Does Five Guys Take Apple Pay?

Five Guys offers a convenient payment option for customers who prefer to pay with their mobile devices. With Apple Pay compatibility, Five Guys keeps up with the latest payment trends to better serve its technologically-inclined customer base.

Does Five Guys Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system that allows users to make purchases in stores using their Apple devices. Here is a brief overview of how it works at Five Guys locations:

Compatible Devices

To use Apple Pay at Five Guys, you need an iPhone 6 or newer model. Apple Watches that have been paired to a compatible iPhone can also be used.

Setting Up Apple Pay

To set up Apple Pay, open the Wallet app on your iPhone and add your credit, debit, or prepaid cards. Your actual card numbers are not stored on your device or on Apple’s servers. Instead, a unique device account number is assigned for security reasons.

Making Purchases with Apple Pay

Making a purchase is simple. When you go to pay at a Five Guys that accepts Apple Pay, hold your compatible iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader. Authentication takes place using Touch ID, Face ID, or double-clicking the side button. A subtle vibration and beep confirm that your payment has been received.

Availability of Apple Pay at Five Guys Locations

Apple Pay is available at most corporate-owned Five Guys locations in the United States. However, at franchised locations, Apple Pay acceptance depends on the merchant services provider and hardware the franchise owner has set up.

Before visiting your local Five Guys restaurant, you may want to call ahead to confirm if they accept Apple Pay, especially if going to a franchised location. The ability to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay depends on several factors:

  • Point-of-Sale System – The POS software and hardware must be compatible with contactless payments. Many systems now come with integrated NFC readers.
  • Payment Processor – The franchise merchant services provider has to support contactless payments and tokenization. Many major providers like Vantiv and First Data include this.
  • NFC Terminals – Contactless credit card readers must be installed. If an older system is still being used, it likely needs upgraded terminals.

So in summary, corporate locations will reliably accept Apple Pay, but franchises may vary depending on their payment processing set up. Calling ahead will give you the most accurate information on Apple Pay availability before visiting.

How to Pay with Apple Pay at Five Guys

If you’ve entered a Five Guys location that accepts Apple Pay, you can complete your payment using an iPhone or Apple Watch with these steps:

When your order is ready and you’re ready to pay:

  1. Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless terminal
  2. Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode
  3. A subtle vibration and beep will confirm payment
  4. Take your receipt

The payment comes directly out of your selected Apple Pay card account. It functions the same as swiping or dipping an EMV chip card, with money debited instantly from your account.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Five Guys

Paying with your mobile device offers several benefits over cash or physical cards:

  • Convenient – You don’t need to carry cash or cards. Your default payment card is already set up.
  • Secure – Your card details are never shared with the merchant. Apple Pay tokenizes your information to keep it safe.
  • Private – You no longer need to hand your card to a cashier. The transaction details stay between you and your bank.
  • Rewards – All credit card points, cash back, etc. still apply when you use a rewards card with Apple Pay.
  • Fast – Contactless payments are speedy. No more waiting for cards to be inserted or signatures required.

So if you’re looking for the easiest way to pay for your Five Guys burgers and fries, Apple Pay is a great option if available at your local restaurant. It provides quick, secure purchases on your iPhone or Apple Watch.


