Does Jimmy John’s Take Apple Pay?

Jimmy John’s is a popular sandwich chain with over 2,000 locations across the United States. Many customers wonder if they can use Apple Pay to purchase their favorite subs.

Does Jimmy John’s Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make contactless payments in stores using supported iPhones and Apple Watches. To use it, you simply hold your device near a contactless payment terminal with your finger on the side or top button.

Jimmy John’s accepts most major credit cards and debit cards at all locations. They also accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay mobile wallet services. However, Jimmy John’s does not currently accept Apple Pay.

Here is a quick overview of Jimmy John’s payment options:

  • Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • Debit Cards: Debit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo
  • Mobile Wallets: Google Pay, Samsung Pay
  • Cash
  • Jimmy John’s Gift Cards

So in summary, while you can’t use Apple Pay at Jimmy John’s, you have several other convenient payment options.

Why Doesn’t Jimmy John’s Take Apple Pay Yet?

There are a few potential reasons why Jimmy John’s has not enabled Apple Pay acceptance:

Incremental Adoption of Contactless Payments

Jimmy John’s may be taking an incremental approach to enabling contactless payments like Apple Pay. They first enabled Google Pay and Samsung Pay which have broader user bases. Adding Apple Pay support requires some technical integration work, so they may enable it later.

Prioritizing In-Person Ordering Experience

Jimmy John’s focuses on speedy in-person ordering for dine-in and takeout. Streamlining cash and physical card payments may take priority over contactless.

Evaluating Costs and Benefits

Enabling Apple Pay requires payment terminal upgrades or replacements across 2,000+ locations. Jimmy John’s may still be evaluating if the benefits outweigh these costs.

Overall, while Apple Pay acceptance could offer some advantages, Jimmy John’s may not view it as a priority yet compared to other initiatives.

Will Jimmy John’s Accept Apple Pay in the Future?

Jimmy John’s has not announced plans to accept Apple Pay. However, there is a possibility they may enable it in the coming years.

Trends show that contactless payments continue to gain popularity in the United States. As more customers seek out contactless for convenience and safety, merchants have further incentive to support options like Apple Pay.

Competitors may also influence Jimmy John’s decisions over time. For example, Jersey Mike’s Subs already accepts Apple Pay which gives them a payments advantage.

So in summary – Jimmy John’s Apple Pay acceptance seems likely at some point, but remains uncertain when it could roll out. Customers should always check directly with their local stores for the latest payment methods.

Tips for Paying Without Apple Pay at Jimmy John’s

Since Apple Pay is not available at Jimmy John’s, here are some tips for convenient payment:

  • Set up Google Pay or Samsung Pay: Android user? Take advantage of mobile order-ahead and contactless payment using these popular wallets.
  • Bring a Contactless Card: Many debit/credit cards now offer contactless tap-to-pay functionality similar to Apple Pay. Look for the WiFi symbol.
  • Order Online for Pickup: Skip the cashier line by ordering subs for in-store pickup via the Jimmy John’s app or website. Then pay with cards online.
  • Carry Cash for Speed: If making a quick dine-in or takeout order, having exact cash can expedite checkout lines with no payment terminal required.

Key Takeaway

Jimmy John’s does not currently accept Apple Pay across its 2,000+ locations in the United States. The sandwich chain has not announced plans regarding Apple Pay acceptance either. Customers have several other convenient payment options like credit/debit cards, Google/Samsung Pay, ordering online, and cash. While Apple Pay may eventually come to Jimmy John’s, customers should verify accepted payments with local stores in the meantime when planning their visit.


In summary, Jimmy John’s does not take Apple Pay as a payment method at any locations. They currently accept major credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, cash, and gift cards.

It’s possible Jimmy John’s could enable Apple Pay in the coming years if contactless payment adoption expands significantly. However, they may also prioritize other initiatives first related to in-store ordering speed and cost considerations.

Hopefully this overview on Jimmy John’s Apple Pay acceptance and tips on alternative payment methods helps you have a smooth, convenient experience on your next visit! Always check directly with your local Jimmy John’s on the latest payment options when ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use Apple Pay on my iPhone or Apple Watch at Jimmy John’s?
    No, unfortunately Jimmy John’s does not accept Apple Pay payments as of early 2023 across all locations. You’ll need to use another payment method.

  2. What mobile payments does Jimmy John’s accept?
    Jimmy John’s accepts contactless payments through Google Pay and Samsung Pay. So Android users can tap to pay at checkout using those mobile wallets.

