Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Mobile payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay have become increasingly popular among consumers for their speed and convenience. Retailers of all types have been adopting these contactless payment technologies, allowing customers to simply tap or scan their phones to complete transactions. But what about discount retailers like Dollar General? Can you use Apple Pay and other mobile wallets at Dollar General?

Does dollar general take apple pay?

Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, as of 2022, Dollar General accepts Apple Pay in stores across the United States. After testing Apple Pay in a few regions in 2021, Dollar General rolled out support for Apple’s mobile payment system nationwide in early 2022.

So if you’re a Dollar General shopper with an iPhone or Apple Watch, you can now use Apple Pay to pay for your purchases. Simply hold your device near the payment terminal during checkout and authorize the payment with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.

What Other Mobile Payments Does Dollar General Accept?

In addition to Apple Pay, **Dollar General also accepts:

  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Contactless credit cards and mobile wallets**

Essentially, Dollar General takes any contactless payments, whether from mobile devices or contactless chip credit and debit cards. As long as you see the universal contactless symbol on the payment terminal, you should be able to tap to pay at Dollar General.

When Did Dollar General Start Taking Apple Pay and Other Contactless Payments?

Here is a brief timeline of when Dollar General began supporting different payment types:

  • Fall 2021: Dollar General pilots Apple Pay in a small number of stores.
  • Early 2022: Apple Pay rolls out to all Dollar General locations nationwide after successful pilot.
  • Spring 2022: Contactless payments like Google Pay and Samsung Pay enabled across stores.
  • Present: All 17,000+ Dollar General stores accept tap-to-pay services like Apple Pay as well contactless cards.

So while Apple Pay is now widely supported at Dollar General, it took some time before contactless payments were fully adopted chainwide. But as of 2022, tap-to-pay options are available at every Dollar General store.

How Do I Pay With Apple Pay at Dollar General?

Using Apple Pay at Dollar General checkout is quick and easy:

  1. When it’s time to pay, wake your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  2. Hold your device near the contactless reader, with your finger on the side or top button.
  3. Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or by entering your passcode on Apple Watch.
  4. When Apple Pay is authorized, you will see a checkmark on screen and get a vibration or sound indicating successful payment.

And that’s it! With Apple Pay there are no cards to insert or PIN pads to interact with. As soon as your payment is approved, your receipt will print and you’re all set.

Key Things to Remember:

  • Wake your device in advance so Apple Pay is ready by checkout
  • Position your iPhone or Apple Watch within an inch of the contactless reader
  • Keep your finger on the side/top button as you hold the device to the terminal
  • Authorize with biometrics or passcode when prompted

What Cards Can I Use With Apple Pay at Dollar General?

You can save any of the following cards to Apple Pay for use at Dollar General:

  • Credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • Debit cards – Cards with the Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, or Discover logo
  • Prepaid cards – Select prepaid debit cards
  • Store cards and gift cards – If the card has a Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover logo

As long as your card supports Apple Pay contactless transactions, you should be able to add it to your Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad and use it to pay at Dollar General by scanning your device.

Not sure if your card works with Apple Pay? Check with your card issuer. You can also try adding it during the Wallet app setup process to see if it is eligible.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Any Dollar General Store?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay at all Dollar General locations in the United States as of early 2022. This includes over 17,000 Dollar General stores across 46 states.

Dollar General has rolled out contactless payment terminals accepts Apple Pay and other mobile wallets to their entire fleet of stores. So no matter where you shop – whether in rural towns or major metro area – Apple Pay should be available.

Of course, it never hurts to have a backup physical card just in case. But overall, Apple Pay coverage is now nationwide at Dollar General stores from coast to coast.

Pros and Cons of Using Apple Pay at Dollar General

Let’s summarize some of the key pros and cons to using Apple Pay instead of cash or physical cards at Dollar General:


  • Fast, convenient checkout – no need to dig out your wallet
  • Secure payment via biometrics and encryption
  • Easy to track Apple Pay purchases in Wallet transaction history
  • Rewards and benefits may apply from credit cards used


  • Need iPhone, Apple Watch to pay vs universal cash
  • Battery could die at inconvenient time
  • Haven’t fully replaced physical cards yet
  • Data/privacy concerns around contactless tracking

Overall, Apple Pay delivers significant convenience and efficiency over legacy payment methods. And mobile payments help enable the checkout speed that makes Dollar General stand out from other discount chains. Just be aware that Apple Pay requires keeping devices powered on and charged.

Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay for Prescription Pickup?

Yes, customers picking up prescriptions at Dollar General can also use Apple Pay. At stores with pharmacies, there are separate registers designated specifically for prescription pickup. These pharmacy registers also have contactless readers that accept Apple Pay and other mobile wallets for quick payment on prescription copays and balances.

So when paying for prescription orders at Dollar General, feel free to checkout using Apple Pay just as you would for general merchandise purchases. It helps speed up the pickup process so you can get your essential medications and be on your way.