  1. Is Apple Pay available at every Five Guys location?
    No. While most corporate-owned locations accept Apple Pay, compatibility will vary at franchised restaurants depending on merchant services set up. Call ahead to confirm availability if going to a franchise.
  1. What Apple devices can I use for Apple Pay at Five Guys?
    You can pay with Apple Pay using an iPhone 6 or newer model. Apple Watches paired to a compatible iPhone will also work.
  1. Do I need to have the Five Guys app to use Apple Pay in their restaurants?
    No, the Five Guys app does not need to be installed. As long as your device supports Apple Pay, you can pay through Wallet without needing any merchant-specific app.
  1. Is it safe to pay with Apple Pay instead of using my physical credit card?
    Yes, Apple Pay is very safe. It uses device-specific security tokens so your actual card number is never shared with the merchant. Your identity is also verified using Face ID or Touch ID during each transaction.
  1. Are there any transaction limits if I pay with Apple Pay at Five Guys?
    No, you can use Apple Pay for purchases of any amount at Five Guys. There are no maximum purchase limits enforced. However, your bank or credit card company may set limits on your account.
  1. How do I add a Five Guys gift card to Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately Five Guys gift cards cannot be added directly to Apple Pay. You’ll need to present the physical or digital gift card code when paying instead. Any remaining balance can go on an Apple Pay card.
  1. Will my transaction still qualify for credit card rewards if I pay with Apple Pay?
    Yes! All rewards programs tied to your cards will work the same when paying via Apple Pay. Points, airline miles, and cash back benefits will still accumulate.
  1. Is Apple Pay cheaper or more expensive to use compared to my physical card?
    Apple Pay transactions are processed the same as physical card payments, so there are no extra fees involved. Any sales tax, discounts, etc. will apply the same to your total bill.
  1. Can I store a Five Guys rewards card or loyalty account on Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately you cannot store or redeem loyalty cards using Apple Pay. To utilize rewards accounts, you’ll need to provide your physical rewards card or account phone number.
  1. If my Apple Pay transaction fails, can I still pay with another method?
    Definitely. If your iPhone fails to read or your Apple Watch battery dies, you can still pay with an EMV chip card, magnetic stripe card, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or cash.
  1. What types of cards can I add to Apple Pay for use at Five Guys?
    You can add debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards to Apple Pay for use at Five Guys. As long as they offer contactless payment support, Discover, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards are compatible.
  1. Can I receive cash back if I pay with Apple Pay at Five Guys?
    Unfortunately, cash back is not available when paying with Apple Pay. You’ll need to use a physical debit card and request cash back to get cash from your Five Guys purchase.
  1. What should I do if I lose the iPhone or Apple Watch used for my Five Guys Apple Pay transactions?
    You should immediately call your bank or credit card company to suspend transactions from that Apple Pay account. Also use Find My iPhone to put your device in Lost Mode or remotely wipe it if you cannot recover it. You can then add your cards back to Apple Pay on a new device and generate fresh security tokens.
  1. Can I pay separately for individual items in my Five Guys order using multiple Apple Pay cards?
    Unfortunately, split tender transactions using different Apple Pay cards is not possible. Your entire order total would need to be placed on a single card via Apple Pay. You’d have to use separate physical cards or cash payments to divide an order between multiple payment sources.
  1. Is tipping my Five Guys cashier possible when I pay with Apple Pay?
    Any tip would need to be added onto your total bill amount as part of the Apple Pay transaction. You cannot separately tip cash for an order paid for completely via Apple Pay. To leave a cash tip, use a different payment method so you have physical money on hand.
  1. Will I still earn restaurant loyalty points if I pay with Apple Pay at Five Guys?
    Yes, any Five Guys loyalty program points will still accumulate from a purchase made using Apple Pay. As long as your rewards account number is applied, earning points works the same as swiping your card.
  1. Can minors use Apple Pay to purchase food at Five Guys?
    Yes, provided the Apple Pay card they are using is their own debit or prepaid card registered under their name. All regular card and account restrictions still apply when using Apple Pay.
  1. Does paying with Apple Pay impact my Five Guys receipt for expense reporting?
    No. Electronic and printed receipts will function the same for expense reporting. Apple Pay is simply an alternative payment method but does not alter receipt handling.
  1. Can I store a secondary emergency card on Apple Pay in case my primary card has a problem at Five Guys?
    Yes, you can add multiple cards to Apple Pay and change your default card anytime in your Wallet app. This provides a backup source if your primary card encounters issues during checkout.
  1. How do I check my transaction history for Apple Pay purchases specifically made at Five Guys restaurants?
    Open your Wallet app and tap on your Apple Pay card, then view statements or transaction history. You can also check bank statements tied to the specific card used to see detailed logs of payments including vendor names.


In conclusion, Apple Pay acceptance at Five Guys provides customers with secure, convenient mobile payments using supported iPhone and Apple Watch devices. While most corporate Five Guys take Apple Pay, support varies at franchise locations based on merchant services capabilities. Calling ahead is the best way to confirm if your local Five Guys restaurant has contactless terminals installed for Apple Pay and other mobile wallet transactions. Taking advantage of Apple Pay can enhance your ordering experience and save time waiting in line by avoiding having to dig out your physical wallet for payment.


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