Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a popular fast casual restaurant chain serving Mexican fare. With Apple Pay becoming an increasingly common payment method, many customers wonder if you can use Apple Pay at Chipotle.

Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

Paying With Your iPhone or Apple Watch at Chipotle

You may be able to use Apple Pay to purchase your burritos, tacos, salads, and more at Chipotle. However, not all Chipotle locations accept Apple Pay yet. The ability to pay with Apple Pay can vary by location.

Here are some key things to know about using Apple Pay at Chipotle restaurants:

  • Newer locations more likely to take Apple Pay – Recently opened Chipotle restaurants or locations with newer payment systems have the highest chance of accepting Apple Pay. Older locations may not be equipped yet.
  • Check for contactless payment logo – Look for the contactless payment logo or Apple Pay logo at the register. This indicates they likely accept Apple Pay.
  • Ask cashier if unsure – If you don’t see a contactless payment sign, just ask the cashier if they accept Apple Pay before ordering. This way you know in advance.
  • Have another payment ready – In case that location does not take Apple Pay yet, have a backup credit card, debit card, or cash ready to complete your purchase.

How To Pay With Apple Pay at Chipotle

If the location does accept Apple Pay, here are the basic steps to use it to pay at Chipotle:

  1. When ordering in-store, add your food items to order as normal. Tell cashier you’ll be using Apple Pay.
  2. When they provide you with the total amount due, double click your iPhone’s side button. Your default card will appear.
  3. Hold the top of your iPhone within a few centimeters of the payment terminal without touching it. A checkmark confirms it worked.
  4. Alternatively for the Apple Watch, double click the Watch’s side button and hold face to terminal.

And you’re all set! It’s quite convenient for loyal Apple users with an iPhone or Apple Watch once more Chipotle’s begin accepting it.

Other Ways To Pay at Chipotle

In addition to Apple Pay where accepted, Chipotle offers various payment options. Here are some of the other common ways to pay for your order:

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

All Chipotle locations accept major credit cards and debit cards including:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

When paying in-store, you can tap your contactless card or insert your chipped card as usual after your order is totaled.

Chipotle Gift Cards

Purchasing a Chipotle gift card for yourself or someone else makes for an easy payment method to fund your future burritos and more. The gift cards can be used at any US Chipotle restaurant or online.

Gift cards are available for purchase on the Chipotle website, or you can buy one in-store as well.

Mobile Wallets Beyond Apple Pay

In addition to Apple Pay, some Chipotle’s may accept:

  • Google Pay – Android equivalent of Apple Pay using near-field communication (NFC).
  • Samsung Pay – Can work at both NFC terminals and traditional credit card machines.

Check for compatibility signs or ask cashier if these are accepted before ordering.

Ordering Online for Pickup/Delivery

When ordering through Chipotle’s website or mobile app for pickup or delivery, you can pay conveniently and securely online with:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Apple Pay online
  • Google Pay online
  • Gift cards

This allows you to skip the checkout line and just grab food or have meal delivered.

The Benefit of Paying With Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay at supporting Chipotle locations provides a few potential benefits over other payment methods:

  • Convenience – Double click and tap without taking phone out. Don’t need wallet or physical cards handy.
  • Security – Uses tokenization so stores don’t see or store card details directly. Also uses Face ID or Touch ID confirmation before payment.
  • Rewards – Can still earn and redeem credit card rewards points when using Apple Pay.
  • Efficiency – Faster checkout process compared to inserting/swiping which leads to shorter lines.

As more locations add Apple Pay support, it will likely appeal to a growing number of Chipotle customers for seamless, secure mobile payments.

Key Takeaways

  • Not all Chipotle restaurants accept Apple Pay yet – newer locations most likely to have it. Check for contactless payments signage.
  • Hold unlocked iPhone or Apple Watch to the payment terminal to pay with Apple Pay where accepted.
  • Backup payment methods like physical credit/debit cards required in case location doesn’t take Apple Pay.
  • Beyond Apple Pay, all Chipotles take debit cards, credit cards, Chipotle gift cards and more.
  • Paying with Apple Pay is convenient, secure and leads to faster checkout compared to traditional payment cards.


