Does Hardee’s Take Apple Pay?

Hardee’s, the popular American fast food chain, does accept Apple Pay at their stores. Customers with an iPhone or Apple Watch can easily use the contactless payment method by holding their device near a compatible point-of-sale system.

Does Hardee's Take Apple Pay?

The ability to use Apple Pay can make the checkout process faster and more convenient for Hardee’s customers who have this digital wallet set up. It is an alternative option alongside traditional payment methods like cash, card, and mobile apps.

How to use Apple Pay at Hardee’s

Using Apple Pay at Hardee’s is simple, as long as your local store has the necessary NFC equipment installed. Just follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have an iPhone 6 or later, or an Apple Watch, set up with Apple Pay. Add your supported credit or debit cards to the Wallet app.
  2. When the cashier tells you the total amount owed, hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment reader/terminal area until you feel a vibration and see the Apple Pay confirmation display on your device. The cashier will be notified the transaction is complete.
  3. That’s it! A digital receipt will be sent to your Apple Wallet app so you can view details of recent purchases.

Checking if your local Hardee’s takes Apple Pay

The Hardee’s website doesn’t specify store-by-store which locations support Apple Pay. The best way to confirm is to physically check for compatible payment terminals at the checkout registers.

Contactless payments will show one of these symbols. If displayed at your local Hardee’s store, then you’ll be able to use Apple Pay.

You can also enter your city/zip on the Hardee’s location finder page to call your nearest stores and ask an employee if they currently accept Apple Pay before visiting. This is useful if you wish to save time from traveling there without the ability to use this payment service.

The benefits of using Apple Pay at Hardee’s

There are several advantages to using Apple Pay rather than physical cards when buying food at Hardee’s:

Convenience – Simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch to the payment reader instead of digging around for your wallet. Great when you want fast service or are carrying bags/trays of food.

Speed – Transactions are generally faster overall when hundreds of customers per day pay with Apple Pay. This can reduce queues during busy periods.

Loyalty Cards – If Hardee’s implements a loyalty card program, you would be able to add it to Apple Wallet to have reward points applied automatically with Apple Pay purchases, removing the need for a separate physical card.

Security – Apple Pay transactions are encrypted and use a unique code each time. Your actual credit/debit card details are never shared directly with the retailer. This makes your data more secure compared to swiping a physical card.

Accessibility – Those with physical disabilities can more easily pay without having to sign, enter a PIN, or carry cash or cards. Apple Pay works through Voiceover without needing to interact directly with a payment terminal.

As more customers start paying with their iPhone and Apple Watch at places like Hardee’s, wider acceptance will likely lead to more locations gaining support for contactless payments.

Limitations of Apple Pay at Hardee’s

While Apple Pay acceptance is increasing over time, there can still be limitations depending on your specific local Hardee’s store:

  • Lack of NFC terminals – Older locations may not have payment systems upgraded yet to support contactless transactions. However nationwide upgrades are gradually taking place.
  • Staff awareness – Employees may not know how to process an Apple Pay sale if rarely used at that store. But it should be similar to processing chip/contactless card payments.
  • Technical issues – Occasional network outages or payment terminal failures could prohibit Apple Pay functionality. Having a backup physical card is still useful in these circumstances.

As a customer, there are also a couple restrictions to be aware of:

  • Apple Pay is only available to those with select Apple devices released in recent years. Android device users cannot utilize this wallet.
  • The daily transaction amount appears to be capped at $500 per store visit based on community reports. Anything higher would likely need an alternate form of payment.

The future of contactless payments at Hardee’s

Industry reports show continued year-over-year growth in contactless payments adoption in America. Mastercard alone saw a 150% increase in contactless transactions in early 2022 compared to 2021. And more stores are installing NFC capable point-of-sale systems to meet demand.

Hardee’s parent company CKE Restaurants has been equipping suitable stores to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay as part of nationwide technology upgrades over recent years.

It’s expected that consumers will continue migrating toward tap-and-go style payments for speed and security. And Hardee’s locations across America will likely reach near 100% contactless payment acceptance within the next few years if current trends persist.

Check your local Hardee’s or ask an employee next time you visit to see if Apple Pay is already supported. As more stores roll out technology revamps, the ability to tap an iPhone or Apple Watch to purchase your Thickburgers and hash rounds should become ubiquitous in the near future.

Key takeaways

  • Hardee’s accepts Apple Pay contactless payments at select store locations with compatible NFC payment terminals installed
  • Customers can pay by holding an iPhone 6 or later, or an Apple Watch, near the checkout reader when prompted for payment
  • Benefits include speed, convenience, loyalty program integration, accessibility, and added security benefits
  • Limitations can include lack of terminals at some stores, staff awareness, or the $500 max transaction limit restriction
  • Nationwide upgrades to support contactless payments are gradually taking place across the Hardee’s chain
  • Trends show robust continued growth in contactless payments industrywide in coming years

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Apple Pay available at every Hardee’s restaurant?
A: No. While Apple Pay capabilities are being rolled out across Hardee’s locations through ongoing system upgrades, contactless payment support will vary on a store-by-store basis depending on equipment installed. Check each restaurant directly to confirm Apple Pay acceptance.

