Does DQ Take Apple Pay?

Dairy Queen, often abbreviated as DQ, is an incredibly popular fast food restaurant chain specializing in soft serve ice cream treats and grill foods. With over 7,000 locations worldwide, DQ aims to make their guests’ experiences fast, affordable and delicious.

Does DQ Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make payments in stores, apps, and on supported websites using supported Apple devices. Rather than using a physical credit or debit card, Apple Pay utilizes device authentication via Touch ID, Face ID, passcodes and two-factor authentication to help securely facilitate transactions. Additional security benefits include:

  • Tokenization so merchants never see actual card numbers
  • Dynamic security codes on every transaction
  • Ability to suspend or cancel Apple Pay without canceling cards
  • Compatibility with many major banks, payment networks and merchants

This allows Apple Pay to help consumers avoid exposing personal financial information unnecessarily while still enabling convenient purchases.

What Stores and Apps Accept Apple Pay

Apple estimates over 90% of stores in the United States now accept Apple Pay. This includes popular merchants like:

  • Trader Joe’s
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Panera Bread
  • Chevron
  • Best Buy

Additionally, many apps allow users to checkout with Apple Pay, including:

  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Instacart
  • Postmates
  • Fandango
  • Grub Hub

With widespread acceptance continuing to improve in stores and apps, Apple Pay has become a very common payment method for millions of consumers.

Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay In-Store?

Yes, the majority of Dairy Queen locations now accept Apple Pay for in-store orders and payments. This allows guests to quickly and securely pay with supported Apple devices, including:

  • iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • iPad
  • Mac

To pay with Apple Pay at DQ, simply hold your unlocked device near the payment terminal when prompted for payment. Authentication occurs via Face ID or Touch ID depending on your device. There’s no need to open apps, pull out physical cards or carry cash.

Some older DQ locations may still rely on outdated point-of-sale systems that don’t support contactless payments like Apple Pay. However, most newly renovated locations do offer Apple Pay. If you are uncertain, look for contactless payment decals near registers or ask staff.

Ordering DQ Treats Online with Apple Pay

In addition to accepting Apple Pay in physical restaurants, the Dairy Queen online ordering system and mobile app also accept Apple Pay. This allows guests to order blizzard treats, grill foods, cakes and more from the safety and convenience of anywhere using an internet connection and Apple device.

After customizing your desired order in the DQ app or website, you can easily select Apple Pay at checkout if you want a contactless payment solution. As with in-person purchases, Apple Pay online uses encryption, tokenization and authentication to help keep your transaction secure.

So no matter if you plan to visit a DQ location or want treats delivered straight to your door, Apple Pay is a payment option for DQ fans.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay at Dairy Queen

There are a few key advantages if you choose Apple Pay over physical cards or cash when paying at DQ:


  • No need to carry cards or cash
  • Fast checkout with Touch ID or Face ID


  • Actual card numbers are never shared with merchants
  • Each transaction has a unique code
  • Payments can be immediately suspended if device is lost

Rewards & Cash Back

  • Can still utilize credit card points, airline miles, etc.
  • Get a percentage back through some debit cards


  • Avoid unnecessary contact with public payment terminals

So by taking advantage of Apple Pay at Dairy Queen, you can enjoy your food faster while having peace of mind your payment information remains secure.

DQ Locations Without Apple Pay Support

While most DQ locations today do accept contactless payments like Apple Pay at checkout, some older stores still do not. Reasons an individual Dairy Queen may not take Apple Pay include:

  • Older payment terminals without NFC technology
  • Franchise owners slower to upgrade equipment
  • Low volume stores reluctant to invest in new systems

Luckily these types of locations are becoming fewer and farther between. But if you happen to visit a DQ without Apple Pay, other payment options are still available:

  • Chip/Swipe Credit & Debit Cards
  • Android Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Cash

Check for signage at the register or ask staff what types of payment are currently accepted. DQ corporate continues to push franchises to modernize to accept mobile wallet services when upgrading POS systems. So any location today still without Apple Pay will likely add support in coming months as equipment gets replaced.