  3. Why won’t my local Jimmy John’s add Apple Pay support?
    Enabling Apple Pay requires some technical work, payment terminal upgrades, and active adoption by franchise owners. Individual locations likely do not control Apple Pay acceptance vs. the corporate decision makers.

  4. Does ordering Jimmy John’s through a delivery app allow Apple Pay?
    No, you cannot use Apple Pay even when ordering Jimmy John’s for delivery through apps like DoorDash. You’ll pay the delivery service with your stored cards/payment methods.

  5. Where can I use Apple Pay to buy sub sandwiches?
    Some Jimmy John’s competitors like Jersey Mike’s, Subway, Firehouse Subs and some local sub shops accept Apple Pay today. Check individual merchant payment options when deciding where to shop.

  6. How do I pay with a credit card instead of Apple Pay at Jimmy John’s?
    All Jimmy John’s locations have payment terminals to swipe, insert or tap your physical credit/debit cards. Contactless cards can be tapped just like mobile payments. Or you can order online for pickup and pay safely ahead.

  7. Is Jimmy John’s getting rid of cash payments in stores?
    No, while some merchants are going cashless, Jimmy John’s continues to accept physical U.S. dollar bills and coins in stores as a payment form for maximum customer convenience.

  8. What’s the easiest way to pay without Apple Pay or cash at Jimmy John’s?
    Ordering ahead online for in-store pickup or delivery is the most convenient modern option beyond cash. Payment is completed ahead of time so you can skip the register line.

  9. Can I set up Samsung Pay or Google Pay if I have an iPhone?
    Unfortunately, Samsung Pay and Google Pay mobile wallets only work on Android smartphones. Apple Pay is the only tap-to-pay wallet designed specifically for iPhone users.

  10. Is Apple Pay safer than using my physical credit or debit card?
    Yes, Apple Pay doesn’t share your actual stored card number during transactions so it offers an additional security layer compared to physical cards. Contactless cards also offer similar benefits over chip/swipe payments.

  11. Does Jimmy John’s offer any discounts for using mobile payments?
    No, as of early 2023 Jimmy John’s does not offer any special discounts or perks specifically for using mobile payments like Google Pay or Samsung Pay versus traditional payment forms.

  12. What does Jimmy John’s do to prevent Apple Pay fraud?
    Since Apple Pay is not accepted, there should be no instances of fraud specifically related to that wallet. In general Jimmy John’s secures customer card data and uses technology like EMV chips and tokenization to prevent fraud on other payment types.

  13. How can I suggest or request that my local Jimmy John’s starts taking Apple Pay?
    You can speak to the manager in your nearest Jimmy John’s location and submit feedback that customers would like Apple Pay acceptance added. However, keep in mind that payment methods are likely decided at the corporate level based on business priorities.

  14. When will Apple Pay be enabled at my local Jimmy John’s restaurant?
    Unfortunately individual Jimmy John’s locations do not control decisions on payment methods. Apple Pay acceptance depends on corporate-level decisions and timelines. Check with your local restaurant for any updates they may have.

  15. I have an Apple Card. Can I use it to pay at Jimmy John’s via the card number?
    No, while you can use the Apple Card with the physical titanium card number, Jimmy John’s payment terminals cannot process an Apple Card contactless transaction without Apple Pay.

  16. Why does Jimmy John’s accept Samsung Pay and Google Pay but not Apple Pay?
    Platform adoption may influence their decisions. As of 2023, Android smartphones significantly outship iPhones globally. Prioritizing Google/Samsung Wallets allows contactless payment acceptance for more existing customers.

  17. Can I store my Jimmy John’s app rewards card in my Apple Wallet?
    No, the Jimmy John’s app and rewards card is not currently integrated with or optimized for storage in Apple Wallet. You would access it separately through the Jimmy John’s app when signed in to your account and making a purchase.

  18. If I order Jimmy John’s for delivery, can I tip the driver using Apple Pay?
    No, you cannot add an Apple Pay tip when ordering Jimmy John’s for delivery. Tipping would be done with your stored payment method or cash at time of food delivery.

  19. Will using Apple Pay at Jimmy John’s be more private than other payment forms?
    It’s unlikely that privacy considerations factor heavily in Jimmy John’s lack of Apple Pay acceptance currently. All modern payment types they accept like chip cards and NFC wallets use tokenization to protect sensitive financial data.

  20. Can I use Apple Pay with a Jimmy John’s gift card?
    No. Since Apple Pay is not accepted at Jimmy John’s, their gift cards would need to be used as tender through traditional barcode scanning or payment terminal dip/swipe processing rather than contactless mobile payment.

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