Tips for Using Apple Pay Successfully at Dollar General

Here are some tips for making sure you can pay with Apple Pay when shopping at Dollar General:

  • Know what to look for – Scan for the universal contactless symbol or the Apple Pay logo on terminals
  • Be prepared in advance – Have your iPhone or Watch ready before you reach checkout
  • Wake screen in advance – Keep your screen awake as you approach checkout
  • Hover closely – Place device within 1-2 inches of the reader during the payment process
  • Use proper hand – Hold phone in your right hand unless terminal indicates otherwise
  • Have backups ready – Keep payment cards or cash handy just in case of any issues
  • Check battery level – Ensure you have at least 25-50% battery life on your device before shopping
  • Review receipts – Verify Apple Pay purchases on your emailed receipts after checkout

Following these tips will help make for smooth sailing when tapping to pay with Apple devices at Dollar General stores around the country.

Key Takeaway

Dollar General accepts Apple Pay nationwide as of 2022, along with other contactless payments like Google Pay. All Dollar General locations have payment terminals with contactless readers enabled, allowing quick checkout by scanning your mobile device. To pay with Apple Pay at Dollar General, simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader during checkout and authorize with Face ID or Touch ID when prompted.


In summary, Apple Pay and other mobile wallet services are now widely supported across all Dollar General’s 17,000+ US stores. So iPhone and Apple Watch users can easily tap to pay for their discounted groceries, home needs, and more using the speedy contactless transactions.

As consumer shift toward mobile technology for payments, Dollar General has modernized checkout by rolling out contactless terminals accepting Apple Pay and similar services. Just look for the contactless or Apple Pay logos when shopping at any Dollar General, and you’ll be able to conveniently pay by scanning your device instead of swiping cards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Using Apple Pay at Dollar General

  1. Does every Dollar General store take Apple Pay?
    Yes, as of early 2022 Apple Pay is enabled chainwide at all of Dollar General’s over 17,000 locations across the United States.
  2. What technology does Dollar General use for Apple Pay?
    Dollar General utilizes contactless NFC (near field communication) readers for processing Apple Pay transactions in their stores.

  3. Do I need to notify cashiers that I’m using Apple Pay?
    No, there is no need to alert staff. Simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal whenever prompted to pay.

  4. Do Dollar General payment terminals have the contactless payment symbol?
    Yes, look for the universal contactless icon (shown below) to ensure Apple Pay compatibility before checking out.
  5. What Apple devices work with Apple Pay at Dollar General?
    You can pay via recent models of iPhone (iPhone 6 and newer) or Apple Watch paired to iPhone. Also supported are iPad and iPad Pro.

  6. Does Apple Pay work with prescription pickup at Dollar General pharmacies?
    Yes, Dollar General’s pharmacy registers also have contactless readers enabled that support Apple Pay copay and balance payments.

  7. Is Apple Pay safer to use than physical credit cards?
    Yes, Apple Pay transactions are secured via tokenization and Touch ID/Face ID verification for an added layer of security and antifraud protection.
  8. Are there any fees to use Apple Pay?
    No, Dollar General does not charge any extra fees. Only potential card fees from your bank may apply per usual.

  9. Can I store rewards cards like DG digital coupons on Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately Apple Wallet does not currently support storage of retailer loyalty or rewards cards at this time.

  10. What should I do if Apple Pay fails at checkout?
    If your iPhone or Apple Watch fails to activate payment, wait and try again. If issues persist, inform staff and have a secondary card ready as backup. Checking your wallet battery level beforehand helps avoid failures.
  11. Where can I see Apple Pay transactions made at Dollar General?
    Review emailed receipts or check purchase history available in Wallet app for all your Apple Pay transactions.

  12. How do returns and exchanges work with Apple Pay purchases?
    Returns and exchanges work the same as with credit/debit card purchases when items were originally bought via Apple Pay at Dollar General.

  13. Is Apple Pay contactless payment as secure as older card terminals?
    Yes, Apple Pay transactions utilize device-specific security through encryption and one-time unique security codes to protect payment info.

  14. What percent of Dollar General stores now support Apple Pay nationwide?
    100% of Dollar General’s over 17,000 stores across the United States have contactless terminals enabled for Apple Pay as of early 2022.

  15. Will this technology stay around long-term?
    Yes, contactless payments via services like Apple Pay are widely considered to be the future of in-person retail transactions, making adoption at Dollar General long-term rather than a short-lived trend.

  16. What other contactless mobile payments can I use?
    In addition to Apple Pay, you can pay using contactless versions of Google Pay, Samsung Pay, as well as contactless chip credit cards at Dollar General.
  17. Is there an Apple Pay transaction limit?
    Yes, the per-transaction limit for Apple Pay is $100, though some card issuers may set lower ceilings. This is in line with the broader contactless payment industry standards.

  18. Are tap-to-pay mobile payments traceable for fraud or loss prevention?
    Yes, though credit card numbers are hidden behind encryption, Dollar General can still trace Apple Pay purchases to your account for fraud analysis or transaction lookups if needed.

  19. What do I do if my cards stop working with Apple Pay at Dollar General?
    If your cards suddenly stop working with Apple Pay, contact your bank/card issuer. They can verify your account status and re-add cards remotely if no major issues are found.
  20. Will my card details be safe when paying at Dollar General using Apple Pay?
    Yes, Apple Pay keeps your actual debit/credit card numbers secure. Payment tokens are used instead, providing enhanced privacy, security and anti-fraud mechanisms.

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