Will Every DQ Location Get Apple Pay?

Given Apple Pay’s increasing popularity and penetration in the fast food industry, it’s very likely support will continue expanding to more Dairy Queen franchises. As consumers embrace contactless payments, food chains like DQ must evolve to facilitate guest’s preferred payment methods or risk losing business.

However, because stores are independently owned and operated, DQ corporate cannot force every location to adopt Apple Pay. Each franchise makes decisions based on their customer base, region, costs, technology stacks and other factors. But additions like Apple Pay are becoming prerequisites to stay relevant in the industry.

So while corporate DQ hopes to see 100% Apple Pay support someday, a few outlier independent stores may be slower to modernize. But the vast majority of locations have either already implemented support or have imminent plans to based on consumer demand.

Check for Apple Pay decals at registers or ask staff when visiting to confirm. And if your nearest DQ appears lagging in adopting mobile payments, consider politely encouraging them to add support.

Paying for Dairy Queen Catering Orders With Apple Pay

In addition to traditional walk-in ordering, many Dairy Queen locations also offer catering services for group events, office meetings, parties and more. Orders can include food platters, full cakes plus ice cream cakes, and various family meal packs.

For large catering orders phoned or placed online for later pick-up, Apple Pay unfortunately can’t be used directly. Instead, the following options are available for DQ catering customers:

  • Credit/Debit Card – Most secure and easily traceable for large orders. Can be used online or provided over phone.
  • Gift Card – Physical or eGift cards purchased separately with Apple Pay can be used. Convenient way to pay without handling large order with personal card.
  • Cash – In-person payments only. Not the best option for big catering orders for security and tracing reasons.

So while you can’t directly use Apple Pay for DQ catering, purchasing separate gift cards with Apple Pay is an easy workaround. Just redeem the gift amount towards the order!

Contacting Dairy Queen About Apple Pay

For general questions about Apple Pay acceptance at Dairy Queen locations, the Dairy Queen customer service line and contact page are the best resources:

Dairy Queen Customer Service

The corporate support team has detailed information regarding current Apple Pay rollouts across DQ franchises. They can verify if individual locations already accept Apple Pay or if pending support is coming soon.

For questions, issues or feedback directly related to a specific Dairy Queen location’s Apple Pay implementation and processing, your best bet is contacting that store directly:

  • Speak to manager on duty
  • Call location during business hours
  • Check restaurant website for contact

Individual DQ franchise staff have more intimate knowledge of their payment systems deployment timelines and details. They also better assist with any issues experienced when trying to pay at their registers.

Between the main customer service line and direct location outreach, DQ aims to answer every Apple Pay question so guests have payment clarity and the best experience possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out by your preferred contact method!


Dairy Queen is clearly embracing Apple Pay as a modern payment method by consistently expanding support across new and existing restaurant locations. While it began limited to select stores, corporate directives and consumer demand have pushed adoption to where thousands of DQs can now accept Apple Pay in-person or online/mobile.

The convenience, speed and security make it a win-win for both guests and franchise owners. Customers can pay and get back to enjoying blizzards faster without exposing cards to public card readers. Meanwhile DQ itself enjoys faster throughput with shorter lines, less cash handling, and the ability to capture more sales via up-to-date payment infrastructure.

