Does JCPenney Take Apple Pay?

JCPenney is one of the largest department store chains in the United States, with stores across the country. Many shoppers wonder if JCPenney accepts mobile payment methods like Apple Pay. This article provides an in-depth look at Apple Pay compatibility at JCPenney stores.

Does JCPenney Take Apple Pay?

What is Apple Pay and How Does it Work?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases in stores, apps, and websites using supported Apple devices. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • Apple Pay utilizes near field communication (NFC) technology to securely transmit payment data when held near a contactless reader.
  • To use it, consumers add eligible credit and debit cards to the Apple Wallet app. Verified card information is then stored on a dedicated chip called the Secure Element.
  • During checkout, users hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal to authenticate and authorize the purchase using Touch ID, Face ID, passcodes, or double-clicking the Apple Watch side button.
  • Apple Pay transactions are encrypted to protect consumers’ privacy. Each payment uses a unique security code, so card numbers are never shared with merchants.

Does JCPenney Accept Apple Pay In Stores?

Yes, JCPenney accepts Apple Pay nationwide at checkout counters, jewelry registers, Sephora shops inside JCPenney stores, and exterior iPad registers. Any terminal labeled with the Apple Pay, contactless payment logo allows using Apple devices to securely pay with the tap-and-go mobile wallet.

The department store chain announced its Apple Pay integration in 2018. Most stores can accept Apple Pay payments using iPhones, Apple Watches, and other supported devices. However, some locations may have older point-of-sale systems that have not yet been upgraded. Customers can check with an associate before checking out if uncertain.

How to Pay with Apple Pay at JCPenney

JCPenney makes paying with Apple Pay easy in stores. Simply follow these steps:

  1. When your items are scanned and totaled at checkout, double-click the side button of your Apple Watch. For iPhones, verify your identity using Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode. This brings up your default payment card.
  2. Hold your unlocked Apple device near the contactless reader to pay and authenticate with your card issuer. Most times it will vibrate, flash, or play a sound when successfully read.
  3. The payment terminal will display the transaction details. Verify the amount is correct and select credit on the pin pad if prompted before tapping again on the reader to finish payment.

That’s it! With Apple Pay there is no need to bring your physical wallet or cards to checkout. You’ll receive a digital receipt that stores in your Wallet app.

Does JCPenney Accept Apple Pay Online?

At this time, JCPenney does not directly accept Apple Pay for online purchases or within its mobile app. However, customers that use supported iOS devices can still enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay by linking mobile wallet cards through their PayPal digital wallet when shopping on

Here is how the process works:

  1. Log into your PayPal account on a desktop, iOS device.
  2. Enable the setting to Use credit or debit cards with Apple Pay.
  3. Add eligible cards from Apple Wallet by selecting them under Linked Cards.
  4. When shopping online at JCPenney, select PayPal at checkout.
  5. Authenticate if prompted using Face ID/Touch ID and then place your order.

This allows Apple device owners to checkout faster while still protecting sensitive financial data. Payments process from the secure PayPal wallet rather than directly submitting card details.

What Devices Work With Apple Pay at JCPenney?

JCPenney supports contactless payments from the following Apple devices:

  • iPhone: iPhone 6 or newer models with iOS 12.1 or higher
  • Apple Watch: Apple Watch Series 1 to Series 7 with watchOS 6.2 or newer
  • iPad: iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad 5th generation or newer

As long as your Apple product has NFC capabilities to transmit payment data, can run the required software versions, and has Apple Pay set up with verified cards, you can use mobile wallet convenience when shopping at JCPenney stores nationwide.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at JCPenney

Follow these tips to ensure seamless transactions when paying with your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad at JCPenney:

  • Have your device ready before approaching the cashier. Double-click the Apple Watch side button or authenticate with Face/Touch ID on iPhones/iPads so your default card is displayed. This avoids delays searching for your device or entering passcodes.
  • Pay attention to the terminal. Look for the contactless or Apple Pay logos so you know where to hold your device to tap-and-pay. Listen for sounds and watch for vibrations/animations to confirm it is actively reading your payment data.
  • Have a backup payment ready. In rare cases, a store’s contactless reader may be offline for maintenance. Be prepared to use another payment method like a physical credit/debit card if needed.
  • Check your digital receipts. Open up your Wallet history on your chosen Apple device to view Apple Pay transactions from JCPenney for records and returns. You can also access these receipts in your JCPenney online account.