  1. Can I use Apple Pay on Chipotle’s app or website?
    Yes, you can use Apple Pay as a payment option when ordering online for pickup or delivery through Chipotle’s mobile app or website. Add items and check out with Apple Pay.
  2. Do I still earn credit card rewards with Apple Pay at Chipotle?
    Yes, when you use a rewards credit card via Apple Pay, you still earn points, miles, or cash back rewards just as you normally would by swiping the physical card.
  3. Is Apple Pay safer than using my physical credit card to pay at Chipotle?
    Yes, Apple Pay is more secure because it uses a unique digital token so your actual credit card number is never shared with the store. It also requires Face ID or Touch ID authentication.
  4. What if my local Chipotle used to accept Apple Pay but now it doesn’t seem to be working?
    If a location that previously accepted Apple Pay suddenly stops working, the issues could be: outdated payment systems, hardware problems or employee confusion. Politely confirm with manager if they still accept Apple Pay or now require a different form of payment.
  5. Can I add and use Chipotle gift cards to Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately Chipotle gift cards cannot be added directly to Apple Pay as a form of payment yet. You will need to present the physical or digital Chipotle gift card barcode when checking out instead.
  6. Is Apple Pay cheaper than using a credit card to pay at Chipotle?
    No, there are no discounts or cheaper prices when checking out with Apple Pay compared to credit cards or other forms of payment accepted by Chipotle. The prices should be exactly the same.
  7. What smartphones work with Apple Pay at Chipotle?
    To use Apple Pay in-store you’ll need an iPhone 6 or newer running at least iOS 8.2. Supported iPhone models include iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and up, iPhone SE generations, some iPod Touch models, and Apple Watch.
  8. Can I use Apple Pay at Chipotle if my iPhone battery died?
    Unfortunately your iPhone will be unable to make payments with Apple Pay if the battery is fully dead. Have an external battery pack or secondary device on hand in case you need to revive your iPhone to use Apple Pay.
  9. Do I have to unlock my iPhone every time I want to pay with Apple Pay at Chipotle?
    For security purposes, you do need to authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode when using Apple Pay on iPhone for each transaction. After authentication occurs, hold unlocked phone to the payment terminal.
  10. Is Apple Pay secure if my iPhone gets lost or stolen?
    Apple Pay offers additional security so even if your iPhone is lost or stolen, your payment information and actual card numbers are not accessibly stored on device. You can immediately suspend or remove cards from Apple Pay remotely.
  11. What is the maximum amount I can pay using Apple Pay at Chipotle?
    There are typically no spending limits imposed specifically by Apple Pay. The contactless transaction limits would depend on your bank, card issuer, or payment network but can often handle charges over $100 USD.
  12. What does the Apple Pay failed payment error mean at checkout?
    Some common Apple Pay errors include incorrect device position, not authenticating properly with Face/Touch ID, terminals not working properly or card issuer declines. Try again ensuring phone alignment, card is still active, and device unlocked.
  13. Who do I contact for issues with Apple Pay payments at Chipotle?
    If you are having any difficulties using Apple Pay at Chipotle including errors or rejected payments, first speak to an employee. For declined cards or Apple Pay-specific issues, call your credit card company or bank that issued the card for further assistance.
  14. Can I add Chipotle gift cards to the iPhone Wallet app?
    At this time, Chipotle’s gift cards cannot be added directly to the iPhone’s Wallet app. You need to present the physical or digital gift card code when ordering in-stores or online instead. Check if added in future updates.

    Apple Pay provides a convenient, secure contactless payment option for iPhone and Apple Watch users. While not universally supported at all Chipotle locations yet, properly equipped restaurants allow you to tap and pay for your order. As the service expands, Apple Pay will likely appeal to more Chipotle customers who value tech-forward, efficient checkout experiences.

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