So if your local DQ is lagging in adding Apple Pay, pressure owners politely by reaching out or dropping a service ticket. With consumers overwhelmingly adopting contactless payments, Dairy Queen must continue evolving to accept services like Apple Pay or quickly fall behind guest expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does every Dairy Queen have Apple Pay?
    No, a small percentage of older Dairy Queen locations may still lack support, though most now accept Apple Pay and contactless payments.
  1. Can I use Apple Pay both in-store and in the Dairy Queen app?
    Yes, Apple Pay works for both in-restaurant payments at supported locations as well as for online orders, catering and the DQ mobile app.
  1. Is Apple Pay safer to use than physical credit cards at DQ?
    Yes, Apple Pay offers additional security benefits like tokens, dynamic codes, biometrics authentication and immediate suspension if devices become lost or stolen.
  1. What if my nearby Dairy Queen doesn’t accept Apple Pay yet?
    You can call ahead to confirm payment methods or politely encourage owners to upgrade if systems are outdated. Though adoption rapidly continues improving across most DQ franchises.
  1. Does Dairy Queen accept other contactless payments like Google or Samsung Pay?
    Yes, in addition to Apple Pay, most updated DQ payment terminals also support alternative services like Google Pay and Samsung Pay using NFC checkout.
  1. How do I check if a DQ location accepts Apple Pay before visiting?
    Your best options are checking for Apple Pay decals when approaching registers, calling ahead to ask, checking their website if listed or looking for contactless symbol on exterior doors.
  1. Can I use Apple Pay for large Dairy Queen catering orders?
    Unfortunately Apple Pay can’t be used directly for catering but purchasing DQ gift cards with Apple Pay beforehand is an easy workaround to conveniently pay.
  1. What if Apple Pay isn’t working when trying to pay at Dairy Queen?
    If issues arise with Apple Pay failing at the register, check with staff to ensure the terminal is properly activated for contactless payments and no store issues are occurring.
  1. Will old Dairy Queen payment systems be phased out eventually in favor of contactless?
    Yes, DQ corporate continues encouraging franchise owners to modernize equipment as part of regular upgrades, suggesting contactless systems that support Apple Pay and other mobile wallet services.
  1. Where else can I use Apple Pay besides Dairy Queen?
    Apple Pay is accepted at over 90% of US retailers from major chains like Walgreens, Target and Best Buy to small shops. Also works for websites, apps, vending and more.
  1. What DQ menu items can I purchase using Apple Pay?
    Every item on the Dairy Queen menu from signature blizzard treats, hot food grill orders and cold beverages to cakes, Mind Bender shakes and holiday offerings can be purchased using secure Apple Pay.
  1. Is there a minimum order amount to use Apple Pay at Dairy Queen?
    No, there is no minimum order threshold restricting Apple Pay. It works for small purchases like a single cone all the way up to large family meal orders making it a versatile payment choice.
  1. How old does my iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad need to be to work with Apple Pay at DQ?
    Any iPhone 6 model or newer running at least iOS 8.1 supports Apple Pay as do Apple Watch series 1 or newer running watchOS 3.1. iPads require fifth generation or newer tablets running iOS/iPadOS 12.1.
  1. What bank or credit cards can I add to Apple Pay for Dairy Queen?
    Thousands of banks and card issuers support Apple Pay including major options like Citi, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase Visa, Mastercard, Wells Fargo American Express and more.
  1. Can minors use Apple Pay at Dairy Queen without parent approval?
    Typically a guardian or parent would need to approve and assign a bank account, debit/credit card before a minor could properly enable Apple Pay to legally make DQ transactions.
  1. Is enabling Apple Pay at DQ worthwhile if I don’t go there often?
    Yes, once added Apple Pay works universally at gas stations, groceries, vending machines, taxis, food trucks, pharmacies and over 90% of all merchants that take contactless payments across Apple devices.
  1. Who should I speak to at Dairy Queen if I have more questions about Apple Pay?
    The managers on staff have deeper insights into specific location payment services support including timelines. Otherwise corporate customer service handles general contactless payment education and adoption metrics questions.
  1. Can I receive a discount at Dairy Queen for using Apple Pay over other payment types?
    Unfortunately there are currently no special DQ offers, discounts or exclusive rewards simply for choosing to utilize Apple Pay over physical credit cards, cash or gift cards at this time.
  1. Do I need an active internet/wifi connection to pay with Apple Pay at Dairy Queen?
    No, Apple Pay utilizes near field communication (NFC) technology allowing transactions without needing wifi or mobile data. You can enable Express Transit under Settings to not even require device unlock or authentication.
  1. Will Dairy Queen phase out accepting physical credit cards completely in the future?
    Very unlikely physical cards disappear completely soon but expanded Apple Pay adoption allows DQ to reduce cash handling overhead and equipment issues that cost owners money long-term.

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