Does Kwik Trip take Apple Pay?

Kwik Trip is a popular convenience store and gas station chain located primarily in the Midwestern United States. With over 700 locations across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa, Kwik Trip aims to make paying for items easy and convenient for customers. One of the most common questions shoppers have is whether Kwik Trip takes mobile payment methods like Apple Pay.

Does Kwik Trip take Apple Pay?

Understanding Apple Pay and How it Works

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system created by Apple Inc. It allows users to make contactless payments in stores, apps, and on websites using supported Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Apple Watches.

To use Apple Pay, consumers simply hold their enabled iOS device near a contactless terminal while placing a finger on the home or side button. This activates the Touch ID fingerprint sensor or Face ID camera to verify identity and securely transmit payment information stored on the device.

Apple Pay is easy to set up. Users link a supported credit, debit, or prepaid card to their iPhone or Apple Watch through the Wallet app. The payment information is then stored securely using tokenization, meaning the device only shares a randomized Device Account Number rather than actual card details.

Availability of Apple Pay at Kwik Trip

As of February 2023, Kwik Trip does accept Apple Pay as a form of contactless payment in their stores. Customers with supported iPhone, iPad, MacBook or Apple Watch devices can use Apple Pay to quickly and securely pay for any items at Kwik Trip registers.

To use, simply hold your enabled Apple device near the contactless reader terminal during checkout. A subtle vibration and beep will confirm the transaction went through. You can pay using your linked cards through Apple Pay up to the contactless transaction limit without needing to insert a card or enter a PIN.

Kwik Trip introduced Apple Pay in 2020 to provide customers another secure and efficient way to pay in-store. It complies with the latest EMV contactless standards for transactions. Employees at any Kwik Trip can process an Apple Pay payment just as they would a physical credit card.

Steps to Pay with Apple Pay at Kwik Trip

Paying with Apple Pay at Kwik Trip checkout is very quick and easy. Follow these steps for a smooth contactless transaction:

  1. Add your cards to Apple Pay – Before shopping, open the Wallet app and enable the cards you want linked to Apple Pay if you haven’t already. Follow the prompts to securely add eligible credit, debit, or prepaid cards.
  2. Shop Kwik Trip and go to checkout – Grab your food, drinks, gas or anything else at your local Kwik Trip. When ready, approach the cashier to pay.
  3. Hold your iPhone near the terminal – Look for the contactless payment symbol on the PIN pad during checkout. Hold your enabled iPhone within an inch or so to the Contactless Reader to pay.
  4. Scan Face/Touch ID – With your device near the reader, quickly double click the side/home button. Authenticate with Face ID on newer iPhones or hold your finger on Touch ID.
  5. Done! – In just seconds you will feel a vibration and hear a beep confirming Apple Pay payment. Say thanks to the Kwik Trip cashier and be on your way!

Types of Cards Supported by Apple Pay

Many types of credit and debit cards work with Apple Pay. Most contactless cards issued globally in the last several years can be added. Here are examples of cards generally supported:

  • Major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
  • Popular debit/ATM cards associated with a checking account
  • Prepaid cards like certain Starbucks cards or gift cards with a Visa/MC logo
  • Some store branded credit cards like Target REDcard may also work

Before adding a card, flip it over and look for a contactless payment symbol with radio waves. This indicates it supports mobile transactions through Apple Pay. If unsure, try adding it through the Wallet app regardless.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay Over Physical Cards

Paying with your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad using Apple Pay offers many advantages over pulling out your traditional wallet cards at Kwik Trip. Benefits include:

  • Convenience – Skipping inserting/swiping a card saves time checking out. Just tap and go!
  • Security – Your card details are never shared with the store. Apple Pay uses device-specific tokens instead along with biometrics.
  • Rewards tracking – Any rewards programs or points from linked cards apply as normal when using Apple Pay.
  • Accessibility – Great for those with limited mobility not having to pull out a wallet. Also keeps hands free to hold items!
  • Contactless – No need to touch nasty keypads during flu season. Apple Pay is clean and hygienic!

For quick trips into Kwik Trip, Apple Pay delivers speed, security and convenience all customers can appreciate.


  1. Does Kwik Trip take Apple Pay in their stores?
    Yes, Kwik Trip accepts Apple Pay nationwide using iPhones and Apple Watches.

  2. Can I use Apple Pay at Kwik Trip gas stations?
    Yes, you can use Apple Pay to pay at the pump or in-store at Kwik Trip gas stations.

  3. Do you have to prepay for gas if using Apple Pay?
    No, Apple Pay works normally as any other card so you can pay after fueling.

  4. Is there a limit on Apple Pay Kwik Trip transactions?
    Yes, the contactless transaction limit is $100-$200. So purchases under that require no PIN.

  5. Can you use Apple Pay with EBT card at Kwik Trip?
    Unfortunately no, Apple Pay only works currently with eligible credit, debit, or prepaid cards.

  6. What do you tap for Apple Pay instead of card dip?
    Hold your enabled iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad near where you would normally insert or tap a card to pay contactless.

  7. Does Kwik Trip take Google Pay or Samsung Pay?
    No, only Apple Pay is accepted at this time. Support for other mobile wallets may come later.

  8. Where do you tap iPhone to pay Kwik Trip?
    Hold iPhone near PIN pad area marked with Contactless/Apple Pay symbols for payment terminals to recognize it.

  9. Can I add Kwik Trip rewards card to Apple Pay?
    No, the rewards card itself cannot be added directly. But any rewards still apply when using your linked credit/debit cards with Apple Pay at checkout.

  10. Do I still get gas rewards if I use Apple Pay?
    Yes, you earn any eligible gas rewards from your linked cards when using Apple Pay.

  11. Why would my Apple Pay not work at Kwik Trip?
    Your iPhone may not be close enough to the reader. Also check if your Wallet cards are activated, have power, or have limits that block the transaction amount.

  12. Is Apple Pay secure for Kwik Trip?
    Yes, Apple Pay transactions use unique one-time tokens and biometrics authentication to keep payment info safe.

  13. Can I use Apple Pay on multiple cards at Kwik Trip?
    Yes, you can switch between multiple cards added to your Wallet when checking out at Kwik Trip.

  14. Does Kwik Trip Apple Pay work without internet?
    Yes, since transactions rely on NFC chips. An internet connection is only required periodically to update pending charges.

  15. What do I do if Kwik Trip Apple Pay declines?
    Check your internet connection and card validity in Wallet. Also call bank in case it was falsely flagged. Try another Wallet card as well.

  16. How do I set up Apple Pay to use at Kwik Trip?
    Open your iPhone Wallet app, tap the + icon, and follow the steps to add your Visa/MC cards to enable payments.

  17. Can non-customers pay with Apple Pay at Kwik Trip?
    Yes. You don’t need a Kwik Trip account, just add your card to Apple Pay and tap to pay when checking out.

  18. Is Apple Pay cheaper than using plastic at Kwik Trip?
    No, there are no discounts for using Apple Pay over physical cards at Kwik Trip currently. Convenience is the main benefit.

  19. Where can I use Apple Pay besides Kwik Trip stores?
    Any retailer with contactless readers displaying the Apple Pay logo, including grocers, retail shops, restaurants and more.

  20. What devices work with Apple Pay at Kwik Trip?
    Recent model iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads work when setting up Apple Pay properly in the Wallet app.

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