally, customers will find paying with Apple Pay increasingly convenient at popular chains. Dominos’ early support for these technologies cements their commitment to provide fast, reliable customer experiences backed by the latest innovation.

So next time hunger strikes for hot, fresh Dominos food, Apple Pay on your iOS devices offers the perfect contactless solution for completing orders in just seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does Dominos accept Apple Pay?
    Yes, as of 2019 Apple Pay and other contactless payments are accepted online, in-app, and at all Dominos locations.

  2. Can I use Apple Pay both for delivery orders and carryout orders?
    Yes, Dominos accepts Apple Pay seamlessly for all order ahead delivery orders or in-store purchases you pickup yourself.

  3. Do I need an iPhone to use Apple Pay at Dominos?
    To use Apple Pay you need an iPhone 6 or newer running at least iOS 8.1. Apple Watches and iPads also support Apple Pay.

  4. What cards can I add to Apple Pay?
    Debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards issued from major payment networks like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express can be added to Apple Pay.

  5. Is Apple Pay secure to use at Dominos?
    Yes, Apple Pay transactions use tokenization and encryption to keep your actual card details private. Biometric authentication ensures only you can approve payments.

  6. Can I receive cash back when using Apple Pay at Dominos?
    No, Apple Pay cannot be used for cash back transactions at this time. It may only be used for purchasing menu items.

  7. What should I do if Apple Pay isn’t working?
    Make sure your device has sufficient charge and a stable internet connection. Confirm the card added is the correct one you want to use. Ask staff to troubleshoot terminal issues.

  8. Does Apple Pay work on jailbroken iPhones?
    No. Apple Pay is disabled on jailbroken devices due to increased security risks regarding spoofing or interception of payments.

  9. Can stolen iPhones use Apple Pay at Dominos?
    No. Lost or stolen iOS devices automatically deactivate Apple Pay capabilities remotely even without Find My enabled once marked lost in iCloud settings.

  10. Do I need to open an app to use Apple Pay at Dominos locations?
    No. Simply hold your configured iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless terminal. An alert will trigger allowing you to authorize with Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode.

  11. Is there a transaction limit when using Apple Pay at Dominos?
    yes, limits prevent large unauthorized transactions. Purchases beyond $100 commonly requires entering your device passcode for additional verification at checkout.

  12. Can minors use Apple Pay at Dominos?
    Yes, as long as they have a valid debit or prepaid card added to Apple Pay that they are authorized cardholders for. Parental transaction restrictions may still apply based on the issuing bank.

  13. Do I earn reward points when paying with Apple Pay?
    Yes! Customers earn Domino???s rewards points as usual on purchases made with Apple Pay. It does not affect loyalty program benefits.

  14. Are Apple Pay transactions at Dominos tracked?
    Yes. All purchases appear in your Wallet transaction history and on corresponding bank statements, including those made via Apple Pay.

  15. Can I receive a paper receipt if I pay with Apple Pay?
    Yes. Digital receipts are available immediately, but you may still request paper receipts from the cashier when picking up orders paid via Apple Pay.

  16. Will my information be shared when I pay using Apple Pay?
    No. Your payment and personal info are never directly shared with merchants. Data remains encrypted between your device, bank, and payment network.

  17. Is tipping possible when using Apple Pay?
    Yes. You can designate a tip amount when ordering ahead for delivery through the Dominos app or website just like with standard payment methods.

  18. Can I set up recurring payments via Apple Pay?
    At this time Dominos does not directly support auto-recurring Apple Pay transactions. You need to authorize each individual order.

  19. Do I need to show ID when using Apple Pay at Dominos?
    Typically no, since Apple Pay authenticates your identity via biometrics or your passcode tied to your device. However, staff may request verification for large orders they suspect as fraudulent.

  20. How can I manage the cards I have added to Apple Pay?
    Open the Wallet app to view, delete, or change settings for any cards configured to work with Apple Pay, including setting your default card.

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