Apple Pay Security at JCPenney

Security and privacy are at the core of Apple Pay’s design. Paying with an iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad at JCPenney checkout provides multiple layers of protection for your transactions:

  • Encrypted payment tokens keep your actual debit/credit card number private. This data is never stored on your device or JCPenney’s systems and unique randomized code are generated for each Add device-specific security elements like Face ID, Touch ID, and passcodes verify user identity. *Payments only transmit via near field communication when the device is close to the reader. This technology has a maximum range of just a few centimeters.

On JCPenney’s end, accepting Apple Pay requires enhanced security standards and certification to handle transactions safely. So customers can feel confident every tap-and-go mobile payment abides by the highest fraud prevention and compliance standards.

Loyalty Programs and Apple Pay

JCPenney Rewards members can save money by earning points on purchases when using Apple Pay. As long as your JCPenney Rewards phone number is attached to the transaction at checkout, standard program policies apply.

However, Apple Pay mobile payments are not compatible for redeeming JCPenney Rewards certificates or coupons in stores at this time. To redeem rewards value, opt for an alternate payment method like physical credit cards or gift cards.

Key Takeaways About Apple Pay and JCPenney

  • JCPenney accepts Apple Pay nationwide in stores via NFC contactless payments at supported terminals. Customers can tap-and-pay with compatible iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad devices.
  • While JCPenney retail stores take Apple Pay straight from a mobile wallet, the website and app do not directly support it. However customers that connect Apple Wallet cards to PayPal can still check out online using iPhone/iPad biometrics.
  • Using Apple Pay is highly secure, keeping customer card data private through randomized tokenization and requiring verification via Face/Touch ID, passcodes, or side button/crown clicks.
  • JCPenney does not charge any fees for Apple Pay transactions. Shoppers still earn all eligible rewards points and benefits when tapping their iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad to pay at checkout rather than swiping a plastic credit card.


JCPenney shoppers can enjoy the speed, convenience, and security of Apple Pay for completing in-store purchases in just seconds. Bydouble-clicking your Apple Watch, glancing at an iPhone X or newer, or resting an unlocked iPad near compatible payment terminals, transactions happen smoothly without even having to take out your wallet.

While JCPenney’s website and mobile apps do not directly take Apple Pay yet, connecting your Apple Wallet cards with PayPal provides a fast checkout flow online from iOS devices. With debit/credit data protected by token encryption and Apple’s biometrics locking down each mobile payment for verification, customers can feel safe going cardless with this seamless contactless technology across thousands of JCPenney stores.


  1. Can I use Apple Pay at JCPenney?‌
    Yes, JCPenney accepts Apple Pay at checkout counters, jewelry registers, Sephora shops inside stores, and exterior iPad registers when you see the contactless payment or Apple Pay logo displayed.

  2. What devices work with Apple Pay at JCPenney stores?‌
    You can use recent iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch models released in the last several years that support Apple Pay. Just look for the Wallet app icon or NFC capabilities.

  3. ‌Is Apple Pay secure when shopping at JCPenney?‌‌
    Yes, due to unique transaction code sent each payment along with requiring biometrics or passcodes on Apple devices for verification, Apple Pay is highly secure and your card details stay private.