Q: Can I use Google Pay or Samsung Pay at Hardee’s?
A: Possibly. If a Hardee’s location has contactless payment ability, it should accept any mobile wallet using NFC technology. That includes other services like Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Verify with each store for specifics.

Q: How do I set up Apple Pay on my iPhone?
A: It’s easy to activate. Open the Wallet app, select the “+” icon, and follow the step-by-step instructions to add your compatible credit/debit cards. You’ll be prompted to authenticate setup using Face ID, Touch ID, passcode entry, or other verification methods.

Q: Is Apple Pay secure for purchases at Hardee’s?
A: Yes. Every Apple Pay transaction uses a unique dynamic security code that is securely encrypted. Your actual stored card numbers are never shared directly with merchants. One-time-use codes make it very safe for in-store mobile payments.

Q: What if my local Hardee’s has old payment terminals without NFC support?
A: Unfortunately Apple Pay won’t work on old swipe-style credit card terminals lacking near field communication (NFC) hardware. As Hardee’s updates locations nationwide, they are installing compatible contactless payment systems accepting mobile wallet taps. Check back over time.

Q: Can I earn Hardee’s loyalty points or rewards when paying with Apple Pay?
A: Not currently, but maybe in future. If Hardee’s launches a customer loyalty program for order frequency or referrals, the ability to auto-apply rewards and points through Apple Wallet would be a great perk. This would allow contactless earnings redemptions.

Q: Is there a maximum transaction limit for Apple Pay purchases at Hardee’s?
A: Yes, Apple Pay caps transaction values at $500 maximum based on community reports. So any larger orders would need to be completed using an alternate payment method beyond tapping your mobile device.

Q: Do I need to unlock my iPhone for Apple Pay to work when paying at Hardee’s?
A: No. You can hold your locked iPhone near the payment terminal and Apple Pay will still function thanks to Express Mode. There’s no need to open apps, validate fingerprints, or enter passcodes before tapping to transmit payment.

Q: Can I receive a digital receipt from Hardee’s when using Apple Pay?
A: Yes. Every Apple Pay transaction stores your digital receipt securely in the Apple Wallet payments history section. You can easily access details like purchase location, amount paid, and more for all past Hardee’s spending.

Q: Is Apple Pay contactless payment quicker than using cards at Hardee’s?
A: Absolutely. By using short-range radio technology, Apple Pay allows for faster checkout times compared to swiping or inserting a chip card. Multiple customer purchases per hour are streamlined, reducing queues, and allowing Hardee’s to serve more guests.

Q: How do I pay with Apple Pay on an Apple Watch at Hardee’s?
A: First ensure your Apple Watch has been set up for payments under your iPhone’s Apple Watch app. At checkout, double-click the Watch’s side button near the terminal to access cards, then hold the watch face near the payment reader. Transactions authenticate via PIN entry or on-wrist confirmation prompts.

Q: Does Apple Pay work on iPads or MacBooks for payment in Hardee’s?
A: Unfortunately no. While you can store cards for online purchases in Apple Pay on iPads and Macs, only the iPhone and Apple Watch have the dedicated hardware to transmit securely to contactless retail payment systems.

Q: Can under-18s use Apple Pay at Hardee’s if they have an iPhone and cards setup?
A: Yes. As long as compatible devices and payment cards are fully configured in Apple Wallet, there are no explicit age restrictions imposed when using Apple Pay. Minors can tap to purchase at stores like Hardee’s assuming correct identity and financial account credentials.

Q: Do I earn points or miles when paying with Apple Pay instead of physical cards at Hardee’s?
A: Yes. Apple Pay transactions do not impact your underlying credit card rewards structures in any way. You still earn air miles, fuel points, dining bonuses, etc on top of the regular perks and protections provided by issuers and payment networks.


The bottom line – select Hardee’s locations do accept Apple Pay via contactless payment terminals installed across their chains during ongoing nationwide technology revamps. Transactions are easy by holding your iPhone or Apple Watch near checkout readers when prompted to pay.

Apple Pay delivers speed, security, convenience, and accessibility advantages over legacy payment methods. As customer demand increases exponentially in coming years, Hardee’s will likely reach near 100% contactless payment enablement through future infrastructure upgrades.

So look for the contactless symbols during your next visit, and start paying for Charbroiled Burgers, chicken sandwiches, and famous Made-From-Scratch Biscuits using just your iPhone or Apple Watch!


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