  4. ‌Can I earn and redeem JCPenney Rewards points with Apple Pay?‌
    Yes, you still earn your JCPenney Rewards benefits when checking out with Apple Pay as normal. However, points certificates or coupons cannot be redeemed using the mobile payments method.‌

  5. Where can I see past Apple Pay transactions from JCPenney purchases?‌
    Open up the Wallet app on your chosen iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch that you use for payments. Your JCPenney Apple Pay purchase history will display along with receipts that can be accessed for records or returns.‌

  6. Does Apple Pay work with self-checkout at JCPenney stores?‌
    Currently at JCPenney locations the Apple Pay contactless payment method is only accepted at staffed registers. However, many stores now have self-checkout kiosks with terminals labeled to accept mobile wallet tap-and-go transactions.‌

  7. Can I add and use my JCPenney credit card with Apple Pay?‌
    Yes, the JCPenney store credit card issued by Synchrony Bank can be saved to your Apple Wallet app and set as the default payment choice to use via Apple Pay at checkout for extra convenience and rewards perks.‌

  8. Is there an option to use Apple Pay on the JCPenney website?‌
    The JCPenney website does not directly take Apple Pay for online orders. However, iOS users can still checkout faster by linking added Apple Pay cards to your secured PayPal account wallet and selecting this during online checkout.

  9. How do I pay at JCPenney using Apple Pay in stores?‌
    The process is very quick! Simply double click your Apple Watch side button when the total is ready. For iPhone or iPad, authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID beforehand, hold near the contactless reader, and verify transaction details on screen before completing the mobile payment.

  10. Where does JCPenney accept Apple Pay in stores?‌
    Any merchandise checkout counter, iPad register, jewelry department desk or Sephora section within a JCPenney store will allow tap-and-pay Apple Pay transactions from a compatible and properly-set-up iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

  11. Is there a maximum per transaction limit when using Apple Pay?‌
    JCPenney sets $2,500 as the maximum amount allowed per Apple Pay mobile wallet transaction. If your purchase exceeds this limit, you may need to use an alternate payment method or make more than one Apple Pay transaction.

  12. Do I need to unlock or open my iPhone app every time I pay at JCPenney with Apple Pay?‌
    For iPhone models will Face ID, you only need to double click then glance at your phone without any swipes or clicks to authorize payments. For Touch ID phones or older devices, Apple Pay must be displayed before tapping.

  13. Is JCPenney able to view or store my actual debit/credit card number when I use Apple Pay?‌
    No, due to token encryption your card details stay completely private and random unique placeholder codes are generated separately for each Apple Pay transaction, so stores never access real payment credential data.

  14. Can I add rewards certificates or coupons to Apple Pay?‌
    Unfortunately, JCPenney Rewards certificates and dollar-off coupons cannot currently be added directly to Apple Pay for redemption. You’ll need to provide the certificates or coupon codes manually with an alternate form of payment.

  15. Do all JCPenney stores accept Apple Pay?‌
    JCPenney officially launched Apple Pay support nationwide in 2018. However, a very small number of locations may still be undergoing upgrades. If you’re unsure, check with an associate when entering stores for contactless reader confirmation.

  16. Why didn’t my Apple Pay work when shopping at JCPenney?‌
    If your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad failed when trying to pay, first double check it is unlocked and displaying Wallet with the correct card. Also verify the terminal has the proper contactless logo decals. Alert an associate if issues persist for potential terminal troubleshooting.

  17. How do I add a JCPenney store credit card to Apple Pay?‌
    Open your iPhone’s Wallet app, tap the “+” icon, choose “Store Card”, and snap a photo of or manually enter your JCPenney credit card number, expiration date and security code to add it to Apple Pay and select as a payment choice.

  18. Where is the NFC reader located at JCPenney registers?‌
    The precise location varies per store but most have a well-marked contactless logo decal placed near PIN pads. Multiple payment terminals may support Apple Pay, including jewelry department desks and external-facing iPads.”

  19. Can I link multiple JCPenney Rewards accounts to a single Apple Pay transaction for points?‌
    No, only one JCPenney Rewards membership can be applied per Apple Pay transaction by providing a linked phone number. For multiple accounts, separate purchases are required.

  20. Does JCPenney plan to add Apple Pay to its app and website?‌
    JCPenney has not announced official plans to directly integrate Apple Pay into its mobile apps or However, adding Apple Pay cards to PayPal provides a good solution for fast online checkout currently.

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